move    (vi) kwīmuka
(vt) kwīmura
(about) gutēmbēra (Sw.)
(things to another place) gutūnda, gutereka
(to another chieftanship) gucikira
(to a new location) kujōnjōra
(to cause to move) gusegenyesha
En-En dictionary 
kwīmura (-īmuye)     v    1. to move (vt), 2. to copy, 3. to take grain out of water
kwīmuka (-īmutse)     v    to move to new locality
kujōnjōra (-jōnjōye)     v    1. to move to new location, 2. to leave group and go by oneself
kwīmukira (-īmukiye)     v    to move to, for (a reason)
kwīmukana (-īmukanye)     v    to move with, take with
gutūnda (-tūnze)     v    1. to get mildewed, musty, 2. to move things to another place, to unload
gucikira (-cikiye)     v    to move to another chieftanship, to move away or escape (because of famine for example)
gutereka (-teretse)     v    1. to put a thing in its certain place, to put on the ground, 2. to deposit, 3. to offer gift, 4. to move something to another place
gutēmbēra (-tēmbēreye)     v    1. to move about, to travel around, to go for a walk (Sw.), 2. to visit
kubūngira (-būngiye)     v    1. to search for a buyer for, at, 2. to move to a new chieftanchip in order to be with a certain person
guhāndūra (-hāndūye)     v    to remove thorn or sliver
guhāndūza (-hāndūje)     v    to remove thorn with
guhishūra (-hishūye)     v    1. to reveal, to disclose, 2. remove from hiding
gukōmbōra (-kōmbōye)     v    to destroy, to take away completely, remove chief
gusahura (-sahuye)     v    1. to steal, 2. to pillage, 3. to remove everything from burning house
gusegenyesha (-segenyesheje)     v    to cause to move, to roll along
gutosōra (-tosōye)     v    to remove a foreign article from eye (or, from water, milk)
gutūra (-tūye)     v    1. to remove load from head, 2. to lay down a burden, 3. to unload, to put down 4. to offer a gift
ihunja   5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
spectacular women's dance, with sudden rapid movement in an arc, led by the head and shoulders, Mugamba and Kirimiro region
imisambi  2    women's dance, imitating the movements of the crowned crane, Kirimiro region
kubāmbura (-bāmbuye)     v    1. to remove from cross, 2. to remove skin from drying
kubāmbūrwa (-bāmbūwe)     v    to be removed from cross or pegs
kugomorora (-gomoroye)     v    to remove a dam
kunya (-neye)     v    to defecate, to do a pooh, to excrete, to have a bowel movement
kurogōra (-rogōye)     v    1. to overcome or remove enchantment, 2. to taste to prove that it's safe for others
kuyōra (-yōye)   v    1. to pick up, 2. to clear off, remove things
kuzirūra (-zirūye)   v    to remove a taboo, break taboo
kwāmbura (-āmbuye)     v    1. to undress, to remove clothing, 2. to steal (from kwambara)
kwīmurwa (-īmuwe)     v    to be moved, copied
kwōkōra (-ōkōye)     v    to remove from fire or oven
umuumutsibo   2  class 2
singular: umu-
women's dance, characterized by movement of the legs and pelvis but without eroticism, celebrating the birth of a child, Buyogoma region
umuvuzamurisho (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
traditional drummer, following the movement of the dancer
urwedengwe   6  class 6
singular: uru-
women's dance, characterized by movement of the shoulders, Ngozi and Buyenzi regions
banana    igitōke, igitōki, umuneke
(plantation) urutoke
(one or one hand of) umuhānyu
(ripe) umuhwi, umuneke
(kinds of) ikinyamunyu, igisamunyu
(beer banana) igipaca
(lady-finger) akamaramasenge
(red banana) igisukari
(bark of tree) igihubahuba
(beer) urwārwa
(sweet drink) umutobe
(leaf, green) umutōto
(leaf) ikirere
(leaf, dry) ihuba
(leaves, dry) igihūnda, ibihūndahūnda
(center of leaf) ikigongo-gongo
(leaves, knife for cutting) urugombōzo
(young shoot) umutsīnda
(trunk after stalk is cut) igitumbatumba
(to cut leaves) kugombōra
(to cut from stalk) guhānyura
(to cut stalk) gutūmbūra
(to remove dry leaves) gutūtūra
(to squeeze juice from) kugana, kuvuguta
En-En dictionary 
basket    (big) intonga, igitēbō
(deep, uncovered) ikigagara, igisāmba, igisāngāza
(flat, small) icibo
(flat with lid) inkōko
(little) akēbo
(shallow) ikivūmvu
(tall) inkēnga
(tall, pointed) igiseke, igisīmbo
(border of) umusōzo
(lid, cover) umutemere
(nicely made) indemano
(to cover) kurumya
(to remove lid) kurumūra
(to be upside down) kwūbika
En-En dictionary 
chief    (great) umuganwa
(sub) umutwāre
(to go to with trouble, complaint) gushengera, gushengerera
