guhwihwisha (-hwihwishe)     v    1. to not be certain who a person is, 2. to go carefully because you don't know the path well
feel    kwūmva
(around for) gukabakaba
(to begin to ~ better after being ill) gutenzukirwa
(to cause to ~ badly) gusurira
(faint) kuyāmīra
(joy, positive emotions) kuryōherwa
(to make another ~ badly over what he's done) gutēteka
(to not ~ anything) gutimba
(of) gukorakora
(pain) kubabara
(sad) gutunturirwa
(the way) guhwihwisha, kujuragirika, gukāmbakāmba
(the way before one with foot or spear) gukebagiza
En-En dictionary 
uncertain    (to be) guhugūmba
(to be, of what to do) kuzāzānirwa
(to be, of what a person is, to go carefully because one does not know the path well) guhwihwisha
(to go ~ of the way) guhushagirika
En-En dictionary 
way    inzira
(to feel the way before one with foot or spear) gukebagiza, guhwihwisha
(to find one's way after being lost) guhubūka
(to go seperate ways) gutāna
(to show the ~, put on right path) guhubūra, kurangīra
(by the way) hārya
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