den    (of wild animals) ubuhūku, ubuvumo
En-En dictionary 
ubuhuku     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) cave, den (of wild animals, as in rocks)
ubuvumo   8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) cave, den (as of wild animal, in rocks)
urudēnde     6  class 6
singular: uru-
(no pl.) 1. one solitary thing, 2. singular (gram.)
kudēnda (-dēnze)     v    to be too big for (e.g. garment)
kudēndūka (-dēndūtse)     v    1. to die, perish (esp. of one who has been ill for a long time), 2. to break completely (bone) (vi)
akadenderezo     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
(no pl.) persecution
kudendereza (-dendereje)     v    1. to persecute, 2. accuse falsely
kudendekanya (-dendekanye)     v    to make excuses
kudendebukirwa (-dendebukiwe)     v    1. to be weak, 2. to be tired without reason, 3. to be faint
kudendekeranya (-dendekeranije)     v    1. to make excuses, to exonerate oneself, 2. to lie, 3. to deceive
-novu   adj    1. delicious, 2. pure, undiluted (esp. beer), 3. dense
agisida   3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
accident (from Fr. accident)
akarāngamuntu   7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
identity card, ID
Bujumbura     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
largest city and former capital of Burundi, originally called Usumbura, it was renamed to Bujumbura at independence, mainly for the negative meaning of Usumbura in Swahili
bukumbi     suddenly (as death or accident)
giturūmbuka     adv    suddenly
gufurāngana (-furānganye)     v    to turn bad suddenly (weather, attitude, etc.)
gufurungana (-furunganye)     v    to turn bad suddenly (weather, person's attitude, etc.)
guhakana (-hakanye)   v    1. to say no, to refuse, 2. to deny
guhakwa (-hatswe)   v    1. to almost meet with accident but barely escape, 2. to be similar but not exactly the same
guhebūza (-hebūje)     v    1. to tell someone that his friend has died, 2. to be perfect, complete, absolutely wonderful, 3. to surpass all others either good or bad, 4. to deny emphatically, 5. to discourage
guhishwa (-hishijwe)     v    to be hidden
gukāngwa (-kānzwe)     v    1. to be frightened, thunderstruck, 2. to be taken sick suddenly (supposedly from python looking at one)
gukenyuka (-kenyutse)     v    1. to be fragile, 2. to die or break suddenly or unexpectedly
gukenyurwa (-kenyuwe)     v    to be broken suddenly
gukomvora (-komvoye)     v    to be destroyed suddenly
gusaragurika (-saraguritse)     v    1. to talk or act foolishly, as a crazy person, 2. to ferment quickly, 3. to reject counsel, 4. to be marked, scratched (as cooking pot with design), 5. to burst open in garden (as overripe beans)
gusekura (-sekuye)     v    1. to shell or grind in wooden mortar, 2. to push forward, 3. to put down roughly, 4. to drop
gushōka (-shōtse)     v    1. to do quickly (esp. used by Batwa), 2. to go to drink (animals), 3. to slip down on spear (of meat they've put on tip – if it falls it's supposed to be diseased), 4. to fall accidentally on spear and be injured
gusoroma (-soromye)     v    to gather food from garden
gutamānzuka (-tamānzutse)     v    to become light suddenly (early morning just as darkness ends, or after eclipse)
gutamānzura (-tamānzuye)   v    to become light suddenly (early morning just as darkness ends, or after eclipse)
gutūra (-tūye)     v    1. to remove load from head, 2. to lay down a burden, 3. to unload, to put down 4. to offer a gift
gutura ubuku     phr    to shout in sudden fear, to give a startled cry, to scream
guturūmbuka (-turūmbutse)     v    to come suddenly, appear suddenly
ibaruwa (ama-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
letter (correspondence, from Sw. barua)
icaduka (ivy-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
icāgo (ivy-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. trouble, 2. misfortune, 3. bad luck, 4. accident, 5. risk
icizere (-mījīrīshije)   v    4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
(no pl.) trust, confidence
icīzigiro (ivy-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
hope, confidence
icūbirizi (ivy-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
unexpected thing, anything hidden or unseen that comes to light suddenly
