roll    umuzīngo
(of church members) itōrero
(to roll, vi) gutembagara
(about, vt) kujegeza
(about on ground, vi) kuvurūnga, kwītēmbagaza
(along) gusegenyeza, gusegenyēsha
(over) gutēmbagaza
(up) gukuba,
(vt) kuzīnga
(up several times) kuzīngazīnga
(up, vi) kwīzingīra
(up, a skin that's been wet, vi) gukōba
En-En dictionary 
itorero (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
list of chosen ones, church roll
gukōba (-kōvye)     v    to draw up, roll up (vi), (e.g. a skin that's been wet)
kuvurūnga (-vurūnze)   v    to make a little dough, to stir, mix, to roll about on ground (vi)
umuzīngo (imi-  2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
hem, fold, roll
kwīzingīra (-īzingīriye)     v    1. to roll up (vi), 2. to curl (vi)
gutembagara (-tembagaye)   v    to roll (vi)
gukuba (-kuvye)     v    1. to fold, roll up, 2. to threaten to rain, 3. turn back, to have to return home because of bad news
gusegenyesha (-segenyesheje)   v    to cause to move, to roll along
gusegenyeza (-segenyeje)   v    1. to roll along, 2. to carry and put down frequently, 3. to crowd up together (people sitting)
gutembagaza (-tembagaje)   v    to knock over, to roll over (vt)
kujegeza (-jegeje)     v    1. to silence one's opponent by speaking the truth, 2. to astound, astonish, 3. to roll about (vt), 4. throw down, 5. to surprise
kuzingazinga (-zingazinze)   v    to roll up several times
kuzīnga (-zīnze)   v    1. to fold, roll up, 2. to chase flies off cows, 3. to not grow (because of too many seeds)
kuzīngana (-zīnganye)   v    to roll up with
kuzīngīsha (-zīngīshije)   v    to cause to roll up
kwītēmbagaza (-ītēmbagaje)     v    1. to fall down, 2. to roll
gutembagazwa (-tembagajwe)   v    to be rolled, knocked over
kubagabaga (-bagabaze)     v    to stroll about as if one had nothing else to do
kuraramanga (-raramanze)     v    1. to go strolling about when one should be working, 2. to be dissipated
kuzīngurura (-zīnguruye)   v    to unfold, unroll
kuzīngurūrira (-zīngurūriye)   v    to unroll at, for
kuzīngurūrwa (-zīngurūwe)   v    to be unrolled
kuzīngwa (-zīnzwe)   v    to be rolled, folded
kwāndikisha (-āndikishije)     v    1. to write with, cause to write, 2. to enroll, 3. to register
kwāndikishwa (-āndikishijwe)   v    1. to be registered, 2. to be enrolled, 3. to be listed, 4. to be checked in
kwīyandikīsha (-īyandikīshije)     v    to enroll oneself
urunāna (i-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
rolling stone
church    (building) urusengero
(people) ishengero, isengero
(roll) itōrero
En-En dictionary 
enroll    (to) kwāndikīsha
(oneself) kwīyandikīsha
En-En dictionary 
rolling stone   urunāna
En-En dictionary 
stone    ibuye
(big) igitāndara, urutāndara
(grinding) urusyo
(rolling) urunāna
(sharpening) irtyāzo
(small, round) akabuyēnge
(three, placed for fireplace) izīko
En-En dictionary 
stroll    (about as if one had nothing else to do) kubagabaga
(to ~ about when one should be working) kuraramanga
En-En dictionary 
unroll    kuzīngurura
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