nde     adj    1  class 1
singular: umu-
who? (in questions and with 1. class sg. only)
(who is it?) ninde
wītwa nde   phr    what is your name?
bande   adj   1    who? (in questions and with 1. class pl. only)
ende     1. allow me, permit (invariable), 2. here take this
ninde   who? who is it?
iruhānde   prep    beside, next to
amasinde    5    ground dug up but not planted
irīnde    n    (no pl.) danger
urudēnde     6  class 6
singular: uru-
(no pl.) 1. one solitary thing, 2. singular (gram.)
ndetse   conj    1. except, 2. moreover
itonde (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
nostril, nose
inkēnde (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
urutonde (in-  6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
list, queue
akabānde (utu-)     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
valley with no water
igipānde (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
(Sw.) card, ticket
ikirende (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. gourd (long), 2. person or animal of very nice disposition, no malice
umudende (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
small cylindrical bell
umugēnde (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
1. canal, tiny stream, 2. long band of cloth
uruhānde (impānde)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
side (not of person)
urukiramēnde     6  class 6
singular: uru-
any four-sided figure (originally, a place fixed for pole-vaulting)
n'imitende     he's better, I'm better
noneho tugende   phr    then let's go!
agasyanyama (udu-  7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
grinder, mincer
akībuko (utw-)     7  class 7
singular: aka-,aga-
plural: utu-,udu-
remembrance, reminder
bitangāje   phr    fantastic, astounding, amazing, astonishing, bewildering, stunning, breathtaking, sensational, remarkable, spectacular, extraordinary, wonderful, marvelous (from gutangāza)
Bujumbura     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
largest city and former capital of Burundi, originally called Usumbura, it was renamed to Bujumbura at independence, mainly for the negative meaning of Usumbura in Swahili
bwīte     adv    indeed, truly, in fact
gucirwakw itēka   phr    to be condemned
gucōkōra (-cōkōye)     v    1. to despise, 2. to slander
guhāmba (-hāmvye)   v    1. bury, 2. to dig in, dig under
guhebūza (-hebūje)     v    1. to tell someone that his friend has died, 2. to be perfect, complete, absolutely wonderful, 3. to surpass all others either good or bad, 4. to deny emphatically, 5. to discourage
guhigima (-higimye)     v    to hesitate, to be undecided
guhīnda (-hīnze)     v    1. to turn away (vt), to chase away, 2. tu rumble (thunder)
guhinyurwa (-hinyuwe)     v    to be confounded, exposed
guhinyuza (-hinyuje)     v    1. to check over a thing, 2. to prove, give proof, 3. to convince, 4. to verify, 5. to condemn, 6. to disgrace, 7. to speak truth, 8. to divine
guhinyuzwa (-hinyujwe)     v    to be confounded, proved
guhōyahōya (-hōyahōye)     v    1. to try to hinder from doing wrong, 2. to coax, 3. to reassure
guhubūka (-hubūtse)     v    1. to find one's way (after being lost), 2. to understand
guhugūmba (-hugūmvye)     v    1. to wander from place to place, to not stay at home, 2. to be fearful, uncertain, 3. to be double-minded
guhūndagaza (-hūndagaje)     v    to strike (thunder)
gukāngwa (-kānzwe)     v    1. to be frightened, thunderstruck, 2. to be taken sick suddenly (supposedly from python looking at one)
gukebwa (-kebwe)     v    1. to be cut, 2. to be wounded
gukera (-keze)   v    1. to burn, 2. to be irritating to the mouth, 2. smart in mouth, 4. to slander
gukomereka (-komeretse)     v    to be wounded, injured
gukomeretswa (--kejwe)     v    to be wounded
gukurugutura (-kurugutuye)     v    to clean out ear wax, to cause to understand
gusamāra (-samāye)     v    1. to look at in wonder, to be fascinated, 2. to look at without paying attention, to be inattentive, not pay attention
gusesereza (-sheshereje)     v    1. to penetrate the skin (esp. under fingernail), 2. to hurt another's feelings
gusiba (-sivye)     v    1. to lie fallow, to cease to be used (path), 2. to slander
gusibana (-sibanye)     v    to slander each other
gusugurirwa (-suguriwe)     v    1. to be cross, 2. to be offended, 3. to fight (after afterthought)
gutagara (-tagaye)     v    1. to not accept judgment rendered, 2. to not accept helpful suggestions
gutāhūka (-tāhūtse)     v    to be understandable
gutāhūra (-tāhūye)     v    to understand
gutāhūrwa (-tāhūwe)     v    to be understood
gutāhūza (-tāhūje)     v    to cause to understand
gutangāra (-tangāye)     v    to marvel, to be astonished, to be amazed, to be astounded
gutangāzwa (-tangājwe)     v    to be amazed, astounded
gutangīra (-tangīriye)   v    1. to hinder, 2. to close or block path, 3. to dam up
gutangīrwa (-tangīriwe)     v    to be hindered, have passage barred
gutega (-teze)     v    1. to hinder, to hamper, to impede, to obstruct, to prevent, 2. to trap, 3. to bet, 4. to be flat, level
gutegēra (-tegēreye)     v    1. to think over, to understand, 2. to go to meet, to wait for
gutegereza (-tegereje)     v    1. to understand after thinking over, 2. to cause to understand, 3. to wait for someone expected
gutēsha (-tēsheje)     v    1. to hinder, 2. to cause to lose, 3. to deprive, 4. to inconvenience, to embarrass
gutēshwa (-tēshejwe)     v    to be hindered
gutobekeranya (-tobekeranije)     v    to pierce through, to speak clearly, distinctly, understandably
gutsīndanīsha (-tsīndanīshije)     v    to condemn
gutuka (-tutse)     v    1. to slander, 2. to swear at, 3. to insult
gutukana (-tukanye)     v    to slander each other, to yell at each other hateful things
gutukwa (-tutswe)     v    to be insulted, slandered
guturagara (-turagaye)     v    1. to thunder, 2. to make a loud frightening noise
ibaruwa (ama-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
letter (correspondence, from Sw. barua)
icībukiriza (ivy-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
remembrance, reminder
icībutso (ivy-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
igishōro (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
tender new corn
igisozo (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
igitsina (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
1. base of tree, 2. sex, gender
igitutsi (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
ikabutura (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
short trousers, shorts (not underwear)
ikariso (ama-  5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
underwear, slip, boxer shorts (from Fr. caleçon)
ikidāmbidāmbi (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
one who deliberately misunderstands
ikihindu (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
traditional gender-crossing priest
ikimaze (ibi-)     4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
traditional gender-crossing priest
ikivura (ibi-  4  class 4
singular: iki-,ic-
plural: ibi-,ivy-
storm, thunderstorm
imānza  6    (sg. urubānza) 1. trial, 2. affair, 3. judgment, condemnation
ingēnzi (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
wanderer, traveller
inkuba (in-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
thunder (actually, the imaginary animal that makes the thunder)
inyagano (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
plunder, a thing taken unlawfully but not secretly
inyāmbukīra (iny-)     3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
traveller, wanderer
inyererezi (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
inzererezi (in-  3  class 3
singular: i-,in-
plural: i-,in-
homeless wanderer
irendevu   5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
rendezvous (from Fr.)