igiturūmbuka (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
sudden happening
ihunja   5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
spectacular women's dance, with sudden rapid movement in an arc, led by the head and shoulders, Mugamba and Kirimiro region
ikibaho (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. wooden board, 2. blackboard, chalkboard
ikizira (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
forbidden thing, taboo
imibaribari    2    grass growing beside garden, thus luxuriant
ingaburwa (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
dividend (school term)
inzeduka (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
itahīriro (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
end, finality, residence
karyenda   3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
traditional sacred royal drum, hidden in its sanctuary and only brought forth on very rare occasions like the umuganuro festival
kubāndūra (-bāndūye)     v    1. to pry up, 2. push out (e.g. wind bulges out cloth), 3. to appear suddenly (as sun at dawn)
kugaduka (-gadutse)     v    1. to be dry, to dry up, 2. to die suddenly
kugangabuka (-gangabutse)     v    1. to suddenly get angry when you've been talking nicely, 2. to be startled out of sleep
kugaragara (-garagaye)     v    1. to be empty, 2. open to view, 3. to be evident, apparent, to be obvious
kujīnjibura (-jīnjibuye)     v    1. to question so strongly that one dares not deny again, 2. to prove to one that he's wrong
kumenya (-menye)     v    1. to know, 2. to be acquainted, 3. to recognize, identify, realize, register, perceive, grasp, understand, discern, apprehend, notice
kunegura (-neguye)     v    1. to denounce, 2. to blame, 3. speak evil of, 4. to make fun of, 5. to criticize,
kunyegezwa (-nyegejwe)     v    to be hidden, concealed
kunyika (-nyitse)     v    1. to slide (landslide), 2. to pack down (vi), 3. to come to an end, be completely destroyed (while you are watching, to suddenly disappear as you watch)
kurema (-remye)     v    1. to create, make, 2. to lie, deceive, 3. to be brave, quiet, confident, strong
kuremērwa (-remērewe)     v    1. to be weighed down, heavy-laden, 2. to be pregnant
kuvūmbura (-vūmbuye)   v    1. to have natural intelligence (yavumbuye ubwenge), 2. to pick up droppings of animals and put them in garden
kuvūnda (-vūnze)   v    1. to lie around ill long time, 2. to be sedentary, 3. to get moldy (esp. manioc or grass)
kuzibūka (-zibūtse)   v    to open (vi), clear (vi), to hear well suddenly (vi)
kuzira (-zize)   v    1. to be forbidden, taboo, to refuse to eat, to despise, 2. to be punished for someone else's wrong doing, to suffer or be punished because of a certain thing, 3. to avenge wrong done to one's family
kwāduka (-ādutse)   v    1. to appear suddenly, 2. to be introduced, 3. to be new
kwāguka (-āgutse)   v    1. to be stretched, 2. to be widened, 3. to be enlarged, 4. to have a large capacity (from kwāgura)
kwāgura (-āguye)   v    1. to stretch, 2. to widen, make wider, 3. to enlarge, to extend
kwāha (-āshe)   v    to gather (from garden)
kwākīra (-ākīriye)     v    1. to receive, take from another, 2. to take another's place or burden, 3. to accept
kwākīrwa (-ākīwe)     v    1. to be received, to be taken, 3. to be helped with burden
kwātura (-ātuye)     v    1. to make known, 2. bring into open from hidden place, 3. to confess, 4. to pronounce clearly, to articulate, 5. to open (flower)
kweguka (-egutse)     v    1. to fall down from above, 2. to die suddenly, 3. to stretch (vi)
kwibānda (-bānze)   v    to compress, concentrate, condense
kwīgaba (-īgavye)     v    1. to rule oneself, be independent, 2. to do as one pleases
kwīganza (-īganje)     v    1. to rule oneself, 2. to be independent, 3. to be emancipated
kwīhakana (-īhakanye)     v    to deny
kwīma (-īmye)     v    1. to deny, to refuse to give, to withhold, 2. to become king, to ascend to the throne, 3. to go to male, to copulate (only of female animals)
kwīrārīra (-īrārīriye)     v    to be presumptious, over-confident
kwīzigira (-īzigiye)     v    1. to believe, 2. to hope, 3. to trust in, to have confidence in, 4. to expect
kwōna (-ōnnye)     v    1. to eat garden plants, 2. destroy garden (of goats, etc.)
