out of   mu
En-En dictionary 
house    inzu
(in ruins) umusaka
(little ~, built for spirit of one who has died) nyabugoro
(of king) ingoro
(temporary) urusāgo, igikāri
(small, cabin) akazu
(with high pointed roof) umushonge, agashūngēre
(place opposite door of ~) umukōndo
(to cause to fall down) gusambūra, gusēnyura, guhenūra
(to chase others out of ~) guturumbura
(to fall down) gusāmbuka, gusēnyuka, guhenuka
(to put roof on) gusakāra
(to repair a) gusanura
En-En dictionary 
gututuza (-tutuje)   v    to appear out of ground
gutūtūra (-tūtūye)   v    1. to prune, 2. to take dry leaves out of banana trees
kwīdohōra (-īdohōye)     v    1. to get away secretly, 2. sneak out of an argument or obligation, 3. to slip out little by little (of nail, etc.)
kwītosora (-ītosoye)     v    to take something out of one's own eye
kwōgorora (-ōgoroye)     v    1. to cross a river (by bridge), 2. to come out of water
gufurūra (-furūye)     v    to reveal, show, bring out of hiding
gushāyūka (-shāyūtse)     v    to get out of mud
gusokoroka (-sokorotse)     v    to go out to a certain place, to come out of
kugobōtora (-gobōtoye)     v    1. to take one out of difficulties or hard places, 2. to take out from, 3. to free, to clear
kwīburuka (-īburutse)     v    1. to come up out of water, 2. to flow
kwōnjorora (-ōnjoroye)     v    1. to leave abruptly, 2. stop talking abruptly though others continue, 3. to drop out of something because you know you're in the wrong
mu     prep    1. in, into, 2. during, 3. out of (the inside of a thing, e.g. kuva mu muriro – to come out of the fire)
gutaramura (-taramuye)     v    1. to send one out of the room, 2. to reach up
kugangabuka (-gangabutse)     v    1. to suddenly get angry when you've been talking nicely, 2. to be startled out of sleep
kunyeguruka (-nyegurutse)     v    to reappear, come out of hiding
guturumbura (-turumbuye)     v    1. to stare at without seeing, 2. to chase others out of home
get    kuronka, guhabwa
(angry, suddenly when one has been talking nicely) kugangabuka
(big, skin in water) kubōmbōka
(close together) kwegerana
(dark, late) kwīra
(dirty) kwāndura
(food for oneself) gutāra
(~ out of the car) kuva mu modoka, gusohoka mu modoka
(~ out of my way!) have! vaho!
(~ out of there) have, vaho
(left behind as you stare at something) kurēngāra
(something in eye) gutosekara
(thin) kugeruka
(thin, very) kugōgōra
(up) guhaguruka, kuvyūka
(up, quickly) kubaduka
(up, to help another ~) kuvyūra
En-En dictionary 
mud    ivyōndo, uburongo, urwōndo
(black) urushānga
(to be stuck in) gushāya
(to get out of) gushāyūka
(to pull out of) gushāyūra
En-En dictionary 
try    kugerageza, kugeza
(on clothes) kwīgera
(over and over in several places and ways) gutarataza
(to get out of work) gushaza
(to hinder from doing wrong) guhōyahōya
(to know something) kugenzūra
(to persuade) gukiranira
(to persuade in underhanded way) kubembeteranya
(repeatedly unseccessfully) kwānkika
(to rule or act in another's place) kurēngera
(to surpass another) guhiga
En-En dictionary 
come    kūza
(all together suddenly) kurandamuka
(apart) gushānyūka, kudohōka
(to come at) (time) kuzīra
(to do something) guherūka
(to an end) guhenebēra, guhera, kunyika
(be coming to an end) guherengetera
(down) kumanuka, kumanuza, kwūruruka
(from) kwāduka, kwānduruka, gukomoka, guturuka, kuva, kuvuduka
(to greet often when one is in disfavour in hopes of gaining favour) kuneganega
(~ here) ingo, ngo, ngwino
(into sight) kurēnguka
(to light) guhinyuka, kwāndagara
(one by one) gutororokanya, gutēraterana
(out, teeth, hoe handle, etc.) guhongoka
(out, stake) gushingūka
(out of water) kwōgorora
(suddenly) guturūmbuka
(to, after fainting) guhembūka
(to pieces) gusambūka
(to the throne) kwīma ku ngoma
(together, crowd) gukungēra
(unexpectedly) kwubīra
(unsewn) gusonoroka (Sw.)
