gusa (-sa)     v    to resemble, to be like, to be similar
gusa     adv    only, merely
-sa   adj    alone, merely, only
kugēnda gusa (-giye)   phr    to go naked
gusaba (-savye)     v    1. to pray, beg, ask for, 2. to order
gusama (-samye)     v    1. to hold from falling, 2. to catch something thrown (as ball)
gusana (-sanye)     v    to repair (any woven thing)
gusara (-saze)     v    to become crazy, foolish, to lose reason
gusasa (-shashe)     v    to stay at the king's or a chief's court for a time
inka zishashe amahembe maze of horns
gusāba (-sāvye)     v    1. to scatter, burst, disperse (vi), 2. crack, break in two (all of these because container is too full), 3. to be exhausted
gusāga (-sāze)     v    1. to be more, to be abundant, 2. to be more than
gusāma (-sāmye)     v    1. to make a big noise, 2. to resound, make an echo, 3. make a bubbling sound
gusāna (-sānye)   v    te be related
gusāza (-shaje)     v    to get old, worn out
impfāgusa     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
(no pl.) worthlessness
gusabwa (-sabwe)     v    to be prayed to, asked for something
gusanza (-shanje)     v    1. to scatter (vt), 2. spread out on something (vt)
gusāmba (-sāmvye)     v    1. to be in agony, to writhe, 2. to have spasms, 3. to declare one's case at a trial
gusānga (-sānze)     v    1. to find, 2. to watch (house)
gusānza (-sānje)     v    to take to someone where he is
gusāswa (-shashwe)     v    1. to be spread out (grass), 2. to be made (bed)
gusāvya (-sābije)     v    to break and scatter (vt)
gusabana (-sabanye)     v    to beg each other
gusabira (-sabiye)     v    to pray for
gusaduka (-sadutse)     v    to crack (vi)
gusagaba (-sagavye)     v    1. to have abundant leaves and branches, 2. to crawl along ground (of vines)
gusagaza (-sagaje)     v    1. to surround, 2. to be in large group (esp. cows, or people sitting)
gusagāra (-sagāye)     v    1. to multiply (vi), be many (esp. of cows, also of trees), 2. to get in nose and cause to sneeze (as pepper)
gusahura (-sahuye)     v    1. to steal, 2. to pillage, 3. to remove everything from burning house
gusakuza (-sakuje)     v    to gossip, talk, chatter
gusakāra (-sakāye)     v    to put on a roof
gusakāza (-sakāje)     v    to roof with
gusamāra (-samāye)     v    1. to look at in wonder, to be fascinated, 2. to look at without paying attention, to be inattentive, not pay attention
gusamāza (-samāje)     v    1. to wait or long for, 2. to expect, 3. to do something that causes pleasure or amazement, 4. to distract
gusangwa (-sanzwe)     v    1. to be watched, 2. to be found, 3. to be common
gusanura (-sanuye)     v    to repair a house
gusanzwa (-sanjwe)     v    to be scattered
gusarara (-saraye)     v    1. to sob, 2. to get hoarse
gusaraza (-saraje)     v    to make hoarse
gusarura (-saruye)     v    to put design on pot, basket
gusasira (-sasiye)     v    1. to spread grass around something (e.g. around coffee trees), 2. to make bed for
gusasāta (-sasāse)     v    to cause itching
gusasūra (-sasūye)     v    1. to gather up grass that has been spread out, 2. to unmake a bed
gusatura (-satuye)     v    to split wood, to cut lengthwise
gusatuza (-satuje)     v    to cause to split, split with
gusābira (-sābiye)     v    to scatter at, to
gusāguka (-sāgutse)     v    1. to be more, above, abundant, 2. to be too big
gusāsira (-sāsiriye)     v    to praise highly one of whom you've heard
gusāsīra (-sāsīye)     v    1. to beat drum continuously, thus setting time for others beating, 2. to go to help another in his work
gusabirwa (-sabiwe)     v    to be prayed for
gusabīsha (-sabīshije)     v    to cause to pray, pray by means of
gusakārwa (-sakāwe)     v    to be roofed
gusambūka (-sambūtse)     v    1. to fall down (house, etc.), 2. to come to pieces
gusambūra (-sambūye)     v    to tear down, destroy, demolish, undo
gusambūza (-sambūje)     v    to cause to tear down
gusangira (-sangiye)     v    1. to eat together, 2. to share, 3. to compete
gusangiza (-sangije)     v    to give to another to share
gusanzāra (-sanzāye)     v    to scatter (vi), spill (anything not liquid)
gusanzāza (-sanzāje)     v    to disperse, to scatter (vt)
gusanīsha (-sanīshije)     v    to cause to repair, repair with
gusarazwa (-sarajwe)     v    to be made hoarse
gusasātwa (-sasāswe)     v    to itch
gusaturwa (-satuwe)     v    to be split
gusāmbana (-sāmbanye)     v    to commit adultery, to fornicate
gusāzisha (-sshajishije)     v    to make old
gusabagira (-sabagiye)     v    to lap (as dog)
gusabirana (-sabiranye)     v    to pray for each other
gusabiriza (-sabirije)     v    1. to pray, 2. to beg, 3. to ask frequently
gusagarara (-sagaraye)     v    to put out great branches
gusahagura (-sahaguye)     v    to be greedy
gusahiriza (-sahirije)     v    to cooperate in getting a job done quickly, to give someone a hand
gusakārira (-sakāriye)     v    to put on roof for
gusamagira (-samagiye)   v    to memorize
gusambūrwa (-sambūwe)     v    1. to be torn down, 2. to be undone
gusanasana (-sanasanye)     v    to repair (something absolutely worn out) repeatedly
gusanganwa (-sanganywe)     v    to be found in possession of
gusangīsha (-sangīshije)     v    to cause to watch
gusanzāzwa (-sanzājwe)     v    to be scattered
gusasagara (-sasagaye)     v    to have many children when one is the last of the family
gusatagura (-sataguye)     v    to break to bits (vi)
gusaturira (-saturiye)     v    to split wood at, for
gusābagira (-sābagiye)     v    to scatter everywhere (vi)
gusābagiza (-sābagije)     v    to scatter everywhere (vt)
gusāsīrira (-sāsīriye)     v    to rejoice in the coming of another
