kugarama (-garamye)     v    1. to be flat (as plate), 2. to lie on back
kugaramanga (-garamanye)     v    to be idle
kugaramāngira (-garamāngiye)     v    1. to be a tramp, wander about, 2. fail to give what one promised
fail    gucumukura
(another) guhemukira
(to accomplish what one started) kugaburura
(to do what one intended) kudehūra
(to find) kubura, guhusha
(to give what one promised) kugaramāngira
(to keep one's word) guhemuka, kwīrahuruza, gutēzūra
(to return) kugīrīra
(in on'e task) gusibanganya
(to be unable to do what one attempts) gutāna
En-En dictionary 
flat    (area) igitega, ikiyāya
(thing spread out ~) ikiramvu
(to be ~) kubāta, gutega
(to be ~, as plate) kugarama
(esp. of nose) gufyāta
En-En dictionary 
idle    (to be) kugaramanga, kwīgaramangira
En-En dictionary 
promise    indagano, umuhāngo, iragi, isezerano
(to ~) kuraganira, gusezerana, kuragana
(to fail to keep) gutēzūra
(to fail to give what one has promised) kugaramāngira
(to ~ and then pretend you haven't) kwiyobagiza
(result of failure to keep ~) urudubi
En-En dictionary 
tramp    (to be a) kugaramāngira
En-En dictionary 
wander    (about) kugaramāngira, kuyerēra, kwīyenzereza, kuyēnzēra
(from place to place) kwāngāra, guhugūmba, kuzerēra
En-En dictionary 
lie    (to ~ about waiting on someone) kugangarara
(to ~ around ill long time) kuvūnda
(to ~ down) kuryāma
(to ~ down on the back) kugarama
(to ~ fallow) gusiba
(to ~ in wait for) kuryāmira, kugēnza
(to ~ on one's face) kwūbika inda
(to ~ on one's side) gucurama
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