kwōnesha (-ōnesheje)     v    to allow or cause goat to destroy garden
kwūbīra (-ūbīriye)   v    1. to come unexpectedly finding one unprepared, 2. to happen suddenly
kwūbuka (-ūbutse)   v    1. to discover, 2. to come upon suddenly, 3. to jump up and run quickly
perezida (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
ubuku     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) sudden startled cry or scream (gutura ubuku)
ubwigēnge   8  class 8
singular: ubu-
1. freedom, 2. independence
ugutyoza abandi   phr    denigration, disparagement
umucumbisho (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
large wooden spoon
umukuruwigihugu (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umuntu ahishirigwa (aba-)   phr    1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
overseer, supervisor, superintendent
umunyeshure (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
pupil, student (Rw.)
umunyushure (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
pupil, student
umuperezida (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umurima (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. garden, 2. field, 3. land (piece of)
umurimyi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
farmer, cultivator, gardener
umusāmbi (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. golden-crested crane, 2. worn-out mat
umushikirwa (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umutwāro (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
burden, load
umuzigo (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. bundle, package, packet, luggage, 2. load, burden
umwīgīshwa (ab-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
pupil, student
umwīzero (imy-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. beliefs, 2. confidence, 3. hope
ururiba (ind-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
hidden trap
Usumbura  n    (Sw.) former name of Bujumbura before independence, changed to Bujumbura because of its negative meaning in Swahili
yūko   that (esp. to introduce indirect quotation or other dependent clause)
accuse    kwāgiriza, kurēga, kwitwarira
(falsely) kudendereza
(each other of spoiling a plan) gutanakw ibirake
En-En dictionary 
angry    (to be) kuraka, kurakara, gupfūhagushangashirwa
(to be very) kujīngitwa
(because of accusation) gushungumirwa
(to suddenly get ~, when one has been talking nicely) kugangabuka
En-En dictionary 
appear    kuboneka, guseruka, guturuka
(out of ground) gututuza
(suddenly) kwāduka, guturūmbuka
(suddenly, as sun) kubāndūra
En-En dictionary 
attitude    ukugira iciyumviro
(to turn bad suddenly) gufurungana
En-En dictionary 
bell    ingengeri, inzogera
(smal cylindrical) umudende
En-En dictionary 
bench    intebe ndende
En-En dictionary 
big    -nini
(to be too) gusāguka, kudēnda
(to be, of growing things, esp. child) gushisha
En-En dictionary 
bird    ikiguruka
(little ones) inyoni
(crane, golden-crested) umusāmbi
(crow) igikōna
(dove) intunguru, inuma
(duck) imbati
(eagle) inkona, inkukuma, ikinyakabaka, impūngu
(goose, wild) igisafu
(hawk) igisiga
(kite) ikinyakabaka
(parrot) gasuku
(partridge) inkwāre
(robin, African) inyōmvyi
(that sucks honey, black with red throat, or metallic green) umunūni
(wagtail) inyamanza
En-En dictionary 
break    (vi) gucīka, kumeneka, kumānyuruka
(vt) guca
(and scatter, vt) gusāvya
(any slender thing, vi) kuvunika
(any slender thing, vt) kuvuna
(completely, vi) kudēndūka, gufyonyoka, kuvunagura
(in two) gusāba
(the law) kurēnga, kuyoba
(object with flat surface, vt) kumena
(off by burning, tree, etc.) gutemuka
(off a piece, bread) kubega
(out, as rash) guhurira, guturika
(rope, chain) kuvutagura
(suddenly, unexpectedly) gukenyuka
(a taboo) kurēngwa, kuzirūra, kugōka
(to bits, vi) kumenagurika, gusatagurika, kuvunagura, kumānyagura
(to bits, vt) gucagagura, kumenagura, gusatagura, kuvunaguza
(up, vi) kumānyagurika, kumānyuka
(up, vt) kujānjagura
(a break, as bone) imvune
En-En dictionary 
bring    (to ~) kuzana
(back) kugarura
(back from far away) guhabūra
(back wife after she's gone home) gucūra
(down) kumanura
(down bee hive) kwegura
(from dark into light) kwāndagaza
(from hiding) kunyegurura
(greeting) gutāsha
(in passing) guhitana
(into open from hidden place) kwātura
(loss or failure) gutāna
(new kind of seeds or cattle into country) kurondōra
(out of hiding) gufurūra
(quickly) gutebūkana
(things in from sun) kwāmura
(things and put them together to give to someone) gusorōranya
(to pass) gucimbataza
(together) gukoranya, gutēranya
(up child) gukuza, kurera
(water) kudahira, kuvōma
(with one) kuzanana
En-En dictionary 
broken    (to be easily) kuvunagurika
(to be suddenly) gukenyurwa
(to bits) kujānjagurika
En-En dictionary 
burden    umutwāro, umuzigo
(to lay down ~) gutūra
En-En dictionary 
burst    (vi) gusāba, guturika
(vt) guturitsa
(into light, dawn) kwēnzūra
(open, vt) kwāturura
(open in garden, overripe) gusaragurika
En-En dictionary 
clear    (as water) umusarara
(to be ~, transparent) kubonerana
(to be ~, understandable) kwūmvīkana
(to ~, vt) kuzibūra
(to ~ suddenly, vi) kuzibūka
(off) kuyōra
(off, as table) gupāngūra (Sw.)