gusama inda (-samye)   phr    to conceive
gusanganira (-sanganiye)     v    1. to go to meet, 2. to greet, 3. to welcome
gusatagurwa (-sataguwe)     v    to be broken to bits
gusangangura (-sanganguye)     v    to tear down, wipe out, destroy completely
gusanganirwa (-sanganiwe)     v    to be met
gusaragurika (-saraguritse)     v    1. to talk or act foolishly, as a crazy person, 2. to ferment quickly, 3. to reject counsel, 4. to be marked, scratched (as cooking pot with design), 5. to burst open in garden (as overripe beans)
gusatagurika (-sataguritse)     v    to break to bits (vi)
gusasa ibwami (-shashe)   phr    1. to go to work for chief or king, 2. to spread grass, 3. to make a bed
gusasa akarimi (-shashe)   phr    to flatter
gusasa amahembe (-shashe)   phr    to be many together (of cows)
inka zishashe amahembe   phr    maze of horns (see gusasa and ihēmbe)
ndabigusavye   phr    Please! (from gusaba)
no     conj    and (between infinitives or preceding mu or ku)
kurima no gusatura biraruhisha Hoeing and splitting wood is tiring
above    hejuru
(to be) guhanama
(to be in excess) gusāguka
En-En dictionary 
abundant    (to be) kugwīra, gusāga, gusāguka
(to have abundant leaves and branches) gusagaba
En-En dictionary 
act    (to ~ as go-between) kurehereza
(~ as if to beat, but not do it) kugera
(~ foolishly) kwītūtānya, gusaragurika, kudāyāngwa
(~ foolishly in fun) gupfyina
(~ homosexually) gutingana
(~ ignorantly) kwītūtānya
(~ indifferent) kwīrengagiza
(to ~ or go secretly because of fear) kwōmba
En-En dictionary 
adultery    ubusāmbanyi
(to commit) gusāmbana
(euphemistically, of man) kwīsomōra
(to be pregnant through) gutwāra inda y'ishushu, gutwāra inda y'indāro
En-En dictionary 
agony    (to be in) gusāmba
En-En dictionary 
amazement    (to do something that causes pleasure or amazement) gusamāza
En-En dictionary 
ask    (another to repeat to check his veracity) gucaca
(each other) kubazānya
(each other to explain) gusiguzānya
(each other riddles) gusōkōrānya
(for) gusaba
(for daily) kubōbōtereza
(frequently) gusabiriza
(many in order to verify) gushīshōza
(many questions) kubazagiza
(of someone that which he has promised) guhāngūra
(oneself) kwībaza, kwītsa
(over and over again) kubaririkiza
(persistently, though refused) gucuna
(question) kubaza
(a riddle) gusōkōza
(stupid questions) kudedēmvya
En-En dictionary 
attention    (to pay ~) kwītōndera
(to look at without paying ~) gusamāra
(to pay no ~) gusamāra, gutimba
En-En dictionary 
bed    igitanda, uburiri
(foot of) imirāmbizo
(under a ~) urutara
(to go to) kuryāma
(to make) gusāsa
(to put to) kuryāmika
(to unmake) gusasūra
(time to go to) amaryāma
En-En dictionary 
beg    kwīngīnga, gusaba, gusēga
(continually) gukōra, gukōza, gusabiriza
(earnestly) gukomba ibōbo
(for beer) kuvūmba
(habitually) gusegerereza
En-En dictionary 
big    -nini
(to be too) gusāguka, kudēnda
(to be, of growing things, esp. child) gushisha
En-En dictionary 
bits    utumānyagu
(of paper, cloth) ibitabu
(break into, vt) kumenagura, kumānyagura, gusatagura, kuvunagura, kuvunaguza, gucagagura
(break into, vi) kumenagurika, gusatagurika
En-En dictionary 
branch    ishami
(serving to close entrance) imyugariro, imihogero, imihangazo
(to cut off) gukōkōra
(to put forth) gushamika
(to put out great) gusagarara, gutabarara
En-En dictionary 
break    (vi) gucīka, kumeneka, kumānyuruka
(vt) guca
(and scatter, vt) gusāvya
(any slender thing, vi) kuvunika
(any slender thing, vt) kuvuna
(completely, vi) kudēndūka, gufyonyoka, kuvunagura
(in two) gusāba
(the law) kurēnga, kuyoba
(object with flat surface, vt) kumena
(off by burning, tree, etc.) gutemuka
(off a piece, bread) kubega
(out, as rash) guhurira, guturika
(rope, chain) kuvutagura
(suddenly, unexpectedly) gukenyuka
(a taboo) kurēngwa, kuzirūra, kugōka
(to bits, vi) kumenagurika, gusatagurika, kuvunagura, kumānyagura
(to bits, vt) gucagagura, kumenagura, gusatagura, kuvunaguza
(up, vi) kumānyagurika, kumānyuka
(up, vt) kujānjagura
(a break, as bone) imvune
En-En dictionary 
bubbling    (of water in spring) agaseba
(to make sound of) gusāma
En-En dictionary 
burst    (vi) gusāba, guturika
(vt) guturitsa
(into light, dawn) kwēnzūra
(open, vt) kwāturura
(open in garden, overripe) gusaragurika
En-En dictionary 
case    (container) urwūbati
(law) ibūrana
(to declare one's case at a trial) gusāmba
(to know the facts of) guhinyura
(to make another lose his) kuzingirikira
(to take ~ to chief) kubūranya
(to take ~ to chief, knowing one is right) gutara
(to win ~) gutsīnda
En-En dictionary 
catch    gufata, gucakīra
(ball, anything thrown) gusama
(a disease from another) kwāndura
(from falling) gusama
(one who starts to fall) kuramira
(swarming bees) gutururuza
(up with) guhāmvya
En-En dictionary 
chatter    gusakuza, kuyāga
En-En dictionary 
collapse    (vi) guhenuka, guhomvoka, gusambūka, gusēnyuka, gusiduka, gusituka
(vt) gusitura
En-En dictionary 
come    kūza
(all together suddenly) kurandamuka
(apart) gushānyūka, kudohōka
(to come at) (time) kuzīra
(to do something) guherūka
(to an end) guhenebēra, guhera, kunyika
(be coming to an end) guherengetera
(down) kumanuka, kumanuza, kwūruruka
(from) kwāduka, kwānduruka, gukomoka, guturuka, kuva, kuvuduka
(to greet often when one is in disfavour in hopes of gaining favour) kuneganega
(~ here) ingo, ngo, ngwino
(into sight) kurēnguka
(to light) guhinyuka, kwāndagara
(one by one) gutororokanya, gutēraterana
(out, teeth, hoe handle, etc.) guhongoka
(out, stake) gushingūka
(out of water) kwōgorora
(suddenly) guturūmbuka
(to, after fainting) guhembūka
(to pieces) gusambūka
(to the throne) kwīma ku ngoma
(together, crowd) gukungēra
(unexpectedly) kwubīra
(unsewn) gusonoroka (Sw.)
