na     1. and (for words in a series or phrases, but not clauses), 2. by, 3. with, 4. even
-mwe na   phr    same as
na mba     phr    not at all, not in the least
na ntāryo     phr    ever, always
nta na kimwe   phr    neither, none
rimwe na rimwe   phr    sometimes
gukorana mu minwe na (-koranye)   phr    to shake hands with
kubura Shinge na Rugero (-buze)   phr    to lose control, to fail badly (Shinge and Rugero are two strategic hills that Rwanda lost to Burundi in a famous historic battle between the two kingdoms)
month    ukwēzi
(January) ukwezi kwa mbere, Nzero
(February) ukwezi kwa kabiri, Nyamagoma, Ruhuhuma
(March) ukwezi kwa gatatu, Ntwarante
(April) ukwezi kwa kane, Ndamukiza, Kabozambuba
(May) ukwezi kwa gatanu, Rusama
(June) ukwezi kwa gatandatu, Rwirabura, Kiyumpu
(July) ukwezi kwa ndwi, Mukakaro
(August) ukwezi kwa munani, Myandagaro
(September) ukwezi kwa cenda, Nyakanga
(October) ukwezi kwa cumi, Gitugutu
(November) ukwezi kwa cumi na rimwe, Munyonyo
(December) ukwezi kwa cumi na kabiri, Kigarama
En-En dictionary 
November    ukwēzi kwa cumi na rimwe (or, kw'icumi na rimwe) Munyonyo
En-En dictionary 
thirteen    icumi na batatu
En-En dictionary 
December    ukwēzi kw'icumi na kabiri, Kigarama
En-En dictionary 
twelve    icumi na babiri
En-En dictionary 
rwāna     adv    childishly
i bwīna    n    (no pl.) depths (water)
ubwāna     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) childhood
kwāna (-ānye)     v    to weep (baby)
kwōna (-ōnnye)     v    1. to eat garden plants, 2. destroy garden (of goats, etc.)
naho     conj    1. although, 2. but, 3. whereas, 4. even if
nābi     adv    badly, poorly
nāwe   and you
umunāni     adj    eight, eight times
nāka (ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
so-and-so, what's his name (male)
banaka those ones (unnamed people)
inābi     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
(no pl.) evil (noun)
ubumāna     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) godliness
ugucāna   9  class 9
singular: uku-
ugusana   9  class 9
singular: uku-
repairing, mending
urusīna     6  class 6
singular: uru-
illness where abdomen swells and fills with fluid
gucuna (-cunnye)     v    to ask persistently, although refused
gucuna (-cunye)   v    1. to be fortunate, lucky, free from trouble when others are having it, 2. to be carefree,
gucāna (-cānye)     v    1. to make a fire, to kindle, 2. to turn against one you've loved
guhana (-hannye)     v    1. to punish, 2. rebuke, 3. scold
guhona (-honnye)     v    1. to perish, 2. to be sterile
guhuna (-hunnye)     v    1. to forget how to do something you once knew, 2. to forsake
guhāna (-hānye)     v    to give to each other (from guha)
gukana (-kannye)     v    1. to smooth out, stretch out (vt) (as skin for drum), 2. to speak evil of, 3. to threaten
gukena (-kennye)     v    1. to need, 2. to be poor, 3. be in want
gukina (-kinye)     v    1. to play, 2. to screen (film)
gukona (-konnye)     v    1. to cut off, 2. to prune, 3. to castrate, to make sterile
gusana (-sanye)     v    to repair (any woven thing)
gusona (-sonnye)   v    to respect, revere
gusona (-sonye)     v    to sew (Sw.)
gusāna (-sānye)   v    te be related
gusēna (-sēnnye)     v    1. to make smooth or level, 2. to polish
gutona (-tonnye)   v    to be favourite
gutuna (-tunnye)     v    1. to pucker, shrink (vi), 2. to lean forward preparing to run
gutāna (-tānye)     v    1. to go separate ways, 2. to bring loss or failure, 3. to be unsuccessful, 4. to be unable to do what one attempts, 5. to lose one another
kubona (-bonye)     v    to see
kubāna (-bānye)     v    to live together
kugana (-gannye)   v    to squeeze juice from bananas
kugana (-ganye)     v    to tell stories of long ago
kugena (-gennye)     v    1. to point at, 2. to choose, 3. to determine
kugōna (-gōnnye)     v    1. to snore, 2. to purr
kujāna (-jānye)     v    1. to take with, 2. to go with, go together with, 3. to match
kumana (-manye)     v    1. to be together, 2. to be neighbor, 3. to be a pair, to be a couple
kumena (-mennye)     v    to break (vt) (esp. object with rather flat surface)
kunaga (-naze)     v    to sprout after cutting
kunāna (-nānnye)     v    to resist, refuse somewhat, be refractory
kunēna (-nēnnye)     v    1. to refuse to eat and drink with, 2. to scorn
kuvuna (-vunnye)   v    1. to break (vt) (bone, or any slender thing), 2. to defend, help, assist, 3. to forbid
kuvāna (-vānye)   v    to take away with, to separate (vi)
kuzana (-zanye)   v    to bring, to fetch
kuzina (-zinye)   v    to hinder one from harming another
nāmba     if
nānje   and I, and me, me too
Bwāna     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
(Sw.) Mr., Sir, master
nyina (ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
his, her, their mother (rude)
banyina their mothers (rude)
Imāna (i-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
akāna (ut-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
little child (from umwāna)
ijana (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
izina (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
umunsi ur'izina on a certain day
amazina y'inka poetry praising cattle
amazina y'ubuhizi poetry praising courageousness
amazina y'urugamba war poetry
icāna (ivy-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. colt, 2. young of some large animals
ikinjāna   4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
umwāna (ab-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. child, baby, 2. young of animal
urunana (i-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
1. small ornamental axe, 2. bracelet worn on hand for special occasion
urunāna (i-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
rolling stone
urushāna     6  class 6
singular: uru-
(no pl.) principal rainy season (April)
gufyina (-fyinye)     v    1. to tease, 2. to joke, 3. to play
guhwāna (-hwānye)     v    1. to meet, 2. to be in agreement, 3. to match, to be equal
gupfāna (-pfānye)     v    1. to die with, 2. to be a relative, 3. to lay blame on
gushāna (-shānnye)     v    to fall continuously (rain)
kumwāna (-mwānye)     v    to cut each other's hair
kunamba (-namvye)   v    1. to struggle, have a difficult life, 2. to lose weight
kungana (-nganye)     v    1. to be equal, 2. to be the same, 3. to be so many
kurwāna (-rwānye)     v    to fight (vi)
kuryana (-ryanye)   v    to eat each other, to eat together (from kurya)
kuryāna (-ryānye)     v    to bite (of animals, insects)
kuvyina (-vyinye)   v    to dance (esp. to music)
kwenēna (-enennye)     v    1. to be suspended in air, 2. to swing
kwāmana (-āmanye)     v    1. to live together, 2. to be together always (from kwama)
kwānāna (-ānānye)     v    1. to cry (of young about to die), 2. to be about to die for lack of moisture (seeds)
kwāsana (-āsanye)     v    1. to clash together, 2. to shatter, 3. to make big noise
kwībana (-ībanye)     v    to steal from each other
kwībona (-ībonye)     v    to be proud
kwībāna (-ībānye)     v    to live alone, by oneself
kwīcana (-īcanye)     v    to kill each other
kwīgina (-īginnye)     v    1. to rejoice in coming of another, 2. be very happy
kwīgāna (-īgānye)     v    1. to imitate, 2. to replicate, to reproduce, to copy, 3. to study with
kwīhana (-īhannye)     v    1. to confess, 2. to correct oneself, to discipline oneself, be converted, 3. to repent
kwīmana (-īmanye)     v    to be selfish, to refuse to give to another
kwītuna (-ītunnye)     v    1. to be wrinkled, 2. to shrink, to shrivel up
kwōnōna (-ōnōnnye)     v    to destroy, damage, spoil
tuzobonana   phr    see you!
abavūkana    1    brothers (from kuvūkana)
ibwēna (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
cuspid tooth
itsina (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
(gram.) root or stem of word
ingōna (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
inyāna (iny-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
ugusekana   9  class 9
singular: uku-
shock, collision
umunanasi   2  class 2
singular: umu-
pineapple spirit
umwūna (imy-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
nose bleed, epistaxis
urubona (im-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
transparent, shiny thing
urugina (in-  6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
reddish, red
gucīkāna (-cīkānye)     v    1. to die, 2. to agonize
gufatana (-fatanye)     v    1. to stick together, 2. coagulate, thicken (vi)
gufūtāna (-fūtānye)     v    1. to be wicked, 2. to have bad habits (after having been good), 3. deteriorate, 4. to go backwards in possessions or habits
guhakana (-hakanye)   v    1. to say no, to refuse, 2. to deny
guhamana (-hamanye)   v    to persue each other, to persecute each other
guharana (-haranye)     v    to scratch each other
guhebana (-hebanye)     v    to forsake each other
guhemana (-hemanye)     v    to be insincere with each other
guherana (-heranye)     v    to receive a loan and then not pay back
guhitana (-hitanye)     v    1. to take, 2. bring in passing
guhorana (-horanye)     v    to always have, be with
guhubana (-hubanye)     v    to pass but not meet
guhumāna (-humānye)     v    to be dirty, unclean, defiled
guhāzāna (-hāzānye)     v    1. to disagree, 2. to dispute, 3. to quarrel
gukebana (-kebanye)     v    to cut each other
gukekana (-kekanye)     v    to chop person with sword
gukorana (-koranye)     v    1. to work together, 2. to touch each other, 3. to meet together
gukurana (-kuranye)     v    to grow together
gukēbana (-kēbanye)     v    to be jealous of each other
gupfyina (-pfyinye)     v    to tease, act foolish (in fun)
gusabana (-sabanye)     v    to beg each other
gusebana (-sebanye)     v    1. to tattle (in order to advance oneself), 2. to gossip
gusekana (-sekanye)     v    to collide
gusibana (-sibanye)     v    to slander each other
gusigana (-siganye)     v    to leave each other
gusobana (-sobanye)     v    to interlace, intermingle, intertwine, entwine
gusōmana (-sōmanye)     v    to kiss each other
gutebana (-tebanye)     v    to keep too long
gutukana (-tukanye)     v    to slander each other, to yell at each other hateful things
gutāhana (-tāhanye)     v    to go home together, to take home
gutērana (-tēranye)     v    to meet together, mix (vi)
gutōrana (-tōranye)     v    to choose each other
kubohana (-bohanye)     v    to tie each other
kubonana (-bonanye)     v    to see each other
kubūrana (-būranye)     v    to plead a cause
kugabana (-gabanye)     v    1. to share, 2. to command each other
kugayana (-gayanye)     v    1. to hate each other, 2. to be scornful
kugegena (-gegenye)     v    1. to cut up trees or sticks, 2. to whittle, to carve, 3. sharpen stick, 4. to slice crosswise
kugerana (-geranye)     v    to defy one another
kuguguna (-gugunye)     v    to bite from cob or bone
kugurāna (-gurānye)     v    1. to exchange, 2. to lend, 3. borrow (money, or that for which you'll return equivalent rather than that very article), 4. to swap
kugōrana (-gōranye)     v    to annoy each other
kumarana (-maranye)     v    1. to spend time together, 2. to finish each other off
kumatana (-matanye)     v    to stick together (vi)
kumimina (-miminye)     v    to strain (as water)
kunanira (-naniye)     v    to tire out, be too difficult for
kunanirwa (-naniwe)     v    1. to be tired, 2. to be overcome by something difficult
kunaniza (-nanije)     v    1. to tire out, 2. to overcome (vt)
kunigana (-niganye)     v    1. to fight, 2. to strangle each other
kunobana (-nobanye)     v    to peck together, each other
kunywāna (-nywānye)     v    to drink together
kunēnana (-nēnanye)     v    to scorn each other
kurabana (-rabanye)     v    to put color on each other
kuragana (-raganye)     v    1. to take marriage vows, promise each other, 2. to commit oneself
kurahana (-rahanye)     v    to grab each other
kurasana (-rasanye)     v    to shoot at each other
kurihana (-rihanye)     v    to repay each other
kurimana (-rimanye)     v    to hoe together
kurogana (-roganye)     v    to bewitch each other
kurorana (-roranye)     v    to look at each other
kurābana (-rābanye)     v    to look at each other
kurēgana (-rēganye)     v    to accuse each other
kuvugana (-vuganye)   v    to talk together
kuvumana (-vumanye)   v    to curse each other
kuvūkana (-vūkanye)   v    to be brothers and sisters
kuvūrana (-vūranye)   v    to treat each other
kuzanana (-zananye)   v    to come together, bring with one
kuzimāna (-zimānye)   v    to give at feast to, serve a meal to
kwānkana (-ānkanye)     v    to hate each other
kwūmvana (-ūmvanye)   v    to understand each other well
nangāhe   adj    how much?
nyabuna     excl    (an exclamation of affirmation)
ibūrana (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
case, trial
icābona (ivy-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
igihuna (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
igikōna (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
umugina (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. light yellow, 2. reddish, 3. white ant hill
umuhana (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. village, 2. neighbourhood, 3. locality, area around village or dwelling
umuzana (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
rope (of any kind)
gufashana (-fashanye)     v    to help each other
guhangana (-hanganye)     v    1. to be facing each other, be directly in front of, 2. stare at one another
guhāmbana (-hāmbanye)   v    to bury with (someone)
guhēndana (-hēndanye)     v    1. to deceive each other, 2. to be a skillful deceiver
guhīngāna (-hīngānye)     v    to disagree
guhūngana (-hūnganye)     v    to flee together
gukwēgana (-kwēganye)     v    to pull each other
gukwīrana (-kwīranye)     v    1. to be worthy of each other, 2. to be enough for
gukāngana (-kānganye)     v    to frighten each other
gukūndana (-kūndanye)     v    1. to love each other, 2. to be romantic, 3. to be dating, to date
gushikana (-shikanye)     v    to give, offer, make sacrifice, to arrive with
gushākana (-shākanye)     v    to lust for each other, to marry
guswerana (-sweranye)   v    1. to have sex with each other, to fuck each other (rude), 2. to have homosexual intercourse (rude)
gusāmbana (-sāmbanye)     v    to commit adultery, to fornicate
gusēnyana (-sēnyanye)     v    to gather wood together
gusūmbana (-sūmbanye)     v    to not be equal in height or ability
gutapfuna (-tapfunnye)   v    to chew
gutingana (-tinganze)   v    to act homosexually, to perform homosexual acts
gutongana (-tonganye)     v    to quarrel
gutāmbana (-tāmbanye)     v    to dance together
gutīnyana (-tīnyanye)     v    to fear each other
gutūngāna (-tūngānye)     v    to be very straight, perfect
kubwīrana (-bwīranye)     v    to tell each other
kubāndana (-bāndanye)     v    to press, crowd together
kubēshana (-bēshanye)     v    to lie about each other
kugendana (-gendanye)     v    to walk with
kugāmbāna (-gāmbānye)     v    to hate one's master
kugūndana (-gūndanye)     v    to push each other, knock each other down
kunarirwa (-naririwe)   v    to be tired
kunyurana (-nyuranye)     v    1. to alternate, to diverge 2. follow after, 3. be opposite, 4. to cross on path
kuryāmana (-ryāmanye)     v    1. to lie down with, to lie down together, 2. to have sex
kurēngāna (-rēngānye)     v    to pass over, pass aside
kurīndana (-rīndanye)     v    to watch each other, fight with equal force
kurūndāna (-rūndānye)     v    1. to crowd together (vi), 2. to be many
kuvyūkana (-vyūkanye)   v    to get up together, at same time
kuvāngana (-vānganye)   v    to mix together (vi)
kuzimbana (-zimbanye)   v    to defraud each other
kuzīngana (-zīnganye)   v    to roll up with
kwegerana (-egeranye)     v    to get close together, crowd together (vi)
kwerekana (-erekanye)     v    1. to show, reveal, 2. to prove, 3. to show each other
kwirukana (-irukanye)   v    1. to fire (from job), 2. to throw out (of the house)
kwābīrana (-ābīranye)   v    1. to wed each other, to marry each other, 2. to receive each other, 3. to reach out for each other
kwāhukāna (-āhukānye)     v    1. to seperate, to divorce (vi), 2. to finish (vi)
kwākīrana (-ākīranye)     v    1. to take turns, 2. to shine, 3. to be cheerful
kwībirana (-ībiranye)     v    to plunge in with
kwīcarana (-īcaranye)     v    to sit together
kwīginana (-īginanye)     v    to rejoice together, in each other
kwīhakana (-īhakanye)     v    to deny
kwīkebana (-īkebanye)     v    to take someone aside
kwīmukana (-īmukanye)     v    to move with, take with
kwīrukana (-īrukanye)     v    1. to chase away, 2. to run together
kwīyonona (-īyononye)     v    to harm oneself
kwūbakana (-ūbakanye)   v    to build together
kwūgarana (-ūgaranye)   v    to shut up with
kwūrirana (-ūriranye)   v    to climb together
igitsina (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. base of tree, 2. sex, gender
ikibwāna (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
murumuna (ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
younger brother of boy, younger sister of girl
ukwīhāngāna   9  class 9
singular: uku-
patience, endurance
gucumitana (-cumitanye)     v    to pierce each other
guhanahana (-hanahanye)     v    to punish repeatedly
guharurana (-haruranye)     v    to count each other
guhererana (-hereranye)     v    1. to surround (esp. country), 2. to be beside
guhitirana (-hitiranye)   v    to be put away or saved up for several years (beans, etc.)