(up) kuvāngūra
En-En dictionary 
come    kūza
(all together suddenly) kurandamuka
(apart) gushānyūka, kudohōka
(to come at) (time) kuzīra
(to do something) guherūka
(to an end) guhenebēra, guhera, kunyika
(be coming to an end) guherengetera
(down) kumanuka, kumanuza, kwūruruka
(from) kwāduka, kwānduruka, gukomoka, guturuka, kuva, kuvuduka
(to greet often when one is in disfavour in hopes of gaining favour) kuneganega
(~ here) ingo, ngo, ngwino
(into sight) kurēnguka
(to light) guhinyuka, kwāndagara
(one by one) gutororokanya, gutēraterana
(out, teeth, hoe handle, etc.) guhongoka
(out, stake) gushingūka
(out of water) kwōgorora
(suddenly) guturūmbuka
(to, after fainting) guhembūka
(to pieces) gusambūka
(to the throne) kwīma ku ngoma
(together, crowd) gukungēra
(unexpectedly) kwubīra
(unsewn) gusonoroka (Sw.)
(untied) kubohōka, gupfunduka
(up of itself) kwimeza
(up out of water) kwiburuka
(up thickly, thus not do well) gusorora
(upon suddenly) kwūbuka
(when called) kurabuka
(with) kuzanana
En-En dictionary 
crane    (golden-crested) umusāmbi
En-En dictionary 
cry    akaborōgo
(of joy) impūndu
(sudden startled) ubuku
En-En dictionary 
debt    umwēnda, ideni
(payment of) inyīshu
(to be in ~, but refuse to pay) guherana, kurīrīra
(to pay a ~) kwīshura
En-En dictionary 
deceive    kudendekeranya, kugūnga, guhēnda, guhūmba, guhumbūra, gukēkeza, kurema, kurementaniriza, guhemukira, gusuka
(~ another to make him give money) kurimānganya
(to ~ each other, be skillful at ~) guhēndana
(habitually) gusukasuka
(in light joking way) guhēndahēnda
(oneself) kwīhēnda, kwībesha
(making others think you've done a miracle when it's only a deception) uburyi
En-En dictionary 
denounce    kunegura
En-En dictionary 
deny    guhakana, kwīma
(emphatically) guhebūza, kwīhakana
En-En dictionary 
destroy    guhomvora, guhonnya, guhonyora, gukōmbōra, kwōnōna, gusambūra, gutikiza, kuyigiza, kumara
(completely) gukomvōmvora, gusangangura, gusiribānga
(by fire) kuyigiza
(garden, of goats etc.) kwōna
(the work of another) gusīvya
En-En dictionary 
die    (to) gupfa, gucīkāna, guhwēra, kuranduka
(of king) gutānga
(esp. of one who has been ill for a long time) kudēndūka
(to be about to) kugoyagoya
(suddenly) kweguka, kugaduka
(suddenly and unexpectedly) gukenyuka
(used of person scorned by others) kwijajara
En-En dictionary 
disappear    gukamangana, kuyōnga, kuyōngayōnga, kuzimangana, kurēnga
(suddenly as you watch) kunyika
En-En dictionary 
eat    kurya, gufungura, kunogera, kunoza, kurandagura
(a lot) guhāga, guhīmba
(cause to ~ a lot) gupfunereza
(by sucking only, as candy) kuyongobeza, kuyungubiza
(garden plants, of goats) kwōna
(to refuse to) kuzira
(to refuse to ~ or drink with) kunēna
(together) gusangira
(to ~ what's left on peeling of roasted banana, etc.) gukōra
(two kinds of food together) gukoza
(with instrument) kurīsha
En-En dictionary 
