eat    kurya, gufungura, kunogera, kunoza, kurandagura
(a lot) guhāga, guhīmba
(cause to ~ a lot) gupfunereza
(by sucking only, as candy) kuyongobeza, kuyungubiza
(garden plants, of goats) kwōna
(to refuse to) kuzira
(to refuse to ~ or drink with) kunēna
(together) gusangira
(to ~ what's left on peeling of roasted banana, etc.) gukōra
(two kinds of food together) gukoza
(with instrument) kurīsha
En-En dictionary 
fast    (to not eat) kwīsonzēsha
En-En dictionary 
kunēna (-nēnnye)     v    1. to refuse to eat and drink with, 2. to scorn
plenty    (to eat) guhāga
(to eat, rude) guhīmba
(to have plenty) guhīmba
(place where food is plentiful) ubusumo, amasumo
En-En dictionary 
kunogera (-nogeye)     v    to eat
gupfunereza (-pfunereje)     v    to cause to eat a lot, to blow up (vt), or fill up (vt)
kurya (-riyrīye)     v    to eat (used for people and animals)
(more polite, for people only) gufungura
kuyongobeza (-yongobeje)   v    to eat by sucking only (as candy)
kwīsonzēsha (-īsonzēsheje)     v    to fast, to not eat
kwōna (-ōnnye)     v    1. to eat garden plants, 2. destroy garden (of goats, etc.)
cane    ikibāndo, inkoni yo gushaza
(sugar ~, ready to eat) umusigati, umusumba
(sugar ~, plant) igikaju
En-En dictionary 
guhura (-huze)     v    1. to refuse to eat what you've always eaten, 2. to take objects out of flesh (as witch traditional doctor supposedly does)
guhāga (-hāze)   v    1. to be satisfied, to be full, 2. to eat a lot
simpaze I am not satisfied
gukoza (-kojeje)     v    1. to dip in sauce, to dunk, 2. to eat two kinds of food together
gukōra (-kōye)     v    1. to eat what's left on peeling of roasted banana, etc. (gukōra ibishishwa), 2. to continually beg
kurīra (-rīriye)     v    to eat at, in, because of
guhīmba (-hīmvye)     v    1. to be satisfied (rude), 2. to have plenty, 3. eat plenty, 4. be drunk (used always in a very negative way)
kuryako (-rīyeko)   v    to eat a little, to taste just a bite
kuryana (-ryanye)   v    to eat each other, to eat together (from kurya)
kurīsha (-rīshije)     v    to eat with (instrument), to pasture, to cause to eat
refuse    kwānka, kugāmbāna, guhakana, kunana
(absolutely) guta agati, kuziririza
(esp. girl to marry a certain man) kubēnga
(strongly) gukankamira
(to acknowledge one's wrong) kudadarara
(to eat) kuzira
(to eat or drink with) kunēna
(to eat what you've always eaten) guhura
(to give) kwīma
(to give to another) kwīmana
(to give another his own) kugūnga
(to go on helping someone) guhasha
(to listen, almost as crazy) gutaragurika
(to listen to authority) kugarariza
(to obey) kugaranya
(to repay loan) guheranira
En-En dictionary 
gufungura (-funguye)     v    1. to dine, to eat (used of people), 2. serve food, 3. to dilute
gusangira (-sangiye)     v    1. to eat together, 2. to share, 3. to compete
ikiribwa (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
edible things, something to eat
gufungurira (-funguriye)     v    to offer to eat
kuyungubiza (-yungubije)   v    to eat by sucking only (as candy)
kuryana akameka   phr    to eat together from the bucket (lit.), to have homosexual intercourse (euphem. from prison language)
drink    (anything to be drunk) ikinyōbwa
(sweet banana) umutobe
(soft ~) ifanta
(to ~) kunywa
(to ~, of king) gukamagura
(animals, go to ~) gushōka
(after a meal) kwīshōza
(all there is in a container) kwūgunyuza
(to cease to ~) guhodoka
(from a reed) gusōma
(from hollow of one's hand) kwīyūhīra
(in) kubōmba
(to lead animals to ~) gushōra
(to make one ~, pour milk down throat) kuramiza
(to refuse to eat and ~ with) kunēna
(to go where others are drinking in hopes of getting some) kuvūmba
En-En dictionary 
suck    (esp. juice out of fruit) kunūnuza
(to eat by sucking only, as candy) kuyongobeza, kuyungubiza
En-En dictionary 
-kuru     adj    1. important, 2. senior, 3. great (not size), 4. ancient
agahahirizo (udu-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
agashūhe (udu-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
heat with high humidity
agatēngo     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
(no pl.) trembling (because of fear), great fear
akagenegene (utu-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
1. product, article, item, 2. a play (theater)
akanyamunēza     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
(no pl.) great joy
akaranda     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
(no pl.) person who is great, severe, wise
bitangāje   phr    fantastic, astounding, amazing, astonishing, bewildering, stunning, breathtaking, sensational, remarkable, spectacular, extraordinary, wonderful, marvelous (from gutangāza)
bukumbi     suddenly (as death or accident)
guca ururāsago   phr    making incisions, cuts to treat sick person (trad. med.)
gucaca (-cace)     v    1. to question, 2. to examine, 3. to ask another to repeat to check his veracity
gufufahaza (-fufahaje)     v    to treat patient but he doesn't recover
gufūha (-fūshe)     v    1. to breathe heavily and noisily, 2. to yearn over, 3. want one thing and that alone, 4. to purpose to revenge
gufurāngana (-furānganye)     v    to turn bad suddenly (weather, attitude, etc.)
gufūrēka (-fūrētse)     v    1. to smoke (e.g. green wood), 2. to breathe with difficulty (child)
gufurungana (-furunganye)     v    to turn bad suddenly (weather, person's attitude, etc.)