isahu (ama-)     5  class 5
singular: i-,iri-
plural: ama-
spoil, plunder
koko     adv    indeed, truly, really, in fact
kubembeteranya (-bembeteranije)     v    to try to persuade someone in an underhanded way
kubugiriza (-bugirije)     v    to make a big noise to hinder others from hearing
kubuza (-bujije)     v    1. to hinder, prevent, suppress, 2. to forbid, to prohibit
kubuzwa (-bujijwe)     v    to be hindered, prevented
kubwīrizwa (-bwīrijwe)     v    to be commanded
kudadika (-daditse)     v    1. to not accept judgment rendered, 2. to be contrary
kudehūra (-dehūye)     v    1. to lose one's zeal or enthusiasm, 2. to fail to do what you intended
kudundūra (-dundūye)     v    to bulge, to stick out (as garment with something under it)
kugabwa (-gabwe)     v    to be ruled, commanded
kugāguka (-gāgutse)     v    to be split open (flesh, when wounded)
kugaramāngira (-garamāngiye)     v    1. to be a tramp, wander about, 2. fail to give what one promised
kugwa mu gahundwe (-gūye)   phr    to be dumbfounded
kujanirana (-janiranye)     v    1. to accept a decision in spite of oneself, 2. to lack opportunity to say what you intended
kujaniranwa (-janiraniwe)   v    1. to accept a decision in spite of oneself, 2. to lack opportunity to say what you intended
kujorera (-joreye)   v    to surprise, to stun, to render speechless
kujorerwa (-jorerewe)     v    1. to be speechless (with surprise or defeat), be dumbfounded, be surprised, be stunned, 2. gesture of putting one's hand to his face
kujuragira (-juragiye)     v    to be undecided, to not stay in one place, to work at several tasks at once
kumēnja (-mēnje)     v    to rebel against authority, to fight for independance
kumenya (-menye)     v    1. to know, 2. to be acquainted, 3. to recognize, identify, realize, register, perceive, grasp, understand, discern, apprehend, notice
kumesūra (-mesūye)     v    to wash clothes, to launder
kunyura (-nyuze)     v    1. to go back and forth, 2. to come across, 3. to pass between, 4. travel through a country, 5. to undergo, go through
kurabuka (-rabutse)     v    1. to be cooked after stirring up the fire a second time, 2. to perceive, to understand, 3. to come when called, to flash by
kurangūka (-rangūtse)     v    to be accomplished, be understood
kurangūra (-rangūye)     v    to explain fully till all understand
kurengwa (-renzwe)     v    1. to slander a superior (not intentionally but he interprets it that way), 2. to break taboo
kuvōvōta (-vōvōse)   v    1. to talk nonsense when drunk, to say a lot of slanderous talk, 2. to speak incoherently, 3. to rain early in morning or for a long time, 4. to give oneself to the service of Kiranga (also kubāndwa), 5. to divine
kuvuna (-vunnye)   v    1. to break (vt) (bone, or any slender thing), 2. to defend, help, assist, 3. to forbid
kuvunika (-vunitse)   v    to break (vi) any slender thing, as bone
kuyēnzēra (-yēnzēreye)   v    to wander about
kuyerēra (-yerēreye)   v    to wander about
kuzerēra (-zerēye)   v    1. to be homeless, 2. to wander about, 3. to make dizzy
kuzika (-zitse)   v    1. to dig under crop or grass, 2. to bury (a person)
kuzimagirika (-zimagiritse)   v    1. to get really lost and wander about, to err, 2. to lose one's head
kuzina (-zinye)   v    to hinder one from harming another
kwāngāra (-āngāye)     v    to wander about from place to place
kwenēna (-enennye)     v    1. to be suspended in air, 2. to swing
kwibānda (-bānze)   v    to compress, concentrate, condense
kwībaza (-ībajije)     v    1. to ask oneself, 2. to wonder
kwībutswa (--kijwe)     v    to be reminded
kwībuza (-ībujije)     v    1. to hinder oneself, 2. deprive oneself
kwīgaba (-īgavye)     v    1. to rule oneself, be independent, 2. to do as one pleases
kwīganza (-īganje)     v    1. to rule oneself, 2. to be independent, 3. to be emancipated
kwītesha (-ītesheje)     v    to abstain from, hinder oneself
kwīyenzereza (-īyenzereje)     v    to wander about
kwūmiza (-ūmije)   v    to astonish, render speechless
kwūmva (-umvise)   v    1. to hear, 2. to understand, 3. to feel, 4. to smell, 5. to taste
kwūmvana (-ūmvanye)   v    to understand each other well
kwūmvīkana (-ūmvīkanye)   v    1. to understand one another, 2. to sound well, 3. to be heard plainly, 4. to be clear (understandable), 5. to come to a compromise
kwūmvīsha (-ūmvīshije)   v    1. to cause to hear, 2. to cause to understand
mūnsi   adv    under
mūsi     adv    under, beneath, underneath
mwīshwanje (b-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
my sister's son (usually used for an oath with indecent meaning)
ndabitāhūra   phr    I don't understand
nkombarukoko    n    index finger
nkumbaruboko    n    index finger
sinūmva ikirundi   phr    I don't understand Kirundi
uburiri (ama-)     8   5  sg. class 8: ubu-
pl. class 5: ama-
bed (plural used only for an indefinite number)
amariri menshi many beds
uburiri bubiri two beds
ubusahuzi     8  class 8
singular: ubu-
1. pillage, 2. thievery, 3. plundering
ubwāto (am-)     8   5  sg. class 8: ubu-
pl. class 5: ama-
1. boat, 2. traditional dugout canoe
(plural only used for indefinite numbers)
amāto menshi = many boats, but
ubwāto bubiri = two boats
ubwigēnge   8  class 8
singular: ubu-
1. freedom, 2. independence
ukugerageza   9  class 9
singular: uku-
1. effort, 2. attempt, endeavor, 3. experiment
umucōkōranyi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
slanderer, one who scorns others
umugega (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
clothing worn underneath, as sack dress
umuhīndo (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
noise of rain, thunder, etc.