(untied) kubohōka, gupfunduka
(up of itself) kwimeza
(up out of water) kwiburuka
(up thickly, thus not do well) gusorora
(upon suddenly) kwūbuka
(when called) kurabuka
(with) kuzanana
En-En dictionary 
commit    (adultery) gusāmbana
(a crime) gucumura
(be unwilling to ~ oneself) kwīyumānganya
(oneself) kuragana
(suicide) kwīgaragura, kwīyahura, kwīyica
En-En dictionary 
common    (to be) gusangwa
(to have things in) kubūngirana
En-En dictionary 
conceive    gusama inda
En-En dictionary 
cooperate    (in getting job done quickly) gusahiriza
En-En dictionary 
counsel    ināma, ingīngo
(one who gives) umuhanūzi
(to reject) gusaragurika
(to take) guhūza ināma
En-En dictionary 
cow    inka
(brownish black) ikirāyi
(gray) uruhīza
(white) igihororo
(~ without horns) imvure
(blood of, to drink) ikiremve
(~ path) umuhōra
(to be at rest) kuvyāgira
(to be many) gusagara
(to be many together) gusasa amahembe
(to ask ~ from one to whom ~ was given) kwōkōza
(to chase flies off) kuzīnga
(to entrust ~s to another and they increase while there) gutongoza
(to get medicine to make ~ like her calf) kwōrokereza
(to lead) kuyobora, gushorera
(to lead to pasture) guturutsa
(to put skin of dead calf before ~ to make her to give milk) kwōrokēra
(to return ~ or calf to one from whom one received a ~) kwōkōra
(to take up hill) kurārūra
(to tie legs while milking) kujīsha
En-En dictionary 
crawl    kwavūra, gukāmbakāmba, kunyogōmba
(along ground, vines) gusagaba
En-En dictionary 
crazy    (person) umusazi
(to be) gusara
(to talk or act like a ~ person) gusaragurika
En-En dictionary 
creep    (along) kunyegētera
(on hands and knees) kwavūra, gukāmbakāmba, kunyogōmba
(as vine) kurānda, gusagaba
En-En dictionary 
cut    (to ~) guca, gutānya, gukata (Sw.)
(to be ~) gucībwa
(banana leaves) kugombōra
(banana stalk) gutūmbūra, guhānyura
(chop with hoe or other instrument) kujema
(crosswise) kugegena
(down trees left after fire has passed over) gutōngōra
(easily) gutemuka
(easily, grass) kwāhirika
(eyes out) kunogora
(grass) gutema, gukera, gukerera
(grass for use) kwāhira
(grass or brush in order to see path or object) guhūnja
(hair) kumwa
(in big chunks) guketagura
(in even lengths) gucacūra
(in many pieces) guhimbagura
(in pieces) gukebagura
(lengthwise) kwōmānza, gusatura
(meat, finger, etc.) gukeba
(neck of animal) gukerera
(off) gukona
(off branches) gukōkōra
(off tail of animal) gukēmūra
(off top of tree) gukēmūra
(tree) gukera, gutema, guca
(trees for building) guhimbura
(up) gukekagura
(up into small pieces) gukeka
(up small as reeds, boards) gutemagura
(trees or sticks) kugegena
(with one blow) gutemura
(with sawing motion) gukerera
(wood in short bits) kunyuramwo
(wool of sheep) gukēmūra
En-En dictionary 
declare    guhamya
(one's case at a trial) gusāmba
(strongly) kwihanukira
En-En dictionary 
defense    (to make one's ~ at a trial) gusāmba
En-En dictionary 
destroy    guhomvora, guhonnya, guhonyora, gukōmbōra, kwōnōna, gusambūra, gutikiza, kuyigiza, kumara
(completely) gukomvōmvora, gusangangura, gusiribānga
(by fire) kuyigiza
(garden, of goats etc.) kwōna
(the work of another) gusīvya
En-En dictionary 
disperse    gusāba, gusanzāza
En-En dictionary 
distract    gusamāza
En-En dictionary 
do    (to) kugira, gukora
(again) kwongera
(always) kwāma, guhora
(anyhow, in spite of) gupfa
(continually) kwāma, guhora
(the dishes) kwoza ivyombo
(even more) kurushiriza
(first) kubānza, gushūza
(forcefully) kwīhanukīra
(habitually) kumēnyera
(have too much to ~) kurēngerana
(the impossible) gufyidikīra
(~-it-yourself) ukugira utugenegene
(housework) kugora
(one's duty) gushimika
(quickly) gukwākwānya, gushōka, gusobaganya, gusūriranya, gutebūtsa
(quickly and carelessly) kuraha
(quickly without thinking) gusimbagurika
(~ not) -ōye (verb without infinitive)
(reluctantly) kwīyumānganya
(a sloppy job) kurēngagiza
(something alone) kwīgūnga
(something by oneself without authority) kwigenera
(something that causes pleasure or amazement) gusamāza
(that which you declared you would not ~) kwīrahuruza
(two things at once) kubāngikanya
(unwillingly) kugoyagoya
(unwillingly and complainingly) kunyinkira
(the washing up) kwoza ivyombo
En-En dictionary 
drum    ingoma
(sacred royal ~) karyenda
(sacred ~ ”for whom one ploughs”) murimirwa
(sacred ~ ”for whom one clears brush”) ruciteme
(sacred ~ accompanying the king) rukinzo
(sacred ~ ”dispenser of peace”) nyabuhoro
(sacred ~ ”lady of the land”) inakigabiro
(to beat ~) kuvuza
(to beat continuously, thus setting time for others beating) gusāsīra
(stick for beating ~) umurisho, umukembe
En-En dictionary 
eat    kurya, gufungura, kunogera, kunoza, kurandagura
(a lot) guhāga, guhīmba
(cause to ~ a lot) gupfunereza
(by sucking only, as candy) kuyongobeza, kuyungubiza
(garden plants, of goats) kwōna
(to refuse to) kuzira
(to refuse to ~ or drink with) kunēna
(together) gusangira
(to ~ what's left on peeling of roasted banana, etc.) gukōra
(two kinds of food together) gukoza
(with instrument) kurīsha
En-En dictionary 
echo    (to make an) gusāma
En-En dictionary 
exhausted    (to be) gucobogora, gukenyukirwa, gusāba, kurangira
(utterly worn out by hard work) gutama
En-En dictionary 
expect    (to) gusamāza, kwīzigira, kurindīra
(to get a certain thing) kuziga
(to ~ a child) gukurirwa
En-En dictionary 
expedite    (to cooperate in getting a job done quickly) gusahiriza
En-En dictionary 
fall    kugwa, gutēmba
(accidentally on spear and be injured) gushōka
(and hurt oneself) kunywāguka
(and skin oneself) gukungagurika
(before) kwikubita imbere
(down) kwikubita hasi, kwītēmbagaza
(down, as branches blown down) gukoragurika
