umushōnge (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
house with high pointed roof
house    inzu
(in ruins) umusaka
(little ~, built for spirit of one who has died) nyabugoro
(of king) ingoro
(temporary) urusāgo, igikāri
(small, cabin) akazu
(with high pointed roof) umushonge, agashūngēre
(place opposite door of ~) umukōndo
(to cause to fall down) gusambūra, gusēnyura, guhenūra
(to chase others out of ~) guturumbura
(to fall down) gusāmbuka, gusēnyuka, guhenuka
(to put roof on) gusakāra
(to repair a) gusanura
En-En dictionary 
roof    igisēnge
(house with high pointed ~) umushōnge, agashūngēre
(to put on a) gusakāra
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