umumeshi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umumesūzi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umuntu ahishirigwa (aba-)   phr    1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
overseer, supervisor, superintendent
Umunyarwanda (Aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
Rwandan person, Rwandese
umusahuzi (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
pillager, looter, plunderer
umushikirwa (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
umutabāzi (aba-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
helper, defender
umutegetsi (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
1. administrator, 2. commander, 3. ruler, 4. dictator, 5. head, leader (from gutegeka)
umuturagaro (imi-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
thunder, loud frightening noise
umutwāre (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
sub-chief, commander
umuvunyi (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
advocate, lawyer, defender (from kuvuna)
umuyobe (aba-  1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
wicked one, condemned one
umwāmbukīra (ab-)     1  class 1
singular: umu-
plural: aba-
traveller, wanderer
umwībuko (imy-)     2  class 2
singular: umu-
plural: imi-
remembrance, reminder
urubānza     6  class 6
singular: uru-
(pl. imanza) 1. trial, 2. affair, 3. judgment, 4. condemnation
urutara (in-)     6  class 6
singular: uru-
plural: in-
under a bed
Usumbura  n    (Sw.) former name of Bujumbura before independence, changed to Bujumbura because of its negative meaning in Swahili
yūko   that (esp. to introduce indirect quotation or other dependent clause)
accept    kwemera
(to cause to) kwemeza
(a decision in spite of oneself) kujanirana, kujaniranwa
(not accept helpful suggestions) gutagara
(not accept judgement rendered) kudadika, gutagara
En-En dictionary 
accuse    kwāgiriza, kurēga, kwitwarira
(falsely) kudendereza
(each other of spoiling a plan) gutanakw ibirake
En-En dictionary 
airplane    indēge (Sw.)
En-En dictionary 
airport    ikibuga c'indege
En-En dictionary 
alive    –zima
(to be still alive, of old people) kudūndēga
En-En dictionary 
animal    (domestic) igitungano
(wild) igikoko, inyamāswa
(male in heat) ishāshi
(of nice disposition) ikirende
(track of) umwānza
(truly animal) bukōko
(young of) umukāngara
(young of small) imbūnda
(antelope) impōngo
(small antelope) ingeregere
(bat) agahūngarēma
(bear) idubu
(buffalo) imbogo
(young bull) ishūri
(male calf) ikimasa
(camel) ingamiya, ingameya
(cat) akayabo, akayabu
(chameleon) uruvo, uruvuruvu
(cheetah) igikara
(civit cat) icūya
(crocodile) ingōna
(deer) impōngo
(dog) imbwa,
(female) imbwakazi,
(wolf-like wild) ibīngira
(donkey) indogoba, indogobwe
(elephant) inzovu
(ferocious) igisimba
(fox) imbwēbwe
(frog) igikere
(gazelle) ingeregere
(giraffe) umusumbarembe
(goat) impene,
(male) impfīzi,
(young male goat) agasugurume
(goats) intūngwa, igitūngwa
(hare) urukwāvu
(hippopotamus) imvubu
(hyena) imfyisi
(jackal) imbwēbwe
(kid, lamb) umwāgazi
(lion) intāmbwe, intare
(lizard) umuserebanyi
(mongoose) isambwe
(monkey) inkēnde, imamfu
(puppy) ikibwāna, imbūnda
(python) isato
(rabbit) urukwāvu
(ram) isuguru
(rat, mouse) imbeba
(rat, cane) isiha
(sheep) intāma, intūngwa, igitūngwa
(toad) igikere
(weasel) akarīnda, akagomba
(zebra) imparage
(to give salt to domestic ~) kwūhīra
(to lead to drink) gushōra
(to stake out to pasture) kuzirika
En-En dictionary 
apply    (oneself to) kwītōndera
(on) kwōmeka, kwōmekara
En-En dictionary 
apprehend    (a culprit) gusūmira
(understand) kumenya
En-En dictionary 
attention    (to pay ~) kwītōndera
(to look at without paying ~) gusamāra
(to pay no ~) gusamāra, gutimba
En-En dictionary 
backwards    (to go) kwīfūtānya
(inadvertently) gufutānya
(walk) kugēndēsha umugōngo, kugēnda umugōngo
En-En dictionary 
band    (of cloth, long) umugēnde
En-En dictionary 
banner    ibendera
En-En dictionary 
bark    igishishwa
(of banana tree) igihubahuba
(cloth garment) indemano
(cloth with painted spots, used as thing of worship) indabe, indome
(~ stripped from tree) udukōkōrwa
(used for perfume) imibavu
(put on new ~) kwībwira
En-En dictionary 
basket    (big) intonga, igitēbō
(deep, uncovered) ikigagara, igisāmba, igisāngāza
(flat, small) icibo
(flat with lid) inkōko
(little) akēbo
(shallow) ikivūmvu
(tall) inkēnga
(tall, pointed) igiseke, igisīmbo
(border of) umusōzo
(lid, cover) umutemere
(nicely made) indemano
(to cover) kurumya
(to remove lid) kurumūra
(to be upside down) kwūbika
En-En dictionary 
bed    igitanda, uburiri
(foot of) imirāmbizo
(under a ~) urutara
(to go to) kuryāma
(to make) gusāsa
(to put to) kuryāmika
(to unmake) gusasūra
(time to go to) amaryāma
En-En dictionary 
bee    uruyūki
(carpenter) imvūndēri
(to catch swarming bees) gutururuza
(to put in new hive) kwātira
(~ sting) urubōyi
(~ hive) igitiba
(bring down ~ hive) kwegura
(to put up ~ hive) kwegeka
En-En dictionary 
bell    ingengeri, inzogera
(smal cylindrical) umudende
En-En dictionary 
bench    intebe ndende
En-En dictionary 
beside    iruhānde, hambavu
(to be) guhererana, kubāngikana
En-En dictionary 
better    (be ~ than) kurusha
(something ~ than others of its kind) agaheta
(he's ~, I'm ~) n'imitende, n'imisuhūko
En-En dictionary 
border    (boundery) umupaka
(of basket) umusōzo
En-En dictionary 
break    (vi) gucīka, kumeneka, kumānyuruka
(vt) guca
(and scatter, vt) gusāvya
(any slender thing, vi) kuvunika
(any slender thing, vt) kuvuna
(completely, vi) kudēndūka, gufyonyoka, kuvunagura
(in two) gusāba
(the law) kurēnga, kuyoba
(object with flat surface, vt) kumena
(off by burning, tree, etc.) gutemuka
(off a piece, bread) kubega
(out, as rash) guhurira, guturika
(rope, chain) kuvutagura
(suddenly, unexpectedly) gukenyuka
(a taboo) kurēngwa, kuzirūra, kugōka
(to bits, vi) kumenagurika, gusatagurika, kuvunagura, kumānyagura
(to bits, vt) gucagagura, kumenagura, gusatagura, kuvunaguza
(up, vi) kumānyagurika, kumānyuka
(up, vt) kujānjagura
(a break, as bone) imvune
En-En dictionary 
bulge    (as garment with something under it) kudundūra
En-En dictionary 
canal    umugēnde
(for irrigation) umugazo, umugende uvomera
En-En dictionary 
canalization    uguca imigende
En-En dictionary 
card    igipande (Sw.), ikarata
En-En dictionary 
carpenter    umubāji, umunyamatanga, umufundi amanika inzu
(to do carpentry) kubāza
(~ bee) ifundēri
(~ shoo) ibarizo, isaramara
En-En dictionary 
channel    (of water in heavy rain) umuvo
(for irrigation) umugende uvomera
En-En dictionary 
clear    (as water) umusarara
(to be ~, transparent) kubonerana
(to be ~, understandable) kwūmvīkana
(to ~, vt) kuzibūra
(to ~ suddenly, vi) kuzibūka
(off) kuyōra
(off, as table) gupāngūra (Sw.)