encounter    guhūra
(suddenly) kwūbuka
En-En dictionary 
escape    (narrow) agahēngekezo
(to ~) kudohōka, gucīka, gutoroka, kuzibukīra
(to barely ~ an accident) guhakwa, kwēnda
(the memory) kuzīnda
(to secretly help someone to ~ by taking his things for him) kunyuruza
En-En dictionary 
excuses    (to make) kuzāngazānga, kudendekanya, kudendekeranya
En-En dictionary 
exonerate    (to) kuregūra
(oneself) kudendekeranya
En-En dictionary 
faint    kurāba
(to be) kudendebukirwa
(to feel) kuyāmīra
(from hunger) kugwīra isari
En-En dictionary 
fall    kugwa, gutēmba
(accidentally on spear and be injured) gushōka
(and hurt oneself) kunywāguka
(and skin oneself) gukungagurika
(before) kwikubita imbere
(down) kwikubita hasi, kwītēmbagaza
(down, as branches blown down) gukoragurika
(down, as house) guhenuka, guhomyoka, gusambūka, gusēnyuka, gusituka
(down continually or in abundance) gukoragurika
(down together, usually in fright) guhindikirana
(down from above) kweguka, gukoroka, gushunguruka, gutibuka
(from high above) guhanantuka
(from stalk) guhūnguka
(heavily, rain) kuzibiranya
(in cascade) gushunguruka, gusūma
(in, cause to) gusitura
(in love) kubēnguka
(into water or food) kudibuka
(not fall, rain) gutara
(to the ground) guhūndagara
(with) gukorokana
(with a din) guhongoroka
(to cause to fall) kugwisha, gukungagura, gutēmvya
(to cause to fall down) guhenura, gusēnyura, gukorora
(let fall drop by drop) gutōnyāngiriza
En-En dictionary 
faltering person   urudēndevu
En-En dictionary 
fear    ubwōba
(great) agatēngo
(of losing position) igihababu
(~ to hurt another because you love him) impuhwe
(thing or person stricken with ~) igihūmura
(to act or go secretly because of ~) kwōmba
(to jump with ~, in heart) guhahama
(to shout in sudden ~) gutura ubuku
En-En dictionary 
flood    ikidēngēri, umwūzure
(place where water has flooded) isēsero
(to be flooded in house) kuvīrwa
En-En dictionary 
forbidden    (to be) kuzira
(thing) ikizira
En-En dictionary 
friend    umugēnzi
(close ~) umukūnzi
(intimate ~, the one you share your last hidden food with) somambike
(most intimate ~, ”you die - I die”) pfampfe
(to visit a ~) kubūngirana
En-En dictionary 
garden    umurima
(to gather from) kwāha, gusoroma
En-En dictionary 
gather    kumyōra
(building materials) guhumbira
(firewood) gusēnya
(food from garden) gusoroma, kwāha
(fruit) kwāmūra
(in loose garment at waist and tie) gukenyera
(little sticks) gutōrōra
(manure for garden) kuvūmbura
(up) kwāndura, gusorōranya, gutororokanya
(pollen and nectar) kudaha
(up grass that has been spread out) gusasūra
En-En dictionary 
get    kuronka, guhabwa
(angry, suddenly when one has been talking nicely) kugangabuka
(big, skin in water) kubōmbōka
(close together) kwegerana
(dark, late) kwīra
(dirty) kwāndura
(food for oneself) gutāra
(~ out of the car) kuva mu modoka, gusohoka mu modoka
(~ out of my way!) have! vaho!