(down, as house) guhenuka, guhomyoka, gusambūka, gusēnyuka, gusituka
(down continually or in abundance) gukoragurika
(down together, usually in fright) guhindikirana
(down from above) kweguka, gukoroka, gushunguruka, gutibuka
(from high above) guhanantuka
(from stalk) guhūnguka
(heavily, rain) kuzibiranya
(in cascade) gushunguruka, gusūma
(in, cause to) gusitura
(in love) kubēnguka
(into water or food) kudibuka
(not fall, rain) gutara
(to the ground) guhūndagara
(with) gukorokana
(with a din) guhongoroka
(to cause to fall) kugwisha, gukungagura, gutēmvya
(to cause to fall down) guhenura, gusēnyura, gukorora
(let fall drop by drop) gutōnyāngiriza
En-En dictionary 
fascinated    (to be) gusamāra
En-En dictionary 
ferment    (vt) kwāmbira
(vi) kubira, gututūmba
(quickly) gusaragurika
En-En dictionary 
find    kurōnka, gusānga
(fault with everything) kunēbagura
(new building site) kugerēra
(one's way after being lost) guhubūka, kuzimuruka
(to be able to be found when looked for) kurondereka
(to fail to ~) kubura, guhusha
(something you ~) ikinobano
En-En dictionary 
flatter    (to) gusasa akarimi
En-En dictionary 
foliage    (to have abundant leaves and branches) gusagaba
En-En dictionary 
foolish    (to be) kujūjūta, gusara
(person) injurajuzi, igipfu
En-En dictionary 
foolishly    (to act) kwīfūtanya, gusaragurika
(to act ~ in fun) kudāyāngwa, gupfyina
(to speak ~) kudebagura, gusaragurika
En-En dictionary 
gather    kumyōra
(building materials) guhumbira
(firewood) gusēnya
(food from garden) gusoroma, kwāha
(fruit) kwāmūra
(in loose garment at waist and tie) gukenyera
(little sticks) gutōrōra
(manure for garden) kuvūmbura
(up) kwāndura, gusorōranya, gutororokanya
(pollen and nectar) kudaha
(up grass that has been spread out) gusasūra
En-En dictionary 
give    guha, guhēsha, gutānga
(back) gusubīza
(back cow, calf to one from whom one received a cow) kwōkōra
(birth) kuvyāra
(birth, cow about to ~) kudigiriza
(cow a second time to one who has brought many gifts) guhetera inkoni
(example) kugereraniriza, guha akarorero
(gift to bride so she will talk) guhorōra
(give me...) mpa
(good measure) kunengesēreza
(in to) kurōnsa
(information) kurangīra
(life to) kubēshaho
(more) kwongera, kwongeza
(oneself to) kwīhāmbīra
(oneself to service of Kiranga) kubāndwa, kuvōvōta
(over a possession) kwegura
(penuriously) kuzirukanya
(pledge or security) kugwatiriza
(present) kugabira
(refuse to) kwīma
(refuse to ~ another his own) kugūnga, kwīmana
(sacrifice) gushikana
(someone a hand) gusahiriza
(someone a heavy load) kuremēka
(to) guha, guhēra, guhēreza, kurōnsa, gushikiriza
(to each other) guhāna
(to each other often) guhānahāna
(to one whose house has burned) gusuhūza
(talk) kugamba
(up everything) kwīgura
(warm welcome, one does not say it of himself) gukēra
En-En dictionary 
go    kugenda, kwigira, kuja
(after) kugīra
(ahead a little) kwūnguruza
(all through a house) kuvōgera
(around) kuzunguruka, gukīkira, gukīkuza, kuzīngūka
(around difficulty) kuzunguruka umutego, gukikuza umutego
(around 'Robinhood's barn') gukingitiranya
(aside with someone to talk privately) kwīkebukana
(astray) kuzimira
(away secretly) kwīdohōra
(back and forth) kunyura
(back on what he said, make one) kurahuruza
(backward) kwītūtānya, kugēnda umugōngo
(backward inadvertently) gufūtānya
(beyond) kurēnga
(by car) kugēnda n'umuduga
(by boat) kugēnda n'ubwato
(by land rather than cross river or lake) guca i musozi
(carefully not knowing path) kwātīra
(elsewhere) kugerēra
(everywhere) gukwiragirana, guhetūra
(far away) kwāmbuka, guhaba
(for food) gusuma
(forward) gutēra imbere
(forward little by little) kwūngururuza, kwūnguruza
(forward steadily) kuramiriza
(for a walk) kugēndagēnda
(from one thing to another) kurārāta
(from place to place) kunyuragiza, kuyugayuga
(gaily) kudayadaya
(here and there, child) kurērēta
(home) gutāha, kuganūka
(home from work) kugodoka
(home, of wife when angry) kugēnda buje
(into danger without regard to oneself) kwīroha
(let's go!) hoji, hogi, tugende
(naked) gufurama, kugēnda amēnya, kugēnda gusa
(on tiptoe) kuyōmbōka
(out, fire, light) kuzima
(out to a certain place) gusokoroka
(outside) gusohoka
(to prepare to go) kwīkora
(quietly) kuyōmbōka
(rapidly) gukinagira
(reluctantly) kwīyumānganya
(right in path, animal) gutōta
(round) gukikuza
(secretly because of fear) kwōmba
(seperate ways) gutāna
(slowly) kugoyagoya
(slowly, of convalescent) kwāndāra
(softly) kuyōmbōka
(steadily forward) kuramiriza
(stealthily) kunyobanyoba, kwiyombayomba, kuyombayomba
(straight forward) gutūmbereza
(through a narrow pass) kunyegētera
(to bed) kuryāma
(to chief or superior for something) kwītwāra, gushengera, gushengerera
(to find food) gusuma
(to help another in his work) gusāsīra
(to meal uninvited) kwigemagema
(to meet) gusanganira, gutegēra
(together to produce food for guests) gutērēra
(together to see, crowd) gukōndōrera
(toward) kurora, kwerekera, kwerekeza
(uncertain of the way) guhushagirika
(uncertainly) kudāguza
(up, as hill) kudūga
(up in smoke) gupfūnduka
(walking, esp. at night) kwīkanya
(to wedding) gutāha ubukwe
(well, to cause to ~) kugēnza
(with) kwāmbukana, kujāna
En-En dictionary 
gossip    urusaku
(in whispers) ivyōngoreranyo
(to ~) kuregeteranya, gusakuza, kuregeteza, kuregetereza
En-En dictionary 
grass    ivyātsi, ubwātsi
(kind poisonous to cows) inzūzi
(pieces of a certain kind used for weaving) agatēte
(tall) ubwātsi
(in water) igikāngaga
(~ knife) umupānga
(to cut) gukera, gukerera, gutema
(to cut for use) kwāhira
(to dig out rapidly) gusūriranya
(to gather up that which has been spread out) gusasūra
(to leave grass growing in kraal) gutongoza
(to spread) gusasa
