gusangira (-sangiye)     v    1. to eat together, 2. to share, 3. to compete
eat    kurya, gufungura, kunogera, kunoza, kurandagura
(a lot) guhāga, guhīmba
(cause to ~ a lot) gupfunereza
(by sucking only, as candy) kuyongobeza, kuyungubiza
(garden plants, of goats) kwōna
(to refuse to) kuzira
(to refuse to ~ or drink with) kunēna
(together) gusangira
(to ~ what's left on peeling of roasted banana, etc.) gukōra
(two kinds of food together) gukoza
(with instrument) kurīsha
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share    (to) kubūngirana, kugabana, kugabura, gusangira
(to buy a thing together and then divide it) gusorōra
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compete    (to) gusangira
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 gusangira found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 30   Prepositional Forms of Verbs having Special Meanings