guhānahāna (-hānahānye)     v    to give often to each other
gukabirana (-kabiranye)     v    to wilt
gukorokana     v    to fall with
gukubirana (-kubiranye)     v    to retrace one's step
gukubitana (-kubitanye)     v    to hit each other
gupfāpfāna (-pfāpfānye)     v    to deteriorate
gupfīndana (-pfīndanye)     v    to draw lots, divide by lot, to ask a riddle
gusabirana (-sabiranye)     v    to pray for each other
gusanasana (-sanasanye)     v    to repair (something absolutely worn out) repeatedly
gusezerana (-sezeranije)     v    1. to promise (each other), 2. to engage, 3. to bid each other goodbye, 4. to make a contract
gusigarana (-sigaranye)     v    to entrust to, leave with
gusitukana (-situkanye)     v    to collapse with
gusunikana (-sunikanye)     v    to push each other
gusunurana (-sunuranye)     v    to push each other violently
gusōtōrana (-sōtōrannye)     v    to tease each other
gutebagana (-tebaganye)     v    to be late (slightly)
gutebūkana (-tebūkanye)     v    to bring or take quickly
guterekana (-terekanye)     v    to put down together
gutirigana (-tiriganye)     v    to dislocate (either parts of body, or other things) (vi)
gutāmirana (-tāmiranye)     v    to smell nice
kubarirana (-bariranye)     v    to tell each other
kubonerana (-boneranye)     v    to be transparent, clear
kugarukana (-garukanye)     v    to return (vt), return with
kujabukana (-jabukanye)     v    to cross with
kujanirana (-janiranye)     v    1. to accept a decision in spite of oneself, 2. to lack opportunity to say what you intended
kumījīrana (-mījīranye)     v    to sprinkle each other
kunanirana (-naniranye)     v    to be absolutely too difficult
kunogerana (-nogeranye)     v    to love each other
kuragirana (-ragiranye)     v    to pasture together
kurakirana (-rakiranye)     v    to be angry at each other
kuramukana (-ramukanye)     v    to get up in such and such a condition
kurekurana (-rekuranye)     v    to let go of each other
kurokorana (-rokoranye)     v    to save each other
kurorērana (-rorēranye)     v    to wait for each other
kurābirana (-rābiranye)     v    to look at something together
kurāzirana (-rāziranye)     v    to talk in one's sleep
kuyoberana (-yoberanye)   v    to be unknown
kuzirikana (-zirikanye)   v    1. to know, 2. to think over, 3. to meditate
kwāmbukana (-āmbukanye)     v    1. to take far away, 2. to go with
kwīgūngana (-īgūnganye)   v    to be selfish
kwīhāngāna (-īhāngānye)     v    1. to endure, to be patient, 2. to wait
(said when patience is needed or expected, like a consolation)
kwīnjirana (-īnjiranye)     v    to enter with
kwīshurana (-īshuranye)     v    1. to pay debts to each other, 2. to pay with
kwūmvīkana (-ūmvīkanye)   v    1. to understand one another, 2. to sound well, 3. to be heard plainly, 4. to be clear (understandable), 5. to come to a compromise
umukazāna (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umutamana (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
outer garment
gufurungana (-furunganye)     v    to turn bad suddenly (weather, person's attitude, etc.)
gufurāngana (-furānganye)     v    to turn bad suddenly (weather, attitude, etc.)
guhinyurana (-hinyuranye)     v    to mistrust each other
guhwērerana (-hwēreranye)     v    to die with, in the arms of
guhāmbīrana (-hāmbīranye)   v    to tie each other
guhīngītana (-hīngītanye)     v    to hesitate
guhūngabana (-hūngabanye)     v    to blow (in wind) (vi)
gukamangana (-kamanganye)     v    to disappear
gukayangana (-kayanganye)     v    to be dazzling, shining, to glisten
gusharikana (-sharikanye)     v    to be jealous of each other
gutambukana (-tambukanye)     v    to walk together
gutandukāna (-tandukānye)     v    1. to separate (vi), 2. to cut off, chop off, sever, slice off, amputate, hack off, 3. to disconnect, 4. to part with, 5. to be different, be distinct
gutangurana (-tanguranye)     v    to begin together
gutangīrana (-tangīranye)     v    to bar the path for each other
gutondekana (-tondekanye)     v    to march in a line
gutumbagana (-tumbaganye)     v    to be swollen, to swell (esp. of dead animals, also of beans, etc.)
kubomborana (-bomboranye)     v    1. to make a great noise, 2. strike together (vi)
kubāngikana (-bāngikanye)     v    1. to be near, adjacent, beside, 2. to be parallel
kubūngirana (-būngiranye)     v    1. to share, have things in common, 2. to visit a friend
kumenyerana (-menyeranye)   v    to get acquainted with each other, to get accustomed to each other
kumenyēkana (-menyēkanye)     v    to be well known
kurirīmbana (-rirīmbanye)     v    to sing with (as, with joy, not people)
kurongorana (-rongoranye)     v    to have sex (without being married) (lit. to marry each other)
kuryārukana (-ryārukanye)     v    to abuse one you formerly loved
(amagara yandyarutse – my strength has left me)
kurēngerana (-rēngeranye)     v    1. to be overripe (bananas), 2. to have too much to do
kurūngikana (-rūngikanye)     v    to send with
kuvurungana (-vurunganye)   v    to make a lot of noise, to strive and crowd together
kuzimangana (-zimanganye)   v    to be obscured, be blurred, disappear
kuzindukana (-zindukanye)   v    to go early together
kwīgarukana (-īgarukanye)     v    to return of one's will
kwīhererana (-īhereranye)     v    to be alone with
kwīkebukana (-īkebukanye)     v    to go aside with someone to talk privately
kwūhagirana (-ūhagiranye)   v    to bathe each other
igihe c'imana   phr    God's time
umusi w'Imāna   phr    Sunday
inakigabiro   5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
traditional sacred drum "lady of the land"
isēnyerana (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
crash of something falling
inginagina (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
earth of reddish brown color (e.g. urūzi rwahindutse inginagina)
mwēne nyina (b-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. brother, 2. sister (lit. child of his/her/their mother)
kurya umwana (-riyrīye)   phr    1. to have intercourse, 2. to fornicate
guhamagarana (-hamagaranye)   v    to call each other, to invite each other
guhitikirana (-hitikiranye)     v    to be put away or saved up for several years (beans, etc.)
guhorahabona (-horahabonye)     v    to live near a public place (where many pass by)
gukurikirana (-kurikiranye)     v    1. to follow one after the other, 2. to pursue, 3. to monitor
gupfunyirana (-pfunyiranye)     v    to be folded, wrinkled
gutēraterana (-tērateranye)     v    to come one by one till there are many
kugerekerana (-gerekeranye)     v    to be placed on top
kunwengurana (-nwenguranye)     v    to talk together in whispers
kunyananyana (-nyananyanye)     v    to have absolutely all one wants (no need of any kind) and to be a bit showy about it
kurabagirana (-rabagiranye)     v    to flash (as lightning)
kwōngorerana (-ōngoreranye)     v    to whisper to each other
umusi ur'izina   phr    on a certain day
ibigirānkana    n    willfully, intentionally, on purpose, willingly
umusirigana (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
kurera umwana (-reze)   phr    to babysit
gucambagirana (-cambagiranye)     v    1. to stir around, 2. to struggle, 3. to not stay in place
guhindikirana (-hindikiranye)     v    1. to fall down together (usually in fright), 2. to become ill one after another
gukwīragirana (-kwīragiranye)     v    to go everywhere
kurandagurana (-randaguranye)     v    1. to talk unkindly to each other, 2. to quarrel
icūmba c'abana   phr    children's room
umurēzi w'abana   phr    children's nurse
igikayangana (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. something dazzling, shining, glistening, 2. enamel
ikigirwamāna (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
idol, object of worship
umusēngezana (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
child of one's brother (if one is a girl)
amaso y’inyana   phr    eyes of a calf (compliment describing the beauty of a girl or woman)
kidapfunyirana   adj    crease resistant, unbreakable
gufatana urunana (-fatanye)   phr    to form a circle by holding hands
umukozi dukorana (aba-)   phr    1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
collegue (from gukorana)
amasubirayo y'inyana     phr    about 3:00
-mwe   adj    1. one, single, 2. some (with pl. prefix), 3. same, (see hamwe, kumwe, kimwe, rimwe, rimwe na rimwe)
-nyuma   adv    last, final
-okeje   adj    grilled, roasted (from kwōtsa)
ibitoke vyokeje roasted bananas
agahēngekezo     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
(no pl.) little place of refuge, narrow escape, remnant of clan or family
agakarabo (utu-)     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
pot with long narrow neck
agakwegamajwi   7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
antenna, aerial
agasaho (udu-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
1. backpack, 2. traditional shoulder bag
agatūku (udu-)     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
gnat, tiny fly
ahubwo   adv    instead, rather, alternatively, nay
akabindo (utu-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
napkin, sanitary towel
akadonongo (utu-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
traditional small fiddle, small monochord instrument
akamaramasenge (utu-)     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
lady-finger bananas
akamashu (utu-)     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
trap, snare
akamere (utu-)     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
nature (of person or thing)
akameremere (utu-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
nature (of person or thing)
amagara yandyarutse   phr    my strength has left me (from kuryārukana)
amenya     adj    naked
antene   5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
antenna, aerial
bavyāra bācu   1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
maternal cousins
bihurugūshwi    4    kwumva bihurugushwi to be unable to hear well
bitangāje   phr    fantastic, astounding, amazing, astonishing, bewildering, stunning, breathtaking, sensational, remarkable, spectacular, extraordinary, wonderful, marvelous (from gutangāza)
Bujumbura     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
largest city and former capital of Burundi, originally called Usumbura, it was renamed to Bujumbura at independence, mainly for the negative meaning of Usumbura in Swahili
dāta wacu (ba-)   phr    1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
my/our paternal oncle
gacaca    n    traditional trial headed by local elders
guca inoni   phr    to finger snap
gucukūmbura (-cukūmbuye)   v    1. to explore, 2. to navigate the internet
gufata neza (-fashe)   phr    1. to manage well, 2. to be responsible
gufurama (-furamye)     v    1. to go naked, 2. to be overcome with sleep and fall over – sleeping right there
gufutānya (-futānije)     v    1. to grow thinner, 2. go backwards inadvertently
gufyāta (-fyāse)     v    1. to be flat (esp. of nose), 2. to flatten out (vt), 3. to tramp on something unintentionally
guhahaza (-hahajije)   v    1. to rule over, to dominate, 2. to mistreat, to oppress
guhānda (-hānze)     v    1. to prepare ground (for amasaka), 2. to pierce, scratch (e.g. with nail)
guhānyura (-hānyuye)     v    1. to prune, 2. cut banana from stalk
guharira (-hariye)     v    1. to forgive, 2. to grant to, 3. to allow another to dominate, 4. to scrape, etc., at, for
guhēra (-hēreye)     v    1. to begin from, by, 2. to recompense, 3. give to, (prepositional form of guha)
guherereza (-herereje)     v    1. to put to one side, 2. to offer at, for, in the name of
guheza (-heje)     v    1. to finish, to complete, to end (vt), 2. to achieve, 3. to conclude, 4. to exhaust
(often used for 'then' when one action is directly followed by another, e.g. Umwigisha ahanura abana, araheza arabasezera = the teacher admonished the children, then he bid them goodbye)
guhīra (-hīriye)     v    1. to cook (vi), 2. get ripe at, on, (prepositional form of gusha)
guhīrwa (-hīriwe)     v    1. to be fortunate, to be lucky, 2. to be blessed, 3. to be happy
guhora (-hoze)     v    1. to cool (food or liquid) (vi), 2. to always do, continue, be eternal, 3. to be silent, become calm
guhoraho (--zeho)     v    to be eternal, forever
guhūma (-hūmye)   v    to howl (like hyena or owl)
guhumirwa (-humiwe)     v    1. to be unfortunate, to be unlucky, luckless, hapless, 2. be in difficulty, 3. 'haven't got a chance'
guhura (-huze)     v    1. to refuse to eat what you've always eaten, 2. to take objects out of flesh (as witch traditional doctor supposedly does)
guhūza (-hūje)     v    1. to put together, 2. to cause to meet, 3. to connect, to couple, to associate, 4. to coordinate
gukangīra (-kangīriye)     v    1. to frighten unintentionally, 2. to threaten, scold
gukebura (-kebuye)     v    to signal to someone
gukomānga (-komānze)     v    to knock (originally, to strike earth to make ants come out)
gukomorwa (-komowe)     v    to be bitten (by snake)
gukōra (-kōye)     v    1. to eat what's left on peeling of roasted banana, etc. (gukōra ibishishwa), 2. to continually beg
gupfungānya (-pfungānye)     v    to be narrow
gusamāra (-samāye)     v    1. to look at in wonder, to be fascinated, 2. to look at without paying attention, to be inattentive, not pay attention
gusesema (-sesemye)     v    to cause nausea
gusesemwa (-sesemwe)     v    to be nauseated
gusesereza (-sheshereje)     v    1. to penetrate the skin (esp. under fingernail), 2. to hurt another's feelings
gusha (-hīye)     v    1. to cook (vi), to burn (vi), 2. to ripen (for certain fruits, esp. bananas)
gushigikiza (-shigikije)     v    to cause or enable to hold up, support
gushirukanya (-shirukanye)     v    to be shameless, unafraid, bold
gushishwa (-shishwe)     v    to be nauseated by repulsive thing
gushobora (-shoboye)     v    1. to be able, to can, 2. to manage, to succeed
gushoboza (-shoboje)     v    to enable
gusigūza (-sigūje)     v    to demand explanation
gusōba (-sōvye)     v    to urinate
gusōmagura (-sōmaguye)     v    to kiss repeatedly, passionately
gutangīza (-tangīje)   v    1. to initiate, 2. to inaugurate, 3. to cause to begin, 4. to start something
gutikiza (-tikije)     v    to destroy, exterminate
gutītūra (-tītūye)     v    1. to hate, despise, 2. to disillusion, 3. to cause people to hate that which they had liked, 4. to lose original force, to weaken
gutītūza (-tītūje)     v    to cause to lose original force, to cause to disillusion
gutūmbūra (-tūmbūye)     v    1. to cut down banana stalk, 2. to be a widow (of chief, etc.)
guturika (-turitse)     v    1. to burst, 2. to break out (as with rash), to erupt, 3. to explode, detonate, blow up
gutūtūra (-tūtūye)   v    1. to prune, 2. to take dry leaves out of banana trees
gutwāra (-twāye)   v    1. to carry, to transport, 2. to take away, 3. to govern (a country), 4. to manage, control
gutwāra inda (-twāye)   phr    to be pregnant
gutwāra inda y'indāro (-twāye)   phr    to be pregnant through adultery
gutwāra inda y'ishushu (-twāye)   phr    to be pregnant through adultery
gutwārira (-twāriye)   v    1. to carry to, for, 2. to govern in name of
ibicuba  4    pastoral singing, traditional sung poetry in honor of cattle
ibihūndahūnda    4    dry banana leaves
ibinyavu    4    (no sing.) mineral matter (inanimate things)
ibisazi    4    craziness, madness, insanity, insaneness, lunacy
ibitōke vyokeje   phr    roasted bananas (see also -okeje)
icegera (ivy-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
idono (i-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
large bow like monochord instrument with calabashes as resonance body
igifwera (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
igihubahuba (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
bark of banana tree
igihugu (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. country, 2. nation
igihuma (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
deep hole in ground in a grassy place where pregnant girls and lepers were thrown
igihūnda (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
dry banana leaves
igihururu (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
one who can't keep a secret or says inappropriate things
igikānge (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
ghost (thing which resembles person but has supernatural powers)
igikanu (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
nape of the neck
igipaca (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
a kind of banana for brewing beer
igisamunyu (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
kind of bananas (for cooking)
igisesema (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
igisōkōzo (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
traditional riddle loved by children
igisoro (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
traditional board game for 2 players ('African chess')
igisubiramuhira (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
woman who has left many husbands and gone home and finally builds at parent's home (same for a man)
igisukari (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
red banana
igisundi (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
igitōke (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
banana tree, banana, plantain
igitōki (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
banana tree, banana
igituba (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
vagina, vulva
igitumbatumba (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
trunk of banana tree after banana is cut
ihānga (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. nation, 2. foreign country
ihuba (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
dry banana leaf
ikidukikije (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. nature, natural world, 2. environment, surrounding (usually used in pl., from gukīkiza)
ikigōngogōngo (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
central part of banana leaf
ikigonzi (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
loop, curve (as of snake, river)
ikihindu (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
traditional gender-crossing priest
ikimaze (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
traditional gender-crossing priest
ikimazi (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. sacrifice, 2. profit (not financial), benefit, 3. value
ikimpwiri (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
song for two alternating choirs
ikinini (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. cinchona tree, 2. tablet, pill (from Fr. quinine)
ikinyamunya (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
kind of banana
ikirandamuke (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
one who always disagrees in an 'inama', who says things he shouldn't when with others
ikirere (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
banana leaves
ikirungurira (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
ikiyobezabwenge (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
narcotic drug
ikiyoka (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
big snake
imānza  6    (sg. urubānza) 1. trial, 2. affair, 3. judgment, condemnation
imbāndwa (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
nature spirit
imbōmbāne (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
tight place, very narrow place
imbugu (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
imfyisi (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
impāno (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
gift (nothing expected in return), donation
imvūkira   3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
native, indigenous
imvuto (im-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
ropes or whatever is used to bind a thief or criminal
inarugo (ba inarugo-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
wife (as manager of the household)
inda (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. stomach, 2. pregnancy, 3. louse
indagu (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
indāsago (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. vaccination, 2. incision, 3. scar (from cuts made in treating sick person)
indebuye (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
long narrow sack for food
indigiti   3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
traditional monochord fiddle
indono (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
large bow like monochord instrument with calabashes as resonance body
indushi (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
weary, unfortunate person
inkuba (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
thunder (actually, the imaginary animal that makes the thunder)
inkumi (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. girl of marriageable age, 2. teenage girl
inoni (i-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
finger snap
insiguro (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. meaning, 2. definition, 3. explanation, 4. speech (from gusigūra)
insobanuro (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. explanation, 2. definition, 3. meaning, semantics, 4. reference
integuro (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. preparation, plan, 2. ornament
intōre (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. dancer, 2. youth, 3. traditional young warrior, 2. handsomeness and good character
inyizamvugo (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
inyongera   phr    additional, supplementary, extra
inzāra (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
inzōka (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
snake, worm
irindazi (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
donut like snack food, served with tea
irugu (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
nape of neck
iseseme   3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
ishiga (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
(usually used in pl., amashiga) three stones of traditional fireplace
ishirahamwe mpuzamakungu   phr    international organisation
isinagogi (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
itahīriro (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
end, finality, residence
itanure (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
furnace, kiln
itara (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. lamp, lantern, 2. light (not natural daylight)
ivyunyunyu  4    carbonate
izeze (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
traditional fiddle, small monochord instrument played with a bow
izīko (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. traditional fireplace, consisting of three stones (see amashiga), 2. stove, cooker
izina ryanje ni   phr    my name is ...