(to spread around something, as coffee) gusasira
(to weed out quickly) kurandagura
En-En dictionary 
greedy    (to be) gusahagura
(for a certain food and want that only) kunohorwa
En-En dictionary 
greet    gusanganira
(by oneself in person or in letter) kuramutsa
(for) gutahiriza
(for another) gutāsha
(one another) kuramūkanya
En-En dictionary 
group    umuce, umuco, igico
(of people) umurwi, intēko
(of people, moving along) akavuvu
(standing or sitting) akarwi
(to be in large ~, cows or people standing) gusagaza
En-En dictionary 
help    gufasha
(another get up) kuvyūra
(exclamation: help please!) ntabāra
(in battle) gutabāra
(in trouble or grief) kwīrūra
(one another) gufatanya
(one another in loaning what is needed) gutērēra
(one in trouble) kwēmanga
(oneself even if you do not know how to do the thing) kwīgereza
(oneself, relieve one's own need) kwīkenūra
(overcome an enemy) gukōndōrera
(secretly someone to escape by taking his things for him) kunyuruza
(sick person walk) kwāndāza
(to call for ~) kwāmbaza, gutabāza
(~ to carry) gutwāza
(to cry out for) kuborōga
(to go to ~ another in his work) gusāsira
(without expectation of reward) gutabāra
En-En dictionary 
hoarse    (to be) kujwigira
(to become) gusarara
En-En dictionary 
hold    gufata
(fast to) kugumiriza
(from falling) gusama
(hard feelings) kwīdōga
(in place) kugumya
(lightly) kwānjānjwa
(out) kubangira
(out arms to receive) guhāngāza ukuboko
(of rope, vi) kudādira
(strongly) gushimika
(take hold of persons) gushorerakw amaboko
(to) kwūmira
(up) gushigirika
En-En dictionary 
house    inzu
(in ruins) umusaka
(little ~, built for spirit of one who has died) nyabugoro
(of king) ingoro
(temporary) urusāgo, igikāri
(small, cabin) akazu
(with high pointed roof) umushonge, agashūngēre
(place opposite door of ~) umukōndo
(to cause to fall down) gusambūra, gusēnyura, guhenūra
(to chase others out of ~) guturumbura
(to fall down) gusāmbuka, gusēnyuka, guhenuka
(to put roof on) gusakāra
(to repair a) gusanura
En-En dictionary 
inattentive    (to be) gusamāra
En-En dictionary 
itch    amahere, uruhere, uburyi, ukuribwa ku mubiri, ugusasatwa, ukuribwaribwa
En-En dictionary 
leaves    (young bean ~, when only the first two are there) ingāmba
(stripped from tree) udukōkōrwa
(used for perfume) imbazi
(see also 'leaf')
(to have abundant) gusagaba
(to put forth new) kurēmba
(to strip from tree or stick) gukōkōra
En-En dictionary 
lengthwise    (to cut) gusatura
En-En dictionary 
like    bēne, nka
(conj.) nk'uko
(like that) -rtyo
(like this) -rtya
(to be like) gusa
(to look like) gushusha
(to like) gukūnda
(for a short time) guharara
(to try to make someone ~ what he has refused) kwōrekēra
En-En dictionary 
long    (to ~ for) gusamāza, gukūmbura
(thing for which one longs) igishika
En-En dictionary 
look    (evil) igitsūre
(all about) kuraraguza
(around on all sides) kweraguza, gukebaguza
(at) kurāba, kurereka, kurora, kwirora
(at carefully) guhwēba, kwīhwēza
(at hastily) kurangaguza
(at in wonder) gusamāra
(at intently) kwīhwēza, kwītegereza
(to let look for) gushakisha
(look at me!) kundāba
(at one thing after another, many things) kurābarāba
(at oneself) kwīrāba
(at repeatedly) gukanaguza
(at without paying attention) gusamāra
(at with disapproval) kurāba igitsūre
(behind) gukebuka
(carefully to see if anyone is there) gukengūza
(down, to make another) kwūnamika, kwūnamīsha
(for) kurereka, kurondera
(esp. to feel around) gukabakaba
(for a fault in one another) kugenzanya
(from side to side trying to see everything) kurunguruka
(in the face, to be unwilling to) kwīyobagiza
(like) gushusha
(over, in prospect of buying) kugaragura
(straight up) kurarama
(through) gusesa
(towards) kwerekera, gutūmbēra
(up) gukanura, kurangamiza, kurangamira, kuraramura
En-En dictionary 
lose    guhōmba, guta, gutakaza
(by death) gupfīsha
(by death, one's child) gupfusha
(interest) gutenzēkanya, gutezēkanya, gutēzūra
(one another) gutāna
(one's head) gucika ivutu, kuzimagirika
(one's husband or wife by death) gupfākara
(one's zeal or enthusiasm) kudehūra
(original force) gutītūra
(to cause to) gutēsha
(to ~ elections) gutindwa amatora
(to ~ reason) gusara
(to make another ~ his case) kuzingirikira
(one who has lost everything in trial) imvumure
(weight) kugōgōra
En-En dictionary 
make    kugira, kurema
(afraid) gutēra ubwōba
(a bed) gusāsa
(blunt) gufyīta
(bread) gucūmba
(clean) guhumānura
(clear, cause to understand) gutegereza
(crooked) kugoreka
(drunk) kuborēra
(effort) kwāndāra
(empty) kugaragaza
(equal in length or height) kurēsha
(excuses) kudendekanya, kudendekeranya, kuzāngazānga
(face over something that tastes bad) kunyinyirwa
(a fire) gucāna, gukongereza
(firm) kugumya
(fun of) kunegura
(fun of, esp. someone in trouble) kwīshinyira
(fun of, by recalling the good he has lost) gucurīra
(good) kuryōsha
(hedge) kuzitira
(hard for one who has lost a loved one, by reproaching the dead) kwītāmba ku muvyimba
(known) kwāndagaza, kwātura, kumenyēsha, kwāngāza, kwerura, kurānga, gukwīza, gukwīragiza, kwāmāmaza, guhishūra, guserura
(laugh, one that makes others laugh) akagūgu
(level) gusēna
(narrow) kwāza
(nest) kwārika
(noise, big) kwāsana, gusāma, kubomborana, kubugiriza
(oneself) kwīgīra
(others like you) kwīkūndiriza
(peace) kubangūranya
(perfect) gutūngānya, kwūzuza, kuroraniriza
(place) kubisa
(place for one another to pass) kubisīkanya
(progress) gutēra imbere, kuyoboza
(reparations) guhōnga, guhōngera
(restitution) kuriha
(sacrifice) gushikana
(sign) kugereraniriza
(smooth) gusēna
(straight) kugorōra, kurorānya
(tired) kurusha
(vow) gushīnga
(watering place) kugomera
(white) kwēza
En-En dictionary 
many    –inshi
(how many?) –ngāhe?
