kubiba (-bivye)     v    to plant (small seeds), to sow
 kubiba : Prefixless Present 9.class sing. with 4.class pl. object of:
kuba (-baye)     v    1. to be, 2. to become, 3. to live
habaye iki? what happened?
uzoba ukoze thanks in advance
 kubiba : Prefixless Present 9.class sing. with 1.class 2.pers. pl. object of:
kwība (-īvye)     v    1. to steal, to thieve, 2. to rob
seed    imbuto, urutete
(to plant small) kubiba
En-En dictionary 
plant    (to ~) gutēra
(to ~ broadcast) kumījīra
(first) gushūza
(small seeds) kubiba
(to be loaded with fruits or grain) gutēngerera
(to be lush and green) gutotahara
(to come up thickly and thus not do well) gusorora
(to have abundant leaves and branches) gusagaba
(to help ~, throw beans in soil as other hoes) gutēragira
(to put forth branches) gushamika
(to put out big spreading branches) gusagarara, gutabarara
(to send forth shoots) gutōha
En-En dictionary 
sow    (to) kubiba
En-En dictionary 
 kubiba found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 117   Ka Tense
 kubiba found in: Imigani (tales)
Umugani 41   Umuganuro