here    aha, hano, ino, ngaha
(exclamation to superior: here!) sabwe
En-En dictionary 
amahere    5    itch
uruhere   6  class 6
singular: uru-
igihere (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
I'm here,  present    (exclamation to a superior) sabwe!
En-En dictionary 
kurērēta (-rērēse)     v    to go here and there (child)
ende     1. allow me, permit (invariable), 2. here take this
hamwe   adv    1. together, here together, 2. equally, even, same
gutōragura (-tōraguye)     v    to pick up here and there
kunūranura (-nūranuye)     v    to pick up bits of food here and there (esp. dog)
gukwīragiza (-kwīragije)     v    1. to scatter, place here and there, 2. announce everywhere
come    kūza
(all together suddenly) kurandamuka
(apart) gushānyūka, kudohōka
(to come at) (time) kuzīra
(to do something) guherūka
(to an end) guhenebēra, guhera, kunyika
(be coming to an end) guherengetera
(down) kumanuka, kumanuza, kwūruruka
(from) kwāduka, kwānduruka, gukomoka, guturuka, kuva, kuvuduka
(to greet often when one is in disfavour in hopes of gaining favour) kuneganega
(~ here) ingo, ngo, ngwino
(into sight) kurēnguka
(to light) guhinyuka, kwāndagara
(one by one) gutororokanya, gutēraterana
(out, teeth, hoe handle, etc.) guhongoka
(out, stake) gushingūka
(out of water) kwōgorora
(suddenly) guturūmbuka
(to, after fainting) guhembūka
(to pieces) gusambūka
(to the throne) kwīma ku ngoma
(together, crowd) gukungēra
(unexpectedly) kwubīra
(unsewn) gusonoroka (Sw.)
(untied) kubohōka, gupfunduka
(up of itself) kwimeza
(up out of water) kwiburuka
(up thickly, thus not do well) gusorora
(upon suddenly) kwūbuka
(when called) kurabuka
(with) kuzanana
En-En dictionary 
drop    (of liquid) ima, itōnyānga, igitōnyānga
(to ~) gusekura
(to ~ fruit, tree) guhunguruka
(in water or food, vi) kudibuka
(to let fall ~ by ~) gutōnyāngiriza
(to let go of what you've started to take or do) gutēzūra, gutēnzūra
(~ out of something because you know you're in the wrong) kwōnjorora
(one who keeps dropping things here and there) umusābisābi
En-En dictionary 
hano     adv    here, this right here
place    (to) gushira
(to ~ here and there) gukwīragiza
(in order) gukirānura, kuringaniza, kurorānya
(facing each other) kurorānya
(objects together in irregular fashion, end for end) gucurikiranya
(obliquely) guhirika, gukīkama
(be placed obliquely) gukīka
(on) gushikiriza
(one thing above another) kugereka, kugerekeranya
(oneself) guherēra
(somewhere) gushiraho
(two things side by side, parallel) kubāngikanya
(to be placed wrong end to) gucurama
(to give place to each other) kubisīkanya
(to hold in) kugumya
(to leave a) gushingūka
(to make) kubisa
(to make for one another to pass) kubisīkanya
(to put a thing in its certain ~) gutereka
(to remain in ~ of another) gusigarira
(to stand in a certain ~ thus making ~ for another) kubisiriza
(to take the ~ of another) kwākīra
(to take the ~ of another watching) kubangūra
(to go from ~ to ~) kuyugayuga
En-En dictionary 
nōnaha   adv    right now, here and now
nōn'aha     adv    right now, here and now
pick    (a chicken) kumōngōra
(a fight) gusōtōra
(peas, beans, berries) gutōbōra
(squash, corn) gukōndōra
(up) gutōra, kuyōra
(up, as birds do) kunobagura, kunoba
(up bits of food here and there) kunūranura
(up here and there) gutōragura
(up manure and put in garden) kuvūmbura
En-En dictionary 
umusābisābi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
one who keeps dropping things here and there
 here : polite imperative of...
guhēra (-hēreye)     v    1. to begin from, by, 2. to recompense, 3. give to, (prepositional form of guha)
guhera (-heze)     v    1. to finish (vi), come to an end, 2. to grind badly, coarsely, 3. to perish, to be dying
amahereni  5    earrings
ubuherezi     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) priesthood
guherēra (-herēreye)     v    to place oneself, to be located
guhēreza (-hēreje)     v    to give to
icehere (ivy-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
hole in clothes
guhērezwa (-hērejwe)     v    to be presented
guherekeza (-herekeje)     v    1. to accompany, 2. to follow
guhererana (-hereranye)     v    1. to surround (esp. country), 2. to be beside
guherereza (-herereje)     v    1. to put to one side, 2. to offer at, for, in the name of
guherekezwa (-herekejwe)     v    1. to be followed, 2. to be accompanied
guherengetera (-herengeteye)     v    to be coming to an end
guherengeteza (-herengeteje)     v    to finish (vt), to consume, finish completely
-rīya   adv    that over there (e.g. zirīya, kirīya, barīya etc.)