guhahaza (-hahajije)   v    1. to rule over, to dominate, 2. to mistreat, to oppress
guhahiriza (-hahirije)   v    1. to threaten, 2. to scold severely
guhama (-hamye)   v    1. to hate very strongly, 2. to be mean to, to mistreat, 3. to persecute
guhāmbāra (-hāmbāye)   v    1. to be wicked, 2. to be harsh, 3. to be tremendous, 4. to be very great, 5. to be violent
guhanahana (-hanahanye)     v    to punish repeatedly
guhēma (-hēmye)     v    1. to breathe, 2. to live
guhemēsha (-hemēsheje)     v    to cause to breathe
guhēmūka (-hēmūtse)     v    1. to puff with exertion, 2. to sigh, 3. to breathe hard
guhēnda (-hēnze)     v    1. to deceive, to cheat, 2. to be expensive
guhiga (-hize)     v    1. to race, contest, 2. try to surpass another, 3. dispute, 4. threaten
guhigira (-higiye)     v    1. to contest for, 2. to threaten to
guhumbūra (-humbūye)     v    to deceive, cheat
guhumēka (-humētse)     v    1. to breathe, breathing, 2. to gasp, 3. to sigh, 4. to breath into, inspire
guhūra (-hūye)     v    1. to beat out beans, grain, to thresh, 2. to meet, to encounter, to get together with
gukana (-kannye)     v    1. to smooth out, stretch out (vt) (as skin for drum), 2. to speak evil of, 3. to threaten
gukanaguza (-kanaguje)     v    1. to stare at, 2. look at repeatedly
gukangīra (-kangīriye)     v    1. to frighten unintentionally, 2. to threaten, scold
gukanirwa (-kaniwe)     v    to be threatened
gukeba (-kevye)     v    1. to cut (meat, finger, cloth, paper, etc.), 2. to carve, 3. to circumcise, 4. to prune
gukomāntara (-komāntaye)     v    to be hard-hearted, to be beaten down (as path)
gukōndōka (-kōndōtse)     v    1. to separate (vi), 2. to stop a thing because someone has repeatedly warned or advised you
gukuba (-kuvye)     v    1. to fold, roll up, 2. to threaten to rain, 3. turn back, to have to return home because of bad news
gukubira (-kubiye)     v    1. to fold on, around, 2. threaten to rain at
gukubiranya (-kubiranije)     v    1. to fold repeatedly, 2. to cause to return
gukubita (-kubise)     v    1. to beat, hit, 2. to whip
gukubitira (-kubitiye)     v    to beat at, for, because of
gukubitirwa (-kubitiwe)     v    to be beaten for
gukubitīsha (-kubitīshije)     v    to cause to beat
gukubitwa (-kubiswe)     v    to be beaten
gupfākara (-pfākaye)     v    to lose one's husband or wife by death
gupfīsha (-pfīshije)     v    to lose (by death), cause to die
gupfūha (-pfūshe)     v    1. to be dull (instrument), 2. to be angry, 3. to breathe heavily (cow)
gupfūsha (-pfūshije)     v    to lose one's child (by death)
gusagarara (-sagaraye)     v    to put out great branches
gusanasana (-sanasanye)     v    to repair (something absolutely worn out) repeatedly
gusāsīra (-sāsīye)     v    1. to beat drum continuously, thus setting time for others beating, 2. to go to help another in his work
gusefagura (-sefaguye)     v    to have hiccoughs repeatedly
gusesemwa (-sesemwe)     v    to be nauseated
gushinyagura (-shinyaguye)     v    to treat with anger, to laugh for nothing
gushishagura (-shishaguye)     v    to beat, to shell (as beans)
gushishwa (-shishwe)     v    to be nauseated by repulsive thing
gushōka (-shōtse)     v    1. to do quickly (esp. used by Batwa), 2. to go to drink (animals), 3. to slip down on spear (of meat they've put on tip – if it falls it's supposed to be diseased), 4. to fall accidentally on spear and be injured
gushūhiriza (-shūhirije)     v    to heat at, for
gushūsha (-shūhije)     v    to heat
gushūshwa (-shūhijwe)     v    to be heated
gusīnda (-sīnze)     v    1. to bully, 2. to mistreat, 3. to vex, to annoy
gusīndira (-sīndiye)     v    1. to scold, 2. to insult, 3. to mistreat
gusōmagura (-sōmaguye)     v    to kiss repeatedly, passionately
gusubīra (-subīriye)     v    to repeat, to do again
gusubiramwo (-subiremwo)   v    to repeat
Mushobora gusubiramwo? Could you please repeat (this)?
gutāmbūra (-tāmbūye)     v    to be near death
gutanaga (-tanaze)     v    to feather an arrow
gutētera (-tēteye)     v    to bleed to death
gutonagura (-tonaguye)     v    to beat
gutsīnda (-tsīnze)     v    1. to defeat, win a case, 2. be victorious, to win, 3. to succeed
gutumagura (-tumaguye)     v    to hit repeatedly but gently with fist (mother sometimes does it to child)
icānya (ivy-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
place surrounding great chief's kraal, good pastures
icūya (ivy-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. civet cat, 2. perspiration, sweat
kubira icuya to perspire
ifu y'ingano   phr    wheat flour
igihīnda (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
noise (as of wind, rain, running feet, etc.), by extension: great number of things
igikangīro (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
threat, warning, scolding
igisuru (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. kind of bush (leaves eaten during famine), 2. women's dance celebrating the birth of twins
ikibāndo (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. piece of wood for beating beans or grain, or for closing a door, 2. crutch
ikibēngebēnge (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
ray of sunshine, heat
ikigūmbagūmba (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
joy so great it hurts
ikinure (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
fat meat (usually used in pl.)
