deceit    ubuhūmvyi, amaremano
En-En dictionary 
see    kubona
(after being blind) guhumūka
(see here!) erega
(that someone wishes to see you alone) gukebuka
(through deceit) guhinyura
(with comprehension) kurabukwa
En-En dictionary 
amaremano    5    (no pl.) deceit
ubuhūmvyi     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) deceit
guhinyura (-hinyuye)     v    1. to know the facts of a case, to have judgment, to see through deceit, to discover the truth, 2. to turn against, 3. to scorn, disdain
ibihēndo    4    deceitfulness
ubugūnge     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
(no pl.) 1. dishonesty, 2. deceitfulness, 3. selfishness
umunyagahwāyi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. deceitful person, 2. flatterer, 3. braggart
uruhēndo   6  class 6
singular: uru-
deceitful    (person) umunyagahwāyi
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deceitfulness    ubugūnge, ibihēndo, uruhēndo
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