-rya   that over there
aha   adv    here
ahandi   adv    elsewhere, somewhere else
aho     there, when, where (not in questions), good!
amasumo  5    place where food is plentiful
emwe   excl    you there!
emwe gaye   excl    you there! (exclamation of astonishment)
erega     look! see here! say! on the contrary
gufurama (-furamye)     v    1. to go naked, 2. to be overcome with sleep and fall over – sleeping right there
guhetūra (-hetūye)     v    to go, or spread everywhere (vi)
guhihima (-hihimye)     v    to speak where others hear voice but cannot distinguish words
guhorahabona (-horahabonye)     v    to live near a public place (where many pass by)
guhwirima (-hwirimye)     v    to speak where others hear voice but cannot distinguish words
gukengūza (-kengūje)     v    1. to look carefully to see if anyone is there, 2. observe carefully
gukwīra (-kwīye)     v    1. to be necessary, 2. be enough, to suffice, 3. to ought, 4. to be worthy, 5. to suit, 6. to be correct, 7. to become known everywhere, spread abroad (vi)
gukwīragira (-kwīragiye)     v    to spread everywhere (vi)
gukwīragirana (-kwīragiranye)     v    to go everywhere
gukwīza (-kwījije)     v    1. to spread abroad, 2. announce everywhere, 3. make known
gukwīzwa (-kwījijwe)     v    to be spread everywhere
gusābagira (-sābagiye)     v    to scatter everywhere (vi)
gusābagiza (-sābagije)     v    to scatter everywhere (vt)
gusānza (-sānje)     v    to take to someone where he is
gusēnywa (-sēnywe)     v    to be gathered (wood)
gushiraho (-shizeho)   v    1. to put somewhere, to place somewhere, 2. to establish
gusubira (-subiye)     v    to return, to go back (other than where the speaker is)
gutēraterana (-tērateranye)     v    to come one by one till there are many
gutongoza (-tongoje)     v    1. to leave grass and stuff growing in rugo, 2. to let hair grow long, 3. to lend something and not get it back soon, 4. to entrust something to another and it increases while there
gutururuza (-tururuje)     v    1. to push a person down where he belongs, 2. to squelch, 3. to prevent, to stop, 4. to convince, 5. to catch swarming bees
hari   v    there is, there are (from -ri)
harīya     adv    way over there
harya     adv    over there (not too far away)
have     phr    get out of the way, out of there (from kuva)
  where? (in questions only)
hēhe     where? (in questions only)
hēpfo     adv    down, below, down there
hōse     adv    1. everywhere, 2. throughout (from -ōse)
igihuma (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
deep hole in ground in a grassy place where pregnant girls and lepers were thrown
ikidēngēri (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
pool, place where water has overflowed its banks, floods
ikirēre (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. sky, 2. air, weather, atmosphere
impehemyi (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
place around trees where nothing else grows
imvaho (im-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
one who's been there, eyewitness (inkuru z'imvaho)
ingāmba (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
young bean leaves (when only the first two leaves are there)
īno     adv    here, this side, this part
isēsero (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
place where water has flooded
kubāgwa (-bāzwe)     v    to be butchered, to be slaughtered
kugaruka (-garutse)     v    to return (vi) to place where speaker is
kugerēra (-gerēreye)     v    1. to go elsewhere, 2. to find new building site
kugishūra (-gishūye)     v    1. to take a thing home from where you've left or put it, 2. to take cows home after being away a long time to pasture
kumata (-mase)     v    1. to stick together (vi), 2. to adhere, to become attached, 3. cleave to
kunyūnyūka (-nyūnyūtse)     v    to be withered, shriveled (of flesh)
kuva (-vuye)   v    1. to come from, 2. to shed, 3. to leak, 4. to let flow from
kuva mu modoka to get out of the car
have get out of my way, get out of there
vaho (same as have)
kuvōvōta (-vōvōse)   v    1. to talk nonsense when drunk, to say a lot of slanderous talk, 2. to speak incoherently, 3. to rain early in morning or for a long time, 4. to give oneself to the service of Kiranga (also kubāndwa), 5. to divine
kuvūmba (-vūmvye)   v    to go where folks are drinking in hopes of getting some, to beg (for beer)
kuzīkurura (-zīkuruye)   v    to mix up, to put what's on the bottom on top, to take out of a hole in the ground what one has put there
kwāmāmara (-āmāmaye)     v    1. to become known, 2. to spread everywhere (vi)
kwāmāmaza (-āmāmaje)     v    to make known everywhere
kwishongora (-ishongoye)   v    speaking or chanting of a lyrical poem characterized by long phrases (where emphasis is on the lyrical text, not accompanied by dancing)
kwītāra (-ītāze)     v    1. to be determined to get what you want, 2. to be presumptous, 3. put yourself above where you belong
kwōma (-ōmye)     v    1. to adhere to, 2. to follow closely
kwūgunyuza (-ūgunyuje)   v    1. to scour at pot, 2. to rinse out dirt, 3. to drink all there is in a container
maze     conj    and then, therefore
n'ūko     conj    therefore, so, it is thus, that's right, then
naho     conj    1. although, 2. but, 3. whereas, 4. even if
ngāha     adv    here
ngāho     there
ngwīno     come here!
ni     1. it is, he is, she is, there is, (negative si), 2. if, when
nta     (with high tone) 1. no, 2. none, 3. there is no
nta umwanya   phr    no time, there is no time
ntamwanya   phr    no time, there is no time
nuko     conj    therefore, so, it is thus, that's right, then
rero     conj    1. therefore, 2. thus, 3. then, 4. so
rukinzo   6  class 6
singular: uru-
traditional sacred royal drum accompanying the king wherever he went, was exchanged with every new reign
sabwe     excl    present! here! (exclamation to a superior, lit. let it be asked)
si     1. it is not, 2. he, she is not, 3. there is not
uba hehe (-baye)   phr    where are you?
