send    (esp. with message) gutuma
(person rather than message) kurungika
(back) kurekura
(back, esp. cows) gucūra
(back woman to her husband when she's gone home) gucūrira
(forth shoots) gutōha
(from room) gukumīra, gutaramura
(greetings) kuganūka, kuganūtsa
(in a hurry) kwīhanikiriza
(workers, some to one place, some to another) gutānya
En-En dictionary 
send in,  submit    (to) gutānga
En-En dictionary 
gutōha (-tōshe)     v    to send forth shoots, to become green (as grass when rain begins)
kuganūka (-ganūtse)     v    1. to send greetings, 2. to go home (often used in farewell to one's superior: ndaganutse)
kurūngika (-rūngitse)     v    1. to send (esp. person rather than message), 2. to address
greetings    (to bring, bear ~) gutāsha
(to send ~) kuganūka, kuganūtsa
En-En dictionary 
wife    umugēnzi, umugore
(abandoned) intabwa
(favorite) inkūndwākazi
(wife of) muka
(wife of king, chief) umwāmikazi
(to bring back ~ after she's gone home) gucūra
(to lose ~ by death) gupfākara
(to send ~ back to husband when she's gone home) gucūrira
(to take) kwābīra
(to take, without marrying her properly) gucīkiza
En-En dictionary 
gucūra (-cūye)     v    1. to marry a widow and go to her kraal, 2. to bring a wife back that's gone home, 3. to lead or send back (esp. cows), 4. to address the people (used only of king or other authority)
plant    (to ~) gutēra
(to ~ broadcast) kumījīra
(first) gushūza
(small seeds) kubiba
(to be loaded with fruits or grain) gutēngerera
(to be lush and green) gutotahara
(to come up thickly and thus not do well) gusorora
(to have abundant leaves and branches) gusagaba
(to help ~, throw beans in soil as other hoes) gutēragira
(to put forth branches) gushamika
(to put out big spreading branches) gusagarara, gutabarara
(to send forth shoots) gutōha
En-En dictionary 
shoot    (sprout) umunago
(tiny, of bean or other plant) umugoreko
(new shoots of grass, fresh pasture) umugutu
(to send forth shoots) gutōha
En-En dictionary 
gutuma (-tumye)     v    1. to send (person, or message), 2. to cause, prompt, be reason for, bring about, bring on, trigger, induce, lead to, result in
gutānga (-tānze)     v    1. to offer, pay, give, submit, offer, proffer, hand in, send in, put forward, issue, supply, furnish, 2. precede, be ahead of, to arrive before, 3. to die (of king)
gutānya (-tānije)     v    1. to separate, to detach, 2. to divide, 3. to isolate, 4. send workers some to one place and some to another, to cut or split
worker    umukozi
(in metals) umucūzi
(paid) umucāngero
(to hire, line up) kurārika
(to send some to one place, some to another) gutānya
En-En dictionary 
gucūrira (-cūriye)     v    to send woman back to her husband when she's gone home
gutumira (-tumiye)     v    to send to for, to invite
kurekura (-rekuye)     v    1. to release, to allow to go, 3. to send back
message    ubutumwa
(to send) gutuma
En-En dictionary 
kuganūtsa (-ganūkije)     v    to send greetings
gukumīra (-kumīriye)     v    to separate, throw apart, to send from room
gutaramura (-taramuye)     v    1. to send one out of the room, 2. to reach up
kurūngikana (-rūngikanye)     v    to send with
kurūngikira (-rūngikiye)     v    to send to, for
kurūngikīsha (-rūngikīshije)     v    to cause to send
kwīhanikiriza (-īhanikirije)     v    1. to warn, 2. to threaten, 3. send in a hurry
gusēnda (-sēnze)     v    to chase away, to drive out (esp. evil spirits)
gukanda (-kanze)     v    to tell chief that someone sends greetings ('bwakeye')
chase    (away with shouts) kwāmira
(away) guhīnda, kwīrukana, gukinagiza, kwāmbutsa
(away because of hatred) gutuza
(away evil spirits) gusēnda
(flies off cows) kuzīnga
(hunt) guhīga
(others out of house) guturumbura
(out quickly) guhasha
En-En dictionary 
cheekbone    agasendabageni
En-En dictionary 
drive    (a car) gutwara, gutwara imodoka
(~ cows) kuyobora
(it home, enforce what one has said) kuryōherereza
(out, esp. evil spirits) guhasha, gusēnda
(stake in ground) gushīnga
En-En dictionary 
evil    ikibi, ububi, inābi
(adj.) –bi
(to speak ~ of) gukana, kunegura
(to speak ~ of one another) gucurikanya
(to speak ~ of a ruler) kuyoba
(to seek out ~ doer, witch doctor) kuragura
(to have witch doctor seek out ~ doer) kuraguza
(to sprinkle 'medicine' around house to protect it from ~) kurēmbeka, gutota
(to chase away ~ spirits) gusēnda
(to succeed in persuading someone to leave his ~ ways) gukōndōra
(speaking ~ of another with whom you work) ikēba
(~ deed) ubuhūmbu
(example) akābarore
(~ language, esp. young girl's) ubweruzi
(~ look) igitsūre
En-En dictionary 
good morning   (greeting) bwakeye, mwaramutse
(to tell chief or superior that someone sends in 'bwakeye') gukānda
En-En dictionary 
infra-orbital    (region) agasendabageni
En-En dictionary 
pepper    (Sw.) ipiripiri, ipilipili, agapiripiri, impiripiri
(chilli) urusenda
En-En dictionary 
spirit    igihūme, impwēmu, umuzimu
(Holy Spirit) Mpwemu Mweranda, Mpwemu Yera
(nature spirit) imbāndwa
(of person) umushaha
(to chase away or drive out evil ~) gusēnda
(to offer to ~) guterekēra
(~ worship) ubuzimuzimu
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