miss    gusība
(aim and) guhusha
(be lonesome for) gukūmbura
(each other on path) kunyuranwa
(fail to find) kubura
(pass by but not meet) guhubana
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aim    (to ~ at) gutūmbēra
(to ~ for) gutūmbereza
(to ~ and miss) guhusha
En-En dictionary 
gukūmbura (-kūmbuye)     v    to be lonesome for, to long for, to miss
kunyuranwa (-nyuraniwe)     v    to miss each other on path
ndagukūmbuye   phr    I miss you (from gukūmbura)
bambe     1. excuse me (e.g. I said a wrong word, misspoke myself), 2. but rather (when correcting oneself)
guhusha (-hushije)     v    1. to aim and miss, 2. fail to find
gukenguruka (-kengurutse)     v    1. to thank, 2. to be submissive
gusēzera (-sēzeye)     v    1. to bid goodbye, to dismiss, 2. to fix up nice place to sit (old use)
gusēzerera (-sēzereye)     v    1. to say goodbye at, for, 2. to say goodbye, giving the permission to leave, 3. to prepare a place to sit for (old use)
gusība (-sīvye)     v    1. to be absent, 2. to miss, to be short (lacking), 3. to abstain
gusohorwa (-sohowe)     v    to be put outside, to be thrown out, to be dismissed, to be fired
igikūndiro (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. permission, 2. affection, sympathy
imisiyoni (i-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
mission (station)
ingorore (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
fee paid for permission to buy or sell, redemption price
izosi (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
kugōnda izosi to bow the neck, to be submissive
kubura (-buze)     v    1. to lack, 2. fail to find, 3. to miss, 4. to lose control over
kudōbēra (-dōbēye)     v    to walk about in house without permission
kugandūka (-gandūtse)     v    to be obedient, submissive
kugōnda izosi (-gōnze)   phr    to bow the neck, to be submissive
kugororokera (-gororokeye)     v    to be submissive to
kwiyakira (-iyakiye)   v    to enter without permission
Mungu   1  class 1
singular: umu-
God (from Sw., term introduced by missionaries in contrast to the traditional Kirundi term Imāna)
ukwāndukiza   9  class 9
singular: uku-
contamination, transmission of a contagious disease
umugumo (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
waiting outside because you have no permission to enter with others
umumisiyoneri (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
uruhusha (impusha)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
1. permission, 2. rest, 3. vacation, 4. week
dismiss    gusēzera, kwirukana
En-En dictionary 
fee    ikibuguro, ihadabu (Sw.)
(paid for permission to buy or sell) ingorore
(payed to shaman) ingemu
(to collect) kubuguza
(to pay) kubugura
En-En dictionary 
fire    umuriro
(bit of) umucānwa
(built for cows) icōtero
(made in enclosure for animals) igicāniro
(to blow the) kwātsa
(to destroy by) kuyigiza
(to extinguish) kuzimya
(to go out) kuzima
(to keep ~ going) gucānira
(to light) kudomeka
(to make, start, build) gucāna, gukongereza
(to put out) kuzimya
(to put wood on ~) gukomānya
(to set ~ to) guturira
(to fire from job, dismiss, throw out of house) kwirukana
(altar fire) igicāniro
En-En dictionary 
misspeak    (err in speaking) kuyoba
('excuse me, I said a wrong word, misspoke myself') bambe
En-En dictionary 
wait    guhagarara, kwīhāngāna, kurēngagiza, kurorēra
(for) kwītega, kurindīra, kurorēra, gusamāza
(for another a long time) kugungarara
(for someone expected) gutegereza
(opportunity to harm) kuryāmira
(the right moment) guhēngēra
(wait!) hīnge!
(waiting outside because you have no permission to enter with others) umugumo
En-En dictionary 
walk    kugēnda, kugēndagēnda
(backward) kugēndēsha umugōngo, kugēnda umugōngo
(esp. at night) kwīkānya
(help sick person ~) kwāndāza
(in footsteps of another) kugera ikirēnge
(in one's sleep) kurandamuka
(in water) kuvōgera
(noisily) gukacagira
(on tiptoe) gusōbōka, kuyōmbōka
(slowly) kugoyagoya
(stealthily) gukacakaca, kwōmboka
(to take a ~, go for a ~) kugēndagēnda, gutēmbēra
(~ about in house without permission) kudōbēra
(barefoot) kugēnda n'ibirēnge
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missionary    umumisiyoneri
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