ubukiru     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) place where steps are cut in hillside, rough place, bumps, hillocks
ubusumo     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
place where food is plentiful
ugusohora   9  class 9
singular: uku-
1. expulsion, throwing out, 2. traditional ceremony on the sixth day after a child's birth where the baby is presented
umucāno (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
division, hatred where there has been love
umurānzi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
one who tells others of good things, tells them where to go to find something good
uri hehe   phr    where are you?
urunyariro   6  class 6
singular: uru-
(no pl.) backyard, behind the backyard (where one went to urinate, from kunyara)
urusīma     6  class 6
singular: uru-
illness where abdomen swells and fills with fluid
urusīna     6  class 6
singular: uru-
illness where abdomen swells and fills with fluid
vaho   phr    get out of the way, out of there (from kuva)
wapi   adv    (from Sw. 'where') no, no way!, never
we   you (sing.)
weho you, etc. (in contrast to another)
nāwe and you
nkāwe like you
yewe! you there! (sing.), (exclamation of surprise)
yemwe! you there!
yemwe gaye! (exclamation of astonishment)
yemwe   excl    you there!
yemwe gaye   excl    you there! (exclamation of astonishment)
yewe   excl    you there! (sing.), (exclamation of surprise)
accompany    kwāmbukana, kugendanira, guherekeza
(to be accompanied to wedding, as bride is) gushīngirwa
En-En dictionary 
act    (to ~ as go-between) kurehereza
(~ as if to beat, but not do it) kugera
(~ foolishly) kwītūtānya, gusaragurika, kudāyāngwa
(~ foolishly in fun) gupfyina
(~ homosexually) gutingana
(~ ignorantly) kwītūtānya
(~ indifferent) kwīrengagiza
(to ~ or go secretly because of fear) kwōmba
En-En dictionary 
adhere    kumata
(to) kwōma
En-En dictionary 
alone    -sa
(to be) kwīherēra
(to do) kwīgūnga
(to spend the night ~) kwīrāza
(I am lonely) mfise irungu
En-En dictionary 
announce    kubūrira, kubūra, kurānga
(oneself) kwībūra
(to stand at door and call greeting) kuramutsa
(the death of someone) kubika, kubikira
(everywhere) gukwīragiza, gukwīza
En-En dictionary 
atmosphere    ijuru, ikirēre
En-En dictionary 
be    kuba, -ri, kumera, kuramuka
(at, to have been at) guherūka
(beside) kubāngikana, guhererana
(in water) kubōmbeka
(with always) guhorana
En-En dictionary 
bedbug    igihere, igiheri
En-En dictionary 
beside    iruhānde, hambavu
(to be) guhererana, kubāngikana
En-En dictionary 
child    umwāna, umugisye, umukeme, umurerwa
(before he begins to know anything) igitambamboga, igitwengerabarozi
(disobedient) intabarirwa
(first-born) imfura
(healthy, about 4 months) ikibunduguru
(illegitimate) igihūmbu, ikivyārwa
(learning to walk) ikidegedege, intavyi
(male) umuyibigi
(of) mwene
(of mixed marriage) ikivyārwa
(only) ikinege, umwāna w'ikinege
(derogative) umuhimbiri
(small) ikibondo
(starting to know a little) umwankavu
(that doesn't grow properly) imfunya
(unwanted or orphan) intābwa
(up to 8 or 10 years) umugimbi
(weaned) umucūko, umukurira
(youngest or favourite) umuhererezi
(~ care) ubuhinga bwo kurera abana
(~ benefit) imfashanyo y'umuryango
En-En dictionary 
cold    –bisi
(in chest) agaherēra
(in head) agahiri, akamango, akamangu,
(cough) inkorora
(common cold, flu) ibicurane
(weather) imbeho, ubukonje
(weather, severe) igikonyozi
(to be) gukōnja, gukanya, gutīmba
(to be drawn up from ~) gutetera
En-En dictionary 
conquer    kunēsha, gufata ikibanza
(enable to) kuneshereza
En-En dictionary 
consume    (completely) gukōmvōmvora
(fire) gutōngōra
(to ~) guherengeteza
(uselessly) kwāya
En-En dictionary 
cow    inka
(brownish black) ikirāyi
(gray) uruhīza
(white) igihororo
(~ without horns) imvure
(blood of, to drink) ikiremve
(~ path) umuhōra
(to be at rest) kuvyāgira
(to be many) gusagara
(to be many together) gusasa amahembe
(to ask ~ from one to whom ~ was given) kwōkōza
(to chase flies off) kuzīnga
(to entrust ~s to another and they increase while there) gutongoza
(to get medicine to make ~ like her calf) kwōrokereza
(to lead) kuyobora, gushorera
(to lead to pasture) guturutsa
(to put skin of dead calf before ~ to make her to give milk) kwōrokēra