(so many) –ngāho
(to be ~) kurūndāna
(to be, esp. cows, trees) gusagāra
(to be so) kungana
En-En dictionary 
mark    (made by hoe or axe) ibāngo
(of a blow) umuramu
(to ~) kudoma
(to have marks, scratches, as pot) gusaragurika
('get on the mark') gutuna
En-En dictionary 
meet    guhāmvya, guhwāna, guhūra
(to go to) gusanganira, gutegēra
(together) gukorana, gutērana
(to cause to ~ together) gukoranya, gutēranya
En-En dictionary 
mending    ukuremura, ugusana
En-En dictionary 
merely    -sa, gusa
En-En dictionary 
more    –ndi
(to be) gusāga, gusāguka
(to do even) kurushiriza
En-En dictionary 
multiply    (vi) kugwīra, gusagāra
(vt) kugwīza, gucimbataza, kwūngura
(because of having fed well, cows) kugisha
(rapidly, as insects) kujagata
(rapidly) kurōndōka
(as seeds, cows, etc.) kurondōra
En-En dictionary 
naked    amēnya
(person) umwāmbure
(to go) kugēnda amēnya, kugēnda gusa, gufurama
En-En dictionary 
noise    urwamo
(loud, frightening) umuturagaro
(esp. of battle or strife) umuvurungano
(of earthquake, or approaching storm) umugigimo
(of rain, thunder) umuhīndo
(of wind, rain, running feet, etc.) igihīnda
(to make a big) kwāsana, kubomborana, kubugiriza, gusāma
(to make a lot) kuvurungana, kuyogora
(to make a loud frightening) guturagara
En-En dictionary 
nose    izūru, itonde
(bridge of) umwīrīri
(nosebleed) umwūna
(to get in and cause to sneeze) gusagāra
En-En dictionary 
old    (age) ubukuru, zabukuru
(man) umutāma
(person) umusāza
(woman) umutāmakazi, umukamakare
(to be) kurāmba
(to be, but still strong) kugwagura, guhūmura
(to become) gusāza
(to become, woman) gukēcura
(to grow) gutāma
En-En dictionary 
only    gusa, nyene
(adj.) -sa
En-En dictionary 
piece    ikimānyu, ikigegene, igice
(of bread) ikibege
(of fruit) icamwa
(of land) ishāmvu, ikivi
(of paper or cloth) ibitabu
(of something that has been cut) igisate
(to come to pieces) gusambūka
(to tear in pieces) gutabagura
En-En dictionary 
pillage    iminyago, ubusahuzi
(to ~) kunyaga, gusahura
En-En dictionary 
pleasure    igihīmbāro
(to do something that causes) gusamāza
(to give) kunēzēra
En-En dictionary 
pray    gusaba, gusenga
(frequently) gusabiriza
En-En dictionary 
put    gushira
(away) kubīka, gushingūra
(away the harvest) kwīmbura
(away beans for a year) guhitiza
(away for a year, to be ~) guhitira
(away, for several years) guhitikirana, guhitirana
(away, to take to) kwāndūra
(back) gusubīza
(bees in new hive) kwātira
(down) guhwāmika
(down roughly) gusekura
(forth new leaves) kurēmba
(hand to face in gesture of surprise) kujorerwa
(handle on) gukwikira
(higher) gukiriza
(in certain place) kugabānyānya
(in order) kurorānya
(into water) kurobeza
(near fire to dry) gutara
(on clothes) kwāmbara, kwīyambika
(on nice smelling stuff) kwōsa
(off doing what one should) kwīrengagiza
(oneself above where he belongs) kwītāra
(out fire, light) kuzimya
(out great branches) gusagarara
(out in sun) kwānikira
(outside) gusohora
(right) gutūngānya
(skin of dead calf before cow to make her give milk) kwōrokēra
(something cool on burn) gupfuvya
(somewhere) gushiraho
(things together) kurementanya, gusorōranya
(to bed) kuryāmika
(together) kwegeraniriza, guhūza, gutororokanya, kwegeranya
(to one side) guherereza
(to sleep) gusinziriza
(to work) kwāhura
(up, e.g. arms) gutarika
(up bee hive) kwegeka
(wood on fire) gukomānya
(yeast in beer) kubetera
En-En dictionary 
reason    inyānduruko, inkomānzi, impāmvu, imvo, igituma
(to ~ with someone to try to persuade her to elope) gucīkiza
(to ~ within oneself) kwībūranya
(to be tired without ~) kudendebukirwa
(to lose ~) gusara
En-En dictionary 
reject    gushibura
(council) gusaragurika
(food that you've always eaten) guhura
En-En dictionary 
rejoice    kunēzērwa
(at arrival of someone) gukēra
(in another's troubles) gukēkeza
(in coming of another) kwigina, gusāsīrira
En-En dictionary 
remove    gukūra, gukūraho
(chief) gukōmbōra
(clothing) kwāmbūra
(completely) gutōngōra
(dry leaves from banana trees) gutūtūra