ikirānga (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
(pl.) characteristics, feature, attribute, trait
ikiremwa (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. creation, 2. creature, 3. created thing
ikirēre (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. sky, 2. air, weather, atmosphere
imbeho (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. cold (weather), 2. winter
imihigo    2    threats
impfīro (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
death, point of death
impwēmu (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. breath, 2. spirit, 3. air
indāsago (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. vaccination, 2. incision, 3. scar (from cuts made in treating sick person)
indemano (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. created thing, 2. barkcloth garment, 3. nicely made basket, 4. news
indihaguzi (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
heartbeat, pulse
indorerezi (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
extra finger or toe, or teat on cow
indugūmba (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
inenge     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
kugenda ku nenge (in reference to eating)
ingano (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
inyāma (iny-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. meat, 2. flesh
inyāma (i-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. meat, 2. flesh, 3. muscle
inyāma y'akibitsi   phr    meat of leg
inyāma y'inka   phr    beef meat
inyāma z'ihene   phr    goat meat
inyambarabāmi (iny-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
king's clothing, esp. animal skins worn by kings or great chiefs, or jewels
inyōnga (iny-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
presence of great person, at his feet
inyundo (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
in the presence of (lit. knees) (some great person)
irīro (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. dining room, 2. eating place
iryōya (am-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
isenema (i-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
cinema, movie theater
isinema (i-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
cinema, movie theater
isīnzi (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
a great number (about ten thousand and above)
iyugi (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. copper or leather shells at the ankles of intōre dancers, 2. white shell charm worn around the neck by eight-born child (called Mayugi)
kubika (-bitse)     v    1. to announce the death of someone, 2. to crow
kubikira (-bikiye)   v    to announce to someone about a death
kubira icuya (-bize)   phr    to perspire, to sweat
kubobōka (-bobōtse)     v    1. to be full of air (as ball), 2. to be full (having eaten)
kubomborana (-bomboranye)     v    1. to make a great noise, 2. strike together (vi)
kudigiriza (-digirije)     v    1. to threaten, 2. to frighten, 3. to boast over another
kugasāra (-gasāye)     v    to spread out great branches
kugāyagāya (-gāyagāye)     v    to be very happy, untroubled (having eaten or drunk a lot)
kugenzūra (-genzūye)     v    1. to judge weather by sky, 2. to try to know something, 3. seek information, 4. to inspect
kugera (-geze)     v    1. to command, rule, 2. measure, 3. reach a certain point, 4. to arrive, 5. to act as if to beat but not do it, 6. to be ready
kugereka (-geretse)     v    1. to place thing above another, 2. repeat, 3. add to, 4. to crow second time in morning
kugerekeranya (-gerekeranije)     v    1. to place one thing above another, 2. repeat, add to
kugūnga (-gūnze)     v    1. to be dishonest, 2. to cheat, deceive, 3. refuse to give another his own
kujānjagura (-jānjaguye)     v    to break up, to beat
kujorerwa (-jorerewe)     v    1. to be speechless (with surprise or defeat), be dumbfounded, be surprised, be stunned, 2. gesture of putting one's hand to his face
kunēsha (-nēsheje)     v    1. to conquer, win, be victor, 2. defeat, 3. to triumph over
kunēshwa (-nēshejwe)     v    to be defeated
kunoza (-noje)     v    1. to eat, 2. to chew, grind
kunura (-nuze)     v    to be fat (of meat)
kunūtsa (-nūkije)     v    to fight and defeat completely
kunyukura (-nyukuye)     v    to scrub clothes, to beat, to rub
kuramagura (-ramaguye)     v    to beat (raising welts)
kuramura (-ramuye)     v    1. to swell up in welts (when beaten or burned), 2. to strike another and peel the skin off, 3. to put temper in metal, 4. to wean
kurandagura (-randaguye)     v    to resist or fight, to eat, bite (as animal, pain), to weed out grass quickly
kurema (-remye)     v    1. to create, make, 2. to lie, deceive, 3. to be brave, quiet, confident, strong
kuremera (-remeye)     v    to lie, create at, for
kuremēsha (-remēsheje)     v    1. to encourage, to strengthen, 2. to create with
kuremwa (-remwe)     v    to be created
kurībwa (-rībwe)     v    to have severe pain, to be eaten
kurīshwa (-rīshijwe)     v    to be caused to eat, be pastured
kuvūra (-vūye)   v    to heal (vt), to treat
kuvūrana (-vūranye)   v    to treat each other
kuvūrira (-vūriye)   v    to treat at, for
kuvūrīsha (-vūrīshije)   v    to cause to treat, treat with
kuvūrwa (-vūwe)   v    to be treated
kuvuza (-vugije)   v    1. to cause to speak, 2. to play instrument, 3. to beat drum
kuvūza (-vūje)   v    to cause to treat the sick
kuvyigiriza (-vyigirije)   v    1. to frighten, 2. to threaten
kuzimbwa (-zimbwe)   v    to be cheated by the seller
kuzira (-zize)   v    1. to be forbidden, taboo, to refuse to eat, to despise, 2. to be punished for someone else's wrong doing, to suffer or be punished because of a certain thing, 3. to avenge wrong done to one's family
kuzizwa (-zijijwe)   v    to be mistreated because of
kwānkika (-ānkitse)     v    to try repeatedly unsuccessfully
kwīciraho (--yeho)     v    to punish by death on the spot
kwīfata (-īfashe)     v    1. to treat oneself, conduct oneself, have a certain bearing, 2. to control onself
kwīhanikiriza (-īhanikirije)     v    1. to warn, 2. to threaten, 3. send in a hurry
kwījajara (-ījajaye)     v    to die, to peg out, to die a wretched death (rude, used of a person scorned by others)
kwīkōmvōmvora (-īkōmvōmvoye)     v    to cleanse house ceremoniously after a death
kwīkubiranya (-īkubiranije)     v    1. to fold itself repeatedly, 2. to do the same exercise repeatedly
kwimanya (-imanye)     v    to be in heat (animals)
kwītāmba ku muvyimba (-ītāmvye)     phr    1. to make it hard for one who has lost a loved one by reproaching the dead one, 2. to make light of serious things, 3. to gloat over (reference to death) (from gutāmba)
kwīvura (-īvuye)     v    to treat oneself
kwīvuza (-īvuje)     v    to go for treatment
kwīyongeranya (-īyongeranije)     v    to repeat many times
kwongera (-ongeye)     v    1. to repeat, do again, 2. to give more, 3. to augment, to increase (vt), 4. to accelerate
kwūhagira (-ūhagiye)   v    to bathe (vt) (originally associated with ceremonial cleansing at time of a death in family)
kwūmirwa (-ūmiriwe)   v    to be speechless in defeat, or surprise, or misfortune
mūsi     adv    under, beneath, underneath
nēza cane   phr    fabulous, great
Rurema     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
ubupagani     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) heathenism
ubushūhe     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) 1. heat, 2. fever
ukuvūra   9  class 9
singular: uku-
treatment (med.)