jēwe     I, me
jeho I (in contrast to another)
nje and I (me)
nkānje like me
kamaramagāmbo     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. judge with final decision, 2. influential older man
karyenda   3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
traditional sacred royal drum, hidden in its sanctuary and only brought forth on very rare occasions like the umuganuro festival
Kiranga     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
(high priest of the Burundian traditional supreme god, mediator between the traditional god and man, today associated by Christians with the devil)
ubuzimuzimu fetishes
igihwēba, igishegu one dedicated to service of ~
kuvōvōta to give oneself to ~
kubāndwa to dance in honor of
kubāndwa to be devoted to his service
guterekēra to worship ~
kubāmbīsha (-bāmbīshije)     v    to cause to crucify, to nail with
kubēra (-bereye)     v    to be suitable, apt (prepositional form of kuba)
kuboneka (-bonetse)     v    1. to appear, be visible, to seem, 2. to be accessible, available, obtainable
kudeha (-deshe)     v    1. to be lazy, 2. to refuse to give the name of a dead person
kudōnda (-dōnze)     v    1. to narrate, 2. tell events one after another, 3. to relate
kugaba (-gavye)     v    1. to rule over, dominate, be master, 2. to be on guard, prepared for, 3. to pass out gifts
kugānga (-gānze)     v    to urinate (cows)
kugēnda amēnya (-giye)   phr    to go naked
kugēnda gusa (-giye)   phr    to go naked
kugira inda (-gize)   phr    to be pregnant
kugombōra (-gombōye)     v    1. to cut banana leaves, 2. to relieve another on duty (as soldier)
kugwīra (-gwīriye)     v    1. to multiply (vi), 2. to be abundant, (prepositional form of kugwa)
kumera (-meze)     v    1. to be such as, 2. to be found so, 3. to become, 4. to be in a certain state, 5. to germinate, to sprout
kuneshereza (-neshereje)     v    to enable to conquer
kunyara (-nyaye)   v    to urinate, to pee, to piss
kunyegētera (-nyegēteye)     v    to go through a narrow pass, to creep along, to sneak in
kurabagiza (-rabagije)   v    to illuminate
kuremērwa (-remērewe)     v    1. to be weighed down, heavy-laden, 2. to be pregnant
kurengwa (-renzwe)     v    1. to slander a superior (not intentionally but he interprets it that way), 2. to break taboo
kurobeza (-robeje)     v    to put into water, to be caught and unable to extricate oneself
kurondera (-rondereye)     v    1. to search for, 2. to look for, 3. to reach for, 4. to browse, surfe, navigate (internet)
kuroranirwa (-roraniwe)     v    1. to be fortunate, be lucky, 2. to have a lot (may be even a lot of debts or trouble)
kurungurirwa (-rungurirwe)   v    to be dizzy, to feel nausea
kuryana inyuma     phr    (Sw.) to have anal intercourse
kutagira isoni   phr    1. to be shameless, unashamed, 2. to be rude, vulgar, obtrusive, coarse
kuvuguta (-vuguse)   v    1. to blow with bellows, 2. to stoke (fire), 3. to squeeze out banana juice
kuvūmbura (-vūmbuye)   v    1. to have natural intelligence (yavumbuye ubwenge), 2. to pick up droppings of animals and put them in garden
kuzīra (-zīze)   v    to come at (time, prepositional form of kūza)
kwāga (-āze)   v    1. to scratch with fingernail, to scratch lightly, 2. to be narrow
kwākura (-ākuye)     v    to signal to come
kwāmaho (-āmyeho)     v    to be eternal (from kwama)
kwāmūka (-āmūtse)     v    to be born of, to originate
kwānduruka (-āndurutse)     v    to originate, to come from
kwāza (--gije)     v    to make narrow
kwāzwa (--gijwe)     v    to be made narrow
kwerura (-eruye)     v    1. to tell publicly, make known, 2. to be unashamed, shameless, 3. to be bold (esp. of young girl), 4. to be rude, vulgar, obtrusive, coarse
kwīdohōra (-īdohōye)     v    1. to get away secretly, 2. sneak out of an argument or obligation, 3. to slip out little by little (of nail, etc.)
kwīgera (-īgeze)     v    1. to try on clothes, 2. to have done, 3. to arrive at (e.g. har'aho wigeze kumubona? – have you ever seen him?)
kwīnōnōra (-īnōnōye)   v    to exercise, to do gymnastics
kwīrengagiza (-īrengagije)     v    1. to procrastinate, 2. put off doing what one should, 3. to act indifferent, 4. to ignore someone, 5. to not give answer when asked, 6. to not show one's feelings, be reserved
kwīta (-īse)     v    to name, to call
kwītira (-ītiye)     v    to name for
kwītiranwa (-ītiranywe)     v    to be named after another
kwītiranya (-ītiranije)     v    to get names confused
kwītirira (-ītiririye)     v    to name because of, in memory of
kwītirisha (-ītirishije)     v    to cause to name
kwītwa (-īswe)     v    to be named, to be called
kwīyereka (-īyeretse)     v    1. to show oneself, 2. to parade, dance as traditional warriors did displaying their weapons
kwūhagira (-ūhagiye)   v    to bathe (vt) (originally associated with ceremonial cleansing at time of a death in family)
kwumva bihurugūshwi (-umvise)   phr    to be unable to hear well
kwūnamīsha (-ūnamīshije)   v    see kwunamika
mama wacu (ba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
my, our maternal aunt
sēnge (ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
my, our paternal aunt
nyogosēnge your paternal aunt
mayoneze  n    mayonnaise (Fr. mayonnaise)
Mungu   1  class 1
singular: umu-
God (from Sw., term introduced by missionaries in contrast to the traditional Kirundi term Imāna)
murimirwa   2  class 2
singular: umu-
traditional sacred drum "for whom one ploughs", kept at Gishora
mushakisharubuga (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
internet browser, internet navigator, explorer
mwēbwe     you (pl.)
mwēho you, in contrast to others
mwe and you
nkāmwe like you
mwēne dāta wācu (b-)     phr    1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
my paternal cousin (boy or girl)
bene dāta wācu my paternal cousins (boys and girls)
mwēne wācu (b-)   phr    1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. my sibling of the same sex, 2. my cousin (paternal)
niho   emph    (emphatic particle placing emphasis on the preceding constituent)
umwana niho the/ this/ that child (emphasizing the child)
nītwa   phr    my name is ..., I am called ...
ntūze     so-and-so, what's-his-name
nyabuhoro   5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
traditional sacred "dispenser of peace" drum
nyinābo (ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
his, her, their maternal aunt
nyogosēnge (ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
sister of your father, your paternal aunt
nyokorome (ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
(your) maternal uncle
nyokorume (ba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
(your) maternal uncle
nyōkwanyu     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
your maternal aunt
Nzero    n    January, name of moon
ruciteme   6  class 6
singular: uru-
traditional sacred drum "for whom one clears brush", kept at Gishora
rukinzo   6  class 6
singular: uru-
traditional sacred royal drum accompanying the king wherever he went, was exchanged with every new reign
Ryangombe    n    other name for Kiranga
sēwabo (ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
his, her, their paternal aunt
(ba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
father (of person spoken to)
so wawe your father
so wanyu your paternal uncle
twēbwe   we, us
tweho we (in contrast to others)
twe and we, us
nkātwe like us
twempi both of us
twese all of us
ubuherūka     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) 1. end, 2. the very last time, 3. finally, 4. at last
ubusagwe (ama-)     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
plural: ama-
poison of snake or other animal (in mouth)
ubusambiri   8  class 8
singular: ubu-
a non-traditional dance of the youth, influenced by neighboring Tanzania, Buragane region
ubutūku   8  class 8
singular: ubu-
gnat, tiny fly
ubuyobozi   8  class 8
singular: ubu-
leadership, administration, management
ubwāmbure     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
ubwāto (am-)     8   5  sg. class 8: ubu-
pl. class 5: ama-
1. boat, 2. traditional dugout canoe
(plural only used for indefinite numbers)
amāto menshi = many boats, but
ubwāto bubiri = two boats
ubwenegihugu   8  class 8
singular: ubu-
plural: ama-
ubwōko (am-)     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
plural: ama-
1. race, 2. nation, 3. tribe, 4. kind, species, breed
uduhembe  7    feeler, antenna (of insect)
udutonzi  7    feeler, antenna (of insect)
ugucandaga   9  class 9
singular: uku-
uguhūza   9  class 9
singular: uku-
plural: ama-
1. connection, 2. coordination, 3. synchronisation, 4. harmonization
ugusohora   9  class 9
singular: uku-
1. expulsion, throwing out, 2. traditional ceremony on the sixth day after a child's birth where the baby is presented
ugusūzuma   9  class 9
singular: uku-
examination, inspection
Uhoraho    n    the Lord (lit. eternal one)
ukwāndukiza   9  class 9
singular: uku-
contamination, transmission of a contagious disease
ukwātira   9  class 9
singular: uku-
1. traditional initiation ceremony, 2. dedication, ordination, initiation
umugarariji (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. criminal, 2. insurgent
umugazo (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
canal for irrigation
umugēnde (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. canal, tiny stream, 2. long band of cloth
umugera (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. sprout, 2. point, 3. nail, 4. sting (of insect)
umugesera (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
wicked person, revolutionary, very skillful person
umugome (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umugōrwa (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
unfortunate, miserable person
umuhamagazi (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
lowest rank in traditional Burundian administration
umuhānyu (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
one banana, one head of grain, etc.
umuhīrwe (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
fortunate person
umuhūnda (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
stick with nail in the end of it, metal on end of spear (not the point)
umuhwi (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
ripe banana
umukama (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. lord, 2. master, 3. monarch
umukāngara (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. young of animal, young bull, 2. teenager (traditionally boys only)
imikangara y'abakobwa teenage girls
umukenke (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
umukokezi (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
traditional drummer, keeping the basic rhythm
umukōndo (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. navel, 2. spot opposite door or house, 3. end of boat
umumisiyoneri (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umuneke (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
ripe banana
umunsi (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
uyumunsi today
uyumunsi uyumunsi this very day
umunsi ur'izina on a certain day
umurushwa (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
unfortunate person
umusoko (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
long thing (esp. stalk of bananas, etc.)
umusumāri (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
(Sw.) nail, pin
umusundi (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
umutego (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
trap, snare
umutimbo (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
traditional drummer "one who hits hard"
umutīndi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
unfortunate person
umutobe w'ibitoki   phr    banana juice
umutoni (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
favorite (from gutona)
umutoto (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
banana leaf (when green)
umutsīnda (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
young banana shoot
umutundiro (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
stones, nails, etc., which witch doctor pretends to take from swollen place on body
umuvunyi (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
advocate, lawyer, defender (from kuvuna)
umuvuzamurisho (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
traditional drummer, following the movement of the dancer
umuvyara (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
maternal cousin
umwāmbure (ab-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
naked person
umwenegihugu (ab-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
citizen, native, national
urubānza     6  class 6
singular: uru-
(pl. imanza) 1. trial, 2. affair, 3. judgment, 4. condemnation
urugombōzo (in-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
knife for cutting banana leaves
urukiko (in-  6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
court, tribunal
urukiramēnde     6  class 6
singular: uru-
any four-sided figure (originally, a place fixed for pole-vaulting)
urumāmbo (i-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
nail, peg
urunani (i-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
holding hands to form circle or line (gufatana urunani)
urunyariro   6  class 6
singular: uru-
(no pl.) backyard, behind the backyard (where one went to urinate, from kunyara)
ururāsago     6  class 6
singular: uru-
1. vaccination, 2. incision, 3. scar (from cuts made in treating sick person)
urusokozo (in-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
traditional large comb
urusumanyenzi (in-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
1. cliff from which unmarried pregnant girls are thrown, 2. pit, abyss
urutōke (in-  6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
banana plantation, banana farm
urwāra (inz-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
1. fingernail, 2. toenail, 3. claw, 4. hoof
urwaruka   9  class 9
singular: uku-
(no pl.) youth, group of teenagers
urwārwa (inz-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
banana beer (also urwāgwa, urwāwa, the plural is only used when the beer is criticized)
Usumbura  n    (Sw.) former name of Bujumbura before independence, changed to Bujumbura because of its negative meaning in Swahili
we   you (sing.)
weho you, etc. (in contrast to another)
we and you
nkāwe like you
yewe! you there! (sing.), (exclamation of surprise)
yemwe! you there!
yemwe gaye! (exclamation of astonishment)
  he, she, him, her
na and he, and she
nka wē like him, like her
wītwa nde   phr    what is your name?