(enchantment) kurogōra
(everything from burning house) gusahura
(foreign body from eye, milk or water) gutosōra
(from cross) kubāmbūra
(from fire or oven) kwōkōra
(from hiding) guhishūra
(from hole in ground, what one has put there) kuzīkuruka
(grass from house) gukākura
(lid of basket) kurumūra
(load from head) gutūra
(skin from drying) kubāmbūra
(sliver for oneself) kwīhāndūra
(taboo) kuzirūra
(things) kuyōra
(things from flesh as witch doctors supposedly do) guhura
(thorn or sliver) guhāndūra
En-En dictionary 
repair    guhīngūra
(car) gukanika imodoka
(house) gusanura
(something absolutely worn out, or, ~ repeatedly) gusanasana
(woven thing) gusana
En-En dictionary 
resemble    gusa, gushusha
En-En dictionary 
resound    gusāma
En-En dictionary 
roof    igisēnge
(house with high pointed ~) umushōnge, agashūngēre
(to put on a) gusakāra
En-En dictionary 
scatter    gukwīragiza, gusāba, gusanza,
(vt) gusanzāza
(vi) gusanzāra
(esp. seeds from tree, vi) gushwiragira
(vt) gushwiragiza
(everywhere, vi) gusābagīra
(everywhere, vt) gusābagīza
(seeds or dirt by scratching as chicken does) gusūra
En-En dictionary 
share    (to) kubūngirana, kugabana, kugabura, gusangira
(to buy a thing together and then divide it) gusorōra
En-En dictionary 
sneeze    kwāsamura
(to get in nose and cause to ~, as pepper) gusagāra
En-En dictionary 
sob    gusarara
(silently) gupfunagira
En-En dictionary 
sound    (whirring, wind blowing through things, or stick whipped through air) umuvuguvugu
(well) kwūmvīkana
(to make a bubbling ~) gusāma
En-En dictionary 
spill    (vi) gusēseka, gusēsa
(vt) gucuncubura
(anything not liquid) gusanzāra
(over) gusēsekara
En-En dictionary 
split    (vi) kurara
(vt) gutānya
(in two) kwīmānya
(open, as over-ripe beans) gusaragurika
(up) kwōmānza
(wood) gusatura
(to be split open as flesh when wounded) kugāguka
En-En dictionary 
spread    (abroad, vt) kwāndagaza, kwāngāza, gukwīza, gukwīragiza
(vi) kwāmāmara, gukwīra, guhetūra, gukwīragira
(grass) gusasa
(legs apart) guhānyuka
(out) gupānga
(out great branches) kugasāra
(out on something) gusanza
(thing spread out flat) ikiramvu
En-En dictionary 
stay    kuguma
(at king's court) gusasa
(away frequently from home) guhīmbira
(for a time) gusībira
(in one place permanently) guhama, gutsīndāza
(to cause to) kugumya
(to not ~ at home) guhugūmba
(to not ~ in place) kujuragira, gucambagirana
(one who does not ~ home) igihūmbu
En-En dictionary 
steal    (to) kwība, kwāmbura, kunyaga, gusahura, kwīha
(from each other) kwībana
(habitually) guhīmbira
(to be caught stealing) gusūmirwa
En-En dictionary 
surround    kujiguza, gukīkiza, gukīkuza, gusagaza, gusugereza, kuzīngūka, kuzūnguriza, kuziguza
(esp. country) guhererana
(animal or person hunted) kuzigiriza
(with a wall) kuzitira
(wrap around) gukenyeza
En-En dictionary 
take    gufata, gucakīra, guhitana
(another's place in watching) kubangūra
(apart what has been stuck together) kumatūra
(authority on oneself) kurēngera
(away) gukūra, gushingūra, gutwāra
(away from) kwāka, kunyaga
(away completely) gukōmbōra, gutōngōra
(away with) kuvāna
(by force) kunyaga
(care of) kubungabunga, kwītwaririka
(care of, very good) kubukabuka
(case to chief or court) kubūranya
(case to chief, knowing one is right) gutara
(child in arms) kurera, gukīkira
(council together) guhūza ināma
(cows uphill) kurārūra
(down) kumanura
(down tent) gupāngūra
(everything for oneself) kwīgūngirako
(far away) kwāmbukana
(firm hold of) kubāngiriza
(from another) kwākīra
(from pocket or other concealed place) kugoborora
(here, take this) enda
(hold of) gufata
(hold of person) gusūmira, gushorerakw amaboko
(home) gutāhāna
(home object or cows after being away long time) kugishūra
(in one's arms) kugūmbīra, gukīkira
(mouthful) gutamira
(oath) kurahīra
(off clothes) kwīyambura
(off lid of basket) kurumūra
(out) gusokōra
(out of) gukūra, gusokorora, kugobōtora
(out of hole in ground what one has put there) kuzīkuruka
(outside) gusohora
(picture) gucapura (Sw.)
