hug    (to) guhobera, kugūmbīra, gukīkira
En-En dictionary 
guhobera (-hobeye)   v    to embrace, to hug
gukīkira (-kīkiye)     v    1. to pass by, go around, 2. to lay someone on his side, 3. to take in one's arms (baby), to hug
guhugūmba (-hugūmvye)     v    1. to wander from place to place, to not stay at home, 2. to be fearful, uncertain, 3. to be double-minded
igitēbo (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
huge basket, woven stretcher, raft
ikigambati (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
giant, any huge thing
imvuru (im-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
huge fish
kugūmbīra (-gūmbīye)     v    to hug, to take in one's arm
climate    imimerere y'intara
(cold ~) imimerere yo mu bihugu bikanye
(hot ~) imimerere yo mu bihugu bishushe
En-En dictionary 
colony    igihugu c'umuheto
En-En dictionary 
conquest    ugufata
(~ of a country) ukwigarurira igihugu
En-En dictionary 
country    igihugu, intāra
(foreign) ihānga
(to leave one's ~ because of famine) gusuhūka
(to return after famine) gusuhūkuruka
En-En dictionary 
double-minded    (to be) guhugūmba
En-En dictionary 
fearful    (to be) guhugūmba
En-En dictionary 
fish    ifi
(a big) urufi
(huge variety) imvuru
(small kind of) indagara
En-En dictionary 
good citizenship   urukundo rw'igihugu c'amavukiro
En-En dictionary 
home    (at ~) i muhira, imuhira
(at the ~ of) kwa
(at our ~) i wācu, iwācu
(at my ~) i wanyu, iwanyu
(at their ~) i wabo, iwabo
(to go ~) gutāha, kuganūka
(to go ~ from work) kugodoka
(to not stay at) guhugūmba
(to return to parent's ~ when angry at husband) kugēnda buje
(to take ~ objects, cows, after being away long time) kugishūra
En-En dictionary 
huge    (any huge thing) ikigambati
En-En dictionary 
instrument    igikoresho
(musical, zither or harp) inānga
(monochord instrument) umuduri, indonongo
(musical, lamellophone) ikembe
(musical, with string) agahugūgu
(large bow-like instrument) idono, indono
(sharp) inkazi
(to play) kuvuza, gucurarānga
En-En dictionary 
musical    (instrument, esp. zither) inānga
(with strings) agahugūgu
(large bow-like instrument) idono, indono
(to play) gucurarānga, kuvuza
En-En dictionary 
native    imvukira, umwenegihugu
En-En dictionary 
stay    kuguma
(at king's court) gusasa
(away frequently from home) guhīmbira
(for a time) gusībira
(in one place permanently) guhama, gutsīndāza
(to cause to) kugumya
(to not ~ at home) guhugūmba
(to not ~ in place) kujuragira, gucambagirana
(one who does not ~ home) igihūmbu
En-En dictionary 
uncertain    (to be) guhugūmba
(to be, of what to do) kuzāzānirwa
(to be, of what a person is, to go carefully because one does not know the path well) guhwihwisha
(to go ~ of the way) guhushagirika
En-En dictionary 
wander    (about) kugaramāngira, kuyerēra, kwīyenzereza, kuyēnzēra
(from place to place) kwāngāra, guhugūmba, kuzerēra
En-En dictionary 
citizen    umwenegihugu
En-En dictionary 
national    (person) umwenegihugu
En-En dictionary 
president    perezida, umuperezida, umukuruwigihugu, umukuru w'igihugu
En-En dictionary 
nationality    ubwenegihugu
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