ability    ububāsha, ubushobozi
(to not be equal in) gusūmbana
En-En dictionary 
above    hejuru
(to be) guhanama
(to be in excess) gusāguka
En-En dictionary 
abuse    (to ~ verbally) gushinyagurira
(one formerly loved) kuryārukana
En-En dictionary 
accept    kwemera
(to cause to) kwemeza
(a decision in spite of oneself) kujanirana, kujaniranwa
(not accept helpful suggestions) gutagara
(not accept judgement rendered) kudadika, gutagara
En-En dictionary 
accompany    kwāmbukana, kugendanira, guherekeza
(to be accompanied to wedding, as bride is) gushīngirwa
En-En dictionary 
accordion    kinanda
En-En dictionary 
accuse    kwāgiriza, kurēga, kwitwarira
(falsely) kudendereza
(each other of spoiling a plan) gutanakw ibirake
En-En dictionary 
accustomed    (to be) kumenyēra, kumogorera
(to get ~ to each other) kumenyerana
En-En dictionary 
act    (to ~ as go-between) kurehereza
(~ as if to beat, but not do it) kugera
(~ foolishly) kwītūtānya, gusaragurika, kudāyāngwa
(~ foolishly in fun) gupfyina
(~ homosexually) gutingana
(~ ignorantly) kwītūtānya
(~ indifferent) kwīrengagiza
(to ~ or go secretly because of fear) kwōmba
En-En dictionary 
adjacent    (to be) kubāngikana
En-En dictionary 
adultery    ubusāmbanyi
(to commit) gusāmbana
(euphemistically, of man) kwīsomōra
(to be pregnant through) gutwāra inda y'ishushu, gutwāra inda y'indāro
En-En dictionary 
advice    ima, ingīngo
(to seek) kugīsha
En-En dictionary 
advise    guhanūra, guhubūra, kugira ima
En-En dictionary 
agonize    gucīkāna, kwībabaza
En-En dictionary 
agreement    igikumu, ima
(contract) isezerano
(gutēra igikumu)
(to be in) kubwiririkanya, guhwāna, gutātūka
(to reach an) gutegēranya
En-En dictionary 
allow    gukūndira, kureka
(to go) kurekura
(to pass) kubisa
(another to dominate) guharira
(another to pass) kubisiriza
(allow me) enda
En-En dictionary 
alternate    kunyurana
En-En dictionary 
alternation    (of day and night) ikurikirana ry'imitaga n'amajoro
En-En dictionary 
although    naho, nubwo
En-En dictionary 
always    na ntāryo, imisi yose
(~ do) kwāma, guhora
(~ have) guhorana
En-En dictionary 
and    (for connecting clauses) kandi, uteko
(for connecting words in series) na
(between infinitives or preceding mu or ku) no
(and then) maze
En-En dictionary 
animal    (domestic) igitungano
(wild) igikoko, inyamāswa
(male in heat) ishāshi
(of nice disposition) ikirende
(track of) umwānza
(truly animal) bukōko
(young of) umukāngara
(young of small) imbūnda
(antelope) impōngo
(small antelope) ingeregere
(bat) agahūngarēma
(bear) idubu
(buffalo) imbogo
(young bull) ishūri
(male calf) ikimasa
(camel) ingamiya, ingameya
(cat) akayabo, akayabu
(chameleon) uruvo, uruvuruvu
(cheetah) igikara
(civit cat) icūya
(crocodile) ingōna
(deer) impōngo
(dog) imbwa,
(female) imbwakazi,
(wolf-like wild) ibīngira
(donkey) indogoba, indogobwe
(elephant) inzovu
(ferocious) igisimba
(fox) imbwēbwe
(frog) igikere
(gazelle) ingeregere
(giraffe) umusumbarembe
(goat) impene,
(male) impfīzi,
(young male goat) agasugurume
(goats) intūngwa, igitūngwa
(hare) urukwāvu
(hippopotamus) imvubu
(hyena) imfyisi
(jackal) imbwēbwe
(kid, lamb) umwāgazi
(lion) intāmbwe, intare
(lizard) umuserebanyi
(mongoose) isambwe
(monkey) inkēnde, imamfu
(puppy) ikibwāna, imbūnda
(python) isato
(rabbit) urukwāvu
(ram) isuguru
(rat, mouse) imbeba
(rat, cane) isiha
(sheep) intāma, intūngwa, igitūngwa
(toad) igikere
(weasel) akarīnda, akagomba
(zebra) imparage
(to give salt to domestic ~) kwūhīra
(to lead to drink) gushōra
(to stake out to pasture) kuzirika
En-En dictionary 
answer    inyīshu, igisubizo
(as on examination) impīngūro
En-En dictionary 
ant    (flying, edible) iswa
(pincher) intozi, urutozi
(soldier) uburima
(sugar) ikinywabūki
(tiny) ubunyegeri, urunyegeri
(white) umuswa
(white ~ hill) umugina
En-En dictionary 
antenna    (radio) agakwegamajwi, antene y'iradiyo
(feeler of insect) uduhembe, udutonzi
En-En dictionary 
appetite    imbu, akayabagu
En-En dictionary 
arrow    umwampi
(to feather an ~) gutanaga
(to shoot an ~) kurasa
En-En dictionary 
artery    umutsi mvomezi
(pulmonary) umutsi ujana amaraso mu mahaha
En-En dictionary 
aside    (to go aside with someone to talk privately) kwīkebukana
(to take someone ~) kwīkebana
En-En dictionary 
ask    (another to repeat to check his veracity) gucaca
(each other) kubazānya
(each other to explain) gusiguzānya
(each other riddles) gusōkōrānya
(for) gusaba
(for daily) kubōbōtereza
(frequently) gusabiriza
(many in order to verify) gushīshōza
(many questions) kubazagiza
(of someone that which he has promised) guhāngūra
(oneself) kwībaza, kwītsa
(over and over again) kubaririkiza
(persistently, though refused) gucuna
(question) kubaza
(a riddle) gusōkōza
(stupid questions) kudedēmvya
En-En dictionary 
attitude    ukugira iciyumviro
(to turn bad suddenly) gufurungana
En-En dictionary 
August    ukwēzi kwa munani, Myandagaro
En-En dictionary 
aunt    (maternal, my) māma wācu
(maternal, your) nyokwānyu
(maternal, his, her, their) nyibo
(paternal, my) māsenge
(paternal, your) nyogosenge
(paternal, his, her, their) inasenge
En-En dictionary 
axe    ikibēzi, incābiti, imarabiti, intoraguzo
(small ornamental) urunana
En-En dictionary 
baby    umwāna, uruhīnja, uruyōya
(not old enough to know fear) igifatanzoka
(tiny ~) uruhīnja
(~ clothes) icahi
(~ food) umusururu
En-En dictionary 
backwards    (to go) kwīfūtānya
(inadvertently) gufutānya
(walk) kugēndēsha umugōngo, kugēnda umugōngo
En-En dictionary 
badly    bi
En-En dictionary 
banana    igitōke, igitōki, umuneke
(plantation) urutoke
(one or one hand of) umuhānyu
(ripe) umuhwi, umuneke
(kinds of) ikinyamunyu, igisamunyu
(beer banana) igipaca
(lady-finger) akamaramasenge
(red banana) igisukari
(bark of tree) igihubahuba
(beer) urwārwa
(sweet drink) umutobe
(leaf, green) umutōto
(leaf) ikirere
(leaf, dry) ihuba
(leaves, dry) igihūnda, ibihūndahūnda
(center of leaf) ikigongo-gongo
(leaves, knife for cutting) urugombōzo
(young shoot) umutsīnda
(trunk after stalk is cut) igitumbatumba
(to cut leaves) kugombōra
(to cut from stalk) guhānyura
(to cut stalk) gutūmbūra
(to remove dry leaves) gutūtūra
(to squeeze juice from) kugana, kuvuguta
En-En dictionary 
bark    igishishwa
(of banana tree) igihubahuba
(cloth garment) indemano
(cloth with painted spots, used as thing of worship) indabe, indome
(~ stripped from tree) udukōkōrwa
(used for perfume) imibavu
(put on new ~) kwībwira
En-En dictionary 
base    (of brain) agakomokomo
(of tree) itsina, igitsina
(of bed) isaso y'uburiri
En-En dictionary 
be    kuba, -ri, kumera, kuramuka
(at, to have been at) guherūka
(beside) kubāngikana, guhererana
(in water) kubōmbeka
(with always) guhorana
En-En dictionary 
bean    igiharage
(green) umubīmba, umukerere, umukonyogo
(lima) igiharo
(red) ishigisha
(small red) uduharawe
(leaves) umukubi
(leaves, first two) ingāmba
(pod) urusokoro
(sprout) umugōndōra
(that have been put away for a year) igihitira
(to put ~ away for a year) guhitiza
(to put away ~ for several years) guhitikirana, guhitirana
(to tie ~ on hedge to dry) gushisha
En-En dictionary 
beat    gukubita, kujānjagura, gushinyagurira, gushishagura, gutonagura
(act as if to ~, but not do so) kugera
(~ around the bush) gukingitiranya
(clothes) kunyukura
(heart) gutera indihaguzi
(drum) kuvuza
(raising welts) kuramagura
En-En dictionary 
beer    inzōga
(fresh, with froth) umubira
(banana) urwārwa, urwāgwa
(sorghum) impeke, indimwa
(given to sick person) umwerēra
(sharp, anything fermented) inkarisha
(undiluted) uruhorwe
(mixed with water) umusharuro
(to beg for) kuvūmba
(to put in a warm place) gutara
En-En dictionary 
bell tower   umunara
En-En dictionary 
bend    (vt) guheta
(as joint) kugōnda
(curve) kugoreka
(down) kwūnana
(joint) gukonya, gupfunya
(over) kujōndamika, kwūbama
En-En dictionary 
beside    iruhānde, hambavu
(to be) guhererana, kubāngikana
En-En dictionary 
bind    guhāmbīra, kuboha
(ropes or whatever is used to bind a criminal) imvuto
En-En dictionary 
bird    ikiguruka
(little ones) inyoni
(crane, golden-crested) umusāmbi
(crow) igikōna
(dove) intunguru, inuma
(duck) imbati
(eagle) inkona, inkukuma, ikinyakabaka, impūngu
(goose, wild) igisafu
(hawk) igisiga
(kite) ikinyakabaka
(parrot) gasuku
(partridge) inkwāre
(robin, African) inyōmvyi
(that sucks honey, black with red throat, or metallic green) umunūni
(wagtail) inyamanza
En-En dictionary 
bite    gushikura
(as animal, or pain) kurandagura
(of animal, insect) kuryāna
(insect) gusurira
(of person only) kuguguna, gutsontsomera
(serpent) gukomora
En-En dictionary 
bits    utumānyagu
(of paper, cloth) ibitabu
(break into, vt) kumenagura, kumānyagura, gusatagura, kuvunagura, kuvunaguza, gucagagura
(break into, vi) kumenagurika, gusatagurika
En-En dictionary 
blow    (vt) guhūha, guhūngabanya
(vi) guhūngabana
(air into ball) guhaga
(along) guheha
(be blown up) kuboboka
(hard) guhūhūta
(in wind) kuzūnga, kuzūngazūnga
(one's nose) kwīmyīra
(out chaff) kugosōra
(the fire) kwātsa
(up) gupfunereza
(with bellows) kuvuguta
En-En dictionary 
blurred    (to be) kuzimangana
En-En dictionary 
bonds    (criminal) imvuto
En-En dictionary 
bone    igufa
(to break, vt) kuvuna
(to break, vi) kuvunika
En-En dictionary 
borrow    (money, or that for which you'll return equivalent rather than that very thing) kugurāna
(a thing to be returned) gutīra
En-En dictionary 
bracelet    agakomo
(brass) umububa, umwākaka
(of copper wire) ikidodi, ikidode
(of grass) umunoni
(of metal) akanyabugoro, umurīnga
(of wire) inyerere
(worn at dances) urunana
En-En dictionary 
break    (vi) gucīka, kumeneka, kumānyuruka
(vt) guca
(and scatter, vt) gusāvya
(any slender thing, vi) kuvunika
(any slender thing, vt) kuvuna
(completely, vi) kudēndūka, gufyonyoka, kuvunagura
(in two) gusāba
(the law) kurēnga, kuyoba
(object with flat surface, vt) kumena
(off by burning, tree, etc.) gutemuka
(off a piece, bread) kubega
(out, as rash) guhurira, guturika
(rope, chain) kuvutagura
(suddenly, unexpectedly) gukenyuka
(a taboo) kurēngwa, kuzirūra, kugōka
(to bits, vi) kumenagurika, gusatagurika, kuvunagura, kumānyagura
(to bits, vt) gucagagura, kumenagura, gusatagura, kuvunaguza
(up, vi) kumānyagurika, kumānyuka
(up, vt) kujānjagura
(a break, as bone) imvune
En-En dictionary 
bring    (to ~) kuzana
(back) kugarura
(back from far away) guhabūra
(back wife after she's gone home) gucūra
(down) kumanura
(down bee hive) kwegura
(from dark into light) kwāndagaza
(from hiding) kunyegurura
(greeting) gutāsha
(in passing) guhitana
(into open from hidden place) kwātura
(loss or failure) gutāna
(new kind of seeds or cattle into country) kurondōra
(out of hiding) gufurūra
(quickly) gutebūkana
(things in from sun) kwāmura
(things and put them together to give to someone) gusorōranya
(to pass) gucimbataza
(together) gukoranya, gutēranya
(up child) gukuza, kurera
(water) kudahira, kuvōma
(with one) kuzanana
En-En dictionary 
broken    (to be easily) kuvunagurika
(to be suddenly) gukenyurwa
(to bits) kujānjagurika
En-En dictionary 
brother    (my) mwēne data
(your) mwēne so
(his, her, their) mwēne se
(older ~ of boy) mukuru, mukurwanje
(younger ~ of boy) mutoyi, murumuna
(of girl) musāza
(of my mother) mārume
(of your mother) nyokorume
(of his, her, their mother) inarume
(of father, uncle) dāta wacu, dāta wanyu, dāta wabo
(to be ~ and sister, or to be ~s) kuvūkana
(religious, monk) umufrere
En-En dictionary 
brown    (to ~ food) guhindukiza mu mavuta
(colour) c'inzobe, c'umugina, c'akaga, ibihogo
(light ~) akagājo, umuyēnzi
En-En dictionary 
bud    umunago, umuribo, amaso y'ibiterwa
(to ~) gushūrika
En-En dictionary 
build    kwūbaka
(a fire) gucāna
En-En dictionary 
by    na
En-En dictionary 
calf    inyana
(male) ikimasa
(of leg) intege, inyāma y'akibitsi
En-En dictionary 
call    (to ~) guhamagara
(in sense of name) kwīta
(continuously and persistently) kuvumereza
(for help) kwāmbaza, gutābaza, gutaka, gutakāmba
(from hill to hill) gusemerera
(loudly for help) gutakāmba
(across the hills, implies scorn of one doing it) kumoka
(to one who cannot answer) gucurīra
En-En dictionary 
canine    ibwēna
En-En dictionary 
carefree    (to be free from trouble when others have it) gucuna
En-En dictionary 
case    (container) urwūbati
(law) ibūrana
(to declare one's case at a trial) gusāmba
(to know the facts of) guhinyura
(to make another lose his) kuzingirikira
(to take ~ to chief) kubūranya
(to take ~ to chief, knowing one is right) gutara
(to win ~) gutsīnda
En-En dictionary 
castrate    (to) gukona, gushāhura
(castrated male) inkone
En-En dictionary 
caught    (to be ~ and unable to extricate oneself) kurobeza
(to be ~ stealing) gusūmirwa
En-En dictionary 
cause    inyānduruko, inkomānzi, impāmvu, igituma, imvo
(to plead a ~) kubūrana
En-En dictionary 
chase    (away with shouts) kwāmira
(away) guhīnda, kwīrukana, gukinagiza, kwāmbutsa
(away because of hatred) gutuza
(away evil spirits) gusēnda
(flies off cows) kuzīnga
(hunt) guhīga
(others out of house) guturumbura
(out quickly) guhasha
En-En dictionary 
chew    (to) guhekenya, kunoza, gutapfuna
En-En dictionary 
child    umwāna, umugisye, umukeme, umurerwa
(before he begins to know anything) igitambamboga, igitwengerabarozi
(disobedient) intabarirwa
(first-born) imfura
(healthy, about 4 months) ikibunduguru
(illegitimate) igihūmbu, ikivyārwa
(learning to walk) ikidegedege, intavyi
(male) umuyibigi
(of) mwene
(of mixed marriage) ikivyārwa
(only) ikinege, umwāna w'ikinege
(derogative) umuhimbiri
(small) ikibondo
(starting to know a little) umwankavu
(that doesn't grow properly) imfunya
(unwanted or orphan) intābwa
(up to 8 or 10 years) umugimbi
(weaned) umucūko, umukurira
(youngest or favourite) umuhererezi
(~ care) ubuhinga bwo kurera abana
(~ benefit) imfashanyo y'umuryango
En-En dictionary 
childhood    ubwāna, ubuto
En-En dictionary 
childishly    rwāna
En-En dictionary 
china    (porcelain) ibumba ryera
En-En dictionary 
choose    kugena, kurobānura, gutōra, gutōranya
(esp. in action) guhitamwo
(at random from group) kudōmbagiza
(leaders) kwātira
(one to sell a thing) gutōza
En-En dictionary 
chop    (trees) guhīmbura
(with axe) gukera
(with hoe or other instrument) kujema
(with sword) gukekana
(up in pieces) gucagagura
(off) gutandukāna
En-En dictionary 
circle    imburūngu, umuzingi
(of people) urukīnja
(to) guca umuzingi
(to form ~) kuziguza
(to form ~ by holding hands) gufatana urunana
En-En dictionary 
cirrhosis    (of the liver) urusina
En-En dictionary 
clash    (together) kwāsana, kubomborana
(vt) kubomboranya
En-En dictionary 
clear    (as water) umusarara
(to be ~, transparent) kubonerana
(to be ~, understandable) kwūmvīkana
(to ~, vt) kuzibūra
(to ~ suddenly, vi) kuzibūka
(off) kuyōra
(off, as table) gupāngūra (Sw.)