(untied) kubohōka, gupfunduka
(up of itself) kwimeza
(up out of water) kwiburuka
(up thickly, thus not do well) gusorora
(upon suddenly) kwūbuka
(when called) kurabuka
(with) kuzanana
En-En dictionary 
drop    (of liquid) ima, itōnyānga, igitōnyānga
(to ~) gusekura
(to ~ fruit, tree) guhunguruka
(in water or food, vi) kudibuka
(to let fall ~ by ~) gutōnyāngiriza
(to let go of what you've started to take or do) gutēzūra, gutēnzūra
(~ out of something because you know you're in the wrong) kwōnjorora
(one who keeps dropping things here and there) umusābisābi
En-En dictionary 
fire    umuriro
(bit of) umucānwa
(built for cows) icōtero
(made in enclosure for animals) igicāniro
(to blow the) kwātsa
(to destroy by) kuyigiza
(to extinguish) kuzimya
(to go out) kuzima
(to keep ~ going) gucānira
(to light) kudomeka
(to make, start, build) gucāna, gukongereza
(to put out) kuzimya
(to put wood on ~) gukomānya
(to set ~ to) guturira
(to fire from job, dismiss, throw out of house) kwirukana
(altar fire) igicāniro
En-En dictionary 
suck    (esp. juice out of fruit) kunūnuza
(to eat by sucking only, as candy) kuyongobeza, kuyungubiza
En-En dictionary 
vaho   phr    get out of the way, out of there (from kuva)
guhura (-huze)     v    1. to refuse to eat what you've always eaten, 2. to take objects out of flesh (as witch traditional doctor supposedly does)
kuva (-vuye)   v    1. to come from, 2. to shed, 3. to leak, 4. to let flow from
kuva mu modoka to get out of the car
have get out of my way, get out of there
vaho (same as have)
sight    (come into) kurēnguka
(to pass out of) kurēngēra
(to recover) guhumūka
(to restore) guhumūra
En-En dictionary 
wrong    (to be ~) kwīhēnda, kwībesha
(to be ~ end to) gucurika
(to be placed ~ end to) gucurama
(to drop out of something because you know you're in the ~) kwōnjorora
(to try to hinder from doing ~) guhōyahōya
En-En dictionary 
kwīmura (-īmuye)     v    1. to move (vt), 2. to copy, 3. to take grain out of water
kwīnura     v    to take grain out of water
kunūnuza (-nūnuje)     v    to suck (esp. suck juice out of fruit), to absorb (water)
igihūme (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
spirit, superhuman thing, a one-armed and one-legged ghost with grass growing out of its ears that lives in the valley (used as a serious insult)
gushaza (-shajije)     v    1. to try to get out of work, appear as working but really doing nothing, 2. to adorn, decorate, dress up
gushāyūra (-shāyūye)     v    to pull out of mud
kuzīkurura (-zīkuruye)   v    to mix up, to put what's on the bottom on top, to take out of a hole in the ground what one has put there
kurēngēra (-rēngēye)     v    1. to arrive at the top, 2. to pass out of sight, 3. to be very loud
chase    (away with shouts) kwāmira
(away) guhīnda, kwīrukana, gukinagiza, kwāmbutsa
(away because of hatred) gutuza
(away evil spirits) gusēnda
(flies off cows) kuzīnga
(hunt) guhīga
(others out of house) guturumbura
(out quickly) guhasha
En-En dictionary 
hard    (to be) kuguma, guhāmbāra, gukara, gukomera, kudadarara, gukomāntara
(to be, earth) gutūta
(to be difficult) kugōra, gukomera
(to have a ~ life) kunamba
(to make ~ for one who has lost a loved one by reproaching the dead) kwītāmba ku muvyimba
(to make ~, hearted) gukomāntaza
(to take out of ~ places) kugobōtora
En-En dictionary 
mw   prep    1. in, into, 2. during, 3. out of the inside, (form of mu before fifth class nouns in singular, e.g. mw ishuli - in school)
have     phr    get out of the way, out of there (from kuva)
gukūra (-kūye)     v    1. to take away, take out of, subtract, 2. to abduct 3. to make for
gusokorora (-sokoroye)     v    to take something out to an appointed place, to take out of, reveal
ikirōnge (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
sprout of sorghum
indūru (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
shout of alarm, wail
gukoma induru to wail, give cry of alarm
appear    kuboneka, guseruka, guturuka
(out of ground) gututuza
(suddenly) kwāduka, guturūmbuka
(suddenly, as sun) kubāndūra
En-En dictionary 
bring    (to ~) kuzana
(back) kugarura
(back from far away) guhabūra
(back wife after she's gone home) gucūra