umuganwa (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
chief, great chief, blood prince
umugega (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
clothing worn underneath, as sack dress
umukororōmvyi (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. streak (caused by water, sweat, etc.), 2. rainbow
umumyōre (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
stripe from beating
umupagani (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
heathen, pagan
umupira (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
(Sw.) 1. ball, 2. sweater, pullover, 3. eraser, rubber
umurānzi (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
dried meat
umuremyi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umurēngera (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
person with many children, great riches, possessions, countless things
umurisho (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
stick for beating drum
umururūmbo (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
fever, heat
umushēnzi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
heathen person, uncivilized person
umushombo (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
defeat, overthrow
umuvūzi (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
doctor, one who treats illness
umuyebe   2  class 2
singular: umu-
miming dance of men wearing birds feathers, Imbo region
umuzimagiza (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
great darkness
umuzitanya (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
great darkness
umwāmikazi (ab-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. queen, 2. wife of great chief or of king
umwānya (imy-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. time, duration, moment, 2. space, 3. distance, 4. seat
umwīshwa (imy-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
garland, wreath (such as put around basket with gift)
urufūri   6  class 6
singular: uru-
bad weather (cloudy but not rainy)
urugori (in-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
1. wreath, 2. crown, 3. charm worn on head or on stomach
urupfu (im-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
ururāsago     6  class 6
singular: uru-
1. vaccination, 2. incision, 3. scar (from cuts made in treating sick person)
urwūbati (inz-  6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
sheath, case
act    (to ~ as go-between) kurehereza
(~ as if to beat, but not do it) kugera
(~ foolishly) kwītūtānya, gusaragurika, kudāyāngwa
(~ foolishly in fun) gupfyina
(~ homosexually) gutingana
(~ ignorantly) kwītūtānya
(~ indifferent) kwīrengagiza
(to ~ or go secretly because of fear) kwōmba
En-En dictionary 
anger    uburake, uburakari, ishavu, ubusugurirwe,
(rare) ipfūhe, ifūhe
(to soften another's) gufyīta
(to tear clothes in) kumwāga
(to treat with) gushinyagura
(word that remains in heart and causes anger) isata burēnge
En-En dictionary 
animal    (domestic) igitungano
(wild) igikoko, inyamāswa
(male in heat) ishāshi
(of nice disposition) ikirende
(track of) umwānza
(truly animal) bukōko
(young of) umukāngara
(young of small) imbūnda
(antelope) impōngo
(small antelope) ingeregere
(bat) agahūngarēma
(bear) idubu
(buffalo) imbogo
(young bull) ishūri
(male calf) ikimasa
(camel) ingamiya, ingameya
(cat) akayabo, akayabu
(chameleon) uruvo, uruvuruvu
(cheetah) igikara
(civit cat) icūya
(crocodile) ingōna
(deer) impōngo
(dog) imbwa,
(female) imbwakazi,
(wolf-like wild) ibīngira
(donkey) indogoba, indogobwe
(elephant) inzovu
(ferocious) igisimba
(fox) imbwēbwe
(frog) igikere
(gazelle) ingeregere
(giraffe) umusumbarembe
(goat) impene,
(male) impfīzi,
(young male goat) agasugurume
(goats) intūngwa, igitūngwa
(hare) urukwāvu
(hippopotamus) imvubu
(hyena) imfyisi
(jackal) imbwēbwe
(kid, lamb) umwāgazi
(lion) intāmbwe, intare
(lizard) umuserebanyi
(mongoose) isambwe
(monkey) inkēnde, imamfu
(puppy) ikibwāna, imbūnda
(python) isato
(rabbit) urukwāvu
(ram) isuguru
(rat, mouse) imbeba
(rat, cane) isiha
(sheep) intāma, intūngwa, igitūngwa
(toad) igikere
(weasel) akarīnda, akagomba
(zebra) imparage
(to give salt to domestic ~) kwūhīra
(to lead to drink) gushōra
(to stake out to pasture) kuzirika
En-En dictionary 
announce    kubūrira, kubūra, kurānga
(oneself) kwībūra
(to stand at door and call greeting) kuramutsa
