gupānga (-nze)  v     (Sw.) 1. to prepare, 2. to wipe off, 3. to pitch (tent), 4. to spread out, 5. to set (the table)
gupānga ameza (-nze)  phr     to set the table
pitch    (a tent) gupānga ihēma
En-En dictionary 
set    (of sun) kurēnga
(down, to carry and ~ down frequently) gusegenyeza
(example) guha akarorero
(fire to) guturira
(fixed time) kugerereza
(free) kudādura
(one's heart on) guhahamira
(the table) gupānga ameza
(time: to do something at a ~ time) guhēnga
En-En dictionary 
spread    (abroad, vt) kwāndagaza, kwāngāza, gukwīza, gukwīragiza
(vi) kwāmāmara, gukwīra, guhetūra, gukwīragira
(grass) gusasa
(legs apart) guhānyuka
(out) gupānga
(out great branches) kugasāra
(out on something) gusanza
(thing spread out flat) ikiramvu
En-En dictionary 
table    ameza (Sw.)
(bedside) akameza ko mu buryamo
(for milk containers) uruhīmbi
(to set the ~) gupānga ameza
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tent    ihema (Sw.)
(to pitch) gupānga
(to take down) gupāngūra
En-En dictionary 
wipe    guhanagura, gukēmūra, gupānga (Sw.)
(esp. mother, wiping baby) guheha
(child's nose) kumyīra
(one's nose) kwīmyīra
(out) gusangangura
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 gupanga found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 63   Some Household Terms