(place of another) kwākīra
(quickly) gutebūkana
(someone aside) kwīkebana
(someone to chief for trial or accusation) gushengeza
(something out to an appointed place) gusokorora
(to put away) kwāndūra
(to someone) gushīra
(to someone where he is) gusānza
(turns) kwākīrana, kwākīranwa, kuja imbu, gukūranwa
(up space) gutabarara
(walk) kugēndagēnda
(wife) kwābīra
(wife, without marrying her properly) gucīkiza
(with) kujāna
En-En dictionary 
talk    kuyāga, gusakuza, kugānīra
(foolishly, or act) gusaragurika
(give discourse) kugamba
(in one's sleep) kurāzirana
(lightly) kujajura
(loudly) guhogora
(a lot) kuregeteza
(nonsense when drunk) kuvōvōta
(over) gutegēranya
(slanderously) kuvōvōta
(together in whispers) kunwengurana, kwītōnganya
(to oneself) kwītonganya
(unkindly to each other) kurandagurana
(when one shouldn't) kuyogora
(with someone to try to persuade her to elope) gucīkiza
(to sit together talking for a long time) gutūrika
(one who talks a lot, esp. tells others what to do) ingāre
En-En dictionary 
tear    (vi) gucīka, kumānyuruka, gutabuka, gutantamuka
(vt) gutabura, gutantamura
(along, water, rain) gusūriranya
(away) gushikura
(big hole, vi) kumānyuka
(big rip, vi) kumwanyuruka
(clothes, vt) gukākagura
(clothes in anger) gukākura, kumwāga
(down) guhenura, guhomvora, guhonyora, gusambūra, gusangangura
(down nest) kwāruza
(in pieces) gutabagura
En-En dictionary 
thatch    (roof) ubwatsi bwo gusakara, ivyatsi vyo gusakara
En-En dictionary 
tree    igiti
(fruit tree) igiti c'ivyamwa
(base of) igitsina, itsina
(trunk) umutūmba
(small ones around big one) umuvyāro
(big spreading) umutagare
(palm) ikigazi
(small, palmlike) igisāndasānda
(of whih bark was used for clothing) umumānda, icōmore, umuvumu, ikivumu
(of which bark is used for rope) umuvūmvu
(to be many) gusagāra
(to climb) kwūrira
(to climb down) kwūruruka
(to cut) gukera, gutema, guca
(to cut off top) gukēmūra
(trees grown very close together) impatane
En-En dictionary 
trial    urubānza, ibūrana
(to declare one's case at a ~) gusāmba
En-En dictionary 
undo    gusambūra
En-En dictionary 
unmake    (bed) gusasūra
En-En dictionary 
wait    guhagarara, kwīhāngāna, kurēngagiza, kurorēra
(for) kwītega, kurindīra, kurorēra, gusamāza
(for another a long time) kugungarara
(for someone expected) gutegereza
(opportunity to harm) kuryāmira
(the right moment) guhēngēra
(wait!) hīnge!
(waiting outside because you have no permission to enter with others) umugumo
En-En dictionary 
watch    kurīnda, guterama, kuba māso
(as night watchman) kurārīra
(i.e. workers) kurereka
(carefully) kugendeza, kugēnza
(flock) kuragira
(for) gusūra
(house) gusānga
(out for danger) guhwebutsa
(over) kubūngabūnga, kugendeza, guteramira, kuzigama
En-En dictionary 
welcome    ikāze
(welcome!) kāze, karibu (Sw.)
(to ~) guha ikāze, gusanganira
(to give warm) gukēra (one does not say this of himself)
En-En dictionary 
wipe    guhanagura, gukēmūra, gupānga (Sw.), gukoropa
(esp. mother, wiping baby) guheha
(child's nose) kumyīra
(one's nose) kwīmyīra
(out) gusangangura
En-En dictionary 
wonder    kwībaza
(to look at in) gusamāra
En-En dictionary 
worn out   (clothes) agashāmbara, umushāmbara
(mat) umusāmbi
(thing) akāhebwe, umushiro
(to be, of soil no longer productive) gutītūka
(to become) gusāza, gucobogora, gutama
(to repair repeatedly something absolutely ~) gusanasana
En-En dictionary 
worthlessness    impfāgusa
En-En dictionary 
writhe    kugaragurika, gusāmba
En-En dictionary 
related    (to be) gusāna
En-En dictionary 
repairing    ukuremura, ugusana
En-En dictionary 
compete    (to) gusangira
En-En dictionary 
crack    (to ~, vi) kwātīra
(also vt), kwāturuka, kurara, gusāba, gusaduka
En-En dictionary 
itch    (to ~) guhurira, gusasātwa
En-En dictionary 
lap    (to ~, as dog) gusabagira
En-En dictionary 
work    (to ~) gukora
(at several tasks at once) kujuragira
(carelessly wanting to quit) kuregarega
(complainingly) kugimīra
(for king, chief) gusasa ibwāmi
(for oneself) kwīkorera
(hard) gucumukura, gutama
(hard at) kuramiriza
(lazily) kuregarega
(rapidly) gufuruguta
(together) gukorana
(unwillingly, complainingly) kunyinkira, kugimīra
(with earnestness) gushira igikonyo
(with wood) kubāza
(with zeal) gushira igikonyo
(to cease, go home from) kugodoka
(to ~ for another without approval) kuruhira
(to do housework) kugora
(to feign) gushaza
(to put to) kwāhura
(to not keep at the job faithfully) gutenzekanya
(to try to get out of, pretend to work) gushaza
(to have ~ in one place many years) kuzyātira
En-En dictionary 
pay    (to ~) gutānga, guhēmba
(bribe to win one's case) kwihonga
(debt) kwīshura
(dowry) gukwa
(for work done) guhēmba
(fee) kubugura
(homage to) guhōngera, gushengera, gushengerera
(no attention to) gusamāra, gutimba
(salary) kugerera
(money into account) kubika amahera
(to make up for wrong doing) kwīcungura
En-En dictionary 
praise    (to) gushīma, guhīmbāza, gushemagiza, gutāzīra, guhaya, gushīmagiza
(for something received) gushemeza
(highly) kuninahaza
(highly, one of whom you've heard) gusāsira
(often) guhayagiza
(oneself) kwīhaya, kwīshima
(oneself often) kwīhayagiza
(the wealth of another) gukāma
En-En dictionary 
slice    (to ~ vegetables) guhīmbura
(to ~ crosswise) kugegena
(to ~ lengthwise) gusatura
En-En dictionary 
plant    (to ~) gutēra
(to ~ broadcast) kumījīra
(first) gushūza
(small seeds) kubiba
(to be loaded with fruits or grain) gutēngerera
(to be lush and green) gutotahara
(to come up thickly and thus not do well) gusorora
(to have abundant leaves and branches) gusagaba
(to help ~, throw beans in soil as other hoes) gutēragira
(to put forth branches) gushamika
(to put out big spreading branches) gusagarara, gutabarara
(to send forth shoots) gutōha
En-En dictionary 
please    (interjection) ndabigusavye
(~ help!, interjection) ntabāra!
En-En dictionary 
memorize    (to) gusamagira
En-En dictionary 
more than   (to be) gusāga
(~ enough) gucāguka
En-En dictionary 
order    (to) gutumiza, gusaba
(to place in) gukirānura, kuringaniza, kurorānya
En-En dictionary 
spasm    (to have) gusāmba
En-En dictionary 
fornicate    (to) gusāmbana, kwenda, kurya umwana
En-En dictionary 
explode    (to) guturika, gusāba
En-En dictionary 
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