(the death of someone) kubika, kubikira
(everywhere) gukwīragiza, gukwīza
En-En dictionary 
arrow    umwampi
(to feather an ~) gutanaga
(to shoot an ~) kurasa
En-En dictionary 
ask    (another to repeat to check his veracity) gucaca
(each other) kubazānya
(each other to explain) gusiguzānya
(each other riddles) gusōkōrānya
(for) gusaba
(for daily) kubōbōtereza
(frequently) gusabiriza
(many in order to verify) gushīshōza
(many questions) kubazagiza
(of someone that which he has promised) guhāngūra
(oneself) kwībaza, kwītsa
(over and over again) kubaririkiza
(persistently, though refused) gucuna
(question) kubaza
(a riddle) gusōkōza
(stupid questions) kudedēmvya
En-En dictionary 
beat    gukubita, kujānjagura, gushinyagurira, gushishagura, gutonagura
(act as if to ~, but not do so) kugera
(~ around the bush) gukingitiranya
(clothes) kunyukura
(heart) gutera indihaguzi
(drum) kuvuza
(raising welts) kuramagura
En-En dictionary 
bleed    kuva amaraso
(to death) gutetera
En-En dictionary 
branch    ishami
(serving to close entrance) imyugariro, imihogero, imihangazo
(to cut off) gukōkōra
(to put forth) gushamika
(to put out great) gusagarara, gutabarara
En-En dictionary 
broiled meat   uburyo bwo kwotsa
En-En dictionary 
charm    (heathen) igihēko
(heathen, worn on head) urugori
(used by witch doctor) urukorōnko, inkorōnko
('medicine' smeared about kraal to keep away thieves and evil spirits) ururēmbeko
(spell, hex) amarozi
(white shell worn by children) iyugi
En-En dictionary 
cheat    (to) kugūnga, guhumbūra, guhēnda
En-En dictionary 
chief    (great) umuganwa
(sub) umutwāre
(to go to with trouble, complaint) gushengera, gushengerera
(to remove) gukōmbōra
(to take someone to for trial or accusation) gushengeza
En-En dictionary 
cleanse    kwēza, gukēmūra
(~ house ceremoniously after death) kwīkōmvōmvora
(oneself) kwīsukura
En-En dictionary 
clothes    impūzu, umwāmbaro, icāmbarwa, inyāmbaro
(very nice, colorful) uruhwijima
(worn out) agashāmbara, umushāmbara
(to put on, wear) kwāmbara
(to put on) kwīyambika
(to rinse) kurongorora
(to scrub, to beat, to rub) kunyukura
(to take off) kwīyambura
(to tear) gukākagura
(to tear in anger) gukākura, kumwāga
En-En dictionary 
clothing    umwāmbaro, impūzu, icāmbarwa
(for work) icāmbazo
(of king, esp. animal skins or jewels) inyambarabāmi
(worn underneath outer garments) umugega
(to remove) kwāmbura
(to strip one of his) gukoba
En-En dictionary 
cold    –bisi
(in chest) agaherēra
(in head) agahiri, akamango, akamangu,
(cough) inkorora
(common cold, flu) ibicurane
(weather) imbeho, ubukonje
(weather, severe) igikonyozi
(to be) gukōnja, gukanya, gutīmba
(to be drawn up from ~) gutetera
En-En dictionary 
cool    -bisi
(to) guhora
(to be, weather) gupfuka
(to cause to) guhoza
En-En dictionary 
corn    ikigōri
(cob) igitiritiri
(early kind) isega
(kind with big kernel) ikijigo
(ground corn that has first been roasted) igikweme
(silk) ubusage
(tender new) igishōro
(yellow kind) amashigisha
(to shell) guhungura, kuvūngurīsha
(wheat) ingano
En-En dictionary 
cut    (to ~) guca, gutānya, gukata (Sw.)
(to be ~) gucībwa
(banana leaves) kugombōra
(banana stalk) gutūmbūra, guhānyura
(chop with hoe or other instrument) kujema
(crosswise) kugegena
(down trees left after fire has passed over) gutōngōra
(easily) gutemuka
(easily, grass) kwāhirika
(eyes out) kunogora
(grass) gutema, gukera, gukerera
(grass for use) kwāhira
(grass or brush in order to see path or object) guhūnja
(hair) kumwa
(in big chunks) guketagura
(in even lengths) gucacūra
(in many pieces) guhimbagura
(in pieces) gukebagura
(lengthwise) kwōmānza, gusatura
(meat, finger, etc.) gukeba
(neck of animal) gukerera
(off) gukona
(off branches) gukōkōra
(off tail of animal) gukēmūra
(off top of tree) gukēmūra
(tree) gukera, gutema, guca
(trees for building) guhimbura
(up) gukekagura
(up into small pieces) gukeka
(up small as reeds, boards) gutemagura
(trees or sticks) kugegena
(with one blow) gutemura
(with sawing motion) gukerera
(wood in short bits) kunyuramwo
(wool of sheep) gukēmūra
En-En dictionary 
darkness    umwījima, umwīza
(great) umuzimagiza, umuzitanya
(in daytime) ubwīrakabiri
En-En dictionary 
defeat    umushombo
(to ~) kunēsha, gutsīnda
En-En dictionary 
dried meat   umurānzi
En-En dictionary 
drum    ingoma