(up) kuvāngūra
En-En dictionary 
cloth    igitāmbara
(large, tied on shoulder) umuhagatiro
(long band of) umugēnde
(made of bark) indemano
(plaid) igitāmbara c'ikigoma
(shiny, silk, rayon) ihariri
(very large) igihūzu, uruhūzu
En-En dictionary 
clothing    umwāmbaro, impūzu, icāmbarwa
(for work) icāmbazo
(of king, esp. animal skins or jewels) inyambarabāmi
(worn underneath outer garments) umugega
(to remove) kwāmbura
(to strip one of his) gukoba
En-En dictionary 
congenial    (to be) kuba ikirende
(person of very nice disposition) ikirende
En-En dictionary 
corn    ikigōri
(cob) igitiritiri
(early kind) isega
(kind with big kernel) ikijigo
(ground corn that has first been roasted) igikweme
(silk) ubusage
(tender new) igishōro
(yellow kind) amashigisha
(to shell) guhungura, kuvūngurīsha
(wheat) ingano
En-En dictionary 
created    (thing) indemano, ikiremwa
En-En dictionary 
danger    akāga, irīnde
(to go into without regard to oneself) kwīroha
(to warn of) kubūrira
(to watch out for) guhwebutsa
En-En dictionary 
deceive    kudendekeranya, kugūnga, guhēnda, guhūmba, guhumbūra, gukēkeza, kurema, kurementaniriza, guhemukira, gusuka
(~ another to make him give money) kurimānganya
(to ~ each other, be skillful at ~) guhēndana
(habitually) gusukasuka
(in light joking way) guhēndahēnda
(oneself) kwīhēnda, kwībesha
(making others think you've done a miracle when it's only a deception) uburyi
En-En dictionary 
dig    kwīmba, kurima
(and break through to hollow place) guhubura
(as chicken does) gukoba
(out grass rapidly) gusūriranya
(under crop, grass) kuzika
(up) gusibanganya
(up the earth) gutaba
(up sweet potatoes with fingers, or, to make hole for setting out tree) gukoba
(to be impossible to dig even though water is on top) gutūta
En-En dictionary 
disposition    (person or animal of very nice ~) ikirende
En-En dictionary 
docile    (person or animal) ikirende
En-En dictionary 
effeminate    (traditional gender-crossing priest) ikihindu, ikimaze
En-En dictionary 
except    shiti, atari, ndetse, uretse
En-En dictionary 
excuses    (to make) kuzāngazānga, kudendekanya, kudendekeranya
En-En dictionary 
exonerate    (to) kuregūra
(oneself) kudendekeranya
En-En dictionary 
explain    gufobōra, kugenekereza, gusigūra, gusobanura
(fully till all understand) kurangūra
(poorly) gufobeka
(thoroughly) gutumbūra
(a dream) kurōtōra
(one who ~) umusigūzi
En-En dictionary 
fail    gucumukura
(another) guhemukira
(to accomplish what one started) kugaburura
(to do what one intended) kudehūra
(to find) kubura, guhusha
(to give what one promised) kugaramāngira
(to keep one's word) guhemuka, kwīrahuruza, gutēzūra
(to return) kugīrīra
(in on'e task) gusibanganya
(to be unable to do what one attempts) gutāna
En-En dictionary 
faint    kurāba
(to be) kudendebukirwa
(to feel) kuyāmīra
(from hunger) kugwīra isari
En-En dictionary 
faltering person   urudēndevu
En-En dictionary 
feeling    (better) imisuhūko
(I'm better, he's better) n'imisuhūko, n'imitende
En-En dictionary 
fetish    (bark cloth used as a thing of worship) indabe
(gourd used) intendēri
(heathen charm on head) urugori
(spotted barkcloth) indome
(things used in worship of Kiranga, thought to have special powers) ubuzimuzimu
(charm) igiheko
En-En dictionary 
field    ubwātsi, indimiro
(battle) urugāmba
(corner belonging to each child) icībare
(forsaken, abandonded) ikirare
(cultivated) itōngo
(to clean up) gukāngaza
(playground) ikibuga
(airfield) ikibuga c'indege
En-En dictionary 
find    kurōnka, gusānga
(fault with everything) kunēbagura
(new building site) kugerēra
(one's way after being lost) guhubūka, kuzimuruka
(to be able to be found when looked for) kurondereka
(to fail to ~) kubura, guhusha
(something you ~) ikinobano
En-En dictionary 
finger    urutoke
(thumb) urukumu
(index) nkumbaruboko
(middle) nsūmbazōse
(fourth) marere
(little) uruhererezi
(extra) indorerezi
En-En dictionary 
fingernail    urwāra, inzāra
(to go under) gusesereza
(to scratch with) kwāga
En-En dictionary 
flag    ibendera
En-En dictionary 
four-sided    (figure) urukiramēnde
En-En dictionary 
frequent    (to) kugēndagēndera
En-En dictionary 
garment    umwāmbaro, impūzu
(for work) icāmbazo
(long) umwitēro
(long, trails on ground) imvune
(of barkcloth, nicely sewn) indemano
(outer) ipfūndo, umutamana
(that is too big) igisāga
(that isn't very long) igikwēmu
(with sleeves or armholes) umwīnjiro
En-En dictionary 
go    kugenda, kwigira, kuja
(after) kugīra
(ahead a little) kwūnguruza
(all through a house) kuvōgera
(around) kuzunguruka, gukīkira, gukīkuza, kuzīngūka
(around difficulty) kuzunguruka umutego, gukikuza umutego
(around 'Robinhood's barn') gukingitiranya
(aside with someone to talk privately) kwīkebukana
(astray) kuzimira
(away secretly) kwīdohōra
(back and forth) kunyura
