gufasha (-fashije)     v    to help, to aid, to assist, to support
gufashana (-fashanye)     v    to help each other
aid    imfashanyo
(to ~) gufasha
(to go to give things to one whose house has burned) gusuhūza
(first ~) ugutabāra
En-En dictionary 
assist    gufasha
(one in trouble of grief) kwīrūra
(a sick person in walking) kwāndāza
En-En dictionary 
collaboration    ugufashanya
En-En dictionary 
help    gufasha
(another get up) kuvyūra
(exclamation: help please!) ntabāra
(in battle) gutabāra
(in trouble or grief) kwīrūra
(one another) gufatanya
(one another in loaning what is needed) gutērēra
(one in trouble) kwēmanga
(oneself even if you do not know how to do the thing) kwīgereza
(oneself, relieve one's own need) kwīkenūra
(overcome an enemy) gukōndōrera
(secretly someone to escape by taking his things for him) kunyuruza
(sick person walk) kwāndāza
(to call for ~) kwāmbaza, gutabāza
(~ to carry) gutwāza
(to cry out for) kuborōga
(to go to ~ another in his work) gusāsira
(without expectation of reward) gutabāra
En-En dictionary 
support    ishimikiro
(to ~) gushigikiza, gufasha
En-En dictionary 
cooperation    umubano, ugufashanya
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 gufasha found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 22   Infinitive and Imperative
lesson 30   Review 21 - 29
lesson 31   Negative of Future
lesson 36   Far Future and Present Negative of Vowel-stem Verbs
lesson 42   “To wash”
lesson 48   Personal Pronouns
lesson 64   Stative Voice
lesson 75   Immediate Past (or, –ra– Past)
 gufasha found in: Imigani (tales)
Umugani 15   Icatumye nza mw'ishuri
Umugani 18   Kwubaha