sol    floor    hāsi
(on the) hāsi
En-En dictionary 
sol    ground    (earth) isi
(on the) hasi
(dug up but not planted) amasinde
(to put on) gutereka
(to throw stick on ~ and it tumbles end over end) kubirika
En-En dictionary 
sol    soil    ivu, agataka
(with much clay in it) inōmbe
(to soften up) kwōrohereza
(to be worn out) gutītūka
En-En dictionary 
laver le sol    mop    (to ~) gukoropa
En-En dictionary 
dede     adv    absolutely, certainly
guhebūza (-hebūje)     v    1. to tell someone that his friend has died, 2. to be perfect, complete, absolutely wonderful, 3. to surpass all others either good or bad, 4. to deny emphatically, 5. to discourage
guhīngūra (-hīngūye)     v    1. to answer (as on exam), 2. find the solution, 3. to repair or improve another's work, 4. to exercise an art, trade, 5. be skillful, to perfect, 6. to return from running away
guhorēsha (-horēsheje)     v    to console or cool by means of
guhoza (-hojeje)     v    1. to cause to cool, to calm down, 2. to appease, 3. to console, comfort, reassure
gukēngēra (-kēngēreye)     v    1. to disdain, 2. to despise, 3. to hate, 4. to be insolent to
gupfīndūra (-pfīndūye)     v    1. to guess, 2. to divine, 3. to solve riddle
gusanasana (-sanasanye)     v    to repair (something absolutely worn out) repeatedly
gushōnga (-shōnze)     v    1. to melt, 2. to dissolve
guta agati   phr    to refuse absolutely, categorically
gutānya (-tānije)     v    1. to separate, to detach, 2. to divide, 3. to isolate, 4. send workers some to one place and some to another, to cut or split
gutetera (-teteye)     v    1. to be thoroughly drenched and cold, 2. to be drawn up from cold or being burnt, 3. to dry up and be stiff (food, clothes), 4. to be burnt (of food forgotten), 5. to be very healthy or strong, 6. to be solid, 7. to be dry
gutētera (-tēteye)     v    to be absolutely full to brim
ingabo (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. soldier, 2. army
ingūnguru (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
drum (gasoline)
irungu (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
loneliness, solitude
kabisa   adv    absolutely, totally, completely, certainly, surely (Sw.)
kugombōra (-gombōye)     v    1. to cut banana leaves, 2. to relieve another on duty (as soldier)
kugurwa (-guzwe)     v    1. to be bought, 2. to be sold, 3. to be traded, 4. to cost
kunanirana (-naniranye)     v    to be absolutely too difficult
kunyananyana (-nyananyanye)     v    to have absolutely all one wants (no need of any kind) and to be a bit showy about it
kunyananyaya (-nyananyaye)   v    to have absolutely all one wants, and to be a bit showy about it
kuzigirizwa (-zigirijwe)   v    to be surrouned, to be at end of one's resources, to be absolutely discouraged in difficulty
kuziririza (-ziririje)   v    1. to absolutely refuse, 2. to superstitiously observe certain days, 3. to observe a taboo
kwegukira (-egukiye)     v    1. to possess, be sole owner, 2. to be one's task (e.g. negukiye kwīgīsha)
kwīhāngāna (-īhāngānye)     v    1. to endure, to be patient, 2. to wait
(said when patience is needed or expected, like a consolation)
kwūbahuka (-ūbahutse)   v    1. to lack respect, be disrespectful, 2. to be insolent, 3. to dare, to be bold, 4. to speak fearlessly
me     emph    yes, absolutely, certainly
oyāye   emph    no! absolutely not
    adv    absolutely! extremely! think of that!
rwōse     adv    1. absolutely, 2. completely, entirely, 3. very much (from -ōse)
ubufafara     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) poverty (absolute)
ubufafare   8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) poverty (absolute)
uburima     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no sing.) soldier ants
umusirigana (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umusirikāre (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
soldier, government official
umusoda (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
urudēnde     6  class 6
singular: uru-
(no pl.) 1. one solitary thing, 2. singular (gram.)
