irobe (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
loaf of bread, big portion of food
bread    (european) umukate (Sw.)
(african) umutsima
(loaf of) irobe
(lump of) intore
(soft part of) akavunji k'umukate
(to make) gucūmba
(to put ground-, peanuts, etc. in ~) gutotera
En-En dictionary 
food    indya, ibifungurwa, imfungurwa
(food that needs to be cooked) igitekwa
(baby ~) umusururu
(big portion of) irobe
(and drink of rich man, ruler) igiturire
(for a journey) impāmba
(without salt) ibise
(one in charge of ~ at a feast) umuteretsi
(place where ~ is plentiful) amasumo, ubusumo
(to be burned slightly) kuyēnga
(to become too dry in cooking) kuyēnga
(to burn, vi) kuzigira
(to dish up) kwārura
(to eat, to serve) gufungura
(to get ~ for oneself) gutāra
(to go to find ~) gusuma
(to go together to produce ~ for guests) gutērēra
(to quickly make ~ for one) kuzina
(to serve) gufungura
(to try to find ~ for unexpected guests) kwīyambagura
En-En dictionary 
loaf    (of bread) irobe
En-En dictionary 
portion    umugabane, ikigabane, ingaburo
(big, of food) irobe
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