abundant    (to be) kugwīra, gusāga, gusāguka
(to have abundant leaves and branches) gusagaba
En-En dictionary 
plant    (to ~) gutēra
(to ~ broadcast) kumījīra
(first) gushūza
(small seeds) kubiba
(to be loaded with fruits or grain) gutēngerera
(to be lush and green) gutotahara
(to come up thickly and thus not do well) gusorora
(to have abundant leaves and branches) gusagaba
(to help ~, throw beans in soil as other hoes) gutēragira
(to put forth branches) gushamika
(to put out big spreading branches) gusagarara, gutabarara
(to send forth shoots) gutōha
En-En dictionary 
gusagaba (-sagavye)     v    1. to have abundant leaves and branches, 2. to crawl along ground (of vines)
leaves    (young bean ~, when only the first two are there) ingāmba
(stripped from tree) udukōkōrwa
(used for perfume) imbazi
(see also 'leaf')
(to have abundant) gusagaba
(to put forth new) kurēmba
(to strip from tree or stick) gukōkōra
En-En dictionary 
foliage    (to have abundant leaves and branches) gusagaba
En-En dictionary 
gusāga (-sāze)     v    1. to be more, to be abundant, 2. to be more than
gusāguka (-sāgutse)     v    1. to be more, above, abundant, 2. to be too big
gutēngengera (-tēngengeye)     v    to produce heavily or abundantly
kugwīra (-gwīriye)     v    1. to multiply (vi), 2. to be abundant, (prepositional form of kugwa)
bear    (children prolificly having been barren) guhonōka
(fruit) kwāma
(fruit abundantly) gutēngerera
(greetings) gutāsha
(to cause to ~) guhonōra
(cease to ~) kwāmurura
En-En dictionary 
produce    gukora
(heavily or abundantly) gutengengera
(no longer) gutītūka
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