gusesereza (-sheshereje)     v    1. to penetrate the skin (esp. under fingernail), 2. to hurt another's feelings
feelings    (hard) umwīkomo, ikinūbwe
(to hold hard ~) kwīdōga
(to hurt another's ~) gusesereza
(to not show one's ~) kwīrengagiza
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fingernail    urwāra, inzāra
(to go under) gusesereza
(to scratch with) kwāga
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hurt    (vi) kubabara, gutonekara
(vt) kubabaza
(another's feelings) gusesereza
(to be ~ by what one says, or in injury) gusesērwa
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penetrate    (into) kunyegera
(skin, esp. under fingernail) gusesēra, gusesereza
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