(down) kumanura
(down bee hive) kwegura
(from dark into light) kwāndagaza
(from hiding) kunyegurura
(greeting) gutāsha
(in passing) guhitana
(into open from hidden place) kwātura
(loss or failure) gutāna
(new kind of seeds or cattle into country) kurondōra
(out of hiding) gufurūra
(quickly) gutebūkana
(things in from sun) kwāmura
(things and put them together to give to someone) gusorōranya
(to pass) gucimbataza
(together) gukoranya, gutēranya
(up child) gukuza, kurera
(water) kudahira, kuvōma
(with one) kuzanana
En-En dictionary 
pass    guhita
(allow to) kubisa
(allow another to) kubisiriza
(between) kunyura
(by) guhita, gukīkira
(by, but not meet) guhubana
(gas) gusurira
(out gifts) kugaba
(out of sight) kurēngāna
(over, by, aside) kurēngāna, kurēngānya
(the night) kurāra
(through) guca
(to bring to ~) gucimbataza
(to go through a narrow ~) kunyegētera
(to bring in passing) guhitana
En-En dictionary 
pull    gukwēga, gushikura
(by roots) gusitura, kumomora, kurandura
(easily) kumomoka, gushikuka
(things away from plant or tree) gukurira
(~ out, ~ up stake) gushingūra
(out of the mud) gushāyūra
(teeth) guhongora
En-En dictionary 
sneak    (along) kubūndabūnda, kwīyombayomba
(in) kunyegētera
(out) kwīyonjorora
(out of an argument or obligation) kwīdohōra
En-En dictionary 
startled    (to be) guhababuka, kuranduka umutima
(out of sleep) kugangabuka
(to give a ~ cry) gutūra ubuku
En-En dictionary 
take    gufata, gucakīra, guhitana
(another's place in watching) kubangūra
(apart what has been stuck together) kumatūra
(authority on oneself) kurēngera
(away) gukūra, gushingūra, gutwāra
(away from) kwāka, kunyaga
(away completely) gukōmbōra, gutōngōra
(away with) kuvāna
(by force) kunyaga
(care of) kubungabunga, kwītwaririka
(care of, very good) kubukabuka
(case to chief or court) kubūranya
(case to chief, knowing one is right) gutara
(child in arms) kurera, gukīkira
(council together) guhūza ināma
(cows uphill) kurārūra
(down) kumanura
(down tent) gupāngūra
(everything for oneself) kwīgūngirako
(far away) kwāmbukana
(firm hold of) kubāngiriza
(from another) kwākīra
(from pocket or other concealed place) kugoborora
(here, take this) enda
(hold of) gufata
(hold of person) gusūmira, gushorerakw amaboko
(home) gutāhāna
(home object or cows after being away long time) kugishūra
(in one's arms) kugūmbīra, gukīkira
(mouthful) gutamira
(oath) kurahīra
(off clothes) kwīyambura
(off lid of basket) kurumūra
(out) gusokōra
(out of) gukūra, gusokorora, kugobōtora
(out of hole in ground what one has put there) kuzīkuruka
(outside) gusohora
(picture) gucapura (Sw.)
(place of another) kwākīra
(quickly) gutebūkana
(someone aside) kwīkebana
(someone to chief for trial or accusation) gushengeza
(something out to an appointed place) gusokorora
(to put away) kwāndūra
(to someone) gushīra
(to someone where he is) gusānza
(turns) kwākīrana, kwākīranwa, kuja imbu, gukūranwa
(up space) gutabarara
(walk) kugēndagēnda
(wife) kwābīra
(wife, without marrying her properly) gucīkiza
(with) kujāna
En-En dictionary 
work    (to ~) gukora
(at several tasks at once) kujuragira
(carelessly wanting to quit) kuregarega
(complainingly) kugimīra
(for king, chief) gusasa ibwāmi
(for oneself) kwīkorera
(hard) gucumukura, gutama
(hard at) kuramiriza
(lazily) kuregarega
(rapidly) gufuruguta
(together) gukorana
(unwillingly, complainingly) kunyinkira, kugimīra
(with earnestness) gushira igikonyo
(with wood) kubāza
(with zeal) gushira igikonyo
(to cease, go home from) kugodoka
(to ~ for another without approval) kuruhira
(to do housework) kugora
(to feign) gushaza
(to put to) kwāhura
(to not keep at the job faithfully) gutenzekanya
(to try to get out of, pretend to work) gushaza
(to have ~ in one place many years) kuzyātira
En-En dictionary 
 out of found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 5   Mu and Ku
lesson 83   Passive Verbs
lesson 102   Miscellaneous Words
lesson 115   Prepositional Suffixes
lesson 118   Some Adverbs; The –raca– Tense
 out of found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 9   “immediately”
chapter 26   Special Verb Endings
chapter 78   Exclamations
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