discourage    guhebūza
En-En dictionary 
guhebūza (-hebūje)     v    1. to tell someone that his friend has died, 2. to be perfect, complete, absolutely wonderful, 3. to surpass all others either good or bad, 4. to deny emphatically, 5. to discourage
gucobogora (-cobogoye)     v    1. to become poor after wealth, 2. to be tired and discouraged
kudundumirwa (-dundumiwe)     v    1. to be at the end of one's patience, 2. to be discouraged, 3. to complain in heart at not having gotten what one wanted
kuzigirizwa (-zigirijwe)   v    to be surrouned, to be at end of one's resources, to be absolutely discouraged in difficulty
kwīheba (-īhevye)     v    1. to be discouraged completely, to despair, to be desperate, 2. to sacrifice oneself to or for
kwīhebūra (-īhebūye)     v    to be discouraged
discouraged    (to be) kwīhebūra, kudundumirwa
(to be absolutely, in difficulty) kuzigirizwa
(to be completely) kwīheba
(to be tired and ~) gucobogora
En-En dictionary 
tired    (to be) kudendebukirwa, kunanirwa, kuruha
(and discouraged) gucobogora
(for no reason, e.g. in morning) kugoherwa
(to make) kurusha
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