urugori (in-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
1. wreath, 2. crown, 3. charm worn on head or on stomach
charm    (heathen) igihēko
(heathen, worn on head) urugori
(used by witch doctor) urukorōnko, inkorōnko
('medicine' smeared about kraal to keep away thieves and evil spirits) ururēmbeko
(spell, hex) amarozi
(white shell worn by children) iyugi
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crown    urugori
(worn by dancers) umugāra
(woven or plaited) igitsibo
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fetish    (bark cloth used as a thing of worship) indabe
(gourd used) intendēri
(heathen charm on head) urugori
(spotted barkcloth) indome
(things used in worship of Kiranga, thought to have special powers) ubuzimuzimu
(charm) igiheko
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wreath    urugori
(such as put around basket with gift) umwīshwa
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