(sacred royal ~) karyenda
(sacred ~ ”for whom one ploughs”) murimirwa
(sacred ~ ”for whom one clears brush”) ruciteme
(sacred ~ accompanying the king) rukinzo
(sacred ~ ”dispenser of peace”) nyabuhoro
(sacred ~ ”lady of the land”) inakigabiro
(to beat ~) kuvuza
(to beat continuously, thus setting time for others beating) gusāsīra
(stick for beating ~) umurisho, umukembe
En-En dictionary 
eaten    (to be) kurībwa
(also used meaning to have severe pain)
En-En dictionary 
eating    (place) irīro
En-En dictionary 
extra    (additional) inyongera
(to be left over) gusigara
(~ digit, toe, teat) indorerezi
En-En dictionary 
fat    itōto
(meat) ibinure
(to be) kudoha, kuvyibuha
(to be, child) gushisha
(to be, meat) kunura
(to become) kudoha, kuvyibuha
En-En dictionary 
fear    ubwōba
(great) agatēngo
(of losing position) igihababu
(~ to hurt another because you love him) impuhwe
(thing or person stricken with ~) igihūmura
(to act or go secretly because of ~) kwōmba
(to jump with ~, in heart) guhahama
(to shout in sudden ~) gutura ubuku
En-En dictionary 
feet    (see foot)
(at ~ of great person, i.e. in his presence) inyōnga, inyundo
(to scrap ~ on floor, esp. because of itching) gusyēgenya
En-En dictionary 
feign    (to ~ beating) kugera
(to ~ working) gushaza
En-En dictionary 
fetish    (bark cloth used as a thing of worship) indabe
(gourd used) intendēri
(heathen charm on head) urugori
(spotted barkcloth) indome
(things used in worship of Kiranga, thought to have special powers) ubuzimuzimu
(charm) igiheko
En-En dictionary 
fist    igipfūnsi
(to hit with ~ repeatedly but gently, mother with child) gutumagura
En-En dictionary 
food    indya, ibifungurwa, imfungurwa
(food that needs to be cooked) igitekwa
(baby ~) umusururu
(big portion of) irobe
(and drink of rich man, ruler) igiturire
(for a journey) impāmba
(without salt) ibise
(one in charge of ~ at a feast) umuteretsi
(place where ~ is plentiful) amasumo, ubusumo
(to be burned slightly) kuyēnga
(to become too dry in cooking) kuyēnga
(to burn, vi) kuzigira
(to dish up) kwārura
(to eat, to serve) gufungura
(to get ~ for oneself) gutāra
(to go to find ~) gusuma
(to go together to produce ~ for guests) gutērēra
(to quickly make ~ for one) kuzina
(to serve) gufungura
(to try to find ~ for unexpected guests) kwīyambagura
En-En dictionary 
forecast    (to ~ weather by sky) kugenzūra
En-En dictionary 
full    (to be) kwūzura
(to be absolutely ~ to brim) gutētera
(to be almost, waterpot) gucagatira
(to overflowing) kubōga, kubōgabōga
(too full) gufunereza
(having eaten, or full of air) kubobōka
En-En dictionary 
God    Imāna, Mungu (Sw.)
(who is all seeing) Indāvyi
(the Creator) Rurema
(the Lord, Eternal One) ūhoraho
En-En dictionary 
great    (important) –kuru
(to be very) guhāmbāra
(person who is great, severe, wise) akaranda
En-En dictionary 
grilled meat   uburyo bwo kwotsa
En-En dictionary 
happiness    umunēzēro, ikinēzēro
(joy so great it hurts) ikigūmbagūmba
En-En dictionary 
heart    umutima, umushaha
(pure, kind) umutima ukeye
(broken) umutima umenetse
(to jump with fear) guhahama
(to pound) kugurugūmba, gusimbagurika, kudidagizwa
(to set one's ~ on) guhahamira
(to beat) gutera indihaguzi
En-En dictionary 
heartbeat    indihaguzi
En-En dictionary 
heat    ubushūhe, indugūmba, umururūmbo, ikibēngebēnge
(with high humidity) agashūhe
(male animal in) ishāshi
(to be in, animals) kwimanya
En-En dictionary 
hit    (to) gukubita
(repeatedly but gently with fist, mother with child) gutumagura
(a sore place) gutoneka
En-En dictionary 
husband    umugabo, umugēnzi
umucance (lit. one who broke the hymen)
(to lose one's ~ by death) gupfākara
En-En dictionary 
incision    ururāsago, indāsago
(to make ~ to treat a sick person) guca ururāsago
En-En dictionary 
jewels    urutabonwa
(worn by king or great chiefs) inyambarabāmi
En-En dictionary 
joy    umunēzēro, ikinēzēro, akanēza
(great) akanyamunēza
(so great it hurts) ikigūmbagūmba
(cry of) impūndu
En-En dictionary 
kiss    gusōma
(repeatedly, passionately) gusōmagura
(each other) gusōmana
En-En dictionary 
live    kuba
(live at, to dwell) gutura
(breathe, to still live) guhēma
(to be alive) kubaho
(to cause to) kubēshaho
(long time) kurāmba
(near a public place) guhorahabona
(together) kwāmana, kubāna, kumana
(long live the king!) ganza, sabwa!