(back on what he said, make one) kurahuruza
(backward) kwītūtānya, kugēnda umugōngo
(backward inadvertently) gufūtānya
(beyond) kurēnga
(by car) kugēnda n'umuduga
(by boat) kugēnda n'ubwato
(by land rather than cross river or lake) guca i musozi
(carefully not knowing path) kwātīra
(elsewhere) kugerēra
(everywhere) gukwiragirana, guhetūra
(far away) kwāmbuka, guhaba
(for food) gusuma
(forward) gutēra imbere
(forward little by little) kwūngururuza, kwūnguruza
(forward steadily) kuramiriza
(for a walk) kugēndagēnda
(from one thing to another) kurārāta
(from place to place) kunyuragiza, kuyugayuga
(gaily) kudayadaya
(here and there, child) kurērēta
(home) gutāha, kuganūka
(home from work) kugodoka
(home, of wife when angry) kugēnda buje
(into danger without regard to oneself) kwīroha
(let's go!) hoji, hogi, tugende
(naked) gufurama, kugēnda amēnya, kugēnda gusa
(on tiptoe) kuyōmbōka
(out, fire, light) kuzima
(out to a certain place) gusokoroka
(outside) gusohoka
(to prepare to go) kwīkora
(quietly) kuyōmbōka
(rapidly) gukinagira
(reluctantly) kwīyumānganya
(right in path, animal) gutōta
(round) gukikuza
(secretly because of fear) kwōmba
(seperate ways) gutāna
(slowly) kugoyagoya
(slowly, of convalescent) kwāndāra
(softly) kuyōmbōka
(steadily forward) kuramiriza
(stealthily) kunyobanyoba, kwiyombayomba, kuyombayomba
(straight forward) gutūmbereza
(through a narrow pass) kunyegētera
(to bed) kuryāma
(to chief or superior for something) kwītwāra, gushengera, gushengerera
(to find food) gusuma
(to help another in his work) gusāsīra
(to meal uninvited) kwigemagema
(to meet) gusanganira, gutegēra
(together to produce food for guests) gutērēra
(together to see, crowd) gukōndōrera
(toward) kurora, kwerekera, kwerekeza
(uncertain of the way) guhushagirika
(uncertainly) kudāguza
(up, as hill) kudūga
(up in smoke) gupfūnduka
(walking, esp. at night) kwīkanya
(to wedding) gutāha ubukwe
(well, to cause to ~) kugēnza
(with) kwāmbukana, kujāna
En-En dictionary 
gourd    igikunga, ikirende, umutānga
(long) umukuza
(broken) ibibarara
(as object of worship) intendēri
En-En dictionary 
ground    (earth) isi
(on the) hasi
(dug up but not planted) amasinde
(to put on) gutereka
(to throw stick on ~ and it tumbles end over end) kubirika
En-En dictionary 
guard    umurīzi, umurīnzi, umunyezamo, umuzamu (Sw.)
(esp. daytime) umusānzi
(one who stands on ~) umushibamyi
(to ~) kuzigama, kurinda
(to be on ~) kuba māso, kugaba
(oneself) kwihahiriza
(watch over carefully) kugendeza
En-En dictionary 
heard    (to be ~ plainly) kwūmvīkana
(to speak so that one is heard but not understood, because of distance) guhwirima, guhihima
En-En dictionary 
homeless    (to be) kuzerēra
(wanderer) inzererezi
En-En dictionary 
hour    isaha (for various hours of day, see under 'day')
En-En dictionary 
hungry    (to be) gusōnza
(to be ~ for) kwōndera
(after hunting for food in various places) kuburanirwa
En-En dictionary 
ill    (to be) kurwāra, kuyōka
(often) kurwāragurika, kubūnga
(to become ~ one after another) guhindikirana
(to lie around ~ long time) kuvūnda
(see also under 'sick')
En-En dictionary 
insect    igikōko, agakōko
(many small) ubukōko
(ant, flying, edible) iswa
(ant, pincher) intozi, urutozi
(ant, soldier) uburima
(ant, sugar) ikinywabūki
(ant, tiny) ubunyegeri
(ant, white) umuswa
(ant hill, white) umugina
(bedbug) igiheri, igihere
(bee) uruyūki
(bee, carpenter) imvūndēri
(bug) agasīmba
(bumblebee) impingwe
(butterfly) ikinyungunyungu, ikinyugunyugu
(centipede, small) inyōngōri
(chigoe flea) imvūnja, ivūnja
(cicada) ijeri
(cockroach) inyēnzi
(fly, big, tsetse) ikibugu
(fly, house) isāzi
(flea) imbaragasa
(gnat) agatūku, ubutūku
(grasshopper) uruhige, agahōri, igihōri
(jigger) imvūnja, ivūnja
(locust) uruyige
(louse) inda
(mosquito) umubu
(moth) ikinyungunyungu
(tick) inyōndwi, inyōndwe
(tick that causes recurrent fever) igitangu
(tiny ~ in eye) akanyarira jisho
(wasp) ivūbi
(to sting or bite) gusurira
En-En dictionary 
instruction    indero
En-En dictionary 
judgement    urubānza, ingīngo, intāhe, itēka
(~ hall) iboma
(to have ~) guhinyura
(to not accept ~ rendered) gutagara
En-En dictionary 
keep    kugumya
(a fire going) gucānira
(for the night) kurāza
(law) kwītōndera
(things for oneself) kwīgūnga
(too long) gutebana
(not ~ one's wordto do that which one has declared he would not do) kwīrahuruza
En-En dictionary 
lack    (of foresight) igihababu
(to ~) kubura, kugōmba, guhaza, guteba, gukērērwa
(opportunity to say what you intended) kujanirana, kujaniranwa
(respect) kwūbahuka
En-En dictionary 
let    kureka, gukūndira
(let's go) hogi, hoji, tugende
(flow from) kuva
(let go of what you've started to take or do) gutēzūra, gutēnzūra
(up work) guharuruka
En-En dictionary 
letter    (of alphabet) insomwa, inyuguti
(correspondence) icēte, ikēte, ibaruwa, barua (Sw.)
