a lot   cane
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eat    kurya, gufungura, kunogera, kunoza, kurandagura
(a lot) guhāga, guhīmba
(cause to ~ a lot) gupfunereza
(by sucking only, as candy) kuyongobeza, kuyungubiza
(garden plants, of goats) kwōna
(to refuse to) kuzira
(to refuse to ~ or drink with) kunēna
(together) gusangira
(to ~ what's left on peeling of roasted banana, etc.) gukōra
(two kinds of food together) gukoza
(with instrument) kurīsha
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kuvōvōta (-vōvōse)   v    1. to talk nonsense when drunk, to say a lot of slanderous talk, 2. to speak incoherently, 3. to rain early in morning or for a long time, 4. to give oneself to the service of Kiranga (also kubāndwa), 5. to divine
cane     adv    1. much, 2. very, rather, 3. exceedingly, 4. really, 5. too, 6. a lot
guhāga (-hāze)   v    1. to be satisfied, to be full, 2. to eat a lot
simpaze I am not satisfied
noise    urwamo
(loud, frightening) umuturagaro
(esp. of battle or strife) umuvurungano
(of earthquake, or approaching storm) umugigimo
(of rain, thunder) umuhīndo
(of wind, rain, running feet, etc.) igihīnda
(to make a big) kwāsana, kubomborana, kubugiriza, gusāma
(to make a lot) kuvurungana, kuyogora
(to make a loud frightening) guturagara
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weight    uburiba
(to lose) kunamba
(to lose a lot of ~) kugōgōra
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ingāre (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
one who gets cross easily but who gets over it quickly, one who talks a lot (esp. to tell others what to do)
kugōgōra (-gōgōye)     v    to get very thin, lose a lot of weight
kuyogora (-yogoye)   v    1. to make a lot of noise, cry out, to bawl, 2. to talk when you shouldn't
slander    igitutsi
(to ~) gucōkōra, gukera, gusiba, gutuka
(a superior unintentionally, but he believes it intentional) kurengwa
(to say a lot of slanderous talk) kuvōvōta
En-En dictionary 
kurangura (-ranguye)     v    to buy a lot
guhumaguza (-humaguje)     v    to blink a lot in trying to see
kugāyagāya (-gāyagāye)     v    to be very happy, untroubled (having eaten or drunk a lot)
kuroranirwa (-roraniwe)     v    1. to be fortunate, be lucky, 2. to have a lot (may be even a lot of debts or trouble)
kuvurungana (-vurunganye)   v    to make a lot of noise, to strive and crowd together
kurūndarūnda (-rūndarūnze)     v    to pile up, amass a lot
ibīse    4    a lot of manure
gupfunereza (-pfunereje)     v    to cause to eat a lot, to blow up (vt), or fill up (vt)
kuregetereza (-regetereje)     v    1. to talk a lot, 2. to gossip
kuregeteza (-regeteje)   v    to talk a lot, to gossip
amass    (a lot) kurūndarūnda
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manure    amase
(goat) amahenehene
(heap) icukiro
(a lot) ibīse
(to gather for garden) kuvūmbura
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talk    kuyāga, gusakuza, kugānīra
(foolishly, or act) gusaragurika
(give discourse) kugamba
(in one's sleep) kurāzirana
(lightly) kujajura
(loudly) guhogora
(a lot) kuregeteza
(nonsense when drunk) kuvōvōta
(over) gutegēranya
(slanderously) kuvōvōta
(together in whispers) kunwengurana, kwītōnganya
(to oneself) kwītonganya
(unkindly to each other) kurandagurana
(when one shouldn't) kuyogora
(with someone to try to persuade her to elope) gucīkiza
(to sit together talking for a long time) gutūrika
(one who talks a lot, esp. tells others what to do) ingāre
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