guhubura (-hubuye)     v    to dig and break through to hollow place
guhubūra (-hubūye)     v    1. to show the way, put on the right path, 2. to warn, 3. advise, 4. comfort, 5. to propose, suggest
advise    guhanūra, guhubūra, kugira ināma
En-En dictionary 
comfort    ihūmure, ukumererwa nēza, ukwikwiza
(to comfort) guhoza, guhubūra, guhūmuriza, kwīrura
En-En dictionary 
dig    kwīmba, kurima
(and break through to hollow place) guhubura
(as chicken does) gukoba
(out grass rapidly) gusūriranya
(under crop, grass) kuzika
(up) gusibanganya
(up the earth) gutaba
(up sweet potatoes with fingers, or, to make hole for setting out tree) gukoba
(to be impossible to dig even though water is on top) gutūta
En-En dictionary 
direct    (to be) kubanguka
(to ~ towards) kwerekeza
(to make straight for) gutūmbereza
(to show the way, put on right path) guhubūra, kuzimurura
En-En dictionary 
path    inzira, irāngo, umuyobōro
(made by cows) umuhōra
(of water in heavy rain) umuvo
(wide) igihamo
(to go along right in, esp. animals) gutōta
(to go down the middle of) kwātīra
(to light the) kumurika
(to put on the right) guhubūra
(into rugo) umuharuro, umurombero
En-En dictionary 
show    kwereka, kwerekana, gufurūra, guserura, kubonēsha
(contempt, by spitting) gucīra inyeri
(off) kwīkakīsha
(oneself) kwibonekeza, kwībūra
(the way) guhubūra, kurangīra, kuyobora
(the way to one who is lost) kuzimurura
(to not ~ one's feelings) kwīrengagiza
En-En dictionary 
warn    guhanūra, guhubūra, kwīhanikiriza
(against) kwīhaniza
(of danger) kubūrira, kubūra
En-En dictionary 
way    inzira
(to feel the way before one with foot or spear) gukebagiza, guhwihwisha
(to find one's way after being lost) guhubūka
(to go seperate ways) gutāna
(to show the ~, put on right path) guhubūra, kurangīra
(by the way) hārya
En-En dictionary 
suggest    guhubūra
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