but    ariko, mugabo, yamara
En-En dictionary 
but    aim    urwēgo
En-En dictionary 
beat    gukubita, kujānjagura, gushinyagurira, gushishagura, gutonagura
(act as if to ~, but not do so) kugera
(~ around the bush) gukingitiranya
(clothes) kunyukura
(heart) gutera indihaguzi
(drum) kuvuza
(raising welts) kuramagura
En-En dictionary 
debt    umwēnda, ideni
(payment of) inyīshu
(to be in ~, but refuse to pay) guherana, kurīrīra
(to pay a ~) kwīshura
En-En dictionary 
umuumutsibo   2  class 2
singular: umu-
women's dance, characterized by movement of the legs and pelvis but without eroticism, celebrating the birth of a child, Buyogoma region
gutōbōra (-tōbōye)     v    to pick (peas, beans, berries) but not pull up vines
act    (to ~ as go-between) kurehereza
(~ as if to beat, but not do it) kugera
(~ foolishly) kwītūtānya, gusaragurika, kudāyāngwa
(~ foolishly in fun) gupfyina
(~ homosexually) gutingana
(~ ignorantly) kwītūtānya
(~ indifferent) kwīrengagiza
(to ~ or go secretly because of fear) kwōmba
En-En dictionary 
hit    (to) gukubita
(repeatedly but gently with fist, mother with child) gutumagura
(a sore place) gutoneka
En-En dictionary 
gutumagura (-tumaguye)     v    to hit repeatedly but gently with fist (mother sometimes does it to child)
kuzūnguruka (-zūngurutse)   v    to go around, to cycle (the stem 'zungu' is also the origin of umuzungu, which does not mean 'white person' but rather 'someone going around', describing the first European explorers)
kwīyorobeka (-īyorobetse)     v    1. to be humble or good ostensibly but not in reality, 2. to be a hypocrite
fist    igipfūnsi
(to hit with ~ repeatedly but gently, mother with child) gutumagura
En-En dictionary 
used    (to be, but not worn out) kugwagura
(to cease to be ~, path) gusība
En-En dictionary 
want    (to ~) gushāka, kugōmba
(one thing and that alone) gufūha
(something, but fear you won't get it) guhahama
En-En dictionary 
urufūri   6  class 6
singular: uru-
bad weather (cloudy but not rainy)
gutēgekanya (-tēgekanije)     v    1. to hesitate between two actions, 2. to have several plans of what to do so that at least one will please the other people, 3. to have two methods of defending yourself, but use the one you hadn't planned on
bambe     1. excuse me (e.g. I said a wrong word, misspoke myself), 2. but rather (when correcting oneself)
guhaga amatama (-haze)   phr    to try to give speech but feel restrained
beggar    umusēzi, umusabisabi
(one who begs earnestly but doesn't get it) imvūmūre
En-En dictionary 
ground    (earth) isi
(on the) hasi
(dug up but not planted) amasinde
(to put on) gutereka
(to throw stick on ~ and it tumbles end over end) kubirika
En-En dictionary 
humble    gucisha bugufi
(to be) kwicisha bugufi, kwīyorosha
(to be ~ ostensibly, but not in reality) kwīyorobeka
En-En dictionary 
public    (being nice to someone in ~ but not in private) urw'amaso
En-En dictionary 
strong    (person) umunyenkomezi
(something which appears to be ~, but is weak) igihōmbe
(to be) guhāngama, gukomera, kurema, kurama, kunōnōka
(to be very) gutetera, gushikama
(to make) gukomeza
(to make very) gushikama
(to remain) gushikama
En-En dictionary 
guhakwa (-hatswe)   v    1. to almost meet with accident but barely escape, 2. to be similar but not exactly the same
guhema (-hemye)     v    1. to offer but take back, 2. to be insincere, 3. to make fun of, 4. to be ironic, sarcastic
guhubana (-hubanye)     v    to pass but not meet
guhūmura (-hūmuye)     v    1. to become calm, 2. to recover from fear or anger, 3. to be old but still strong
kugera (-geze)     v    1. to command, rule, 2. measure, 3. reach a certain point, 4. to arrive, 5. to act as if to beat but not do it, 6. to be ready
weather    (severe cold) igikonyozi
(cloudy but not rainy) urufuri
(to be cool) gupfuka
(to turn bad suddenly) gufurūngana
En-En dictionary 
guhasha (--hije)     v    1. to receive something as a gift or loan but return reluctantly and late, 2. to chase out quickly, 3. to refuse to go on helping someone
gushaza (-shajije)     v    1. to try to get out of work, appear as working but really doing nothing, 2. to adorn, decorate, dress up
kugwagura (-gwaguye)     v    1. to be used but not worn out, 2. to swoop, 3. to be old but still strong (person, garment, etc.)
