amata    5    milk
 amata : Prefixless Present 3. pers. sing. of:
kumata (-mase)     v    1. to stick together (vi), 2. to adhere, to become attached, 3. cleave to
akaramata     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
(no pl.) 1. sticking together, 2. strong ever-lasting love, 3. forever
kuramata (-ramase)     v    to seige, attach oneself to
itako (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
buttocks, thighs
itama (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
kwitangira itama put one's face in one's hands in deep thought
itara (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. lamp, lantern, 2. light (not natural daylight)
itābi (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
1. tobacco, 2. cigarette
itafāri (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
itanure (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
furnace, kiln
itariki (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
date (of month)
itāmbwe (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
measure (by hand or by steps)
ikiramata (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
burr (of bush)
amatāzīrano    5    praises
itahīriro (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
end, finality, residence
itanguriro (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
beginning, foundation
itanganyika (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
itandukāniro (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
separating thing, distinction, difference
uduta  7    little milk (from amata)
attach    (oneself to) kwīhāmbira, kuramata
En-En dictionary 
burr    (of bush) ikiramata
En-En dictionary 
carpenter    umubāji, umunyamatanga, umufundi amanika inzu
(to do carpentry) kubāza
(~ bee) ifundēri
(~ shoo) ibarizo, isaramara
En-En dictionary 
everlasting    (to be ~) guhoraho
(~ love) akaramata
En-En dictionary 
government official   bulamatāri (Sw.), umusirikāre
En-En dictionary 
light    (daylight) umuco
(torch, or artifical light) urumuri, amatara
En-En dictionary 
love    urukūndo
(strong, everlasting) akaramata
(end of loving another) agahararo
(one who loves) umukūnzi
(to fall in ~) kubēnguka
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milk    amata
(human) amabērebēre
(buttermilk) amaterere
(skimmed) amatererwa
(given to sick) umwērēra
(sour) urubu
(containers, table or shelf for) uruhīmbi
(cup) icānsi
(to have dirt in ~) gutobeka
(to pour ~ down another's throat) kuramiza
(to put skin of dead calf before cow so she will give milk) kwōrokēra
(to remove a foreign body from) gutosōra
(to sour, curdle) kuvura
En-En dictionary 
official    (of government) umusirikare, bulamatari
En-En dictionary 
praise    ishīmwe, amatāzīrano
(person worthy of ~ or love) umunyagikūndiro
En-En dictionary 
seize    gucakīra, gusūmira, kuramata
En-En dictionary 
speech    imvugo, insiguro
(defect, esp. for s, ch, c) ubureve, e.g. kuvuga ubureve
(to be freed from ~ impediment) kugobōdoka
(to have ~ impediment) kugobwa
(to try to give ~ but feel restrained) guhaga amatama
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sticking together   akaramata
En-En dictionary 
together    hamwe
(all) icārimwe
(living) umubāno
(all speaking) imvugarimwe
(with) kumwe
(sticking) akaramata
(trees grown very close ~) impatane
(to be) kumana
(to bring) gukoranya, gutēranya
(to come, as crowd) gukungēra
(to come all ~, suddenly, as at call of trouble) kurandamuka
(to crowd ~) kwegerana
(to get close) kwegerana
(to go ~ to see something, of many people) gukōndōrera
(to live) kubāna
(to live, be always) kwāmana
(to meet) gukorana, gutērana
(to cause to meet) gukoranya, gutēranya, guhūza
(to put) kwegeraniriza, guhūza
(to put things or people close ~) kwegeranya
(to spend time) kumarana
(to stick, vi) gufatana, kumata
(to stick, vt) gufatanya, kumatanya
(to strive and crowd) kuvurungana
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