(~ out of there) have, vaho
(left behind as you stare at something) kurēngāra
(something in eye) gutosekara
(thin) kugeruka
(thin, very) kugōgōra
(up) guhaguruka, kuvyūka
(up, quickly) kubaduka
(up, to help another ~) kuvyūra
En-En dictionary 
grind    gusya, gukwema, kunoza, kumenagura, gusyokora
(in wooden mortar) gusekura
(poorly, coarsely) guhera
(quickly) gukwemagura
(to crush grain before grinding) kuvūngurīsha
En-En dictionary 
happen    (to) gushika
(what happened?) habāye iki?
(to cause to) gucimbataza
(unexpectedly, suddenly) kwūbīra
En-En dictionary 
happening    (sudden) igiturūmbuka
En-En dictionary 
hear    kwūmva
(to be unable to ~ well) kwūmva bihurugūshwi
(well) gutobora
(well, suddenly) kuzibuka
En-En dictionary 
heavy-laden    (to be) kuremērwa
En-En dictionary 
hidden    (thing that comes to light suddenly) icūbirizi
En-En dictionary 
lay    (a thing on its side) guhēngeka
(down, vt) kuryāmika
(down a burden) gutūra
(eggs) guta amagi
(hands on, dedicate) kurambikakw ibigānza
(on the ground) kurambika
(someone on his side) gukīkira
En-En dictionary 
letter    (of alphabet) insomwa, inyuguti
(correspondence) icēte, ikēte, ibaruwa, barua (Sw.)
En-En dictionary 
lie    (deception) ikinyoma
(to ~) kubēsha, kurema, kurementanya
(a little) kubēshabesha
(about) kurementaniriza, kwānguha, kudendekeranya, guhūmba
En-En dictionary 
make    kugira, kurema
(afraid) gutēra ubwōba
(a bed) gusāsa
(blunt) gufyīta
(bread) gucūmba
(clean) guhumānura
(clear, cause to understand) gutegereza
(crooked) kugoreka
(drunk) kuborēra
(effort) kwāndāra
(empty) kugaragaza
(equal in length or height) kurēsha
(excuses) kudendekanya, kudendekeranya, kuzāngazānga
(face over something that tastes bad) kunyinyirwa
(a fire) gucāna, gukongereza
(firm) kugumya
(fun of) kunegura
(fun of, esp. someone in trouble) kwīshinyira
(fun of, by recalling the good he has lost) gucurīra
(good) kuryōsha
(hedge) kuzitira
(hard for one who has lost a loved one, by reproaching the dead) kwītāmba ku muvyimba
(known) kwāndagaza, kwātura, kumenyēsha, kwāngāza, kwerura, kurānga, gukwīza, gukwīragiza, kwāmāmaza, guhishūra, guserura
(laugh, one that makes others laugh) akagūgu
(level) gusēna
(narrow) kwāza
(nest) kwārika
(noise, big) kwāsana, gusāma, kubomborana, kubugiriza
(oneself) kwīgīra
(others like you) kwīkūndiriza
(peace) kubangūranya
(perfect) gutūngānya, kwūzuza, kuroraniriza
(place) kubisa
(place for one another to pass) kubisīkanya
(progress) gutēra imbere, kuyoboza
(reparations) guhōnga, guhōngera
(restitution) kuriha
(sacrifice) gushikana
(sign) kugereraniriza
(smooth) gusēna
(straight) kugorōra, kurorānya
(tired) kurusha
(vow) gushīnga
(watering place) kugomera
(white) kwēza
En-En dictionary 
manure    amase
(goat) amahenehene
(heap) icukiro
(a lot) ibīse
(to gather for garden) kuvūmbura
En-En dictionary 
mist    urwīrungu, igipfūngu
(to ~) kunyanyāga
(condensation) umuhisha
En-En dictionary 
mortar    ikarabasasi, ubudongo bw'isima
(for grinding) isekuru (or isekuro)
(pestle for) umusekuzo
(to grind or shell in wooden mortar) gusekura
En-En dictionary 
none    nta, ata (in dependent clause)
En-En dictionary 
one    -mwe, rimwe
(one solitary thing) urudēnde
(one banana, head of grain, etc.) umuhānyu
(to come ~ by ~) gutororokanya
(~ by ~) isorōsoro
En-En dictionary 
open    (vi) kwāturuka, gukīnguruka, gupfunduka