igihōmbe (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
something which appears to be strong but is weak
igikānge (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
ghost (thing which resembles person but has supernatural powers)
imvūmūre (im-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
one who has lost everything in trial, one who begs earnestly but doesn't get it
gufufahaza (-fufahaje)     v    to treat patient but he doesn't recover
guhahama (-hahamye)   v    1. tu jump with fear in heart, 2. to want something, but fear you won't get it
guhihima (-hihimye)     v    to speak where others hear voice but cannot distinguish words
kurengwa (-renzwe)     v    1. to slander a superior (not intentionally but he interprets it that way), 2. to break taboo
kurīrīra (-rīrīriye)     v    to be in debt to but refuse to pay
urw'amaso   phr    before others but not in private (e.g. being nice to someone)
ikirēngazūba     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
(no pl.) evening (when sun is very low but still visible)
guhwirima (-hwirimye)     v    to speak where others hear voice but cannot distinguish words
kwīyuhagira (-īyuhagiye)     v    1. to bathe oneself (formerly a ceremonial cleansing, but now bathing in general), 2. to shower
ostensibly    (to be humble or good ~ but not in reality) kwīyorobeka
En-En dictionary 
time of day   amango
(dawn) umutwēnzi
(early morning) agatōndo
(morning) igitōndo
(between 9 and 10 am) ku musase
(near noon) umutāga, ku mamina ngohe
(about 1 pm, when cows leave drinking place) amahodoka
(about 3 pm) amasubirayo y'inyana
(toward sundown) umuhīngamo
(after dark) bwateranya
(sun low, but visible) ikirēngazūba
(early evening) akagorōba
(late afternoon or evening) umugorōba
En-En dictionary 
kumwemwamwemwa (-mwemwamwemwe)     v    to smile (manifest pleasure, but not necessarily show teeth)
damp    (place ~, but not swamp) ikinyōta
(to be) gukanya, gutīmba
En-En dictionary 
defend    guhāngāza, gutēturura, kuvuna
(another) gukīmbūka
(oneself, take case to chief) kubūranya, kwīkirānura
(to have 2 methods of defending oeself but use one you hadn't planned on) gutēgekanya
En-En dictionary 
evening    (later afternoon) umugorōba
(early) akagorōba
(when sun is very low but still visible) ikirēngazūba
(to be or become ~) kugorōba
En-En dictionary 
good    (the good) icīza
(adj.) -īza, nyāwo, nyāyo, nyāco etc.