En-En dictionary 
lie    (deception) ikinyoma
(to ~) kubēsha, kurema, kurementanya
(a little) kubēshabesha
(about) kurementaniriza, kwānguha, kudendekeranya, guhūmba
En-En dictionary 
line    umurōngo
(of people, animals, etc.) umuhururu, umukuku
(typographical) umukwēgo, agakwego
(to ~ up, vi) gutōnda
(to ~ up, vt) gutōndēsha, gutōndekanya
(to march in a ~) gutōndekana
(to ~ up workers) kurārika
En-En dictionary 
list    urutonde
(of chosen ones) itorero
(to ~) gutōndeka, gutōndēsha
En-En dictionary 
look    (evil) igitsūre
(all about) kuraraguza
(around on all sides) kweraguza, gukebaguza
(at) kurāba, kurereka, kurora, kwirora
(at carefully) guhwēba, kwīhwēza
(at hastily) kurangaguza
(at in wonder) gusamāra
(at intently) kwīhwēza, kwītegereza
(to let look for) gushakisha
(look at me!) kundāba
(at one thing after another, many things) kurābarāba
(at oneself) kwīrāba
(at repeatedly) gukanaguza
(at without paying attention) gusamāra
(at with disapproval) kurāba igitsūre
(behind) gukebuka
(carefully to see if anyone is there) gukengūza
(down, to make another) kwūnamika, kwūnamīsha
(for) kurereka, kurondera
(esp. to feel around) gukabakaba
(for a fault in one another) kugenzanya
(from side to side trying to see everything) kurunguruka
(in the face, to be unwilling to) kwīyobagiza
(like) gushusha
(over, in prospect of buying) kugaragura
(straight up) kurarama
(through) gusesa
(towards) kwerekera, gutūmbēra
(up) gukanura, kurangamiza, kurangamira, kuraramura
En-En dictionary 
lost    (being) ubuzimire
(to be) guhuba, kujurajura, gutakara, kuzimira
(to become really lost and wander about) kuzimagirika
En-En dictionary 
make    kugira, kurema
(afraid) gutēra ubwōba
(a bed) gusāsa
(blunt) gufyīta
(bread) gucūmba
(clean) guhumānura
(clear, cause to understand) gutegereza
(crooked) kugoreka
(drunk) kuborēra
(effort) kwāndāra
(empty) kugaragaza
(equal in length or height) kurēsha
(excuses) kudendekanya, kudendekeranya, kuzāngazānga
(face over something that tastes bad) kunyinyirwa
(a fire) gucāna, gukongereza
(firm) kugumya
(fun of) kunegura
(fun of, esp. someone in trouble) kwīshinyira
(fun of, by recalling the good he has lost) gucurīra
(good) kuryōsha
(hedge) kuzitira
(hard for one who has lost a loved one, by reproaching the dead) kwītāmba ku muvyimba
(known) kwāndagaza, kwātura, kumenyēsha, kwāngāza, kwerura, kurānga, gukwīza, gukwīragiza, kwāmāmaza, guhishūra, guserura
(laugh, one that makes others laugh) akagūgu
(level) gusēna
(narrow) kwāza
(nest) kwārika
(noise, big) kwāsana, gusāma, kubomborana, kubugiriza
(oneself) kwīgīra
(others like you) kwīkūndiriza
(peace) kubangūranya
(perfect) gutūngānya, kwūzuza, kuroraniriza
(place) kubisa
(place for one another to pass) kubisīkanya
(progress) gutēra imbere, kuyoboza
(reparations) guhōnga, guhōngera
(restitution) kuriha
(sacrifice) gushikana
(sign) kugereraniriza
(smooth) gusēna
(straight) kugorōra, kurorānya
(tired) kurusha
(vow) gushīnga
(watering place) kugomera
(white) kwēza
En-En dictionary 
malice    (person with no) ikirende
En-En dictionary 
mist    urwīrungu, igipfūngu
(to ~) kunyanyāga
(condensation) umuhisha
En-En dictionary 
monkey    inkēnde, inguge
(large) imamfu
En-En dictionary 
need    ubukene, ibikenewe
(to be in ~) gukena
(to ~) gukenera
(to be in, having lost one's possessions) gusurura
(to have ~ of) kwōndera
(to help one another in loaning what is needed) gutērēra
(to relieve) gukenura
(supplying of) ubukenuke
(to have one's needs supplied) gukenuka
En-En dictionary 
news    inkuru, amakuru, indemano, impūha
(in TV, radio) amakuru
(esp. of battle) imigūmūko
En-En dictionary 
noise    urwamo
(loud, frightening) umuturagaro
(esp. of battle or strife) umuvurungano
(of earthquake, or approaching storm) umugigimo
(of rain, thunder) umuhīndo
(of wind, rain, running feet, etc.) igihīnda
(to make a big) kwāsana, kubomborana, kubugiriza, gusāma
(to make a lot) kuvurungana, kuyogora
(to make a loud frightening) guturagara
En-En dictionary 
none    nta, ata (in dependent clause)
En-En dictionary 
nose    izūru, itonde
(bridge of) umwīrīri
(nosebleed) umwūna
(to get in and cause to sneeze) gusagāra
En-En dictionary 
nostril    itonde
En-En dictionary 
obey    kugamburuka, kugendanira, kwītōndera, kwūmvira, kugandūkira
(unwillingly) kugambarara
(to force to) kugandūra
(to refuse to) kugaranya
En-En dictionary 
one    -mwe, rimwe
(one solitary thing) urudēnde
(one banana, head of grain, etc.) umuhānyu
(to come ~ by ~) gutororokanya
(~ by ~) isorōsoro
En-En dictionary 
opportunity    umwānya, uburyo
(to lack ~ to say what you intended) kujanirana, kujaniranwa
En-En dictionary 
pain    igisigo, umubabaro, ububabare
(sharp) umusōnga
(to get relief from) kwōroherwa
(to grit one's teeth to avoid showing) gushinyanga, gushinyiriza
(to have) kubabara
(to have severe) kurībwa
(to suffer) gucumukura
(to suffer without complaint) kwīyumānganya
(to take pains with) kwītōndera
En-En dictionary 
penetrate    (into) kunyegera
(skin, esp. under fingernail) gusesēra, gusesereza
En-En dictionary 