En-En dictionary 
look    (evil) igitsūre
(all about) kuraraguza
(around on all sides) kweraguza, gukebaguza
(at) kurāba, kurereka, kurora, kwirora
(at carefully) guhwēba, kwīhwēza
(at hastily) kurangaguza
(at in wonder) gusamāra
(at intently) kwīhwēza, kwītegereza
(to let look for) gushakisha
(look at me!) kundāba
(at one thing after another, many things) kurābarāba
(at oneself) kwīrāba
(at repeatedly) gukanaguza
(at without paying attention) gusamāra
(at with disapproval) kurāba igitsūre
(behind) gukebuka
(carefully to see if anyone is there) gukengūza
(down, to make another) kwūnamika, kwūnamīsha
(for) kurereka, kurondera
(esp. to feel around) gukabakaba
(for a fault in one another) kugenzanya
(from side to side trying to see everything) kurunguruka
(in the face, to be unwilling to) kwīyobagiza
(like) gushusha
(over, in prospect of buying) kugaragura
(straight up) kurarama
(through) gusesa
(towards) kwerekera, gutūmbēra
(up) gukanura, kurangamiza, kurangamira, kuraramura
En-En dictionary 
lose    guhōmba, guta, gutakaza
(by death) gupfīsha
(by death, one's child) gupfusha
(interest) gutenzēkanya, gutezēkanya, gutēzūra
(one another) gutāna
(one's head) gucika ivutu, kuzimagirika
(one's husband or wife by death) gupfākara
(one's zeal or enthusiasm) kudehūra
(original force) gutītūra
(to cause to) gutēsha
(to ~ elections) gutindwa amatora
(to ~ reason) gusara
(to make another ~ his case) kuzingirikira
(one who has lost everything in trial) imvumure
(weight) kugōgōra
En-En dictionary 
meat    inyāma
(dried) umurānzi
(fat) ibinure
(to slip down on spear – if it slips it's supposed to be diseased) gushōka
En-En dictionary 
mistreat    guhahaza, guhama, gusīnda
En-En dictionary 
pasture    (belonging to great chief) icānya
(fresh, new shoots of grass) umugutu
(to ~, vi) kwāhuka
(to ~, vt) kuragira, kurīsha
(animals in good place) kwāhura
(in greener pastures, vt) kugisha
(to lead cows to) guturutsa
En-En dictionary 
presence    (of great person) inyōnga, inyundo
En-En dictionary 
punish    guhana
(by death on the spot) kwīciraho
(repeatedly) guhanahana
En-En dictionary 
put    gushira
(away) kubīka, gushingūra
(away the harvest) kwīmbura
(away beans for a year) guhitiza
(away for a year, to be ~) guhitira
(away, for several years) guhitikirana, guhitirana
(away, to take to) kwāndūra
(back) gusubīza
(bees in new hive) kwātira
(down) guhwāmika
(down roughly) gusekura
(forth new leaves) kurēmba
(hand to face in gesture of surprise) kujorerwa
(handle on) gukwikira
(higher) gukiriza
(in certain place) kugabānyānya
(in order) kurorānya
(into water) kurobeza
(near fire to dry) gutara
(on clothes) kwāmbara, kwīyambika
(on nice smelling stuff) kwōsa
(off doing what one should) kwīrengagiza
(oneself above where he belongs) kwītāra
(out fire, light) kuzimya
(out great branches) gusagarara
(out in sun) kwānikira
(outside) gusohora
(right) gutūngānya
(skin of dead calf before cow to make her give milk) kwōrokēra
(something cool on burn) gupfuvya
(somewhere) gushiraho
(things together) kurementanya, gusorōranya
(to bed) kuryāmika
(together) kwegeraniriza, guhūza, gutororokanya, kwegeranya
(to one side) guherereza
(to sleep) gusinziriza
(to work) kwāhura
(up, e.g. arms) gutarika
(up bee hive) kwegeka
(wood on fire) gukomānya
(yeast in beer) kubetera
En-En dictionary 
queen    (wife of king, or of great chief) umwāmikazi
(ruling, mother of king) umugabekazi
En-En dictionary 
rain    imvura
(light, fine) urunyanyāga
(main rain season) itumba
(season of early rains) agatāsi
(very heavy) isegenya
(very heavy, sweeps away crops on hillside) inkukūra
(wind and rain, storm) inkūbi
(path of water in heavy rain) umuvo
(to ~) kugwa
(with imvura, i.e. imvura iragwa)
(to begin to ~ after dry season) gutāsura
(to cause to, sorcerer) kuvuba
(early in morning or for a long time) kuvōvōta
(heavily) guhonoka
(a long time without stopping) kujobanya
(on) kuvubira
(softly) kunyanyāga
(to threaten to) gukuba
(to fall continuously) gushāna
(to fall heavily) kuzibiranya
(to go for shelter in) kwūgama
(to be soaked by downpour) kujōbeka
En-En dictionary 
reject    gushibura
(council) gusaragurika
(food that you've always eaten) guhura
En-En dictionary 
repair    guhīngūra
(car) gukanika imodoka
(house) gusanura
(something absolutely worn out, or, ~ repeatedly) gusanasana
(woven thing) gusana
En-En dictionary 
repeat    gusubīra, kwongera, kugereka, kugerekeranya
(many times) kwiyongeranya
(to tell what one has heard while eavesdropping) gutumbūra
(to ask another to ~ in order to check his veracity) gucaca
En-En dictionary 
repulsive    (to be) gushisha
(to be nauseated by a ~ thing) gushishwa
En-En dictionary 
riches    itūnga, ubutūnzi, ubukire
(great) umurēngera
En-En dictionary 
roast meat   ubwoko bw'inyāma yoroshe
En-En dictionary 
seat    icīcaro
(bench) intebe ndende ifise umudo
En-En dictionary 
severe    (person) umuhāmbāzi
(one who is great, severe, wise) akaranda
En-En dictionary 
skin    uruhu, urukoba, urusāto
(for carrying baby) ingovyi
(worn by king or great chief) inyambarabāmi
(scaly) ibikaragāshi
(to ~) kumyōra, gukungura
(to fall and ~ oneself) gukungagura, gukunguka
(to remove ~ from drying) kubāmbūra
(to stretch out to dry by pegging) kubāmba
(to have something penetrate the) gusesērwa