(noun) inēza
(economy) icemezo co gufata ibintu
(to be good ostensibly but not really) kwīyorobeka
(to become good after being bad) gufūtānuka
(to make good) kuryōsha
En-En dictionary 
heard    (to be ~ plainly) kwūmvīkana
(to speak so that one is heard but not understood, because of distance) guhwirima, guhihima
En-En dictionary 
miss    gusība
(aim and) guhusha
(be lonesome for) gukūmbura
(each other on path) kunyuranwa
(fail to find) kubura
(pass by but not meet) guhubana
En-En dictionary 
old    (age) ubukuru, zabukuru
(man) umutāma
(person) umusāza
(woman) umutāmakazi, umukamakare
(to be) kurāmba
(to be, but still strong) kugwagura, guhūmura
(to become) gusāza
(to become, woman) gukēcura
(to grow) gutāma
En-En dictionary 
pass    guhita
(allow to) kubisa
(allow another to) kubisiriza
(between) kunyura
(by) guhita, gukīkira
(by, but not meet) guhubana
(gas) gusurira
(out gifts) kugaba
(out of sight) kurēngāna
(over, by, aside) kurēngāna, kurēngānya
(the night) kurāra
(through) guca
(to bring to ~) gucimbataza
(to go through a narrow ~) kunyegētera
(to bring in passing) guhitana
En-En dictionary 
side    (of person) urubavu
(not of person) uruhānde
(on this ~) hīno
(on this ~ of river, valley) hākuno
(on that ~) hīyo
(on the other ~ of something but this ~ of river or valley) hirya
(on the other ~ of river or valley) hākurya
(on the ~ of, beside) iruhānde
(to become right ~ up) kwūburuka
(to lay thing on it's ~) guhēngeka
(to lay someone on his) gukīkira
(to lie on one's ~) gucurama
(to put to one ~) guherereza
(to turn right ~ up) gucurūra, kwūburura
En-En dictionary 
similar    (to be, but not exactly the same) guhakwa
En-En dictionary 
slander    igitutsi
(to ~) gucōkōra, gukera, gusiba, gutuka
(a superior unintentionally, but he believes it intentional) kurengwa
(to say a lot of slanderous talk) kuvōvōta
En-En dictionary 
smile    akamwemwe
(to ~) kumwēnyura
(often) kumwenyagura
(manifest pleasure, but not necessarily show teeth) kumwemwamwemwa
En-En dictionary 
speak    (speaking evil of another with whom you work) ikēba
(one who speaks with senseless repititions of words) ikirogorogo
(all speaking together) imvugarimwe
(to ~) kuvuga
(against) guhāririza
(carelessly) gufudika
(clearly) gufobōra, gutobekeranya
(distinctly) gutobora
(distinctly, not having been able to before) gutumbūra
(evil of one another) gucurikanya
(evil of) gukana, kunegura
(evil of the king) kurogota
(evil of a ruler) kuyoba
(fearlessly) kwūbahuka
(foolishly) kudebagura
(hatefully) gucobogoza
(hesitantlyusually used in negative) guhengēshanya
(in a mysterious language) gufobeka
(incoherently) kuvōvōta
(in someone's favor) gutēturura
(lightly) kujajura
(loudly) kurangurura, kurandamuka
(many words, usually quite meaningless ones) guhogōmboka
(sarcastically) kurtyekeza
(the truth) guhinyuza
(thoughtlessly) kurandamuka
(unwisely or rudely) kurofokwa
(very beseechingly) kubobōteza
(when one shouldn't) kuyogora
(where others hear voices but do not understand) guhwirima
(without arriving at point) kurerembuza
(to cause to) kuvuza
(to leave off speaking evil and speak kindly) kwigarura
(to prevent from speaking) guhwāmika
(give gift to bride so she will ~) guhorōra
(refuse to speak till given gift, as bride does) guhorōrwa
En-En dictionary 
speech    imvugo, insiguro
(defect, esp. for s, ch, c) ubureve, e.g. kuvuga ubureve
(to be freed from ~ impediment) kugobōdoka
(to have ~ impediment) kugobwa
(to try to give ~ but feel restrained) guhaga amatama
En-En dictionary 
weak    (person) umugoyigoyi
(~ and faltering person) urudēndevu
(place, as scar, on skins or gourds) umuguma
(something that appears to be strong but is ~) igihōmbe
(to be ~) kudendebukirwa, kugabanuka, kugira intege, kugoyagoya, kumugara
(to be ~ and floppy) kuregarega
En-En dictionary 
worn    (to be used, but not ~ out) kugwagura
En-En dictionary 
hīrya     beyond, on the other side (of something but still on this side of river or valley)
na     1. and (for words in a series or phrases, but not clauses), 2. by, 3. with, 4. even
amasinde    5    ground dug up but not planted
ijīsho     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
eye; (pl. amaso) face
mu maso hiwe in his face
kuba maso to watch, to be alert, to be on guard
urw'amaso before others but not in private (e.g. being nice to someone)
ingāre (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
one who gets cross easily but who gets over it quickly, one who talks a lot (esp. to tell others what to do)
inyagano (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
plunder, a thing taken unlawfully but not secretly
amakuyano    5    buttermilk
amaterere    5    buttermilk
amavuta  5    butter, oil
ariko     conj    but, however
gukēmūra (-kēmūye)     v    1. to clean, wipe off, wash (esp. body), 2. to butcher, 3. to cut wool of sheep or tail of animal, 4. to cut off top of tree
guseka (-setse)     v    1. to ram into as a sheep does, 2. to butt, to bump into
gushiruka (-shirutse)     v    ~ ubute to be zealous, energetic, active, diligent
guterera (-tereye)     v    1. to churn, 2. to make butter, 3. to throw at
igifūngo (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
(Sw.) button
igipesi (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
button on clothing
igipfūngo (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
(Sw.) button
ikebano (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
small pot girls put butter in
ikinyugunyugu (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. butterfly, 2. moth
ikinyungunyungu (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. butterfly, 2. moth
ikirānga (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
(pl.) characteristics, feature, attribute, trait
intererano   3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. subvention, 2. contribution
itako (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
buttocks, thighs
kahabwa   7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
attribute (gram.)