(up) kuvāngūra
En-En dictionary 
cliff    agahanamo, umukuka, imānga, ikimānga, agatēmbwe
(from which unmarried pregnant girls are thrown) urusumanyenzi
En-En dictionary 
close    (to) gufunga (Sw.), gukīnga, gukīngiriza, kurumya, kwūgara
(doors of royal place) kujīsha
(entrance with branches) guhāngāza
(hands together) gufumbata
(one's eyes) guhumiriza
(path) gutangīra
(to make another to ~ his eyes) kwūnamika
(up completely) guhindira
(to get close together) kwegerana
(to put things or people ~ together) kwegeranya
En-En dictionary 
coagulate    (to) gufatana, kuvura
En-En dictionary 
collide    gusekana
En-En dictionary 
colour    irāngi
(black) umukata, umufyiri, agafyīri,
(very) umuvyiro
(black mud) urushānga
(blue) ubururu
(brown) ibihogo
(brown, light) akagājo, umuyēnzi
(brownish black cow) ikirāyi
(gray) -vivi, agahīza, akavūzo, uruvūzo
(green) akātsi gatoto
(orange) umutugutu
(red, like mud) agahama
(tan hair, of goats) umufūmbere
(very white) derere
(yellow) umuhōndo, umutugutu
(yellow, dark) ibihogo
(yellow, light, reddish) umugina
(to be black) kwīrabura
(to be white) kwēra
(to become yellow or reddish, in ripening) kubēnja
(to colour) kuraba
(to ~ in) gusiga amabara
(to change ~, fade) kubēnjūka, kubēngūka
En-En dictionary 
colt    (animal) icāna
En-En dictionary 
comb    igisokozo
(old traditional comb) urusokozo
(of chicken) umubiko, urugaragara
(to comb) gusokoza
En-En dictionary 
come    kūza
(all together suddenly) kurandamuka
(apart) gushānyūka, kudohōka
(to come at) (time) kuzīra
(to do something) guherūka
(to an end) guhenebēra, guhera, kunyika
(be coming to an end) guherengetera
(down) kumanuka, kumanuza, kwūruruka
(from) kwāduka, kwānduruka, gukomoka, guturuka, kuva, kuvuduka
(to greet often when one is in disfavour in hopes of gaining favour) kuneganega
(~ here) ingo, ngo, ngwino
(into sight) kurēnguka
(to light) guhinyuka, kwāndagara
(one by one) gutororokanya, gutēraterana
(out, teeth, hoe handle, etc.) guhongoka
(out, stake) gushingūka
(out of water) kwōgorora
(suddenly) guturūmbuka
(to, after fainting) guhembūka
(to pieces) gusambūka
(to the throne) kwīma ku ngoma
(together, crowd) gukungēra
(unexpectedly) kwubīra
(unsewn) gusonoroka (Sw.)
(untied) kubohōka, gupfunduka
(up of itself) kwimeza
(up out of water) kwiburuka
(up thickly, thus not do well) gusorora
(upon suddenly) kwūbuka
(when called) kurabuka
(with) kuzanana
En-En dictionary 
commit    (adultery) gusāmbana
(a crime) gucumura
(be unwilling to ~ oneself) kwīyumānganya
(oneself) kuragana
(suicide) kwīgaragura, kwīyahura, kwīyica
En-En dictionary 
common    (to be) gusangwa
(to have things in) kubūngirana
En-En dictionary 
confess    kwātura, kwīhana, kwīrega, kwemerana
(one is wrong to avoid being caught) kwīyagiriza
En-En dictionary 
conquer    kunēsha, gufata ikibanza
(enable to) kuneshereza
En-En dictionary 
converted    (to be) kwigarura, kwīhana, gukizwa
En-En dictionary 
cooker    amashiga y'ikizungu
(traditional cooking place) iziko
En-En dictionary 
copy    kwīmura, kwīgāna
En-En dictionary 
correct    (to) guca itēka
(to be ~) ikwiye, nzīza
(to ~ mistake) gukosōra, gukoshōra (Sw.)
(to ~ oneself) kwīhana
En-En dictionary 
council    ima, urukīnja
(in center of) ikōmbe
En-En dictionary 
counsel    ima, ingīngo
(one who gives) umuhanūzi
(to reject) gusaragurika
(to take) guhūza ima
En-En dictionary 
cousin    (paternal) mwēne dāta wācu, mwēne wācu
(maternal) umuvyara, bavyāra bācu
En-En dictionary 
crash    (of something falling) isēnyerana
En-En dictionary 
crease resistant   kidapfunyirana
En-En dictionary 
crocodile    ingōna
En-En dictionary 
crow    (bird) igikōna
En-En dictionary 
crowd    urugāmba, ishengero
(esp. people running) igugu
(mixed ~ of people) amakūngu
(one who keeps ~ back) umukumirizi
(to ~) kubānda, kubāndana
(to go together to see something) gushwabāduka
(out: to not grow because of too many seeds) kuzīnga
(together) kurūndāna, kwegerana, kuvurungana
(together, people sitting) gusegenya, gusegenyeza
En-En dictionary 
curse    umuvumo
(to ~) kuvuma
(to ~ each other ) kuvumana
En-En dictionary 
curtain    irido
(net ~) ugushira iharire mu mpuzu ibonerana
En-En dictionary 
cut    (to ~) guca, gutānya, gukata (Sw.)
(to be ~) gucībwa
(banana leaves) kugombōra
(banana stalk) gutūmbūra, guhānyura
(chop with hoe or other instrument) kujema
(crosswise) kugegena
(down trees left after fire has passed over) gutōngōra
(easily) gutemuka
(easily, grass) kwāhirika
(eyes out) kunogora
(grass) gutema, gukera, gukerera
(grass for use) kwāhira
(grass or brush in order to see path or object) guhūnja
(hair) kumwa
(in big chunks) guketagura
(in even lengths) gucacūra
(in many pieces) guhimbagura
(in pieces) gukebagura
(lengthwise) kwōmānza, gusatura
(meat, finger, etc.) gukeba
(neck of animal) gukerera
(off) gukona
(off branches) gukōkōra
(off tail of animal) gukēmūra
(off top of tree) gukēmūra
(tree) gukera, gutema, guca
(trees for building) guhimbura
(up) gukekagura
(up into small pieces) gukeka
(up small as reeds, boards) gutemagura
(trees or sticks) kugegena
(with one blow) gutemura
(with sawing motion) gukerera
(wood in short bits) kunyuramwo
(wool of sheep) gukēmūra
En-En dictionary 
damage    ubwōnōnyi
(to ~) kwōnōna, guhara
En-En dictionary 
dance    intāmbo
(of men) umuhamirizo, ibirorēro, agasimbo, umuyebe
(of women) ihunja, imisambi
(of women, celebrating a child's birth) umutsibo
(of women celebrating the birth of twins) igisuru
(non-traditional, of youth) ubusambiri
En-En dictionary 
daughter-in-law    umukazāna
En-En dictionary 
day    umusi, umunsi
(~ before yesterday, ~ after tomorrow) hirya y'ejo
(it is ~) harakeye
(on a certain ~) umusi ur'izina, umunsi ur'izina
(the next ~) bukeye
(today) uyumusi, uyumunsi
(time of day) :
(9 to 10 a.m.) kumusase
(noon) umutāga, ku mamima ngohe
(middle of day) amashōka
(about 3 p.m.) amasubirayo y'inyana
(after dark) bwateranye
(to be ~) guca
(to spend all ~) kwīrirwa
(to start the ~) kuramuka
En-En dictionary 
dazzling brightness   (sun, moon) umutāri
(to be) gukayāngana
En-En dictionary 
debt    umwēnda, ideni
(payment of) inyīshu
(to be in ~, but refuse to pay) guherana, kurīrīra
(to pay a ~) kwīshura
En-En dictionary 
deceive    kudendekeranya, kugūnga, guhēnda, guhūmba, guhumbūra, gukēkeza, kurema, kurementaniriza, guhemukira, gusuka
(~ another to make him give money) kurimānganya
(to ~ each other, be skillful at ~) guhēndana
(habitually) gusukasuka
(in light joking way) guhēndahēnda
(oneself) kwīhēnda, kwībesha
(making others think you've done a miracle when it's only a deception) uburyi
En-En dictionary 
deceiver    umuhumbūzi, umuhūmvyi, umusukanyi
(one who goes about lying) indimanya
(to be a skillful) guhēndana
En-En dictionary 
decision    (final) ingīngo
(to accept a decision in spite of oneself) kujanirana, kujaniranwa
En-En dictionary 
defend    guhāngāza, gutēturura, kuvuna
(another) gukīmbūka
(oneself, take case to chief) kubūranya, kwīkirānura
(to have 2 methods of defending oeself but use one you hadn't planned on) gutēgekanya
En-En dictionary 
defiled    (to be) guhumāna
En-En dictionary 
defy    (one another) kugerana
En-En dictionary 
demand    (explanation) gusigūza
(from) kwāka
(more) kwongeza
En-En dictionary 
deny    guhakana, kwīma
(emphatically) guhebūza, kwīhakana
En-En dictionary 
depth    amajēpfo, uburēbure
(of heart) ubwīgobeko
(of water) i bwīna
En-En dictionary 
desire    ishāka
(for certain food) imbu
(strong) igishika, icīfuzo
(to ~) kugōmba, gushāka, kwīfūza
(to ~ for) kwīfūriza
En-En dictionary 
destroy    guhomvora, guhonnya, guhonyora, gukōmbōra, kwōnōna, gusambūra, gutikiza, kuyigiza, kumara
(completely) gukomvōmvora, gusangangura, gusiribānga
(by fire) kuyigiza
(garden, of goats etc.) kwōna
(the work of another) gusīvya
En-En dictionary 
deteriorate    gufūtāna, gusērūka, kwōnōnekara, gushānyūka, gupfāpfāna, kubora
(to cause to) gusērūra
En-En dictionary 
determine    gucīra, kugabira, gushāmira, kugena
En-En dictionary 
die    (to) gupfa, gucīkāna, guhwēra, kuranduka
(of king) gutānga
(esp. of one who has been ill for a long time) kudēndūka
(to be about to) kugoyagoya
(suddenly) kweguka, kugaduka
(suddenly and unexpectedly) gukenyuka
(used of person scorned by others) kwijajara
En-En dictionary 
different    (to be) gutandukāna
(anything that is ~ from others in group) indobeke
En-En dictionary 
difficult    (person) umuhāmbāzi
(this is ~!) biragōye
(to be) kugōra, gukomera
(to be absolutely too ~ for) kunanirana
(to be ~ to say or know) kuzīnda
(to be too ~ for) kunanira
En-En dictionary 
directly    (to be in front) guhangana
En-En dictionary 
dirty    –bi
(to be) guhumāna, gucafura
(to be very) gushisha
(to become, get) kwāndura
(~ oil) amavuta mabi ava mu mashini
En-En dictionary 
disagree    (to) guhāzāna, kuvuguruza, guhīngāna, gutāta
(one who always disagrees in a council meeting) ikirandamuke
En-En dictionary 
disappear    gukamangana, kuyōnga, kuyōngayōnga, kuzimangana, kurēnga
(suddenly as you watch) kunyika
En-En dictionary 
dishcloth    agahanaguzo k'imeza
En-En dictionary 
dislocate    (a bone) guhinyagara
(part of body, or things, vi) gutirigana
(vt) gutiriganya
En-En dictionary 
dismiss    gusēzera, kwirukana
En-En dictionary 
divide    kugabanya, kugabura, kugaburira, gutānya
(by lot) gupfīndana
(up loads among several) kugabāngānya
(up work or load to make it easier) kwīyorohereza
(to buy a thing together and then ~ it) gusorōra
En-En dictionary 
divorce    (vi) kwāhukāna,
(vt) kwāhukānya
(changing wife or husband frequently) ubumāka
(one who frequently ~) ikimāka
En-En dictionary 
do    (to) kugira, gukora
(again) kwongera
(always) kwāma, guhora
(anyhow, in spite of) gupfa
(continually) kwāma, guhora
(the dishes) kwoza ivyombo
(even more) kurushiriza
(first) kubānza, gushūza
(forcefully) kwīhanukīra
(habitually) kumēnyera
(have too much to ~) kurēngerana
(the impossible) gufyidikīra
(~-it-yourself) ukugira utugenegene
(housework) kugora
(one's duty) gushimika
(quickly) gukwākwānya, gushōka, gusobaganya, gusūriranya, gutebūtsa
(quickly and carelessly) kuraha
(quickly without thinking) gusimbagurika
(~ not) -ōye (verb without infinitive)
(reluctantly) kwīyumānganya
(a sloppy job) kurēngagiza
(something alone) kwīgūnga
(something by oneself without authority) kwigenera
(something that causes pleasure or amazement) gusamāza
(that which you declared you would not ~) kwīrahuruza
(two things at once) kubāngikanya
(unwillingly) kugoyagoya
(unwillingly and complainingly) kunyinkira
(the washing up) kwoza ivyombo
En-En dictionary 
draw    gukwēga, gusokōra
(lots) gupfīndana
(near) kwegēra
(pictures) gushushanya
(things back together) guhindānura
(up) gukōba
(water) kudaha, kuvōma
En-En dictionary 
drink    (anything to be drunk) ikinyōbwa
(sweet banana) umutobe
(soft ~) ifanta
(to ~) kunywa
(to ~, of king) gukamagura
(animals, go to ~) gushōka
(after a meal) kwīshōza
(all there is in a container) kwūgunyuza
(to cease to ~) guhodoka
(from a reed) gusōma
(from hollow of one's hand) kwīyūhīra
(in) kubōmba
(to lead animals to ~) gushōra
(to make one ~, pour milk down throat) kuramiza
(to refuse to eat and ~ with) kunēna
(to go where others are drinking in hopes of getting some) kuvūmba
En-En dictionary 
drum    ingoma
(sacred royal ~) karyenda
(sacred ~ ”for whom one ploughs”) murimirwa
(sacred ~ ”for whom one clears brush”) ruciteme
(sacred ~ accompanying the king) rukinzo
(sacred ~ ”dispenser of peace”) nyabuhoro
(sacred ~ ”lady of the land”) inakigabiro
(to beat ~) kuvuza
(to beat continuously, thus setting time for others beating) gusāsīra
(stick for beating ~) umurisho, umukembe
En-En dictionary 
eagle    inkona, impūngu, inkukuma, ikinyakabaka
En-En dictionary 
earth    (world) isi
(soil) agataka, ivu
(hard-packed) urutare
(interior of) ikuzimu, i kuzimu
(of reddish brown color) inginagina
(to shake, vi) gutigita
(to slide) gutemuka, kunyika, gusiduka
En-En dictionary 
earthenware    inkono y'ibumba ikayangana
En-En dictionary 
eat    kurya, gufungura, kunogera, kunoza, kurandagura
(a lot) guhāga, guhīmba
(cause to ~ a lot) gupfunereza
(by sucking only, as candy) kuyongobeza, kuyungubiza
(garden plants, of goats) kwōna
(to refuse to) kuzira
(to refuse to ~ or drink with) kunēna
(together) gusangira
(to ~ what's left on peeling of roasted banana, etc.) gukōra
(two kinds of food together) gukoza
(with instrument) kurīsha
En-En dictionary 
effeminate    (traditional gender-crossing priest) ikihindu, ikimaze
En-En dictionary 
eight    umuni
(eight times) umuni
En-En dictionary 
eighty    mirongumuni, mirongwini
En-En dictionary 
elder    umujēma, umukuru, umushīngantahe, umujama
(elders and rulers, esp. in regard to their function of helping the poor) barutungabōro
En-En dictionary 
enamel    igikayangana
En-En dictionary 
endure    kwīhāngāna, gushinyiriza
En-En dictionary 
enough    (to be) gukwīra
(to be more than ~) gucāguka
(to be ~ for) gukwīrana
(to have) gukwīrwa
(it's ~) birabāye, karabāye, birakwīye
(it's ~, as salt or medicine in something else) gukora
(that's enough, it's fine) basi!
