gutoneka (-tonetse)     v    to hit a sore place
gutonekara (-tonekaye)     v    1. to be sore (from wound), 2. to hurt (vi)
hit    (to) gukubita
(repeatedly but gently with fist, mother with child) gutumagura
(a sore place) gutoneka
En-En dictionary 
hurt    (vi) kubabara, gutonekara
(vt) kubabaza
(another's feelings) gusesereza
(to be ~ by what one says, or in injury) gusesērwa
En-En dictionary 
sore    igikomere
(little) akarōnda
(to be) gutonekara
(in one's muscles) kunywāguka
(to hit a ~ place) gutoneka
(to have running sores) kujējēta
En-En dictionary 
wound    uruguma, igikomere
(incurable) akagīrīre
(to ~) gukomeretsa
(to be sore) gutonekara
(to dress a) gusomōra
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