kubāga (-bāze)     v    1. tu butcher, to slaughter, dress an animal, 2. to operate
kubāgira (-bāgiye)     v    to butcher at, for
kubāgīsha (-bāgīshije)     v    to cause to butcher, butcher with
kubāgwa (-bāzwe)     v    to be butchered, to be slaughtered
kugabura (-gabuye)     v    1. to divide, 2. to distribute, 3. to share
kugaburira (-gaburiye)     v    1. to feed, 2. divide, 3. distribute, 4. to provide
kugenera (-geneye)     v    1. to attribute to, 2. to choose for
kumadika (-maditse)     v    1. to plate as with silver, 2. to weld, 3. to graft tree, 4. to trade butter for other things
kurunga (-runze)     v    to put butter in food
kuyaga (-yaze)   v    to melt (vi) (e.g. butter)
kwīgenera (-īgeneye)     v    1. to do something of oneself without authority, 2. boast of what one will do, 3. to attribute to oneself
mugabo     conj    1. but, 2. however, 3. nevertheless
naho     conj    1. although, 2. but, 3. whereas, 4. even if
ubusage     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) 1. fringe, 2. long hair (with butter and mud in it), 3. lock of hair, 4. corn silk
ubwāto (am-)     8   5  sg. class 8: ubu-
pl. class 5: ama-
1. boat, 2. traditional dugout canoe
(plural only used for indefinite numbers)
amāto menshi = many boats, but
ubwāto bubiri = two boats
umukevyi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
butler, trusted servant, favorite
umuyangayanga (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
urwāvya (inz-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
small pot (for butter)
yamara   conj    but, however
allowance    agashirukabute
En-En dictionary 
ardour    ububangutsi, ubukerebutsi, igise
En-En dictionary 
authority    ububwīriza, ubugabe, ubugabo, ingānji, ubutwāre
(to have, esp. kings or revered person) guhāngama
(to rebel against) kumēnja
(to take on oneself) kurēngera
En-En dictionary 
barter    kuguza
(butter or other things) kumadika
En-En dictionary 
berry    inkēri, inkēre
icamwa kitagira utubuto
En-En dictionary 
blister    ibavu
(from burns) ubutute bw'ubushe
(to ~) kubūbika, kugurugūmba
En-En dictionary 
bonus    agashimwe, agashirukabute
En-En dictionary 
boutique    ibutike
En-En dictionary 
butcher    (to ~) kubāga, gukēmūra
(the ~) umuyangayanga
(~ shop) ibāgiro
En-En dictionary 
butchering place   ibāgiro
En-En dictionary 
butchery    idandarizo ry'inyāma
En-En dictionary 
butler    umukevyi
En-En dictionary 
butt    guseka
En-En dictionary 
butter    amavuta
(to barter) kumadika
(to make) guterera
(to melt, vi) kuyaga
(to put in food) kurunga
En-En dictionary 
butterfly    ikinyugunyugu, ikinyungunyungu
En-En dictionary 
buttermilk    amakuyano, amaterere
En-En dictionary 
buttocks    itako
En-En dictionary 
button    igipfūngo (Sw.), igifūngo, igipesi
En-En dictionary 
buttonhole    intoboro y'igipfūngo
En-En dictionary 
calm    ubutēkānyi
(to ~) guhorereza, guhoza, guhwāmika
(to be) kwītōnda
(to become) guhora, guhūmura
En-En dictionary 
chase    (away with shouts) kwāmira
(away) guhīnda, kwīrukana, gukinagiza, kwāmbutsa
(away because of hatred) gutuza
(away evil spirits) gusēnda
(flies off cows) kuzīnga
(hunt) guhīga
(others out of house) guturumbura
(out quickly) guhasha
En-En dictionary 
