crier    cry    (to ~, weep) kurira, kwāna, kwānira
(to give ~ of alarm) gukoma induru
(to give startled ~) gutura ubuku
(to sob silently) gupfunagira
(out) kuyogora
(out for help) kuborōga
(to ~, young about to die) kwānāna
En-En dictionary 
crier    scream    akāmo, ubuku
(to ~) gutura ubuku
En-En dictionary 
crier    shout    (to ~) gukoma indūru, gusemerera
(for help) gutakāmba, gutaka, kwāmbaza, gutabāza
(in sudden fear) gutūra ubuku
(to frighten away) kwāmira
En-En dictionary 

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