ant    (flying, edible) iswa
(pincher) intozi, urutozi
(soldier) uburima
(sugar) ikinywabūki
(tiny) ubunyegeri, urunyegeri
(white) umuswa
(white ~ hill) umugina
En-En dictionary 
difficult    (person) umuhāmbāzi
(this is ~!) biragōye
(to be) kugōra, gukomera
(to be absolutely too ~ for) kunanirana
(to be ~ to say or know) kuzīnda
(to be too ~ for) kunanira
En-En dictionary 
discouraged    (to be) kwīhebūra, kudundumirwa
(to be absolutely, in difficulty) kuzigirizwa
(to be completely) kwīheba
(to be tired and ~) gucobogora
En-En dictionary 
full    (to be) kwūzura
(to be absolutely ~ to brim) gutētera
(to be almost, waterpot) gucagatira
(to overflowing) kubōga, kubōgabōga
(too full) gufunereza
(having eaten, or full of air) kubobōka
En-En dictionary 
have    –fise, kugira, gutūnga
(absolutely all one wants, and to be a bit showy about it) kunyananyaya
(abundance) kudibama, guhīmba
(always) guhorana
(bad habits, having had good) gufūtāna
(diarrhea) gucībwamwo, guhitwa, kudodomwa, kwīruka, gushuruza
(done recently) guherūka
(fellowship) gufatanya
(fellowship with) gucudika
(fever) kurwara inyonko
(for) –fitiye
(friendhsip with) gucudika
(holes from rust) kunyengetērwa
(much, may be even lots of debts or trouble) kuroranirwa
(pain) kubabara
(sex) kuryamana, kwenda, kurongorana, kurya umwana
(sloping sides, like soup dish) gufukūra
(speech impediment) kugobwa
(things in common) kubūngirana
(to ~ to) kurīnda, –kwīye
En-En dictionary 
insect    igikōko, agakōko
(many small) ubukōko
(ant, flying, edible) iswa
(ant, pincher) intozi, urutozi
(ant, soldier) uburima
(ant, sugar) ikinywabūki
(ant, tiny) ubunyegeri
(ant, white) umuswa
(ant hill, white) umugina
(bedbug) igiheri, igihere
(bee) uruyūki
(bee, carpenter) imvūndēri
(bug) agasīmba
(bumblebee) impingwe
(butterfly) ikinyungunyungu, ikinyugunyugu
(centipede, small) inyōngōri
(chigoe flea) imvūnja, ivūnja
(cicada) ijeri
(cockroach) inyēnzi
(fly, big, tsetse) ikibugu
(fly, house) isāzi
(flea) imbaragasa
(gnat) agatūku, ubutūku
(grasshopper) uruhige, agahōri, igihōri
(jigger) imvūnja, ivūnja
(locust) uruyige
(louse) inda
(mosquito) umubu
(moth) ikinyungunyungu
(tick) inyōndwi, inyōndwe
(tick that causes recurrent fever) igitangu
(tiny ~ in eye) akanyarira jisho
(wasp) ivūbi
(to sting or bite) gusurira
En-En dictionary 
one    -mwe, rimwe
(one solitary thing) urudēnde
(one banana, head of grain, etc.) umuhānyu
(to come ~ by ~) gutororokanya
(~ by ~) isorōsoro
En-En dictionary 
owner    (of) nyene
(of kraal) umutūngwa, sēnaka
(to be sole) kwegukira
En-En dictionary 
poverty    ubukene, ubwōro
(absolute) ubufafara, ubufafare
En-En dictionary 
refuse    kwānka, kugāmbāna, guhakana, kunana
(absolutely) guta agati, kuziririza
(esp. girl to marry a certain man) kubēnga
(strongly) gukankamira
(to acknowledge one's wrong) kudadarara
(to eat) kuzira
(to eat or drink with) kunēna
(to eat what you've always eaten) guhura
(to give) kwīma
(to give to another) kwīmana
(to give another his own) kugūnga
(to go on helping someone) guhasha
(to listen, almost as crazy) gutaragurika
(to listen to authority) kugarariza
(to obey) kugaranya
(to repay loan) guheranira
En-En dictionary 
relieve    (need) gukenūra
(another, as soldier) kugombōra
(one's own need) kwīkenūra
(to go to give things to one whose house has burned) gusuhūza
(to be relieved of load) kuremurukwa
En-En dictionary 
repair    guhīngūra
(car) gukanika imodoka
(house) gusanura
(something absolutely worn out, or, ~ repeatedly) gusanasana
(woven thing) gusana
En-En dictionary 
resolve    (find the solution) guhīngūra
En-En dictionary 
riddle    igisōkōzanyo, igisōkōzo, igisakuzo
(to ask) gusōkōza, gupfīnda, gupfīndana
(to solve) gupfīndūra
En-En dictionary 
soldier    ingabo, umusirigana, umusoda, umusirikare, intōre
(ants) uburima
En-En dictionary 
solid    (to be) gukomera, gutetera
En-En dictionary 
solitude    irungu
En-En dictionary 
solution    (to find the) guhīngūra
En-En dictionary 
solve    (riddle) gupfīndūra, guhīngūra
En-En dictionary 
wonderful    (to be absolutely) guhebūza
En-En dictionary 
worn out   (clothes) agashāmbara, umushāmbara
(mat) umusāmbi
(thing) akāhebwe, umushiro
(to be, of soil no longer productive) gutītūka
(to become) gusāza, gucobogora, gutama
(to repair repeatedly something absolutely ~) gusanasana
En-En dictionary 
cost    (to ~, be sold for, bought for) kugurwa
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