chieftanship    ubutwāre
En-En dictionary 
childhood    ubwāna, ubuto
En-En dictionary 
conflict    ugupfa ubutegetsi
(to be in ~) gutāta
(armed conflict) intambara
En-En dictionary 
cutting    (for planting) ikiguti, igikoti, akagegene k'igiti
(of manioc) ikigoti, ikigotigoti, ikiguti
(of sweet potatoes) umubuto, umujishi, umuvyaro
En-En dictionary 
danger    akāga, irīnde
(to go into without regard to oneself) kwīroha
(to warn of) kubūrira
(to watch out for) guhwebutsa
En-En dictionary 
do    (to) kugira, gukora
(again) kwongera
(always) kwāma, guhora
(anyhow, in spite of) gupfa
(continually) kwāma, guhora
(the dishes) kwoza ivyombo
(even more) kurushiriza
(first) kubānza, gushūza
(forcefully) kwīhanukīra
(habitually) kumēnyera
(have too much to ~) kurēngerana
(the impossible) gufyidikīra
(~-it-yourself) ukugira utugenegene
(housework) kugora
(one's duty) gushimika
(quickly) gukwākwānya, gushōka, gusobaganya, gusūriranya, gutebūtsa
(quickly and carelessly) kuraha
(quickly without thinking) gusimbagurika
(~ not) -ōye (verb without infinitive)
(reluctantly) kwīyumānganya
(a sloppy job) kurēngagiza
(something alone) kwīgūnga
(something by oneself without authority) kwigenera
(something that causes pleasure or amazement) gusamāza
(that which you declared you would not ~) kwīrahuruza
(two things at once) kubāngikanya
(unwillingly) kugoyagoya
(unwillingly and complainingly) kunyinkira
(the washing up) kwoza ivyombo
En-En dictionary 
economy    ubutunzi
En-En dictionary 
enegetic    (to be) guciririka, gukovya, kwigumira, gushiruka ubute, gushiruka umwēte
En-En dictionary 
examine    gucaca, gucunaguza, gucunaguriza, gupīma, gusūzuma, guhwebutsa, kurāba
(to look intently at) kwihweza
(in prospect of bying) kugaragura
En-En dictionary 
exile    (to) kwāmbutsa
En-En dictionary 
favor    ubutoni
(to ~) gushīnga
(to ~ unjustly) kubera
En-En dictionary 
favoritism    urwānkūnzi, ubutoni
En-En dictionary 
fervour    ububangutsi, ubukerebutsi
En-En dictionary 
fly    isāzi
(big, tsetse) ikibugu
(tiny) agatūku, ubutūku
En-En dictionary 
fruit    icāmwa, imbuto
(to bear) kwāma
(to cease to bear) kwāmurura
(to drop, tree) guhunguruka
(to gather) kwāmūra
(stewed ~, ~ compote) ivyāmwa bitekanye isukari
En-En dictionary 
gift    ingabano, ingabire, ishikanwa, itūro, ingemu, ikado
(of appreciation or thanks) ishīmwe, igishīmo
(given on return from journey) iganūke
(nothing expected in return) impāno
(to chief to get something from him) ingororano
(to make up for offending someone) icīru
(to offer ~) gutereka, gutūra
(to pass out ~, distribute) kugaba
(to present, with something expected in return) kugemura
En-En dictionary 
gnat    agatūku, ubutūku
En-En dictionary 
gospel    (good news) ubutumwa bwīza
En-En dictionary 
greens    inyabutongo, ubwākara, imbwija, imboga
En-En dictionary 
hemorrhage    kuva amaraso
(from nose) umwūna
(of woman) ubutīnyānka
En-En dictionary 
hill    umusozi, umudūgo, umutumba
(brow of) igikombe
(of earth, to plant in) iburi
(slope of) inkūka, akamanuko, umurwa
(top of) impīnga
(little hills) ubutumba
(very big ~) igisozi
(white ant hill) umugina
En-En dictionary 
ignorance    ubupfu, ubutūngu, ubuzimire
En-En dictionary 
indifference    igikonyo, ubute