(to return ~ or calf to one from whom one received a ~) kwōkōra
(to take up hill) kurārūra
(to tie legs while milking) kujīsha
En-En dictionary 
cultivate    kurima
(soil, soften up) kwōrohereza
En-En dictionary 
dessert    imfungurwa zisosa baherezako
En-En dictionary 
divide    kugabanya, kugabura, kugaburira, gutānya
(by lot) gupfīndana
(up loads among several) kugabāngānya
(up work or load to make it easier) kwīyorohereza
(to buy a thing together and then ~ it) gusorōra
En-En dictionary 
division    amacakubiri, umuce, urugabano, igice, igitēro
(where there has been agreement) umucāno
En-En dictionary 
down    epfo, hepfo
(down there) hepfo
(to be, to turn upside ~) kwūbika
(to put ~) guhwāmika
En-En dictionary 
drink    (anything to be drunk) ikinyōbwa
(sweet banana) umutobe
(soft ~) ifanta
(to ~) kunywa
(to ~, of king) gukamagura
(animals, go to ~) gushōka
(after a meal) kwīshōza
(all there is in a container) kwūgunyuza
(to cease to ~) guhodoka
(from a reed) gusōma
(from hollow of one's hand) kwīyūhīra
(in) kubōmba
(to lead animals to ~) gushōra
(to make one ~, pour milk down throat) kuramiza
(to refuse to eat and ~ with) kunēna
(to go where others are drinking in hopes of getting some) kuvūmba
En-En dictionary 
drive    (a car) gutwara, gutwara imodoka
(~ cows) kuyobora
(it home, enforce what one has said) kuryōherereza
(out, esp. evil spirits) guhasha, gusēnda
(stake in ground) gushīnga
En-En dictionary 
earrings    amahereni
En-En dictionary 
elsewhere    ahandi
En-En dictionary 
enable    gushoboza
(~ to conquer) kunēshereza
En-En dictionary 
end    iherezo, umuhero, ihero, ubuherūka, impera, imperuka, itahīriro
(~ of boat) umukōndo
(at the ~ of every year) uk'umwāka utāshe
(to be the ~) kugwa mahera
(to be at an ~ of one's resources) kuzigirizwa
(to be at the ~) kwīherezo
(to be at an ~ of one's patience) kudundumirwa
(to be coming to an ~) guherengetera
(to come to an ~) guhenebēra, guhera, kunyika
(to ~ a conversation) kwīkebanura
(to finish) guheza
En-En dictionary 
enforce    (what one has said) kuryōherereza
(the law) gutegeka
En-En dictionary 
entrust    kubītsa, kuzēza
(~ to) kurindīsha, gusigarana
(~ flock to another to pasture) kuragiza
(~ something to another and it increases while there) gutongoza
En-En dictionary 
everywhere    hōse
(to spread ~) (see 'spread')
En-En dictionary 
extremity    iherezo
En-En dictionary 
favorite    (person) umutoni
(~ child) umuhērerezi
(~ servant or friend) umwīshikira
(to be) gutona
En-En dictionary 
fertilize    kwōrohereza, gutabira
En-En dictionary 
finger    urutoke
(thumb) urukumu
(index) nkumbaruboko
(middle) nsūmbazōse
(fourth) marere
(little) uruhererezi
(extra) indorerezi
En-En dictionary 
finish    (vt) guheza, kwāhukānya, kumara, kurangiza, gusōzēra, gutōza, gushirīsha
(vi) guhera, kwāhukāna, kurangira, gushira
(completely, vi) kwīramvura, gukōmvōmvoka
(vt) gukōmvōmvora, kumarīra, kumaramara, kunōnōsora, guherengeteza, guheraheza
(each other off) kumarana
(food) gukōmba
(weaving an article) gusōza
En-En dictionary 
flood    ikidēngēri, umwūzure
(place where water has flooded) isēsero
(to be flooded in house) kuvīrwa
En-En dictionary 
follow    kugendanira, guherekeza, gukurikira, gukwirikira
(after) kunyurana
(closely) kwōma
(a fad) guharara
(old customs) kuzīrōra
(one after the other) gukurikirana
En-En dictionary 
food    indya, ibifungurwa, imfungurwa
(food that needs to be cooked) igitekwa
(baby ~) umusururu
(big portion of) irobe
(and drink of rich man, ruler) igiturire
(for a journey) impāmba
(without salt) ibise
(one in charge of ~ at a feast) umuteretsi
(place where ~ is plentiful) amasumo, ubusumo
(to be burned slightly) kuyēnga
(to become too dry in cooking) kuyēnga
(to burn, vi) kuzigira
(to dish up) kwārura
(to eat, to serve) gufungura
(to get ~ for oneself) gutāra
(to go to find ~) gusuma
(to go together to produce ~ for guests) gutērēra
(to quickly make ~ for one) kuzina
(to serve) gufungura
(to try to find ~ for unexpected guests) kwīyambagura
En-En dictionary 
get    kuronka, guhabwa
(angry, suddenly when one has been talking nicely) kugangabuka
(big, skin in water) kubōmbōka
(close together) kwegerana
(dark, late) kwīra
(dirty) kwāndura
(food for oneself) gutāra
(~ out of the car) kuva mu modoka, gusohoka mu modoka
(~ out of my way!) have! vaho!