(vt) gufungūra (Sw.), kugarānzura, gukīngūra, gupfundurura, kurumūra, kwūgurura, kuzibūra
(the eyes) gukanura
(the eyes of another) guhumūra
(flower) kwātura
(the mouth) gutēranura umunwa, kwāsama
(mouth, or book) kubūmbūra
(suddenly, vi) kuzibūka
(to be ~ to view) kugaragara
(to be wide ~) kurāngāra
(to leave ~) kurāngāza
(space) agahīnga
En-En dictionary 
overflow    ibibōgabōga, umusēsekara
(place where river has overflowed the banks) ikidēngeri
(to ~) kubōgabōga, gusēsekara
En-En dictionary 
perish    (to) guhenebēra, guhona, kuranduka, gutikira, gutōngōka, kuyogera, kudēndūka, guhera
En-En dictionary 
persecute    kudendereza, guhama
(each other) guhamana
En-En dictionary 
persecution    akadenderezo
En-En dictionary 
pick    (a chicken) kumōngōra
(a fight) gusōtōra
(peas, beans, berries) gutōbōra
(squash, corn) gukōndōra
(up) gutōra, kuyōra
(up, as birds do) kunobagura, kunoba
(up bits of food here and there) kunūranura
(up here and there) gutōragura
(up manure and put in garden) kuvūmbura
En-En dictionary 
pool    (of water) ikidēngēri, umunyika
En-En dictionary 
pupil    (student) umwīgīshwa, umunyushure, umunyeshure (Rw.)
En-En dictionary 
reason    inyānduruko, inkomānzi, impāmvu, imvo, igituma
(to ~ with someone to try to persuade her to elope) gucīkiza
(to ~ within oneself) kwībūranya
(to be tired without ~) kudendebukirwa
(to lose ~) gusara
En-En dictionary 
seat    icīcaro
(bench) intebe ndende ifise umudo
En-En dictionary 
sick    (person) umurwāyi
(child) uruzingo
(to be) kurwāra, kuyōka
(to be often) kurwāragurika, kubūnga
(i.e. indwara irambūngamwo)
(to assist ~ person in walking) kwāndāza
(to make) kurwāza
(to be taken ~ suddenly, supposedly from python looking at one) gukāngwa
(to visit the ~) gusuhūza
(to take care of the ~) kurwāza
En-En dictionary 
single    (one) -mwe, umwe, rumwe etc.
(one banana, head of grain, etc.) umuhānyu
(single object) urudēnde
En-En dictionary 
singular    (gram.) rudēnde, urudēnde
En-En dictionary 
soft    (anything very ~, lacking stiffness) urudēndevu
(to be) kwōroha
(to be silky ~) kurēmba
(to get ~ in water) kubōmbōka
(to make soil ~) kwōrohereza
(and springy, e.g. earth in swamp) kudemwademwa
En-En dictionary 
song    indirīmbo, ururirimbo
(~ for two alternating choirs) ikimpwiri
(milling ~) indengo
(war songs) amazina y'ubuhizi, amazina y'urugamba
(sing or play plaintive) gucurira intimba
see also singing
En-En dictionary 
spoon    ikiyīko
(large wooden ~) umucumbisho
En-En dictionary 
sudden    (happening) igiturūmbuka
En-En dictionary 
suddenly    giturūmbuka
(as death or accident) bukumbi
(to come) guturūmbuka
(to happen) kwūbira
En-En dictionary 
tired    (to be) kudendebukirwa, kunanirwa, kuruha
(and discouraged) gucobogora
(for no reason, e.g. in morning) kugoherwa
(to make) kurusha
En-En dictionary 
together    hamwe
(all) icārimwe
(living) umubāno
(all speaking) imvugarimwe
(with) kumwe
(sticking) akaramata
(trees grown very close ~) impatane
(to be) kumana
(to bring) gukoranya, gutēranya
(to come, as crowd) gukungēra
(to come all ~, suddenly, as at call of trouble) kurandamuka
(to crowd ~) kwegerana
(to get close) kwegerana
(to go ~ to see something, of many people) gukōndōrera
(to live) kubāna
(to live, be always) kwāmana
(to meet) gukorana, gutērana
(to cause to meet) gukoranya, gutēranya, guhūza
(to put) kwegeraniriza, guhūza
