gutegūra (-ye)  v     1. to prepare, 2. to organize, 3. to plan
prepare    (to ~) gutegūra, guteganya, kuroraniriza
(food quickly for one) kuzina
(ground for sorghum) guhānda
(oneself to strike) kubangura
(a place for building) gutaba
(place for newborn baby) kubīkīra
(things for a trip) gutēkera
(to fight) gukenyera
(to go) kwīkora
(one who prepares for another) integūza
elections    amatora
(organize ~) gutegura amatora
(to win ~) gutsinda amatora
(to lose ~) gutindwa amatora
plan    (to) gutegūra, guteganya
(to ~ for) gutūmbēra, kugira imigabo
(secretly to do something) kwimbirira
(to be obliged to adopt the less desirable of two plans) gutēgekanishwa
(to have several plans of what to do) gutēgekanya
 gutegura found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 71   Far Past Tense
lesson 102   Miscellaneous Words
 gutegura found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 36   kumara as an Auxiliary Verb