persecute    kudendereza, guhama
(each other) guhamana
En-En dictionary 
persecution    akadenderezo
En-En dictionary 
persuade    (in underhanded way) kubembeteranya
(to succeed to ~ someone to leave his evil ways) gukōndōra
(to talk with someone to try to ~ her to elope) gucīkiza
(to try to ~) gukiranira
En-En dictionary 
priest    umuhērezi
(traditional gender-crossing ~) ikihindu, ikimaze
(catholic priest) umusaseredoti, umupadiri
En-En dictionary 
protein    indemamubiri
En-En dictionary 
reach    (to) gushika
(a certain point) kugera
(for) kurondera
(term, pregnancy) kuramukwa
(goal) gushika kw'ihangiro
(up) gutaramura
En-En dictionary 
rearing    (of children) indero
En-En dictionary 
reason    inyānduruko, inkomānzi, impāmvu, imvo, igituma
(to ~ with someone to try to persuade her to elope) gucīkiza
(to ~ within oneself) kwībūranya
(to be tired without ~) kudendebukirwa
(to lose ~) gusara
En-En dictionary 
rectangle    urukiramende
En-En dictionary 
right    (hand, side) uburyo, ukuryo, iburyo
(~ arm) ukuboko kw'iburyo, ukuboko kw'ukuryo
(all right) niko, ni ko, n'ūko, sawa
(right now) non'aha, ubu nyene
(to be) kugororoka
(to become ~ side up) kwūburuka
(to turn ~ side up) kwūburura, gucurūra
(~ side of cloth) uruhande rwiza rw'impuzu
(to put ~) gutūngānya
En-En dictionary 
rumble    (of earthquake, or approaching storm) umugigimo
(in stomach) kuborōga, kugonga
(thunder) guhīnda
En-En dictionary 
sack    umupfuko, isaho
(burlap) igunira
(long narrow for food) indebuye
(made of skin) umukuza
(to tie neck of) kuniga
(to tie up hole in) gutubika
En-En dictionary 
say    kubara, kugira, gukerutsa, kurānga, kuvuga, kubarira, –ti
(no infinitive)
(to say no) guhakana
(he says) ngo, ati
(nothing) kunuma
(not ~ directly) gukingitiranya
(mean things to provoke another) kwīyandagaza
(things to make others laugh) guswāganya
(say!) erega
(you don't say!) itu
(slanderous talk) kuvōvōta
(one who says things he shouldn't when with others) ikirandamuke
(one who says inappropriate things) igihururu
En-En dictionary 
search    kwīhwēza, gusesa
(carefully) gusūra
(for) guhama, kurondera
(for a buyer) kubūnga
(carefully to see if anyone is there) gukengūza
(to make ~ for) gushakisha
(in vain) kujarajara
(research) gusesangura
En-En dictionary 
seat    icīcaro
(bench) intebe ndende ifise umudo
En-En dictionary 
seek    kurondera
(advice) kugīsha
(assistance to overcome) kugomorera
(doer of evil, as witch doctor does) kuragura
(food) gusuma
(information) kugenzūra
(information about someone) kubariritsa
(one's way) kujurajura
En-En dictionary 
side    (of person) urubavu
(not of person) uruhānde
(on this ~) hīno
(on this ~ of river, valley) hākuno
(on that ~) hīyo
(on the other ~ of something but this ~ of river or valley) hirya
(on the other ~ of river or valley) hākurya
(on the ~ of, beside) iruhānde
(to become right ~ up) kwūburuka
(to lay thing on it's ~) guhēngeka
(to lay someone on his) gukīkira
(to lie on one's ~) gucurama
(to put to one ~) guherereza
(to turn right ~ up) gucurūra, kwūburura
En-En dictionary 
single    (one) -mwe, umwe, rumwe etc.
(one banana, head of grain, etc.) umuhānyu
(single object) urudēnde
En-En dictionary 
singular    (gram.) rudēnde, urudēnde
En-En dictionary 
slander    igitutsi
(to ~) gucōkōra, gukera, gusiba, gutuka
(a superior unintentionally, but he believes it intentional) kurengwa
(to say a lot of slanderous talk) kuvōvōta
En-En dictionary 
soft    (anything very ~, lacking stiffness) urudēndevu
(to be) kwōroha
(to be silky ~) kurēmba
(to get ~ in water) kubōmbōka
(to make soil ~) kwōrohereza
(and springy, e.g. earth in swamp) kudemwademwa
En-En dictionary 
song    indirīmbo, ururirimbo
(~ for two alternating choirs) ikimpwiri
(milling ~) indengo
(war songs) amazina y'ubuhizi, amazina y'urugamba
(sing or play plaintive) gucurira intimba
see also singing
En-En dictionary 
speak    (speaking evil of another with whom you work) ikēba
(one who speaks with senseless repititions of words) ikirogorogo
(all speaking together) imvugarimwe
(to ~) kuvuga
(against) guhāririza
(carelessly) gufudika
(clearly) gufobōra, gutobekeranya
(distinctly) gutobora
(distinctly, not having been able to before) gutumbūra
(evil of one another) gucurikanya
(evil of) gukana, kunegura
(evil of the king) kurogota
(evil of a ruler) kuyoba
(fearlessly) kwūbahuka
(foolishly) kudebagura
(hatefully) gucobogoza
(hesitantlyusually used in negative) guhengēshanya
(in a mysterious language) gufobeka
(incoherently) kuvōvōta
(in someone's favor) gutēturura
(lightly) kujajura
(loudly) kurangurura, kurandamuka
(many words, usually quite meaningless ones) guhogōmboka
(sarcastically) kurtyekeza
(the truth) guhinyuza
(thoughtlessly) kurandamuka
(unwisely or rudely) kurofokwa
(very beseechingly) kubobōteza
(when one shouldn't) kuyogora
(where others hear voices but do not understand) guhwirima
(without arriving at point) kurerembuza
(to cause to) kuvuza
(to leave off speaking evil and speak kindly) kwigarura
(to prevent from speaking) guhwāmika