En-En dictionary 
insect    igikōko, agakōko
(many small) ubukōko
(ant, flying, edible) iswa
(ant, pincher) intozi, urutozi
(ant, soldier) uburima
(ant, sugar) ikinywabūki
(ant, tiny) ubunyegeri
(ant, white) umuswa
(ant hill, white) umugina
(bedbug) igiheri, igihere
(bee) uruyūki
(bee, carpenter) imvūndēri
(bug) agasīmba
(bumblebee) impingwe
(butterfly) ikinyungunyungu, ikinyugunyugu
(centipede, small) inyōngōri
(chigoe flea) imvūnja, ivūnja
(cicada) ijeri
(cockroach) inyēnzi
(fly, big, tsetse) ikibugu
(fly, house) isāzi
(flea) imbaragasa
(gnat) agatūku, ubutūku
(grasshopper) uruhige, agahōri, igihōri
(jigger) imvūnja, ivūnja
(locust) uruyige
(louse) inda
(mosquito) umubu
(moth) ikinyungunyungu
(tick) inyōndwi, inyōndwe
(tick that causes recurrent fever) igitangu
(tiny ~ in eye) akanyarira jisho
(wasp) ivūbi
(to sting or bite) gusurira
En-En dictionary 
knolls    ubutumba
En-En dictionary 
laziness    ubunebwe, ubute
En-En dictionary 
menstruation    ubutinyanka
En-En dictionary 
message    ubutumwa
(to send) gutuma
En-En dictionary 
metal    icūma
(foot piece on spear) umuhūnda
(ore) ubutare
(piece placed on stoves over fire to set pot on) ikinjanja
(sheet of, for roof) ibāti
En-En dictionary 
milk    amata
(human) amabērebēre
(buttermilk) amaterere
(skimmed) amatererwa
(given to sick) umwērēra
(sour) urubu
(containers, table or shelf for) uruhīmbi
(cup) icānsi
(to have dirt in ~) gutobeka
(to pour ~ down another's throat) kuramiza
(to put skin of dead calf before cow so she will give milk) kwōrokēra
(to remove a foreign body from) gutosōra
(to sour, curdle) kuvura
En-En dictionary 
napkin    agatambaro abakenyezi bakoresha iyo bari mu butīnyānka, akabindo
En-En dictionary 
negligence    urwāngāra, ubute
En-En dictionary 
offer    (to) gutānga, kubangira, gushikana
(gift) guterēka, gutūra
(presents) guhōnga
(sacrifice) gushikana
(to spirits) guterekēra
(but take back) guhema
(place to offer to the spirits) igitabo
En-En dictionary 
ore    (metal) ubutare
En-En dictionary 
peace    amahoro, impore, amarembe, ihūmure, ubutekanyi
(to make ~) kubangūranya
En-En dictionary 
plant    imbuto, ikimera, ibitērwa
(small) urugāmba
(small trees that start up around big one) umuvyāro
(stunted) ikirūmbirane
(young for transplanting) ingemwe
En-En dictionary 
possessions    umurēngera, itūnga, imbombovu, ubutunzi, amarōnko
En-En dictionary 
pot    (clay cooking) inkono, inaga, impānge
(for water) umubīndi, umuhānge, umukātwa, ikibīndi
(coffee ~) ibirika y'ikawa
(small for butter) urwāvya, ikebano
(very large) intāngo
(with long narrow neck) agakarabo
(cooking pot) isafuriya, isafuria
En-En dictionary 
potato    (sweet) ikijūmbu, ikijūmpu
(sweet, vines) imibuto, imivyūka
(white) ikiraya, ikiyāra, igihaya, intofanyi
(fried chips) ifiriti
En-En dictionary 
power    ububāsha, ingānji, ubushobozi, imbaraga, ubutegetsi
(one who has) intwāri
En-En dictionary 
quickly    n'ingoga, vuba vuba
(to do) gukwākwānya, gutebūka, gutebūtsa
(to do ~ and carelessly) kuraha
(to do, esp. used by Batwa) gushōka
En-En dictionary 
remind    kwībutsa
(of one who is dead, or of something forgotten) gucūza
En-En dictionary 
reminder    icībutso, icībukiriza, umwībuko, akībuko
En-En dictionary 