(crack in foot) ikivutu
En-En dictionary 
slip    kunyerera
(down on spear, meat if it slips it's supposedly diseased) gushōka
(out little by little, e.g. nail) kwīdohōra
En-En dictionary 
speechless    (to be, in defeat, surprise, misfortune) kwūmirwa
(to be with shame or fear) gutētērwa
(to be with surprise or defeat) kujorerwa, kujumarara
(to leave one ~, astound) kujoreza
(to render) kwūmiza
En-En dictionary 
spread    (abroad, vt) kwāndagaza, kwāngāza, gukwīza, gukwīragiza
(vi) kwāmāmara, gukwīra, guhetūra, gukwīragira
(grass) gusasa
(legs apart) guhānyuka
(out) gupānga
(out great branches) kugasāra
(out on something) gusanza
(thing spread out flat) ikiramvu
En-En dictionary 
stick    igiti
(for beating drum) umurisho, umukembe
(large, stuck in ground) inkīngi, igikīngi
(short, club) ingāge
(stuck in person) urubāngo
(thrown to kill bird etc.) injugujugu
(walking) inkoni
(with nail in end) umuhūnda
En-En dictionary 
stop    (vi) guhagarara, kureka, gusigaho
(vt) guhagarika, gutururuza, kubuza
(diarrhea) gufutīsha
(quarrel and make like each other) kwūnga
(~ talking abruptly though others continue) kwōnjorora
(a thing because someone has repeatedly warned and advised) gukōndōka
(up) kuzibiza
(working) kugodoka
En-En dictionary 
streak    (caused by water, sweat) umukororōmvyi
En-En dictionary 
stripe    (from beating) umumyōre
(mark of a blow) umuramu
En-En dictionary 
suddenly    giturūmbuka
(as death or accident) bukumbi
(to come) guturūmbuka
(to happen) kwūbira
En-En dictionary 
supernumerary    (digit, or teat of cow) indorerezi
En-En dictionary 
sweat    icūya, urwūya
(to ~) kubira icuya
En-En dictionary 
threat    agahahirizo, igikangīro, imihigo
En-En dictionary 
treat    (one who treats illness) umuvūzi
(to ~ illness) kuvūra
(with anger) gushinyagura
(patient who does not recover) gufufahaza
En-En dictionary 
try    kugerageza, kugeza
(on clothes) kwīgera
(over and over in several places and ways) gutarataza
(to get out of work) gushaza
(to hinder from doing wrong) guhōyahōya
(to know something) kugenzūra
(to persuade) gukiranira
(to persuade in underhanded way) kubembeteranya
(repeatedly unseccessfully) kwānkika
(to rule or act in another's place) kurēngera
(to surpass another) guhiga
En-En dictionary 
turn    urubu
(to take) kuja imbu, kwākīrana, kwākīranwa, gukūranwa
(to have one's) kuramukirwa
(about, vt) kuzūnguza, kuzūnguriza
(against) guhinyura
(against one you've loved) gucāna
(around, vi) guhindukira
(around, vt) guhindukiza
(around several times, vt) kuzungagiza
(away, vt) guhīnda
(back, vt) gukuba
(as fold)
(bad suddenly, e.g. weather, attitude) gufurūngana, gufurāngana
(on side, vt) guhēngeka
(one's head) gukebuka
(over and over, vt) kugaragura
(right side up) gucurūra
(upside down) kwūbika, gucuramika
(upside down or wrong end to) gucurika
En-En dictionary 
unsuccessful    (to be) gutāna
(try repeatedly unseccessfully) kwānkika
En-En dictionary 
welt    umuramu, umushishagu
(to swell up in ~ when beaten or burned) kuramura
En-En dictionary 
wheat    ingano
En-En dictionary 
wife    umugēnzi, umugore
(abandoned) intabwa
(favorite) inkūndwākazi
(wife of) muka
(wife of king, chief) umwāmikazi
(to bring back ~ after she's gone home) gucūra
(to lose ~ by death) gupfākara
(to send ~ back to husband when she's gone home) gucūrira
(to take) kwābīra
(to take, without marrying her properly) gucīkiza
En-En dictionary 
worn out   (clothes) agashāmbara, umushāmbara
(mat) umusāmbi
(thing) akāhebwe, umushiro
(to be, of soil no longer productive) gutītūka
(to become) gusāza, gucobogora, gutama
(to repair repeatedly something absolutely ~) gusanasana
En-En dictionary 
humidity    (heat with ~) agashuhe
En-En dictionary 
dine    (eat) gufungura
En-En dictionary 
heat    (to heat up) gushūsha, gususurutsa
En-En dictionary 
person    umuntu
(bad) umubi
(Black or African) umwirabura
(cross) ibāmba
(courageous) intwāri
(dedicated to Kiranga) igihwēba, igishegu
(dishonest) igihūmbu
(elderly) umusāza
(fearful) igihumura
(from far away) umunyankīko
(good, kind, just, holy, righteous) umwerānda
(grammar, ~ of verb) umuvugwa
(handsome) umuhizi
(hard to get along with) ikigoryi
(harsh) umuhāmbāzi
(honest, speaking truth) imvugakuri, umunyakuri
(honorable) umupfāsoni, umwūbahwa, nyakubahwa
(intelligent, skilled, eloquent) umuhānga
(kind and charitable) umukūndanyi
(lovable) umunyagikūndiro
(malformed) ikirema
(mean and quarrelsome) ikijōra
(meek) umugwanēza
(merciful) umunyembabazi
(miserable) umugōrwa
(of high rank, noble character) umupfāsoni
(of nice disposition) ikirende
(one by himself) inyakamwe
(sharp) inkazi
(skillful) umuntu w'inkuba, umugesera
(strong) umunyenkomezi
(stubborn) intakonywa, intābwīrwa
(tall, fat) ikigwīnyīra
(weak) umugoyigoyi, urudēndevu
(white) umuzungu, umwera
(who is great, severe, wise) akaranda
(with many children) umurēngera
(worthy of praise or love) umunyagikūndiro
En-En dictionary 
judge    (to ~) guca itēka, guca urubānza
(~ weather by sky) kugenzūra
En-En dictionary 
play    igikino, urukino, umukino
(at theater) utugenegene
En-En dictionary 
sugar cane   umusigati, umusumba (for eating), igikaju (plant)
En-En dictionary 
inspire    (breath into) guhumēka
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