(~ out of there) have, vaho
(left behind as you stare at something) kurēngāra
(something in eye) gutosekara
(thin) kugeruka
(thin, very) kugōgōra
(up) guhaguruka, kuvyūka
(up, quickly) kubaduka
(up, to help another ~) kuvyūra
En-En dictionary 
give    guha, guhēsha, gutānga
(back) gusubīza
(back cow, calf to one from whom one received a cow) kwōkōra
(birth) kuvyāra
(birth, cow about to ~) kudigiriza
(cow a second time to one who has brought many gifts) guhetera inkoni
(example) kugereraniriza, guha akarorero
(gift to bride so she will talk) guhorōra
(give me...) mpa
(good measure) kunengesēreza
(in to) kurōnsa
(information) kurangīra
(life to) kubēshaho
(more) kwongera, kwongeza
(oneself to) kwīhāmbīra
(oneself to service of Kiranga) kubāndwa, kuvōvōta
(over a possession) kwegura
(penuriously) kuzirukanya
(pledge or security) kugwatiriza
(present) kugabira
(refuse to) kwīma
(refuse to ~ another his own) kugūnga, kwīmana
(sacrifice) gushikana
(someone a hand) gusahiriza
(someone a heavy load) kuremēka
(to) guha, guhēra, guhēreza, kurōnsa, gushikiriza
(to each other) guhāna
(to each other often) guhānahāna
(to one whose house has burned) gusuhūza
(talk) kugamba
(up everything) kwīgura
(warm welcome, one does not say it of himself) gukēra
En-En dictionary 
go    kugenda, kwigira, kuja
(after) kugīra
(ahead a little) kwūnguruza
(all through a house) kuvōgera
(around) kuzunguruka, gukīkira, gukīkuza, kuzīngūka
(around difficulty) kuzunguruka umutego, gukikuza umutego
(around 'Robinhood's barn') gukingitiranya
(aside with someone to talk privately) kwīkebukana
(astray) kuzimira
(away secretly) kwīdohōra
(back and forth) kunyura
(back on what he said, make one) kurahuruza
(backward) kwītūtānya, kugēnda umugōngo
(backward inadvertently) gufūtānya
(beyond) kurēnga
(by car) kugēnda n'umuduga
(by boat) kugēnda n'ubwato
(by land rather than cross river or lake) guca i musozi
(carefully not knowing path) kwātīra
(elsewhere) kugerēra
(everywhere) gukwiragirana, guhetūra
(far away) kwāmbuka, guhaba
(for food) gusuma
(forward) gutēra imbere
(forward little by little) kwūngururuza, kwūnguruza
(forward steadily) kuramiriza
(for a walk) kugēndagēnda
(from one thing to another) kurārāta
(from place to place) kunyuragiza, kuyugayuga
(gaily) kudayadaya
(here and there, child) kurērēta
(home) gutāha, kuganūka
(home from work) kugodoka
(home, of wife when angry) kugēnda buje
(into danger without regard to oneself) kwīroha
(let's go!) hoji, hogi, tugende
(naked) gufurama, kugēnda amēnya, kugēnda gusa
(on tiptoe) kuyōmbōka
(out, fire, light) kuzima
(out to a certain place) gusokoroka
(outside) gusohoka
(to prepare to go) kwīkora
(quietly) kuyōmbōka
(rapidly) gukinagira
(reluctantly) kwīyumānganya
(right in path, animal) gutōta
(round) gukikuza
(secretly because of fear) kwōmba
(seperate ways) gutāna
(slowly) kugoyagoya
(slowly, of convalescent) kwāndāra
(softly) kuyōmbōka
(steadily forward) kuramiriza
(stealthily) kunyobanyoba, kwiyombayomba, kuyombayomba
(straight forward) gutūmbereza
(through a narrow pass) kunyegētera
(to bed) kuryāma
(to chief or superior for something) kwītwāra, gushengera, gushengerera
(to find food) gusuma
(to help another in his work) gusāsīra
(to meal uninvited) kwigemagema
(to meet) gusanganira, gutegēra
(together to produce food for guests) gutērēra
(together to see, crowd) gukōndōrera
(toward) kurora, kwerekera, kwerekeza
(uncertain of the way) guhushagirika
(uncertainly) kudāguza
(up, as hill) kudūga
(up in smoke) gupfūnduka
(walking, esp. at night) kwīkanya
(to wedding) gutāha ubukwe
(well, to cause to ~) kugēnza
(with) kwāmbukana, kujāna
En-En dictionary 
go-between    (in a marriage) umureshi
(to act as) kurehereza, kuresha
En-En dictionary 
hatred    ubwānkanyi, urwānko, agahamo, uruhamo
(where there has been love) umucāno
(among members of polygamous family) akēnese
En-En dictionary 
hole    (deep ~ in ground in grassy place) igihuma
(for planting beans) ibāngo
(in paper, cloth, container) intoboro, icehere
(in ground) ikuzimu, i kuzimu, ikinogo, icōbo, urwōbo, igishimu
(small ones like rats make) umwōbo, umwēnge
(to get a ~ in) gutoboka
(to ahve ~ from insects) kunyengetērwa
(to make ~) kunyengetēra
(to make ~ in stone) gukorogoshora
(to make a small ~ for setting out tree or plant) gukoba
(to tear a big ~, vi) kumānyuka
(to tie up ~ in sack) gutubika
(to pierce a ~) gutobora
(thing with ~ in it) umwēnge
En-En dictionary 
insect    igikōko, agakōko
(many small) ubukōko
(ant, flying, edible) iswa
(ant, pincher) intozi, urutozi
(ant, soldier) uburima
(ant, sugar) ikinywabūki
(ant, tiny) ubunyegeri
(ant, white) umuswa
(ant hill, white) umugina
(bedbug) igiheri, igihere
(bee) uruyūki
(bee, carpenter) imvūndēri
(bug) agasīmba
(bumblebee) impingwe
(butterfly) ikinyungunyungu, ikinyugunyugu
(centipede, small) inyōngōri
(chigoe flea) imvūnja, ivūnja
(cicada) ijeri
(cockroach) inyēnzi
(fly, big, tsetse) ikibugu
(fly, house) isāzi
(flea) imbaragasa
(gnat) agatūku, ubutūku
(grasshopper) uruhige, agahōri, igihōri
(jigger) imvūnja, ivūnja
(locust) uruyige
(louse) inda
(mosquito) umubu
(moth) ikinyungunyungu
(tick) inyōndwi, inyōndwe
(tick that causes recurrent fever) igitangu