riches    itūnga, ubutūnzi, ubukire
(great) umurēngera
En-En dictionary 
romper-suit    akabutura k'amaburuteri
En-En dictionary 
sanitary towel   agatambaro abakenyezi bakoresha iyo bari mu butīnyānka, akabindo
En-En dictionary 
seed    imbuto, urutete
(to plant small) kubiba
En-En dictionary 
shop    (boutique) ibutike
(little shop) iduka
(carpenter) ibarizo, isaramara
(baker's) icumbiro ry'imikate
(cake ~) icumbiro n'iriro ry'imikate
(butcher's) idandarizo ry'inyāma
En-En dictionary 
shopkeeper    umunyabutike
En-En dictionary 
shorts    amakabutura, ibutura
En-En dictionary 
skilled    inkerebutsi
(person) umuhānga, umuhīnga, umuhizi, umugesera, umufūndi (Sw.), umuntu w'inkuba
En-En dictionary 
skillful    inkerebutsi
(to be) kubanguka, guhīngūra
(to be more than others) kuzīnga
En-En dictionary 
spare parts   (cloths) igitambara baremuza yatabutse
En-En dictionary 
storekeeper    umunyabutike
En-En dictionary 
sweet potato   ikijūmbu, ikijūmpu
(vines) imibuto, imivyūka
En-En dictionary 
swelling    ubuvyimbe
(med.) ubutumbi
(to reduce, vi) kuvyīmbūka
(vt) kuvyīmbūra
En-En dictionary 
thigh    (upper) ikibero
(thighs, buttock) itako
En-En dictionary 
tip    isōnga, igisōnga
(payment) impēmbo, agashirukabute
(to ~ head back) kurarama
(to ~ head to one side) guhengama
En-En dictionary 
uninhabited place   agahīnga, ubutēri, ubutēritēri
En-En dictionary 
utensil    (basin) umubēhe, ikibēhe
(bowl) ibakure
(clay cooking pot) inkono, inaga, impānge
(tall clay water pot) umubīndi
(cooking) icōmbo
(small covered container) ikazānga
(small pot girls put butter in) ikebano, urwāvya
(spoon) ikiyīko
(very large pot) intāngo
En-En dictionary 
vine    (creeping) igitēza
(grape) umuzabibu
(of certain sort) umurāndarānda
(red flowering) umukakampiri
(sweet potato) imibuto, umuvyūka
(pumpkin) umuvyūka
En-En dictionary 
watch    kurīnda, guterama, kuba māso
(as night watchman) kurārīra
(i.e. workers) kurereka
(carefully) kugendeza, kugēnza
(flock) kuragira
(for) gusūra
(house) gusānga
(out for danger) guhwebutsa
(over) kubūngabūnga, kugendeza, guteramira, kuzigama
En-En dictionary 
wealth    ubutūnzi, ubukire
En-En dictionary 
weariness    uburuhe, ubutame
En-En dictionary 
weed    urwāmfu
(edible for greens) ubwākara, inyabutongo, isōgi, urusōgo
En-En dictionary 
zealous    (to be) kwītwaririka, gushiruka ubute, kugira umwēte
(to be ~ to accomplish) gufūhira
En-En dictionary 
kiosk    ibutike
En-En dictionary 
trouser    ipantaro, ipantalo
(short trouser, shorts for sports) ikabutura
En-En dictionary 
active    (to be) kubanguka, gushiruka ubute
En-En dictionary 
diligent    (to be) gushiruka ubute
En-En dictionary 
energetic    (to be) gushiruka ubute
En-En dictionary 
text    igisōmwa, ubutumwa, urukurikirane rw'amajambo
En-En dictionary 
rather    (very) cane
(but ~) bambe
(would ~, to prefer) gupfuma
En-En dictionary 
menstruate    (to) kuja mu butinyanka, kuba mu maraso
En-En dictionary 
store    (shop, boutique) ibutike, imangazine, iduka
(storehouse) ikigega
En-En dictionary 
trade    (to ~) gucuragiza, gucuruza, kudāndaza, guhānjura, gukāba
(butter for other things) kumadika
(one article for another) kuguza
En-En dictionary 
treasure    ubutūnzi
En-En dictionary