inzira (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
1. path, way, 2. direction, 3. process
 inzira : Prefixless Present 2.class plural with 1.class 1.pers. sg. object of:
kuzira (-zize)   v    1. to be forbidden, taboo, to refuse to eat, to despise, 2. to be punished for someone else's wrong doing, to suffer or be punished because of a certain thing, 3. to avenge wrong done to one's family
 inzira : Prefixless Present 2.class plural with 1.class 1.pers. sg. object of:
kuzīra (-zīze)   v    to come at (time, prepositional form of kūza)
gusinzīra (-sinzīriye)     v    to fall asleep
igitabo c’inzira (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
circuit    (electric) inzira y'umuyagankuba
En-En dictionary 
digestive system   ibihimba vy'ihokwa
(-ka), inzira y'ibiribwa, ibihimba vy'umubiri vyo guhokwa
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path    inzira, irāngo, umuyobōro
(made by cows) umuhōra
(of water in heavy rain) umuvo
(wide) igihamo
(to go along right in, esp. animals) gutōta
(to go down the middle of) kwātīra
(to light the) kumurika
(to put on the right) guhubūra
(into rugo) umuharuro, umurombero
En-En dictionary 
sleep    itiro
(to sleep, to lie down and ~) kuryama
(to fall asleep) gusinzīra
(to jump in one's ~, to walk in one's ~) guhahamuka, kurandamuka
(to nod in sleeping) gutūringiga
(to put to, cause to) gusinziriza
(sitting up) gutūringiga
(to talk in one's) kurāzirana
(to walk in one's) kurandamuka
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street    umuhanda, irāngo, amayirabiri, inzira
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way    inzira
(to feel the way before one with foot or spear) gukebagiza, guhwihwisha
(to find one's way after being lost) guhubūka
(to go seperate ways) gutāna
(to show the ~, put on right path) guhubūra, kurangīra
(by the way) hārya
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passport    igitabo c’inzira
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