(tiny ~ in eye) akanyarira jisho
(wasp) ivūbi
(to sting or bite) gusurira
En-En dictionary 
itch    amahere, uruhere, uburyi, ukuribwa ku mubiri, ugusasatwa, ukuribwaribwa
En-En dictionary 
junior    umuhererezi
En-En dictionary 
leaves    (young bean ~, when only the first two are there) ingāmba
(stripped from tree) udukōkōrwa
(used for perfume) imbazi
(see also 'leaf')
(to have abundant) gusagaba
(to put forth new) kurēmba
(to strip from tree or stick) gukōkōra
En-En dictionary 
look    (evil) igitsūre
(all about) kuraraguza
(around on all sides) kweraguza, gukebaguza
(at) kurāba, kurereka, kurora, kwirora
(at carefully) guhwēba, kwīhwēza
(at hastily) kurangaguza
(at in wonder) gusamāra
(at intently) kwīhwēza, kwītegereza
(to let look for) gushakisha
(look at me!) kundāba
(at one thing after another, many things) kurābarāba
(at oneself) kwīrāba
(at repeatedly) gukanaguza
(at without paying attention) gusamāra
(at with disapproval) kurāba igitsūre
(behind) gukebuka
(carefully to see if anyone is there) gukengūza
(down, to make another) kwūnamika, kwūnamīsha
(for) kurereka, kurondera
(esp. to feel around) gukabakaba
(for a fault in one another) kugenzanya
(from side to side trying to see everything) kurunguruka
(in the face, to be unwilling to) kwīyobagiza
(like) gushusha
(over, in prospect of buying) kugaragura
(straight up) kurarama
(through) gusesa
(towards) kwerekera, gutūmbēra
(up) gukanura, kurangamiza, kurangamira, kuraramura
En-En dictionary 
near    hāfi, hāfi ya (followed by 'ya' if there is an object)
(to be) kubāngikana
(to draw ~) kwegēra, kwīyegereza
En-En dictionary 
over    (way over there) harīya
(not too far away) harya
(to be almost, night) gushīra, e.g. ijoro rishīra ubuca
(to be left) gusigara
(to leave) gusigaza
(left-overs) imisigazwa
En-En dictionary 
overflow    ibibōgabōga, umusēsekara
(place where river has overflowed the banks) ikidēngeri
(to ~) kubōgabōga, gusēsekara
En-En dictionary 
place    ikibānza, ahantu
(around trees where nothing else grows) impehemyi
(damp) ikinyōta
(for spreading out grain) imbuga
(meeting ~) ihūriro
(of another) igishīngo, icīto
(prepared to put anything) igitereko
(smelting) urugānda
(to offer to the gods) igitabo
(to receive money or other things) iyakīriro
(to sit) umusēzero
(uninhabited) agahīnga
(very narrow, tight) imbōmbāne
(where food is plentiful) ubusumo
(where water has flooded) isēsero
En-En dictionary 
plenty    (to eat) guhāga
(to eat, rude) guhīmba
(to have plenty) guhīmba
(place where food is plentiful) ubusumo, amasumo
En-En dictionary 
priest    umuhērezi
(traditional gender-crossing ~) ikihindu, ikimaze
(catholic priest) umusaseredoti, umupadiri
En-En dictionary 
priesthood    ubuhērezi
En-En dictionary 
pudding    imfungurwa zisosa baherezako
En-En dictionary 
push    gusunika
(another down) gukungagura
(each other) kugundana, gusunurana
(forward) gusekura
(a person down where he belongs) gutururuza
(out, e.g. wind bulging cloth) kubāndūra
(violently) gusunura
(to help to) gusunuza
En-En dictionary 
put    gushira
(away) kubīka, gushingūra
(away the harvest) kwīmbura
(away beans for a year) guhitiza
(away for a year, to be ~) guhitira
(away, for several years) guhitikirana, guhitirana
(away, to take to) kwāndūra
(back) gusubīza
(bees in new hive) kwātira
(down) guhwāmika
(down roughly) gusekura
(forth new leaves) kurēmba
(hand to face in gesture of surprise) kujorerwa
(handle on) gukwikira
(higher) gukiriza
(in certain place) kugabānyānya
(in order) kurorānya
(into water) kurobeza
(near fire to dry) gutara
(on clothes) kwāmbara, kwīyambika
(on nice smelling stuff) kwōsa
(off doing what one should) kwīrengagiza
(oneself above where he belongs) kwītāra
(out fire, light) kuzimya
(out great branches) gusagarara
(out in sun) kwānikira
(outside) gusohora
(right) gutūngānya
(skin of dead calf before cow to make her give milk) kwōrokēra
(something cool on burn) gupfuvya
(somewhere) gushiraho
(things together) kurementanya, gusorōranya
(to bed) kuryāmika
(together) kwegeraniriza, guhūza, gutororokanya, kwegeranya
(to one side) guherereza
(to sleep) gusinziriza
(to work) kwāhura
(up, e.g. arms) gutarika
(up bee hive) kwegeka
(wood on fire) gukomānya
(yeast in beer) kubetera
En-En dictionary 
rash    (to break out with) guturika
(of spots etc.) ugusesa amahere
En-En dictionary 
reinforce    (what one has said) kuryōherereza
(the words of another) kwītsa
En-En dictionary 
remove    gukūra, gukūraho
(chief) gukōmbōra
(clothing) kwāmbūra
(completely) gutōngōra
(dry leaves from banana trees) gutūtūra
(enchantment) kurogōra
(everything from burning house) gusahura
(foreign body from eye, milk or water) gutosōra
(from cross) kubāmbūra
(from fire or oven) kwōkōra
(from hiding) guhishūra
(from hole in ground, what one has put there) kuzīkuruka
(grass from house) gukākura
(lid of basket) kurumūra
(load from head) gutūra
(skin from drying) kubāmbūra
(sliver for oneself) kwīhāndūra
(taboo) kuzirūra
(things) kuyōra
(things from flesh as witch doctors supposedly do) guhura
(thorn or sliver) guhāndūra
En-En dictionary 
return    (to where speaker is) kugaruka
(other than where speaker is) gusubira
(vt) kugarukana, gusubiza
(from far away) guhabūka
