kuguma (-gumye)     v    1. to stay, remain, abide, 2. to dwell, 3. to be hard, 4. to be well
kuguma ugerageza (-gumye)   phr    to practice
dwell    kuba, kuguma, gutura
En-En dictionary 
hard    (to be) kuguma, guhāmbāra, gukara, gukomera, kudadarara, gukomāntara
(to be, earth) gutūta
(to be difficult) kugōra, gukomera
(to have a ~ life) kunamba
(to make ~ for one who has lost a loved one by reproaching the dead) kwītāmba ku muvyimba
(to make ~, hearted) gukomāntaza
(to take out of ~ places) kugobōtora
En-En dictionary 
practice    umwīmenyereza
(to ~) kwīmenyereza, kuguma ugerageza
(a profession) guhīngūra
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remain    kuguma
(in one place permanently) guhama
(in place of another) gusigarira
(still, quiet) kwīyorosha
En-En dictionary 
stay    kuguma
(at king's court) gusasa
(away frequently from home) guhīmbira
(for a time) gusībira
(in one place permanently) guhama, gutsīndāza
(to cause to) kugumya
(to not ~ at home) guhugūmba
(to not ~ in place) kujuragira, gucambagirana
(one who does not ~ home) igihūmbu
En-En dictionary 
well    nēza
(to be) kuguma, gukomera
(to be, esp. of old people) kudūndēga
(to not be) kuyōka
(to get) gukira, kurokoka
(to get after serious illness) kurēmba
(to get when others around are dying) kurokoza
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 kuguma found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 33   Class 10 aha-
lesson 48   Personal Pronouns