(to remove) gukōmbōra
(to take someone to for trial or accusation) gushengeza
En-En dictionary 
clothing    umwāmbaro, impūzu, icāmbarwa
(for work) icāmbazo
(of king, esp. animal skins or jewels) inyambarabāmi
(worn underneath outer garments) umugega
(to remove) kwāmbura
(to strip one of his) gukoba
En-En dictionary 
counteract    (effects of evil 'medicine') kurēmburura
(to poison, to ask for 'medicine' to ~) kurogōza
(overcome or remove an enchantment) kurogōra
En-En dictionary 
enchantment    (to overcome or remove) kurogōra
En-En dictionary 
eye    ijīsho
(to close one's eyes) guhumiriza
(to cut ~ out) kunogora
(to fall into, or hurt) gutosekaza
(to get something in) gutosekara
(to make another close his) kwūnamika
(top open) gukanura
(to open ~ of another) guhumūra
(to remove foreign body from ~) gutosōra
(to wash in one's ~) kwīhumūra
(foreign body in) igitotsi
(matter in) ibikaragāshi
('sand', esp. a certain type of conjunctivitis) uburire
('sand' on awakening) ibirashi
(tiny insect in) akanyarira jisho
En-En dictionary 
head    umutwe
(cold in) agahiri, akamango
(of grain) umuhānyu
(pad, when carrying load) ingata, urugata
(to head up, grain) kubogeka, guhaga, kuyāngika
(to head up, cabbage) gufumbata
(to bow one's) kwūnama
(to carry on) kwīremēka, kwīkorera
(to lift up) kuraramuka
(to lose one's) gucika ivutu, kuzimagirika
(to raise one's) kwūnamūka, kwūnamūra, kurāngamīza
(to remove load from) gutūra
(to shake one's ~ in anger or disgust) kuzūnguza umutwe
(to tip back) kurarama
(to tip to one side) guhengama
(to turn one's) gukebuka
En-En dictionary 
load    umutwāro, umuzigo
(to cause another to put down) gutūza
(to give someone a heavy ~) kuremēka
(to lighten) kuremurura
(to remove ~ from head) gutūra, gutūnda
En-En dictionary 
milk    amata
(human) amabērebēre
(buttermilk) amaterere
(skimmed) amatererwa
(given to sick) umwērēra
(sour) urubu
(containers, table or shelf for) uruhīmbi
(cup) icānsi
(to have dirt in ~) gutobeka
(to pour ~ down another's throat) kuramiza
(to put skin of dead calf before cow so she will give milk) kwōrokēra
(to remove a foreign body from) gutosōra
(to sour, curdle) kuvura
En-En dictionary 
remove    gukūra, gukūraho
(chief) gukōmbōra
(clothing) kwāmbūra
(completely) gutōngōra
(dry leaves from banana trees) gutūtūra
(enchantment) kurogōra
(everything from burning house) gusahura
(foreign body from eye, milk or water) gutosōra
(from cross) kubāmbūra
(from fire or oven) kwōkōra
(from hiding) guhishūra
(from hole in ground, what one has put there) kuzīkuruka
(grass from house) gukākura
(lid of basket) kurumūra
(load from head) gutūra
(skin from drying) kubāmbūra
(sliver for oneself) kwīhāndūra
(taboo) kuzirūra
(things) kuyōra
(things from flesh as witch doctors supposedly do) guhura
(thorn or sliver) guhāndūra
En-En dictionary 
skin    uruhu, urukoba, urusāto
(for carrying baby) ingovyi
(worn by king or great chief) inyambarabāmi
(scaly) ibikaragāshi
(to ~) kumyōra, gukungura
(to fall and ~ oneself) gukungagura, gukunguka
(to remove ~ from drying) kubāmbūra
(to stretch out to dry by pegging) kubāmba
(to have something penetrate the) gusesērwa
(crack in foot) ikivutu
En-En dictionary 
sliver    akabāngo, igisata
(to remove) guhāndūra
En-En dictionary 
taboo    ikizira
(to be) kuzira
(to break) kurēngwa, kuzirūra, kugōka
(to observe) kuziririza
(to remove) kuzirūra
En-En dictionary 
thorn    ihwa, igisata
(bush) igisata
(tree) umubambāngwe, umugūnguma, umurīnzi, umutobotobo, umunyinya
(to remove) guhāndūra
En-En dictionary 
water    amazi
(rapidly flowing) umupfūnda
(anything that falls in) ikirohe
(dirt in) ikirohe
(large deep place of) icōgo
(thing for drawing) ikivōmesho
(to ~ plants) gusukira, kuvōmera
(to draw, go for) kuvōma
(to be covered with) kurengerwa
(to be in) kubōmbeka
(to filter ~) kuyōra amazi
(to flow softly, quietly) kuyōmbekēra
(to go in, swim) kwōga
(to have dirt in) gutobeka
(to pour on another's hands) kwūhīra
(to put into) kurobeza
(to remove foreign article) gutosōra
En-En dictionary 
drummer    (~ following the movement of the dancer) umuvuzamurishyo
(~ keeping the basic rhythm) umukokezi
(traditional ~, "one who hits hard") umutimbo
(members of drummer lineages) abazimbura, abanyuka, abanyakisaka
En-En dictionary 
 move found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 75   Immediate Past (or, –ra– Past)