En-En dictionary 
entrust    kubītsa, kuzēza
(~ to) kurindīsha, gusigarana
(~ flock to another to pasture) kuragiza
(~ something to another and it increases while there) gutongoza
En-En dictionary 
equal    (to be) kungana, kuringanira
(in length, height) kurēha
(to make ~) kuringaniza, kunganya, kurēhēsha
(to not be ~ in length, height or ability) gusūmbana
(to make ~ in length, height) kurēsha
(to make oneself ~ to another) kwīgereranya
En-En dictionary 
escape    (narrow) agahēngekezo
(to ~) kudohōka, gucīka, gutoroka, kuzibukīra
(to barely ~ an accident) guhakwa, kwēnda
(the memory) kuzīnda
(to secretly help someone to ~ by taking his things for him) kunyuruza
En-En dictionary 
even    na, hamwe
En-En dictionary 
ever    na ntāryo
En-En dictionary 
evil    ikibi, ububi, ibi
(adj.) –bi
(to speak ~ of) gukana, kunegura
(to speak ~ of one another) gucurikanya
(to speak ~ of a ruler) kuyoba
(to seek out ~ doer, witch doctor) kuragura
(to have witch doctor seek out ~ doer) kuraguza
(to sprinkle 'medicine' around house to protect it from ~) kurēmbeka, gutota
(to chase away ~ spirits) gusēnda
(to succeed in persuading someone to leave his ~ ways) gukōndōra
(speaking ~ of another with whom you work) ikēba
(~ deed) ubuhūmbu
(example) akābarore
(~ language, esp. young girl's) ubweruzi
(~ look) igitsūre
En-En dictionary 
exalt    guhaya, kuninahaza
En-En dictionary 
examine    gucaca, gucunaguza, gucunaguriza, gupīma, gusūzuma, guhwebutsa, kurāba
(to look intently at) kwihweza
(in prospect of bying) kugaragura
En-En dictionary 
exchange    gukāba, kugurāna
(clothes or other article for a time) kunyurānyura
(greetings) kuramukānya
En-En dictionary 
extra    (additional) inyongera
(to be left over) gusigara
(~ digit, toe, teat) indorerezi
En-En dictionary 
eye    ijīsho
(to close one's eyes) guhumiriza
(to cut ~ out) kunogora
(to fall into, or hurt) gutosekaza
(to get something in) gutosekara
(to make another close his) kwūnamika
(top open) gukanura
(to open ~ of another) guhumūra
(to remove foreign body from ~) gutosōra
(to wash in one's ~) kwīhumūra
(foreign body in) igitotsi
(matter in) ibikaragāshi
('sand', esp. a certain type of conjunctivitis) uburire
('sand' on awakening) ibirashi
(tiny insect in) akanyarira jisho
En-En dictionary 
face    amaso, mu maso
(in his face) mu maso hiwe
(to be facing each other) guhangana
(to make a ~ over something that tastes bad) kunyinyirwa
(to put one's ~ in one's hands in deep thought) kwitangira itama
(~ to ~) ubwāmāso, imbonankubone
(showing disapproval on one's ~) ibitsingotsingo
En-En dictionary 
fail    gucumukura
(another) guhemukira
(to accomplish what one started) kugaburura
(to do what one intended) kudehūra
(to find) kubura, guhusha
(to give what one promised) kugaramāngira
(to keep one's word) guhemuka, kwīrahuruza, gutēzūra
(to return) kugīrīra
(in on'e task) gusibanganya
(to be unable to do what one attempts) gutāna
En-En dictionary 
failure    (result of ~ to keep promise) urudubi
(to bring ~) gutāna
En-En dictionary 
fall    kugwa, gutēmba
(accidentally on spear and be injured) gushōka
(and hurt oneself) kunywāguka
(and skin oneself) gukungagurika
(before) kwikubita imbere
(down) kwikubita hasi, kwītēmbagaza
(down, as branches blown down) gukoragurika
(down, as house) guhenuka, guhomyoka, gusambūka, gusēnyuka, gusituka
(down continually or in abundance) gukoragurika
(down together, usually in fright) guhindikirana
(down from above) kweguka, gukoroka, gushunguruka, gutibuka
(from high above) guhanantuka
(from stalk) guhūnguka
(heavily, rain) kuzibiranya
(in cascade) gushunguruka, gusūma
(in, cause to) gusitura
(in love) kubēnguka
(into water or food) kudibuka
(not fall, rain) gutara
(to the ground) guhūndagara
(with) gukorokana
(with a din) guhongoroka
(to cause to fall) kugwisha, gukungagura, gutēmvya
(to cause to fall down) guhenura, gusēnyura, gukorora
(let fall drop by drop) gutōnyāngiriza
En-En dictionary 
favorite    (person) umutoni
(~ child) umuhērerezi
(~ servant or friend) umwīshikira
(to be) gutona
En-En dictionary 
feast    amazimāno, inzimāno
(to give a ~ to) kuzimāna
(one who is in charge of food at) umuteretsi
En-En dictionary 
feather    iryōya
(to ~ an arrow) gutanaga
En-En dictionary 
filter    (to ~ water) kumimina, kuyōra amazi
En-En dictionary 
finish    (vt) guheza, kwāhukānya, kumara, kurangiza, gusōzēra, gutōza, gushirīsha
(vi) guhera, kwāhukāna, kurangira, gushira
(completely, vi) kwīramvura, gukōmvōmvoka
(vt) gukōmvōmvora, kumarīra, kumaramara, kunōnōsora, guherengeteza, guheraheza
(each other off) kumarana
(food) gukōmba
(weaving an article) gusōza
En-En dictionary 
fire    umuriro
(bit of) umucānwa
(built for cows) icōtero
(made in enclosure for animals) igicāniro
(to blow the) kwātsa
(to destroy by) kuyigiza
(to extinguish) kuzimya
(to go out) kuzima
(to keep ~ going) gucānira
(to light) kudomeka
(to make, start, build) gucāna, gukongereza
(to put out) kuzimya
(to put wood on ~) gukomānya
(to set ~ to) guturira
(to fire from job, dismiss, throw out of house) kwirukana
(altar fire) igicāniro
En-En dictionary 
flash    (to ~, as lightning) kurabagirana, kurabiriza, kuravya
En-En dictionary 
follow    kugendanira, guherekeza, gukurikira, gukwirikira
(after) kunyurana
(closely) kwōma
(a fad) guharara
(old customs) kuzīrōra
(one after the other) gukurikirana
En-En dictionary 
food    indya, ibifungurwa, imfungurwa
(food that needs to be cooked) igitekwa
(baby ~) umusururu
(big portion of) irobe
(and drink of rich man, ruler) igiturire
(for a journey) impāmba
(without salt) ibise
(one in charge of ~ at a feast) umuteretsi
(place where ~ is plentiful) amasumo, ubusumo
(to be burned slightly) kuyēnga
(to become too dry in cooking) kuyēnga
(to burn, vi) kuzigira
(to dish up) kwārura
(to eat, to serve) gufungura
(to get ~ for oneself) gutāra
(to go to find ~) gusuma
(to go together to produce ~ for guests) gutērēra
(to quickly make ~ for one) kuzina
(to serve) gufungura
(to try to find ~ for unexpected guests) kwīyambagura
En-En dictionary 
foolishly    (to act) kwīfūtanya, gusaragurika
(to act ~ in fun) kudāyāngwa, gupfyina
(to speak ~) kudebagura, gusaragurika
En-En dictionary 
forbid    (to) kwāmira, kwīhaniza, kuziza, kuvuna, kubuza
En-En dictionary 
force    (to) kugōbēra, guhadikiriza, kuzingirikira
(someone to do something against his will) guhāta
(to obey) kugandūra
(to lose original ~) gutītūra
En-En dictionary 
forget    kwibagira, kuzīndwa
(to cause to) kwibagiza, kuzīnda
(for a moment) guhūndukwa
(how to do something once known) guhuna
En-En dictionary 
fortunate    (person) umuhīrwe
(to be) gucuna, guhīrwa, kuroranirwa
En-En dictionary 
fragrant    (to be) gutāmirana
(oil) isenga
En-En dictionary 
friend    umugēnzi
(close ~) umukūnzi
(intimate ~, the one you share your last hidden food with) somambike
(most intimate ~, ”you die - I die”) pfampfe
(to visit a ~) kubūngirana
En-En dictionary 
fright    (to fall down together in) guhindikirana
En-En dictionary 
frighten    kudigiriza, gukānga, gutīnyīsha, gutēra ubwōba, kuvyigiriza
(away with shouting) kwāmira
(unintentionally) gukangīra
(to make a loud frightening noise) guturagara
En-En dictionary 
front    (in ~ of) imbere
(to be directly in) guhangana, gutūmbēra
En-En dictionary 
game    (play) igikino, urukino, umukino
(game field) urukino
(traditional board ~) igisoro, urubugu
En-En dictionary 
garment    umwāmbaro, impūzu
(for work) icāmbazo
(long) umwitēro
(long, trails on ground) imvune
(of barkcloth, nicely sewn) indemano
(outer) ipfūndo, umutamana
(that is too big) igisāga
(that isn't very long) igikwēmu
(with sleeves or armholes) umwīnjiro
En-En dictionary 
get    kuronka, guhabwa
(angry, suddenly when one has been talking nicely) kugangabuka
(big, skin in water) kubōmbōka
(close together) kwegerana
(dark, late) kwīra
(dirty) kwāndura
(food for oneself) gutāra
(~ out of the car) kuva mu modoka, gusohoka mu modoka
(~ out of my way!) have! vaho!
(~ out of there) have, vaho
(left behind as you stare at something) kurēngāra
(something in eye) gutosekara
(thin) kugeruka
(thin, very) kugōgōra
(up) guhaguruka, kuvyūka
(up, quickly) kubaduka
(up, to help another ~) kuvyūra
En-En dictionary 
girl    umukōbwa, umwīgeme
(~ reaching age of puberty) umuzēzwa
(teenage ~) inkumi
(beautiful ~) nyiramwiza
En-En dictionary 
give    guha, guhēsha, gutānga
(back) gusubīza
(back cow, calf to one from whom one received a cow) kwōkōra
(birth) kuvyāra
(birth, cow about to ~) kudigiriza
(cow a second time to one who has brought many gifts) guhetera inkoni
(example) kugereraniriza, guha akarorero
(gift to bride so she will talk) guhorōra
(give me...) mpa
(good measure) kunengesēreza
(in to) kurōnsa
(information) kurangīra
(life to) kubēshaho
(more) kwongera, kwongeza
(oneself to) kwīhāmbīra
(oneself to service of Kiranga) kubāndwa, kuvōvōta
(over a possession) kwegura
(penuriously) kuzirukanya
(pledge or security) kugwatiriza
(present) kugabira
(refuse to) kwīma
(refuse to ~ another his own) kugūnga, kwīmana
(sacrifice) gushikana
(someone a hand) gusahiriza
(someone a heavy load) kuremēka
(to) guha, guhēra, guhēreza, kurōnsa, gushikiriza
(to each other) guhāna
(to each other often) guhānana
(to one whose house has burned) gusuhūza
(talk) kugamba
(up everything) kwīgura
(warm welcome, one does not say it of himself) gukēra
En-En dictionary 
glisten    gukayāngana
En-En dictionary 
go    kugenda, kwigira, kuja
(after) kugīra
(ahead a little) kwūnguruza
(all through a house) kuvōgera
(around) kuzunguruka, gukīkira, gukīkuza, kuzīngūka
(around difficulty) kuzunguruka umutego, gukikuza umutego
(around 'Robinhood's barn') gukingitiranya
(aside with someone to talk privately) kwīkebukana
(astray) kuzimira
(away secretly) kwīdohōra
(back and forth) kunyura
(back on what he said, make one) kurahuruza
(backward) kwītūtānya, kugēnda umugōngo
(backward inadvertently) gufūtānya
(beyond) kurēnga
(by car) kugēnda n'umuduga
(by boat) kugēnda n'ubwato
(by land rather than cross river or lake) guca i musozi
(carefully not knowing path) kwātīra
(elsewhere) kugerēra
(everywhere) gukwiragirana, guhetūra
(far away) kwāmbuka, guhaba
(for food) gusuma
(forward) gutēra imbere
(forward little by little) kwūngururuza, kwūnguruza
(forward steadily) kuramiriza
(for a walk) kugēndagēnda
(from one thing to another) kurārāta
(from place to place) kunyuragiza, kuyugayuga
(gaily) kudayadaya
(here and there, child) kurērēta
(home) gutāha, kuganūka
(home from work) kugodoka
(home, of wife when angry) kugēnda buje
(into danger without regard to oneself) kwīroha
(let's go!) hoji, hogi, tugende
(naked) gufurama, kugēnda amēnya, kugēnda gusa
(on tiptoe) kuyōmbōka
(out, fire, light) kuzima
(out to a certain place) gusokoroka
(outside) gusohoka
(to prepare to go) kwīkora
(quietly) kuyōmbōka
(rapidly) gukinagira
(reluctantly) kwīyumānganya
(right in path, animal) gutōta
(round) gukikuza
(secretly because of fear) kwōmba
(seperate ways) gutāna
(slowly) kugoyagoya
(slowly, of convalescent) kwāndāra
(softly) kuyōmbōka
(steadily forward) kuramiriza
(stealthily) kunyobanyoba, kwiyombayomba, kuyombayomba
(straight forward) gutūmbereza
(through a narrow pass) kunyegētera
(to bed) kuryāma
(to chief or superior for something) kwītwāra, gushengera, gushengerera
(to find food) gusuma
(to help another in his work) gusāsīra
(to meal uninvited) kwigemagema
(to meet) gusanganira, gutegēra
(together to produce food for guests) gutērēra
(together to see, crowd) gukōndōrera
(toward) kurora, kwerekera, kwerekeza
(uncertain of the way) guhushagirika
(uncertainly) kudāguza
(up, as hill) kudūga
(up in smoke) gupfūnduka
(walking, esp. at night) kwīkanya
(to wedding) gutāha ubukwe
(well, to cause to ~) kugēnza
(with) kwāmbukana, kujāna
En-En dictionary 
God    Imāna, Mungu (Sw.)
(who is all seeing) Indāvyi
(the Creator) Rurema
(the Lord, Eternal One) ūhoraho
En-En dictionary 
godliness    ubumāna
En-En dictionary 
goodbye    n'agasaga, n'akagaruka, n'agahindukira, n'agahumuza, n'agahwane, n'akababa, n'akaza, n'akabandanya, n'akazoza, buroca, turabonanye, ku Mana, ndakwinyungushuye
(to superior) ndakwikebanuye, ndikebanuye, ndigaranzuye
(to bid) gusēzera
En-En dictionary 
govern    (to) kugānza, kurōngōra
(a country) gutwāra
(in name of) gutwārira
En-En dictionary 
grind    gusya, gukwema, kunoza, kumenagura, gusyokora
(in wooden mortar) gusekura
(poorly, coarsely) guhera
(quickly) gukwemagura
(to crush grain before grinding) kuvūngurīsha
En-En dictionary 
grow    gukura, kwāruka, gukaka
(after cutting) kunaga
(larger, esp. moon) gutūbūka
(let hair ~ long) gutongoza
(old) gutāma
(rapidly in spurts) kuvugumuka
(smaller, sometimes used of moon) gutūba
(to cause to grow) gukuza
(to not ~, plant) kunyigīra
(to not ~, because of too many seeds) kuzīnga
(very fast, child) kugurugūmba
(well) kubaduka
(child that doesn't ~ properly) imfunnya
En-En dictionary 
habits    imico
(to have a bad habit, having been good) gufūtāna
En-En dictionary 
haemorrhage    ukuvirirana
En-En dictionary 
half-mast    (at ~) bwa kinanda
En-En dictionary 
happy    (to be) kunēzērwa, guhīmbāra, guhīrwa, gushanyuka, guhīmbārwa, gushwāshwānuka
(very) kudayadaya, kugāyagāya, kwigina
(to make) kunēzēra, kunēzereza, kugāzagāza
En-En dictionary 
hard    (to be) kuguma, guhāmbāra, gukara, gukomera, kudadarara, gukomāntara
(to be, earth) gutūta
(to be difficult) kugōra, gukomera
(to have a ~ life) kunamba
(to make ~ for one who has lost a loved one by reproaching the dead) kwītāmba ku muvyimba
(to make ~, hearted) gukomāntaza
(to take out of ~ places) kugobōtora
En-En dictionary 
harm    (because of revenge) kuziza
(in order to avenge) guhōra
(to desire to ~ another without reason) gukānkamwa
(to prevent one from harming another) kuzina
En-En dictionary 
harp    inga
En-En dictionary 
hate    kwānka, kugaya, gukēngēra, gutītūra, guhama
(cause people to hate that which they had liked) gutītūra
(everything) kunebagura
(one's master) kugāmbāna
En-En dictionary 
have    –fise, kugira, gutūnga
(absolutely all one wants, and to be a bit showy about it) kunyananyaya
(abundance) kudibama, guhīmba
(always) guhorana
(bad habits, having had good) gufūtāna
(diarrhea) gucībwamwo, guhitwa, kudodomwa, kwīruka, gushuruza
(done recently) guherūka
(fellowship) gufatanya
(fellowship with) gucudika
(fever) kurwara inyonko
(for) –fitiye
(friendhsip with) gucudika
(holes from rust) kunyengetērwa
(much, may be even lots of debts or trouble) kuroranirwa
(pain) kubabara
(sex) kuryamana, kwenda, kurongorana, kurya umwana
(sloping sides, like soup dish) gufukūra
(speech impediment) kugobwa
(things in common) kubūngirana
(to ~ to) kurīnda, –kwīye
En-En dictionary 
head    umutwe
(cold in) agahiri, akamango
(of grain) umuhānyu
(pad, when carrying load) ingata, urugata
(to head up, grain) kubogeka, guhaga, kuyāngika
(to head up, cabbage) gufumbata
(to bow one's) kwūnama
(to carry on) kwīremēka, kwīkorera
(to lift up) kuraramuka
(to lose one's) gucika ivutu, kuzimagirika
(to raise one's) kwūnamūka, kwūnamūra, kurāngamīza
(to remove load from) gutūra
(to shake one's ~ in anger or disgust) kuzūnguza umutwe
(to tip back) kurarama
(to tip to one side) guhengama
(to turn one's) gukebuka
En-En dictionary 
hear    kwūmva
(to be unable to ~ well) kwūmva bihurugūshwi
(well) gutobora
(well, suddenly) kuzibuka
En-En dictionary 
heard    (to be ~ plainly) kwūmvīkana
(to speak so that one is heard but not understood, because of distance) guhwirima, guhihima
En-En dictionary 
hemorrhage    kuva amaraso
(from nose) umwūna
(of woman) ubutīnyānka
En-En dictionary 
hesitate    guhigima, guhīngītana, kwīyubāra, guhigimānga, gukēkeranya, kujuragirika