(from hunting) guhīgūka
(from running away) guhīngūra
(from war) gutabāruka
(home, of wife when angry at husband) kugēnda buje
(to) gushikiriza
(to cause to) kugarura, gukubiranya, gusubiza
(to fail to) kugīrīra
(to have to ~ home because of bad news) gukuba
(to one's country after famine is over) gusuhūkuruka
(with) kugarukana
(person who goes never to return) akagīrīre
(an investment ~) umwimbu
En-En dictionary 
scabies    amahere, uruhere
En-En dictionary 
scatter    gukwīragiza, gusāba, gusanza,
(vt) gusanzāza
(vi) gusanzāra
(esp. seeds from tree, vi) gushwiragira
(vt) gushwiragiza
(everywhere, vi) gusābagīra
(everywhere, vt) gusābagīza
(seeds or dirt by scratching as chicken does) gusūra
En-En dictionary 
search    kwīhwēza, gusesa
(carefully) gusūra
(for) guhama, kurondera
(for a buyer) kubūnga
(carefully to see if anyone is there) gukengūza
(to make ~ for) gushakisha
(in vain) kujarajara
(research) gusesangura
En-En dictionary 
see    kubona
(after being blind) guhumūka
(see here!) erega
(that someone wishes to see you alone) gukebuka
(through deceit) guhinyura
(with comprehension) kurabukwa
En-En dictionary 
side    (of person) urubavu
(not of person) uruhānde
(on this ~) hīno
(on this ~ of river, valley) hākuno
(on that ~) hīyo
(on the other ~ of something but this ~ of river or valley) hirya
(on the other ~ of river or valley) hākurya
(on the ~ of, beside) iruhānde
(to become right ~ up) kwūburuka
(to lay thing on it's ~) guhēngeka
(to lay someone on his) gukīkira
(to lie on one's ~) gucurama
(to put to one ~) guherereza
(to turn right ~ up) gucurūra, kwūburura
En-En dictionary 
sleepy    (to be) guhunikira, guhūnyiza
(to be so ~ one falls over and stays there) gufurama
En-En dictionary 
soft    (anything very ~, lacking stiffness) urudēndevu
(to be) kwōroha
(to be silky ~) kurēmba
(to get ~ in water) kubōmbōka
(to make soil ~) kwōrohereza
(and springy, e.g. earth in swamp) kudemwademwa
En-En dictionary 
soften    (another's anger) gufyīta
(soil) kwōrohereza
(cloth) kworosha impuzu mu kuyishira mu mazi
En-En dictionary 
soil    ivu, agataka
(with much clay in it) inōmbe
(to soften up) kwōrohereza
(to be worn out) gutītūka
En-En dictionary 
speak    (speaking evil of another with whom you work) ikēba
(one who speaks with senseless repititions of words) ikirogorogo
(all speaking together) imvugarimwe
(to ~) kuvuga
(against) guhāririza
(carelessly) gufudika
(clearly) gufobōra, gutobekeranya
(distinctly) gutobora
(distinctly, not having been able to before) gutumbūra
(evil of one another) gucurikanya
(evil of) gukana, kunegura
(evil of the king) kurogota
(evil of a ruler) kuyoba
(fearlessly) kwūbahuka
(foolishly) kudebagura
(hatefully) gucobogoza
(hesitantlyusually used in negative) guhengēshanya
(in a mysterious language) gufobeka
(incoherently) kuvōvōta
(in someone's favor) gutēturura
(lightly) kujajura
(loudly) kurangurura, kurandamuka
(many words, usually quite meaningless ones) guhogōmboka
(sarcastically) kurtyekeza
(the truth) guhinyuza
(thoughtlessly) kurandamuka
(unwisely or rudely) kurofokwa
(very beseechingly) kubobōteza
(when one shouldn't) kuyogora
(where others hear voices but do not understand) guhwirima
(without arriving at point) kurerembuza
(to cause to) kuvuza
(to leave off speaking evil and speak kindly) kwigarura
(to prevent from speaking) guhwāmika
(give gift to bride so she will ~) guhorōra
(refuse to speak till given gift, as bride does) guhorōrwa
En-En dictionary 
step    intambuko
(measure by steps) itāmbwe
(place where steps are cut in hillside) ubukiru
(to ~) gutambuka
(aside to make light) gukīngūra, gukīnguruka
(on) guhonyora
(take little steps) kunyonyera
En-En dictionary 
substantiate    (enforce what one has said, to drive it home) kuryōherereza
En-En dictionary 
surround    kujiguza, gukīkiza, gukīkuza, gusagaza, gusugereza, kuzīngūka, kuzūnguriza, kuziguza
(esp. country) guhererana
(animal or person hunted) kuzigiriza
(with a wall) kuzitira
(wrap around) gukenyeza
En-En dictionary 
take    gufata, gucakīra, guhitana
(another's place in watching) kubangūra
(apart what has been stuck together) kumatūra
(authority on oneself) kurēngera
(away) gukūra, gushingūra, gutwāra
(away from) kwāka, kunyaga
(away completely) gukōmbōra, gutōngōra
(away with) kuvāna
(by force) kunyaga
(care of) kubungabunga, kwītwaririka
(care of, very good) kubukabuka
(case to chief or court) kubūranya
(case to chief, knowing one is right) gutara
(child in arms) kurera, gukīkira
(council together) guhūza ināma
(cows uphill) kurārūra
(down) kumanura
(down tent) gupāngūra
(everything for oneself) kwīgūngirako
(far away) kwāmbukana
(firm hold of) kubāngiriza
(from another) kwākīra
(from pocket or other concealed place) kugoborora
(here, take this) enda
(hold of) gufata
(hold of person) gusūmira, gushorerakw amaboko
(home) gutāhāna
(home object or cows after being away long time) kugishūra
(in one's arms) kugūmbīra, gukīkira
(mouthful) gutamira
(oath) kurahīra
(off clothes) kwīyambura
(off lid of basket) kurumūra
(out) gusokōra
(out of) gukūra, gusokorora, kugobōtora
(out of hole in ground what one has put there) kuzīkuruka
(outside) gusohora
(picture) gucapura (Sw.)
