noun    izina
(class of) umutigiri
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boil    (vi) kubira
(vt) kubiza
(up water) kugurugūmba
(medical, noun) igihute
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-nyene   adv    1. only, 2. the very one, 3. -self, (with pronoun prefix: myself, yourself, himself, herself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves) 4. exactly
gukwīragiza (-kwīragije)     v    1. to scatter, place here and there, 2. announce everywhere
gukwīza (-kwījije)     v    1. to spread abroad, 2. announce everywhere, 3. make known
ikāze     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
(noun, no pl.) welcome
inābi     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
(no pl.) evil (noun)
inēza     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
(noun) good
kubika (-bitse)     v    1. to announce the death of someone, 2. to crow
kubikira (-bikiye)   v    to announce to someone about a death
kubūra (-būze)     v    1. to warn of danger, 2. to announce something
kubūrira (-būriye)     v    1. to tell what's going to happen, 2. to announce, notify, inform, 3. to warn of danger
kunegura (-neguye)     v    1. to denounce, 2. to blame, 3. speak evil of, 4. to make fun of, 5. to criticize,
kurānga (-rānze)     v    1. to indicate, 2. to inform, make known, announce, 3. to tell, say
kw   prep    1. on, 2. at, 3. to (the outside of a thing), 4. from (outside of a thing), (form of ku before fifth class nouns in singular, e.g. kw ibuye - on a rock)
kwātura (-ātuye)     v    1. to make known, 2. bring into open from hidden place, 3. to confess, 4. to pronounce clearly, to articulate, 5. to open (flower)
kwībūra (-ībūye)     v    1. to reveal oneself, 2. announce oneself
kwīnegura (-īneguye)     v    renounce oneself
mw   prep    1. in, into, 2. during, 3. out of the inside, (form of mu before fifth class nouns in singular, e.g. mw ishuli - in school)
umutigiri (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
class of objects, class of nouns
class    (of nouns or objects) umutigiri
(to observe ~ distinctions) kuzīrōra
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death    urupfu, impfīro
(point of) impfīro
(to announce ~ of someone) kubika
(to be near ~) gutāmbūra
(to bleed to ~) gutetera
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good    (the good) icīza
(adj.) -īza, nyāwo, nyāyo, nyāco etc.
(noun) inēza
(economy) icemezo co gufata ibintu
(to be good ostensibly but not really) kwīyorobeka
(to become good after being bad) gufūtānuka
(to make good) kuryōsha
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king    umwāmi
(entrance to king's kraal) ikirīmba
(house of) ingoro
(pronouncements or commands sent out to chiefs) amatēka
(to become) kwīma
(to die) gutānga
(to make) kwīmika
(to sit) kuvyāgira
(to speak evil of ~) kurogota
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 noun found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 1   Class 1 umu–, aba–
lesson 3   Possessive Adjective
lesson 5   Mu and Ku
lesson 8   Adjectives I
lesson 10   Review 1 - 9
lesson 18   Class 5 i–, ama–
lesson 20   Review 11 - 19
lesson 32   Class 9 uku–, ama–
lesson 34   Chart of the Classes
lesson 37   Cardinal Numbers 1-10
lesson 39   –ngahe (How many?)
lesson 41   –ose (All, Every)
lesson 43   –ndi (Other)
lesson 47   Word Order
lesson 49   Review 41 - 49
lesson 58   Object Pronouns II
lesson 61   Ordinal Numerals
lesson 65   –o with the Infinitive
lesson 73   Father and Mother
lesson 90   Review 82 - 89
lesson 95   Relative Clauses (No noun antecedent)
lesson 97   Adjective –he?
lesson 102   Miscellaneous Words
lesson 104   Uses of Nta
lesson 115   Prepositional Suffixes
lesson 116   Ki and Umuki
lesson 119   More Adverbs
lesson 120   Miscellaneous Expressions
 noun found in: Kirundi II (Grammar)
chapter 48   Nouns with 3rd class singular and 5th plural
chapter 51   Nouns made from Verbs
chapter 53   Nouns of Relationship
chapter 57   ni with Pronouns
chapter 59   Possessive Adjective preceding Noun
chapter 66   More about –ndi
chapter 67   Ordinal Numerals with ubwa, or –gira: kubiri, etc.
chapter 70   Vocative