(between two actions) gutēgekanya
En-En dictionary 
hill    umusozi, umudūgo, umutumba
(brow of) igikombe
(of earth, to plant in) iburi
(slope of) inkūka, akamanuko, umurwa
(top of) impīnga
(little hills) ubutumba
(very big ~) igisozi
(white ant hill) umugina
En-En dictionary 
hinder    kubuza, gutangīra, guteba, gutēsha
(from harming another) kuzina
(from hearing) kubugiriza
(to try to ~ from doing wrong) guhōyahōya
En-En dictionary 
holding    (hands to form circle or line) gufatana urunana
En-En dictionary 
homosexual    (person) umutinganyi, umukonotsi, umuswezi, umubidadi, umugeyi
(to be gay) kunōnōka
(to have ~ intercourse) kwitomba, guswerana, kuryana akameka
(to act as ~, commit ~ acts) gutingana
(to have ~ intercourse, rude) guswerana nk'imbwa
(effeminate traditional priest) ikihindu, ikimaze
En-En dictionary 
honored person   umuninahazwa, umutūngwa, umwūbahwa, nyakubahwa
(in adressing him), umupfāsoni
En-En dictionary 
hundred    ijana
En-En dictionary 
hunger    inzara
(extreme) isari
(for certain food, appetite) imbu
(to faint from) kugwīra isari
En-En dictionary 
hyena    imfyisi
En-En dictionary 
I    jēwe, je
(concerning me, I in contrast) jeho
(and I) nje
En-En dictionary 
idol    ikigirwamāna, igisengwa, igishushānyo
En-En dictionary 
if    asangwa, iyo, namba, ni, iyaba
En-En dictionary 
ignition    ugucana, ukudomeka, ugufatisha
En-En dictionary 
ill    (to be) kurwāra, kuyōka
(often) kurwāragurika, kubūnga
(to become ~ one after another) guhindikirana
(to lie around ~ long time) kuvūnda
(see also under 'sick')
En-En dictionary 
imitate    (to ~) kwīgāna
(one to be imitated) iremezo
En-En dictionary 
importunity    (to ask over and over again) kubaririkiza
(to ask persistently, though refused) gucuna
En-En dictionary 
insect    igikōko, agakōko
(many small) ubukōko
(ant, flying, edible) iswa
(ant, pincher) intozi, urutozi
(ant, soldier) uburima
(ant, sugar) ikinywabūki
(ant, tiny) ubunyegeri
(ant, white) umuswa
(ant hill, white) umugina
(bedbug) igiheri, igihere
(bee) uruyūki
(bee, carpenter) imvūndēri
(bug) agasīmba
(bumblebee) impingwe
(butterfly) ikinyungunyungu, ikinyugunyugu
(centipede, small) inyōngōri
(chigoe flea) imvūnja, ivūnja
(cicada) ijeri
(cockroach) inyēnzi
(fly, big, tsetse) ikibugu
(fly, house) isāzi
(flea) imbaragasa
(gnat) agatūku, ubutūku
(grasshopper) uruhige, agahōri, igihōri
(jigger) imvūnja, ivūnja
(locust) uruyige
(louse) inda
(mosquito) umubu
(moth) ikinyungunyungu
(tick) inyōndwi, inyōndwe
(tick that causes recurrent fever) igitangu
(tiny ~ in eye) akanyarira jisho
(wasp) ivūbi
(to sting or bite) gusurira
En-En dictionary 
instrument    igikoresho
(musical, zither or harp) inga
(monochord instrument) umuduri, indonongo
(musical, lamellophone) ikembe
(musical, with string) agahugūgu
(large bow-like instrument) idono, indono
(sharp) inkazi
(to play) kuvuza, gucurarānga
En-En dictionary 
intelligence    ubuhanga, ubwēnge, ubuhīnga
(to have natural ~) kuvūmbura
(e.g. yavūmbuye ubwēnge)
En-En dictionary 
intentionally    ibigirānkana
En-En dictionary 
interlace    (vi) gusobana
(vt) gusobanya
En-En dictionary 
intermingle    gusobana
En-En dictionary 
irrigation    (canal) umugazo
En-En dictionary 
joke    gufyina, kujajura, guswāganya, kujāndajānda, gufyinata
(with lots of words) kurimbūra
En-En dictionary 
judge    umucamānza, umucamatēka
(with final decision) kamaramagāmbo
En-En dictionary 
jump    (to) gusīmba, gusimbagurika
(about) gukinagira
(from above) gushunguruka
(in one's sleep) guhahamuka, kurandamuka
(in surpise) guhahabuka
(in surprise or when awakened) kuzanzamuka, gukanguka
(up and run quickly) kwūbuka
(when stung or bitten) gushikurwa
(with fear, heart) guhahama
En-En dictionary 
keep    kugumya
(a fire going) gucānira
(for the night) kurāza
(law) kwītōndera
(things for oneself) kwīgūnga
(too long) gutebana
(not ~ one's wordto do that which one has declared he would not do) kwīrahuruza
En-En dictionary 
kiss    gusōma
(repeatedly, passionately) gusōmagura
(each other) gusōmana
En-En dictionary 
knife    imbugita, icūma
(for cutting banana leaves) urugombōzo
(long) inkōta
(long, broad) umupānga
(long-handled, curved) umuhoro
En-En dictionary 
knock    gukomānga
(down each other) kugundana
(down in fight) gutūra hāsi
(down, strike against to ~ down, dead tree) gusita
(from place to place) kujuragiza
(over) gutembagaza
En-En dictionary 
know    kumenya, -zi, kuzirikana
(another's thoughts completely) kuvōgera
(facts of a case) guhinyura
(for certain) kujījūka
(to not ~) kuyobera, kuyoberwa
(to not ~ what to do) mwījījānya, kurīgānirwa
(to try to ~ something) kugenzūra
(one who knows more than is expected of him) akagūgu
En-En dictionary 
known    (to be) guhinyuka
(to be well ~) kumenyēkana, kurangiranwa
(to become) kwāmāmara, guhishūka
(to be made) kwāndagara, kwāndagaza
(to make) kwērura, gukwīza, kumenyēsha
(to make) gukwīragiza, kurānga, guserura, kwāngaza, kwātura, guhishūra, kwāmāmaza
(well ~ person or thing) ururangiranwe, ikirangiranwe
En-En dictionary 
kraal    urugo
(entrance to king's) ikirīmba
(head of) naka
(owner of) umutūngwa, nyene
(with many houses of members of one family) ikigwati
(within the kraal) intangāro
En-En dictionary 
lack    (of foresight) igihababu
(to ~) kubura, kugōmba, guhaza, guteba, gukērērwa
(opportunity to say what you intended) kujanirana, kujaniranwa
(respect) kwūbahuka
En-En dictionary 
late    (to be) gucerērwa, guteba, gukerērwa, gutinda
(slightly) gutebagana
(of rains) gutara
(to become, in day) kwīra
(to cause to be) gutevya, gusīvya
En-En dictionary 
leaf    ibabi, ikibabi
(banana, dry) ihuba, igihūnda
(banana, green) umutōto
(central part of banana ~) ikigongogongo
(bean) umukubi
(pumpkin) umusoma
(used for perfume) imbazi
En-En dictionary 
lean    (against, vt) kwegamika, kwegeka
(against, vi) kwegamira
(forward, preparing to run) gutuna
(on, esp. in getting up) kwīshimikiza, gushimikira
(over) guhengama
En-En dictionary 
leave    (to) guheba, kujījūka, kureka, gusiga, kugēnda, kuvaho, gutāha
(at, for) kurekera, gusigira
(abruptly) kwōnjorora
(behind) gusiga
(country) kwāmbuka, guhaba
(country because of famine) gusuhūka
(grass and stuff growing in kraal) gutongoza
(group and go by oneself) kujōnjōra
(inheritance) kuraga
(intention or place) gucungūra
(open) kurāngāza
(out) guhaza
(over) gusigaza
(place) gushingūka
(something with someone) kubītsa
(with) gusigarana
En-En dictionary 
lend    (that for which equivalent will be returned) kugurāna
(that which will itself be returned) gutīza
(something and not get it back soon) gutongoza
(money) kugurana, gukopesha amahera
En-En dictionary 
length    umurambararo, uburēbure
(to be of equal ~ or height) kurēha
(to arrange according to ~ or height) gusūmbanya
(to make of equal ~) kurēsha
(to not be of equal ~ or height) gusūmbana
En-En dictionary 
level    inivo
(to be) gutega
(to make) gusēna, gutaba
En-En dictionary 
lighting    ugucana, ukudomeka, ugufatisha, ukubonesha
En-En dictionary 
lightning    umuravyo
(to flash) kurabagirana, kurabiriza, kuravya
(to be struck by) guhūndagara
En-En dictionary 
line    umurōngo
(of people, animals, etc.) umuhururu, umukuku
(typographical) umukwēgo, agakwego
(to ~ up, vi) gutōnda
(to ~ up, vt) gutōndēsha, gutōndekanya
(to march in a ~) gutōndekana
(to ~ up workers) kurārika
En-En dictionary 
live    kuba
(live at, to dwell) gutura
(breathe, to still live) guhēma
(to be alive) kubaho
(to cause to) kubēshaho
(long time) kurāmba
(near a public place) guhorahabona
(together) kwāmana, kubāna, kumana
(long live the king!) ganza, sabwa!
En-En dictionary 
loan    (to receive and then not pay back ~) guherana
(to refuse to pay ~) guheranira
En-En dictionary 
look    (evil) igitsūre
(all about) kuraraguza
(around on all sides) kweraguza, gukebaguza
(at) kurāba, kurereka, kurora, kwirora
(at carefully) guhwēba, kwīhwēza
(at hastily) kurangaguza
(at in wonder) gusamāra
(at intently) kwīhwēza, kwītegereza
(to let look for) gushakisha
(look at me!) kundāba
(at one thing after another, many things) kurābarāba
(at oneself) kwīrāba
(at repeatedly) gukanaguza
(at without paying attention) gusamāra
(at with disapproval) kurāba igitsūre
(behind) gukebuka
(carefully to see if anyone is there) gukengūza
(down, to make another) kwūnamika, kwūnamīsha
(for) kurereka, kurondera
(esp. to feel around) gukabakaba
(for a fault in one another) kugenzanya
(from side to side trying to see everything) kurunguruka
(in the face, to be unwilling to) kwīyobagiza
(like) gushusha
(over, in prospect of buying) kugaragura
(straight up) kurarama
(through) gusesa
(towards) kwerekera, gutūmbēra
(up) gukanura, kurangamiza, kurangamira, kuraramura
En-En dictionary 
loop    (of rope, lasso) impururu
(of snake, river) ikigonzi
En-En dictionary 
Lord    umwāmi, umukama
(the Lord, Eternal One) ūhoraho
En-En dictionary 
lose    guhōmba, guta, gutakaza
(by death) gupfīsha
(by death, one's child) gupfusha
(interest) gutenzēkanya, gutezēkanya, gutēzūra
(one another) gutāna
(one's head) gucika ivutu, kuzimagirika
(one's husband or wife by death) gupfākara
(one's zeal or enthusiasm) kudehūra
(original force) gutītūra
(to cause to) gutēsha
(to ~ elections) gutindwa amatora
(to ~ reason) gusara
(to make another ~ his case) kuzingirikira
(one who has lost everything in trial) imvumure
(weight) kugōgōra
En-En dictionary 
loss    ubuhōmbe, uruhōmbo, igihōmbo
(to bring) gutāna
En-En dictionary 
lot    (in casting lots) ihēmbe, ubupfīndo
(to cast) gupfīnda
(to draw) gupfīndana
(to have a ~, even debts or troubles) kuroranirwa
En-En dictionary 
lust    (to ~) gushākana
En-En dictionary 
made    (to be ~ narrow) kwāzwa
(to be ~ poorly) guhōmba
En-En dictionary 
make    kugira, kurema
(afraid) gutēra ubwōba
(a bed) gusāsa
(blunt) gufyīta
(bread) gucūmba
(clean) guhumānura
(clear, cause to understand) gutegereza
(crooked) kugoreka
(drunk) kuborēra
(effort) kwāndāra
(empty) kugaragaza
(equal in length or height) kurēsha
(excuses) kudendekanya, kudendekeranya, kuzāngazānga
(face over something that tastes bad) kunyinyirwa
(a fire) gucāna, gukongereza
(firm) kugumya
(fun of) kunegura
(fun of, esp. someone in trouble) kwīshinyira
(fun of, by recalling the good he has lost) gucurīra
(good) kuryōsha
(hedge) kuzitira
(hard for one who has lost a loved one, by reproaching the dead) kwītāmba ku muvyimba
(known) kwāndagaza, kwātura, kumenyēsha, kwāngāza, kwerura, kurānga, gukwīza, gukwīragiza, kwāmāmaza, guhishūra, guserura
(laugh, one that makes others laugh) akagūgu
(level) gusēna
(narrow) kwāza
(nest) kwārika
(noise, big) kwāsana, gusāma, kubomborana, kubugiriza
(oneself) kwīgīra
(others like you) kwīkūndiriza
(peace) kubangūranya
(perfect) gutūngānya, kwūzuza, kuroraniriza
(place) kubisa
(place for one another to pass) kubisīkanya
(progress) gutēra imbere, kuyoboza
(reparations) guhōnga, guhōngera
(restitution) kuriha
(sacrifice) gushikana
(sign) kugereraniriza
(smooth) gusēna
(straight) kugorōra, kurorānya
(tired) kurusha
(vow) gushīnga
(watering place) kugomera
(white) kwēza
En-En dictionary 
male    izinamuhūngu
(animal, esp. goat) impfīzi, imfīzi
En-En dictionary 
many    –inshi
(how many?) –ngāhe?
(so many) –ngāho
(to be ~) kurūndāna
(to be, esp. cows, trees) gusagāra
(to be so) kungana
En-En dictionary 
mark    (made by hoe or axe) ibāngo
(of a blow) umuramu
(to ~) kudoma
(to have marks, scratches, as pot) gusaragurika
('get on the mark') gutuna
En-En dictionary 
marriage    (wedding) ubukwe
(go-between for) umureshi
(to act as a go-between) kuresha
(to be accompanied to, as bride is) gushingīrwa
(to be attendant for) gushingīra
(to be paid for, for ~) gukōbwa
(to go to a wedding feast) gutāha ubukwe
(to take marriage vows) kuragana
En-En dictionary 
marry    (each other) kwābīrana, kuragana
(each other, rude) kurongorana
(of bride) kwābīrwa, kurongorwa
(of groom) kwābīra, kwēnda (rude), kurongora
(a widow and go to her kraal) gucūra
(to refuse, esp. girl to refuse to marry a certain man) kubēnga
(to take wife without marrying her properly) gucīkiza
(to go to husband without being married) gucīkira
En-En dictionary 
master    Bwana (Sw.), umukama, umushīngantāhe, nyene
(my, our) dātabuja
(your) shōbuja
(his, her, their) shēbuja
(of an art) umuhīnga
(to be) kugaba
En-En dictionary 
May    (month) ukwēzi kwa gatanu, Rusama
(month of heavy rains) urushāna
En-En dictionary 
me    jēwe,
(and me) nje
(like me) nkānje
En-En dictionary 
meet    guhāmvya, guhwāna, guhūra
(to go to) gusanganira, gutegēra
(together) gukorana, gutērana
(to cause to ~ together) gukoranya, gutēranya
En-En dictionary 
meeting    igikorane, igikoraniro, itēraniro, ima
(~ place) ihūriro
En-En dictionary 
mending    ukuremura, ugusana
En-En dictionary 
menu    ikarita ivyērekana
(set ~) imfungurwa zitegekanijwe ku munsi
En-En dictionary 
miss    gusība
(aim and) guhusha
(be lonesome for) gukūmbura
(each other on path) kunyuranwa
(fail to find) kubura
(pass by but not meet) guhubana
En-En dictionary 
mister    Bwana (Sw.), Bgana, umushīngantāhe
En-En dictionary 
money    (from German Heller) amahera
(from French Franc) ifarānga, amafaranga
(to change ~) kuvūnja
(to lend ~) kugurana, gukopesha amahera
En-En dictionary 
moon    ukwēzi
(name of) Nzero
(to wane) gutūba
(to wax) gutūbūka
En-En dictionary 
mother    (dearly loved) māma w'umukōndo
(my, our) māma, māwe, ma
(your) nyōko (sometimes with negative implication, rude derogative)
(his, her, their) nyina
En-En dictionary 
mother-in-law    (my) mābukwe
(your) nyokobukwe
(his, her, their) inabukwe
En-En dictionary 
mouth ulcer   ibisebe biterwa n'isuna
En-En dictionary 
musical    (instrument, esp. zither) inga
(with strings) agahugūgu
(large bow-like instrument) idono, indono
(to play) gucurarānga, kuvuza
En-En dictionary 
nail    umugera, urumāmbo, umusumari (Sw.)
(fingernail, toenail) urwāra
En-En dictionary 
naked    amēnya
(person) umwāmbure
(to go) kugēnda amēnya, kugēnda gusa, gufurama
En-En dictionary 
nakedness    ubwāmbure
En-En dictionary 
name    izina
(to name) kwīta
(to be named after) kwītiranwa
(to get names confused) kwītiranya
En-En dictionary 
nape    (of neck) igikanu, irugu
En-En dictionary 
napkin    agatambaro abakenyezi bakoresha iyo bari mu butīnyānka, akabindo
En-En dictionary 
narrate    kudōnda
En-En dictionary 
narrow    (to be) kwāga, gupfungānya
(to make) kwāza
(to go through ~ pass) kunyegētera
(~ escape) agahēngekezo
(~ place) imbōmbāne
En-En dictionary 
nation    ihānga, ubwōko, ishānga
En-En dictionary 
native    imvukira, umwenegihugu
En-En dictionary 
nature    (of person, thing) akamere, akameremere, ubumere
(spirit) imbāndwa
En-En dictionary 
nausea    igisesema, iseseme, ikirungurira
(to cause) gusesema
(to feel) kurungurirwa
En-En dictionary 
nauseated    (to be) gusesemwa
(by repulsive thing) gushishwa
En-En dictionary 
navel    umukōndo
En-En dictionary 
near    hāfi, hāfi ya (followed by 'ya' if there is an object)
(to be) kubāngikana
(to draw ~) kwegēra, kwīyegereza
En-En dictionary 
need    ubukene, ibikenewe
(to be in ~) gukena
(to ~) gukenera
(to be in, having lost one's possessions) gusurura
(to have ~ of) kwōndera
(to help one another in loaning what is needed) gutērēra
(to relieve) gukenura
(supplying of) ubukenuke
(to have one's needs supplied) gukenuka
En-En dictionary 
neighbour    umuturanyi, umubānyi
(to be) kumana
En-En dictionary 
nephew    (son of brother) umuhūngwacu, umusēngezana
(nephew or niece, child of one's sister if one is a boy) umwīshwa
En-En dictionary 
net curtain   ugushira iharire mu mpuzu ibonerana
En-En dictionary 
nice    -īza, nyawo, etc.