(to put things or people close ~) kwegeranya
(to spend time) kumarana
(to stick, vi) gufatana, kumata
(to stick, vt) gufatanya, kumatanya
(to strive and crowd) kuvurungana
En-En dictionary 
turn    urubu
(to take) kuja imbu, kwākīrana, kwākīranwa, gukūranwa
(to have one's) kuramukirwa
(about, vt) kuzūnguza, kuzūnguriza
(against) guhinyura
(against one you've loved) gucāna
(around, vi) guhindukira
(around, vt) guhindukiza
(around several times, vt) kuzungagiza
(away, vt) guhīnda
(back, vt) gukuba
(as fold)
(bad suddenly, e.g. weather, attitude) gufurūngana, gufurāngana
(on side, vt) guhēngeka
(one's head) gukebuka
(over and over, vt) kugaragura
(right side up) gucurūra
(upside down) kwūbika, gucuramika
(upside down or wrong end to) gucurika
En-En dictionary 
weak    (person) umugoyigoyi
(~ and faltering person) urudēndevu
(place, as scar, on skins or gourds) umuguma
(something that appears to be strong but is ~) igihōmbe
(to be ~) kudendebukirwa, kugabanuka, kugira intege, kugoyagoya, kumugara
(to be ~ and floppy) kuregarega
En-En dictionary 
weather    (severe cold) igikonyozi
(cloudy but not rainy) urufuri
(to be cool) gupfuka
(to turn bad suddenly) gufurūngana
En-En dictionary 
dense    -novu
En-En dictionary 
person    umuntu
(bad) umubi
(Black or African) umwirabura
(cross) ibāmba
(courageous) intwāri
(dedicated to Kiranga) igihwēba, igishegu
(dishonest) igihūmbu
(elderly) umusāza
(fearful) igihumura
(from far away) umunyankīko
(good, kind, just, holy, righteous) umwerānda
(grammar, ~ of verb) umuvugwa
(handsome) umuhizi
(hard to get along with) ikigoryi
(harsh) umuhāmbāzi
(honest, speaking truth) imvugakuri, umunyakuri
(honorable) umupfāsoni, umwūbahwa, nyakubahwa
(intelligent, skilled, eloquent) umuhānga
(kind and charitable) umukūndanyi
(lovable) umunyagikūndiro
(malformed) ikirema
(mean and quarrelsome) ikijōra
(meek) umugwanēza
(merciful) umunyembabazi
(miserable) umugōrwa
(of high rank, noble character) umupfāsoni
(of nice disposition) ikirende
(one by himself) inyakamwe
(sharp) inkazi
(skillful) umuntu w'inkuba, umugesera
(strong) umunyenkomezi
(stubborn) intakonywa, intābwīrwa
(tall, fat) ikigwīnyīra
(weak) umugoyigoyi, urudēndevu
(white) umuzungu, umwera
(who is great, severe, wise) akaranda
(with many children) umurēngera
(worthy of praise or love) umunyagikūndiro
En-En dictionary 
light    (to ~ fire, lamp) gucāna, kudomeka, gukongereza, kwātsa
(the path, esp. with torch) kumurika
(to become ~ suddenly, early in morning just as darkness ends, or after eclipse) gutamānzuka, gutamānzura
(to come to light) guhinyuka, kwāndagara
(to put out) kuzimya
En-En dictionary 
question    (to ask) kubaza
(to ~ in sense of examine) gucaca
(to ~ carefully) gucunaguza, gucunaguriza
(to ~ so strongly that one dares not deny again) kujīnjibura
En-En dictionary 
shout    (to ~) gukoma indūru, gusemerera
(for help) gutakāmba, gutaka, kwāmbaza, gutabāza
(in sudden fear) gutūra ubuku
(to frighten away) kwāmira
En-En dictionary 
worship    amasengēsho
(catholic) imisa
(gourd used as object of) indendēri
(objects used in ~ of Kiranga) ubuzimuzimu
(object of) ikigirwamāna
En-En dictionary 
shell    (to ~, corn) guhungura, kuvūngurīsha
(to ~, peas, beans, peanuts, etc.) gutonora, gushishagura
(in wooden mortar) gusekura
En-En dictionary 
denigration    ugutyoza abandi
En-En dictionary