gukira (-kize)     v    1. to get well, recover, heal (vi), 2. to be safe, 3. to be rich
 gukira : Narrative Tense 9.class sing. of:
kwīra (-īje)     v    1. to get dark, to be night, 2. to get late
kwegukira (-egukiye)     v    1. to possess, be sole owner, 2. to be one's task (e.g. negukiye kwīgīsha)
gukiranira (-kiraniye)     v    1. to argue about, discuss, 2. to try to persuade
gukirānura (-kirānuye)     v    to straighten up (vt), to place in order, rearrange
kira   phr    bless you! get well! (imperative of gukira)
argue    (the liking to ~) amahāne
(to ~) guhārīra, kuja impāri
(to ~ about) gukiranira
(to ~ and swear that you're right) gutara
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discuss    (to) guhārīra, gukiranira, gutāta, kuvuga
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heal    (to ~, vi) gukira
(to ~, vt) gukiza, kurokora, kuvūra
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healthy    (child, about 4 months) ikibunduguru
(plant, person) itōto
(to be) kunōnōka, gukira
(to be very, strong) gutetera
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owner    (of) nyene
(of kraal) umutūngwa, sēnaka
(to be sole) kwegukira
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persuade    (in underhanded way) kubembeteranya
(to succeed to ~ someone to leave his evil ways) gukōndōra
(to talk with someone to try to ~ her to elope) gucīkiza
(to try to ~) gukiranira
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possess    gutūnga, kwegukira
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rearrange    gukirānura
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recover    (get well) gukira, kurokoka
(from fear or anger) guhūmura
(sight) guhumūka
(when others around are dying) kurokoza
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rich    (to be) gutūnga, gukira
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safe    (to be) gukira
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straighten up   (vt) gukirānura, kugorōra
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task    igikorwa, akazi, umurimo
(assigned) ibāngo
(to begin ~) kwāhuka
(to be one's) kwegukirae.g. negukiye kwigisha
(to cause to work at several ~ at once) kujuragiza
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try    kugerageza, kugeza
(on clothes) kwīgera
(over and over in several places and ways) gutarataza
(to get out of work) gushaza
(to hinder from doing wrong) guhōyahōya
(to know something) kugenzūra
(to persuade) gukiranira
(to persuade in underhanded way) kubembeteranya
(repeatedly unseccessfully) kwānkika
(to rule or act in another's place) kurēngera
(to surpass another) guhiga
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well    nēza
(to be) kuguma, gukomera
(to be, esp. of old people) kudūndēga
(to not be) kuyōka
(to get) gukira, kurokoka
(to get after serious illness) kurēmba
(to get when others around are dying) kurokoza
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place    (to) gushira
(to ~ here and there) gukwīragiza
(in order) gukirānura, kuringaniza, kurorānya
(facing each other) kurorānya
(objects together in irregular fashion, end for end) gucurikiranya
(obliquely) guhirika, gukīkama
(be placed obliquely) gukīka
(on) gushikiriza
(one thing above another) kugereka, kugerekeranya
(oneself) guherēra
(somewhere) gushiraho
(two things side by side, parallel) kubāngikanya
(to be placed wrong end to) gucurama
(to give place to each other) kubisīkanya
(to hold in) kugumya
(to leave a) gushingūka
(to make) kubisa
(to make for one another to pass) kubisīkanya
(to put a thing in its certain ~) gutereka
(to remain in ~ of another) gusigarira
(to stand in a certain ~ thus making ~ for another) kubisiriza
(to take the ~ of another) kwākīra
(to take the ~ of another watching) kubangūra
(to go from ~ to ~) kuyugayuga
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order    (to) gutumiza, gusaba
(to place in) gukirānura, kuringaniza, kurorānya
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 gukira found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 88   Demonstrative Adjectives III
 gukira found in: Imyibutsa (proverbs)
Umwibutsa 523   Uja gukira indwara arayirata....
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