(to be ~ to look at) kuroreka
(~ to meet you) ni vyiza kubonana nawe
En-En dictionary 
niece    (daughter of sister, if a girl; daughter of brother, if boy) umukōbwacu, umukōbwanyu, umukōbwabo
(daughter of brother, if one is a girl) umusēngezana
(daughter of one's sister if one is a boy) umwīshwa
En-En dictionary 
no    oya
(adj.) nta, ata
(emphatic) oyāye, ishwi, eka, ekāye, wapi
(to say ~) guhakana
(euphemism for a polite No) nzokubarira (lit. I will let you know)
En-En dictionary 
noise    urwamo
(loud, frightening) umuturagaro
(esp. of battle or strife) umuvurungano
(of earthquake, or approaching storm) umugigimo
(of rain, thunder) umuhīndo
(of wind, rain, running feet, etc.) igihīnda
(to make a big) kwāsana, kubomborana, kubugiriza, gusāma
(to make a lot) kuvurungana, kuyogora
(to make a loud frightening) guturagara
En-En dictionary 
noon    isaha sita, sasita, amashōka, ku mamina ngohe
En-En dictionary 
nose    izūru, itonde
(bridge of) umwīrīri
(nosebleed) umwūna
(to get in and cause to sneeze) gusagāra
En-En dictionary 
not    nta, ata
(is not, are not) si
(not at all) na mba! īshwī!
(not a bit) n'intete
En-En dictionary 
nothing    (a ~) imburūngu, igaragara
(adv.) ubusa
(adj.) ntanakimwe
(to say ~) kunuma
En-En dictionary 
noun    izina
(class of) umutigiri
En-En dictionary 
object    (of worship) ikigirwamāna
En-En dictionary 
obscured    (to be) kuzimangana
En-En dictionary 
offer    (to) gutānga, kubangira, gushikana
(gift) guterēka, gutūra
(presents) guhōnga
(sacrifice) gushikana
(to spirits) guterekēra
(but take back) guhema
(place to offer to the spirits) igitabo
En-En dictionary 
one    -mwe, rimwe
(one solitary thing) urudēnde
(one banana, head of grain, etc.) umuhānyu
(to come ~ by ~) gutororokanya
(~ by ~) isorōsoro
En-En dictionary 
opportunity    umwānya, uburyo
(to lack ~ to say what you intended) kujanirana, kujaniranwa
En-En dictionary 
opposite    (to be) kunyurana
(to make) kunyuranya
En-En dictionary 
outer    (garment) umutamana
En-En dictionary 
overcome    kunēsha, gutsīnda, kunaniza
(to be ~ by something difficult) kunanirwa
(to ~ an enchantment) kurogōra
(seek assistance to) kugomorera
(to help another ~ enemy) gukōndōrera
En-En dictionary 
owl    igihuna
En-En dictionary 
owner    (of) nyene
(of kraal) umutūngwa, naka
(to be sole) kwegukira
En-En dictionary 
pair    (to ~) guhūza
(to be a ~) kumana
En-En dictionary 
parallel    (to be) kubānga, kubāngikana
(to make) kubāngikanya
En-En dictionary 
pass    guhita
(allow to) kubisa
(allow another to) kubisiriza
(between) kunyura
(by) guhita, gukīkira
(by, but not meet) guhubana
(gas) gusurira
(out gifts) kugaba
(out of sight) kurēngāna
(over, by, aside) kurēngāna, kurēngānya
(the night) kurāra
(through) guca
(to bring to ~) gucimbataza
(to go through a narrow ~) kunyegētera
(to bring in passing) guhitana
En-En dictionary 
patient    (to be) kwīhāngāna
En-En dictionary 
pediatry    ubuvuzi bw'indwara z'abana
En-En dictionary 
penetrate    (into) kunyegera
(skin, esp. under fingernail) gusesēra, gusesereza
En-En dictionary 
perfect    guheraheza, guhīngūra
(to be) kuba agahore, guhebūza, kunengesēra, gutūngāna, kwūzura
(to make) kuroraniriza, gutūngānya, kwūzuza
En-En dictionary 
perish    (to) guhenebēra, guhona, kuranduka, gutikira, gutōngōka, kuyogera, kudēndūka, guhera
En-En dictionary 
persecute    kudendereza, guhama
(each other) guhamana
En-En dictionary 
persist    gucunaguza, kwigumira, gukovya, kunogēra, kuramiriza, gushimika, gushīshikara
(in asking questions) kuzigiriza
(in old custom) kuzīrōra
(more strongly than before) gukobeza
(patiently) gukenyera, gukenyerera
En-En dictionary 
persistently    (to as, although refused) gucuna
En-En dictionary 
pierce    (to) gucumita, gutobora, kuzibūra
(in order to kill) gusogōta
(through) gutobekeranya
(as with a nail) guhānda
En-En dictionary 
pineapple    inanasi
En-En dictionary 
place    ikibānza, ahantu
(around trees where nothing else grows) impehemyi
(damp) ikinyōta
(for spreading out grain) imbuga
(meeting ~) ihūriro
(of another) igishīngo, icīto
(prepared to put anything) igitereko
(smelting) urugānda
(to offer to the gods) igitabo
(to receive money or other things) iyakīriro
(to sit) umusēzero
(uninhabited) agahīnga
(very narrow, tight) imbōmbāne
(where food is plentiful) ubusumo
(where water has flooded) isēsero
En-En dictionary 
play    (to) gukina, gufyina, gufyinata
(musical instrument) kuvuza, gucurarānga
(musical instrument vigorously) kwōmānza
En-En dictionary 
plead    (a cause) kubūrana
(earnestly for something) kubobōta
(with) kugōbēra
En-En dictionary 
poison    ubumara, uburozi, ishano
(of snake or other animal, in mouth) ubusagwe
En-En dictionary 
polish    (to) gukurūngira, gukuyēngeza, gusēna
En-En dictionary 
ponder    (think over whether a thing is right) kurimbūra, gutegēra, kuzirikana
En-En dictionary 
poor    (man) nyarucari
(person) umufafara, umufafare, umwōro
(elders and rulers, esp. in regard to their function of helping the poor) barutungaboro
(to be) gukena
(to become ~ after wealth) gucobogora
En-En dictionary 
pot    (clay cooking) inkono, inaga, impānge
(for water) umubīndi, umuhānge, umukātwa, ikibīndi
(coffee ~) ibirika y'ikawa
(small for butter) urwāvya, ikebano
(very large) intāngo
(with long narrow neck) agakarabo
(cooking pot) isafuriya, isafuria
En-En dictionary 
prepare    (to ~) gutegūra, guteganya, kuroraniriza
(food quickly for one) kuzina
(ground for sorghum) guhānda
(oneself to strike) kubangura
(a place for building) gutaba
(place for newborn baby) kubīkīra
(things for a trip) gutēkera
(to fight) gukenyera
(to go) kwīkora
(one who prepares for another) integūza
En-En dictionary 
press    kubānda, kubāndana
(down) gutsindagira
(in order to smooth) gupfunyūra
En-En dictionary 
prevent    kubuza, gutururuza
(from speaking) guhwāmika
(one from harming another) kuzina
En-En dictionary 
priest    umuhērezi
(traditional gender-crossing ~) ikihindu, ikimaze
(catholic priest) umusaseredoti, umupadiri
En-En dictionary 
profit    amamaro, inyungu, imāri
(not financial) ikimazi
(to ~) guhōmbōka, kumarira
(to make) kwūnguka, kwūngura
(to make no ~) guhōmba
En-En dictionary 
promise    indagano, umuhāngo, iragi, isezerano
(to ~) kuraganira, gusezerana, kuragana
(to fail to keep) gutēzūra
(to fail to give what one has promised) kugaramāngira
(to ~ and then pretend you haven't) kwiyobagiza
(result of failure to keep ~) urudubi
En-En dictionary 
proud    (to be) kwīkakīsha, kwīmānya, kwīshīma, kwībona
En-En dictionary 
prove    kwāgiriza, kwerekana, guhinyuza, kujījūra
(that a drink is not poisoned) kurogoza
(to one that he's wrong) kujīnjibura
(a prove) icemezo
En-En dictionary 
prune    (to ~) guhānyura, gukona, gutūtūra
En-En dictionary 
pucker    gutuna
En-En dictionary 
punish    guhana
(by death on the spot) kwīciraho
(repeatedly) guhanahana
En-En dictionary 
pup    ikibwāna, imbūnda, ikibūnda
En-En dictionary 
puppy    ikibwāna, imbūnda, ikibūnda
En-En dictionary 
purpose    urwēgo, umugambi, igituma
(on ~) ibigirānkana
(to do it on ~) kubigira ku mpaka
(or, ibigirankana)
En-En dictionary 
purr    kugōna, guhara
En-En dictionary 
pursue    (go after) kugīra, guhamana
(one another) kugenzanya
En-En dictionary 
push    gusunika
(another down) gukungagura
(each other) kugundana, gusunurana
(forward) gusekura
(a person down where he belongs) gutururuza
(out, e.g. wind bulging cloth) kubāndūra
(violently) gusunura
(to help to) gusunuza
En-En dictionary 
put    gushira
(away) kubīka, gushingūra
(away the harvest) kwīmbura
(away beans for a year) guhitiza
(away for a year, to be ~) guhitira
(away, for several years) guhitikirana, guhitirana
(away, to take to) kwāndūra
(back) gusubīza
(bees in new hive) kwātira
(down) guhwāmika
(down roughly) gusekura
(forth new leaves) kurēmba
(hand to face in gesture of surprise) kujorerwa
(handle on) gukwikira
(higher) gukiriza
(in certain place) kugabānyānya
(in order) kurorānya
(into water) kurobeza
(near fire to dry) gutara
(on clothes) kwāmbara, kwīyambika
(on nice smelling stuff) kwōsa
(off doing what one should) kwīrengagiza
(oneself above where he belongs) kwītāra
(out fire, light) kuzimya
(out great branches) gusagarara
(out in sun) kwānikira
(outside) gusohora
(right) gutūngānya
(skin of dead calf before cow to make her give milk) kwōrokēra
(something cool on burn) gupfuvya
(somewhere) gushiraho
(things together) kurementanya, gusorōranya
(to bed) kuryāmika
(together) kwegeraniriza, guhūza, gutororokanya, kwegeranya
(to one side) guherereza
(to sleep) gusinziriza
(to work) kwāhura
(up, e.g. arms) gutarika
(up bee hive) kwegeka
(wood on fire) gukomānya
(yeast in beer) kubetera
En-En dictionary 
quarrel    intonganya, imitongano, amahāne
(to ~) gutongana, gutonganya, kurandagurana, guhārīra, guhāzāna
(to be always looking for) kwītōraguza
(to start a) kwāndurutsa
(to stop ~ and make them like each other) kwūnga
En-En dictionary 
rag    igihanaguzo, igitāmbara co guhanagura
En-En dictionary 
rain    imvura
(light, fine) urunyanyāga
(main rain season) itumba
(season of early rains) agatāsi
(very heavy) isegenya
(very heavy, sweeps away crops on hillside) inkukūra
(wind and rain, storm) inkūbi
(path of water in heavy rain) umuvo
(to ~) kugwa
(with imvura, i.e. imvura iragwa)
(to begin to ~ after dry season) gutāsura
(to cause to, sorcerer) kuvuba
(early in morning or for a long time) kuvōvōta
(heavily) guhonoka
(a long time without stopping) kujobanya
(on) kuvubira
(softly) kunyanyāga
(to threaten to) gukuba
(to fall continuously) gushāna
(to fall heavily) kuzibiranya
(to go for shelter in) kwūgama
(to be soaked by downpour) kujōbeka
En-En dictionary 
raise    gusokōra
(animals) gutūnga
(arm) kurāmvura, gutarika
(arm to strike, to pull a bow) kubangurira
(clamor) kugūmūka
(eyes) kurarama
(from dead) kuzūra
(higher) kurārūra
(in sense of increase) kwongera
(head) kurāngamiza, kwūnamūka, kwūnamūra
(up) kumanika, kwūnamūka, kurāngamiza, kwūnamūra, kuraramuka, kuvyūra, kuvyūtsa
(voice) kurangurura
En-En dictionary 
reach    (to) gushika
(a certain point) kugera
(for) kurondera
(term, pregnancy) kuramukwa
(goal) gushika kw'ihangiro
(up) gutaramura
En-En dictionary 
rebuke    guhana, gukankamira
En-En dictionary 
receive    (to) kwābīra, kwākīra, kurōnka
(back security) kugwatūra
(from someone's hands) kwēnda
(in one's hands) kwābīra
(loan and then not pay back) guherana
(more) kurushiriza
(physically) gutēga
(presents) gushikirwa
(something as a gift or loan and repay reluctantly and late) guhasha
(place to receive money or other things) iyakīriro
En-En dictionary 
red    agahama, urugina
(to be) gutukura
(esp. sky) kwīrasira
(to make) gutukuza
En-En dictionary 
reddish    umugina, urugina
(to become, fruits) kubēnja
En-En dictionary 
refractory    (to be) kunana
En-En dictionary 
refuse    kwānka, kugāmbāna, guhakana, kunana
(absolutely) guta agati, kuziririza
(esp. girl to marry a certain man) kubēnga
(strongly) gukankamira
(to acknowledge one's wrong) kudadarara
(to eat) kuzira
(to eat or drink with) kunēna
(to eat what you've always eaten) guhura
(to give) kwīma
(to give to another) kwīmana
(to give another his own) kugūnga
(to go on helping someone) guhasha
(to listen, almost as crazy) gutaragurika
(to listen to authority) kugarariza
(to obey) kugaranya
(to repay loan) guheranira
En-En dictionary 
rejoice    kunēzērwa
(at arrival of someone) gukēra
(in another's troubles) gukēkeza
(in coming of another) kwigina, gusāsīrira
En-En dictionary 
relate    kudōnda
(stories of long ago) kugana
(to tell others what you've heard) kwīgānira
En-En dictionary 
relative    incuti
(to be) gupfāna
En-En dictionary 
remove    gukūra, gukūraho
(chief) gukōmbōra
(clothing) kwāmbūra
(completely) gutōngōra
(dry leaves from banana trees) gutūtūra
(enchantment) kurogōra
(everything from burning house) gusahura
(foreign body from eye, milk or water) gutosōra
(from cross) kubāmbūra
(from fire or oven) kwōkōra
(from hiding) guhishūra
(from hole in ground, what one has put there) kuzīkuruka
(grass from house) gukākura
(lid of basket) kurumūra
(load from head) gutūra
(skin from drying) kubāmbūra
(sliver for oneself) kwīhāndūra
(taboo) kuzirūra
(things) kuyōra
(things from flesh as witch doctors supposedly do) guhura
(thorn or sliver) guhāndūra
En-En dictionary 
repair    guhīngūra
(car) gukanika imodoka
(house) gusanura
(something absolutely worn out, or, ~ repeatedly) gusanasana
(woven thing) gusana
En-En dictionary 
repent    kwīhana
En-En dictionary 
repulsive    (to be) gushisha
(to be nauseated by a ~ thing) gushishwa
En-En dictionary 
resist    kwānka, kurandagura, kunana
En-En dictionary 
respect    isoni, icūbahiro
(that which is respected) igitīnyiro
(to ~) gusona, gusonera, kwūbaha
(to lack) kwūbahuka
En-En dictionary 
retrace    (one's steps) gukubirana
En-En dictionary 
return    (to where speaker is) kugaruka
(other than where speaker is) gusubira
(vt) kugarukana, gusubiza
(from far away) guhabūka
(from hunting) guhīgūka
(from running away) guhīngūra
(from war) gutabāruka
(home, of wife when angry at husband) kugēnda buje
(to) gushikiriza
(to cause to) kugarura, gukubiranya, gusubiza
(to fail to) kugīrīra
(to have to ~ home because of bad news) gukuba
(to one's country after famine is over) gusuhūkuruka
(with) kugarukana
(person who goes never to return) akagīrīre
(an investment ~) umwimbu
En-En dictionary 
reveal    kwāndagara, kwātura, kwerekana, gufobōra, gufurūra, kugaragara, kugaragaza, kugoborora, guhishūra, kunyegurura, gusokorora
(oneself) kwibonekeza, kwībūra
(what is false) guhūmuriza
En-En dictionary