gushirwa (-shizwe)     v    1. to not quit without accomplishing a certain thing, 2. to be convinced after proof or persuasion, to be satisfied, 3. to be astonished, 4. to be put
 gushirwa : passive of...
gushira (-shize)     v    1. to put, to place, 2. to wear out, to finish (vi)
gushīra   v    (verb without past) to be almost over (night)
ijoro rishīra ubuca night is almost over, about to dawn
gushīra (-shīriye)     v    to take to someone
accomplish    (be zealous to) gufūhira
(earnestness) ifūhe
(to finish) guheraheza
(not quit without accomplishing a certain thing) gushirwa
(to be accomplished) kurangūka
En-En dictionary 
astonished    (to be) gushirwa, gutangāra
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convince    kwemeza, gutururuza, guhinyuza
(to be convinced, after proof or persuasion) gushirwa
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quit    (altogether) kujījūka
(to work carelessly wanting to ~) kuregarega
(to not ~ without accomplishing a certain thing) gushirwa
(to ~ a job) gusezera (ku) akazi
(to ~ work for the day) kugodoka
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tenacity    (to not quit without accomplishing certain thing) gushirwa
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 gushirwa found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 124   Narrative Tenses II
 gushirwa found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 36   kumara as an Auxiliary Verb