offer    (to) gutānga, kubangira, gushikana
(gift) guterēka, gutūra
(presents) guhōnga
(sacrifice) gushikana
(to spirits) guterekēra
(but take back) guhema
(place to offer to the spirits) igitabo
En-En dictionary 
guhōnga (-hōnze)     v    1. to bribe, 2. offer presents, 3. make reparations
gutereka (-teretse)     v    1. to put a thing in its certain place, to put on the ground, 2. to deposit, 3. to offer gift, 4. to move something to another place
kwīhereza (-īhereje)     v    1. to offer oneself, 2. to consecrate oneself
guherereza (-herereje)     v    1. to put to one side, 2. to offer at, for, in the name of
guterekēra (-terekēye)     v    1. to offer to spirits, 2. to worship spirits or Kiranga
gufungurira (-funguriye)     v    to offer to eat
gift    ingabano, ingabire, ishikanwa, itūro, ingemu, ikado
(of appreciation or thanks) ishīmwe, igishīmo
(given on return from journey) iganūke
(nothing expected in return) impāno
(to chief to get something from him) ingororano
(to make up for offending someone) icīru
(to offer ~) gutereka, gutūra
(to pass out ~, distribute) kugaba
(to present, with something expected in return) kugemura
En-En dictionary 
guhema (-hemye)     v    1. to offer but take back, 2. to be insincere, 3. to make fun of, 4. to be ironic, sarcastic
gutūra (-tūye)     v    1. to remove load from head, 2. to lay down a burden, 3. to unload, to put down 4. to offer a gift
place    ikibānza, ahantu
(around trees where nothing else grows) impehemyi
(damp) ikinyōta
(for spreading out grain) imbuga
(meeting ~) ihūriro
(of another) igishīngo, icīto
(prepared to put anything) igitereko
(smelting) urugānda
(to offer to the gods) igitabo
(to receive money or other things) iyakīriro
(to sit) umusēzero
(uninhabited) agahīnga
(very narrow, tight) imbōmbāne
(where food is plentiful) ubusumo
(where water has flooded) isēsero
En-En dictionary 
spirit    igihūme, impwēmu, umuzimu
(Holy Spirit) Mpwemu Mweranda, Mpwemu Yera
(nature spirit) imbāndwa
(of person) umushaha
(to chase away or drive out evil ~) gusēnda
(to offer to ~) guterekēra
(~ worship) ubuzimuzimu
En-En dictionary 
kwītanga (-ītanze)     v    1. to offer oneself, 2. to consecrate oneself, to dedicate oneself, 3. to volunteer
igitabo (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. book, 2. altar, place to offer to the gods
kubangira (-bangiye)     v    1. to hold out, 2. to offer
sacrifice    ikimazi, impērezwa
(to ~ for) kwīgura, kwīheba
(to give, offer, make) gushikana
(place to offer to the spirits) igitabo
En-En dictionary 
gukarabīsha (-karabīshije)     v    1. to cause to wash hands, wash with, 2. to offer to wash a guest's hands before a meal
gushikanira (-shikaniye)     v    to offer to
gushikana (-shikanye)     v    to give, offer, make sacrifice, to arrive with
gutānga (-tānze)     v    1. to offer, pay, give, submit, offer, proffer, hand in, send in, put forward, issue, supply, furnish, 2. precede, be ahead of, to arrive before, 3. to die (of king)
imperēzwa (im-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
offering, sacrifice
inguru (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
little stones taken from bottom of stream and offered to spirits in a little house
ishikanwa (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
offering, gift
itūro (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
offering, gift, present
kuzimanwa (-zimanywe)   v    to be offered (or served) a meal
offering    impērezwa, ishikanwa, itūro
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