patient    (to be) kwīhāngāna
En-En dictionary 
gufufahaza (-fufahaje)     v    to treat patient but he doesn't recover
kwīhanganira (-īhanganiye)     v    to be patient with
gukenyera (-kenyeye)     v    1. to persist patiently, 2. prepare to fight, 3. to wear belt, girdle, to tie in at waist
gukenyerera (-kenyereye)     v    to persist patiently, in or at
kurambirwa (-rambiwe)     v    1. to be wearied by long speech or delay, 2. to become impatient, 3. to be bored
kwīhāngāna (-īhāngānye)     v    1. to endure, to be patient, 2. to wait
(said when patience is needed or expected, like a consolation)
impatient    (to be) kurambirwa
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persist    gucunaguza, kwigumira, gukovya, kunogēra, kuramiriza, gushimika, gushīshikara
(in asking questions) kuzigiriza
(in old custom) kuzīrōra
(more strongly than before) gukobeza
(patiently) gukenyera, gukenyerera
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treat    (one who treats illness) umuvūzi
(to ~ illness) kuvūra
(with anger) gushinyagura
(patient who does not recover) gufufahaza
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 patient found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
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