(place of another) kwākīra
(quickly) gutebūkana
(someone aside) kwīkebana
(someone to chief for trial or accusation) gushengeza
(something out to an appointed place) gusokorora
(to put away) kwāndūra
(to someone) gushīra
(to someone where he is) gusānza
(turns) kwākīrana, kwākīranwa, kuja imbu, gukūranwa
(up space) gutabarara
(walk) kugēndagēnda
(wife) kwābīra
(wife, without marrying her properly) gucīkiza
(with) kujāna
En-En dictionary 
tell    (one who tells others of good things, tells them where to go to find something good) umurānzi
(one who refuses to do as told) intābarirwa
(to ~) kubara, kubarira, kubwīra, gukerutsa, kurānga
(all about something) kujōja
(certainly) kujījūra
(dream) kurōtōra
(events) kudōnda
(fairy tales, stories passed down from long ago) gutika, kugana
(how one's affaires are going) kwīrāta
(make one ~ truth) kurahuruza
(publicly) kwerura
(someone that his friend has died) guhebūza
(something in a kind, easy way) kubembetereza
(to, divulge secret) gukerukiriza
(to others what you've heard) kwīgānīra
(what one has done) kwīyagiriza
(what one has heard while eaves-dropping) gutumbūra
(whole truth without hiding a thing) kwātagura
En-En dictionary 
there    ngaho, aho
(~ is, ~ are) hari
(down there) hēpfo
(over there, fairly near) harya
(up there) haruguru
(way over there) harīya
En-En dictionary 
tomorrow    ejo (lit. 'the other day', therefore also: yesterday)
(day after ~) hīrya y'ējo
En-En dictionary 
up    hejuru
(higher) haruguru
(there) haruguru
(to lift) gukiriza
(to look straight) kurarama
En-En dictionary 
waiter    (at table) umugabuzi, umuhereza
En-En dictionary 
where    (not in questions) aho
(in questions only) hēhe ? ?
En-En dictionary 
wither    gukaba
(to be withered, flesh) kunyūnyūka
En-En dictionary 
yesterday    ejo (lit. 'the other day', therefore also: tomorrow)
(day before ~) hīrya y'ējo, juzi
En-En dictionary 
you    (sing.) wewe, weho, we
(pl.) mwebwe, mweho
(and you) nawe, namwe
(like you) nkawe, nkamwe
(mainly in greetings, questions) ga
(you there!) yewe! yemwe!
En-En dictionary 
younger    (the ~ or, youngest) umuhererezi
En-En dictionary 
located    (to be) guherēra
En-En dictionary 
 here found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 8   Adjectives I
lesson 12   Verb –ri
lesson 16   –ra Present Tense of Verb
lesson 18   Class 5 i–, ama–
lesson 21   Verb –fise
lesson 29   Future Tense
lesson 31   Negative of Future
lesson 33   Class 10 aha-
lesson 35   Vowel-stem Verbs
lesson 37   Cardinal Numbers 1-10
lesson 56   Past of –ri
lesson 57   Object Pronouns I
lesson 58   Object Pronouns II
lesson 61   Ordinal Numerals
lesson 66   Imperatives with the Subjunctive
lesson 68   Negative Imperative and Subjunctive
lesson 73   Father and Mother
lesson 84   Past of Passives
lesson 85   Passives of Monosyllabic Verbs
lesson 87   Demonstrative Adjectives II
lesson 99   Uses of Prepositional Form
lesson 102   Miscellaneous Words
lesson 104   Uses of Nta
lesson 111   How to Say “Some”; The Conditional
lesson 115   Prepositional Suffixes
lesson 118   Some Adverbs; The –raca– Tense
lesson 119   More Adverbs
lesson 120   Miscellaneous Expressions
lesson 122   Summary of Tenses
lesson 123   Narrative Tenses I
lesson 124   Narrative Tenses II
 here found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 1   Compound Past Tenses
chapter 10   –o– Conditional in Present, Past and Future
chapter 26   Special Verb Endings
chapter 62   nguyu, etc.
chapter 75   Colours
chapter 76   Affirmative and Negative Words
chapter 77   “From ... Until”