(give gift to bride so she will ~) guhorōra
(refuse to speak till given gift, as bride does) guhorōrwa
En-En dictionary 
speechless    (to be, in defeat, surprise, misfortune) kwūmirwa
(to be with shame or fear) gutētērwa
(to be with surprise or defeat) kujorerwa, kujumarara
(to leave one ~, astound) kujoreza
(to render) kwūmiza
En-En dictionary 
split    (vi) kurara
(vt) gutānya
(in two) kwīmānya
(open, as over-ripe beans) gusaragurika
(up) kwōmānza
(wood) gusatura
(to be split open as flesh when wounded) kugāguka
En-En dictionary 
spy    umutasi, inderetsi
(to ~) gutata
(to ~ on) gusūra
En-En dictionary 
stitch    umubariro wo ku ruhande
(to ~ up) gusubira, kubarīra
En-En dictionary 
storm    (wind and rain) inkūbi
(wind) inkūrūma
(noise of approaching) umugigimo
(thunderstorm) ikivura
En-En dictionary 
stream    icōgo, urūzi
(current of) umukuba
(middle of) umutānga, idāmba
(tiny) umugēnde, imbizi
(winding) ikigobe
En-En dictionary 
stretcher    inderuzo, iburankara
(woven) igitēbo
(to carry corpse) ikigagara
En-En dictionary 
strike    kubomboranya, gukoma, gukubita, kudoda
(against in order to knock down) gusita
(down and almost kill) kurabika
(one against the other, knees) gukomānya
(oneself) kwīkubita
(oneself in amazement) kwīshishītira
(sore place) gutomeka
(together) kubomborana
(thunder, lightning) guhūndagaza
(prepare oneself to, grasp in preparation to) kubangura
(to raise one's arm to) kubangurira
En-En dictionary 
talk    kuyāga, gusakuza, kugānīra
(foolishly, or act) gusaragurika
(give discourse) kugamba
(in one's sleep) kurāzirana
(lightly) kujajura
(loudly) guhogora
(a lot) kuregeteza
(nonsense when drunk) kuvōvōta
(over) gutegēranya
(slanderously) kuvōvōta
(together in whispers) kunwengurana, kwītōnganya
(to oneself) kwītonganya
(unkindly to each other) kurandagurana
(when one shouldn't) kuyogora
(with someone to try to persuade her to elope) gucīkiza
(to sit together talking for a long time) gutūrika
(one who talks a lot, esp. tells others what to do) ingāre
En-En dictionary 
teaching    indēro, imyīgīshe, inyīgīsho
En-En dictionary 
thunder    umuturagaro, inkuba (refers to imaginary animal that makes the thunder)
(to ~) guturagara
(thunderstorm) ikivura
En-En dictionary 
ticket    igipande (Sw.), itike
En-En dictionary 
tired    (to be) kudendebukirwa, kunanirwa, kuruha
(and discouraged) gucobogora
(for no reason, e.g. in morning) kugoherwa
(to make) kurusha
En-En dictionary 
training    indero, ukwiga
En-En dictionary 
try    kugerageza, kugeza
(on clothes) kwīgera
(over and over in several places and ways) gutarataza
(to get out of work) gushaza
(to hinder from doing wrong) guhōyahōya
(to know something) kugenzūra
(to persuade) gukiranira
(to persuade in underhanded way) kubembeteranya
(repeatedly unseccessfully) kwānkika
(to rule or act in another's place) kurēngera
(to surpass another) guhiga
En-En dictionary 
valley    umwōnga
(with water) iriba
(with no water) akabānde
(brow of hill) igikombe
(to cross) kujabuka
En-En dictionary 
verdict    (not accept ~ rendered) gutagara
En-En dictionary 
visit    kugēndera, kugēndagēndera, kurāba, gutēmbēra (Sw.), gusēmbēra, guterabiri, kuyāga
(a friend) kubūngirana
(the sick, to go to help one whose house has burned) gusuhūza
(someone important) gushengera, gushengerera
(to retun from visiting chief) gushengurūka
En-En dictionary 
walk    kugēnda, kugēndagēnda
(backward) kugēndēsha umugōngo, kugēnda umugōngo
(esp. at night) kwīkānya
(help sick person ~) kwāndāza
(in footsteps of another) kugera ikirēnge
(in one's sleep) kurandamuka
(in water) kuvōgera
(noisily) gukacagira
(on tiptoe) gusōbōka, kuyōmbōka
(slowly) kugoyagoya
(stealthily) gukacakaca, kwōmboka
(to take a ~, go for a ~) kugēndagēnda, gutēmbēra
(~ about in house without permission) kudōbēra
(barefoot) kugēnda n'ibirēnge
En-En dictionary 
watch    kurīnda, guterama, kuba māso
(as night watchman) kurārīra
(i.e. workers) kurereka
(carefully) kugendeza, kugēnza
(flock) kuragira
(for) gusūra
(house) gusānga
(out for danger) guhwebutsa
(over) kubūngabūnga, kugendeza, guteramira, kuzigama
En-En dictionary 
weak    (person) umugoyigoyi
(~ and faltering person) urudēndevu
(place, as scar, on skins or gourds) umuguma
(something that appears to be strong but is ~) igihōmbe
(to be ~) kudendebukirwa, kugabanuka, kugira intege, kugoyagoya, kumugara
(to be ~ and floppy) kuregarega
En-En dictionary 
well    nēza
(to be) kuguma, gukomera
(to be, esp. of old people) kudūndēga
(to not be) kuyōka
(to get) gukira, kurokoka
(to get after serious illness) kurēmba
(to get when others around are dying) kurokoza
En-En dictionary 
who    nde ?
En-En dictionary 
wording    (cheque) urutonde rw'itungo
En-En dictionary 
wrong    (a ~ done which deserves punishment) umuziro
(~ side of cloth) uruhande rubi rw'impuzu
En-En dictionary 
education    indero, uburezi, ubumenyi, ukwiga
En-En dictionary 
explore    (to ~) kurondera, kugendura, gucukūmbura
En-En dictionary 
creation    ikiremwa, indemano
En-En dictionary 
fly    (to ~) kuguruka
(to ~ an airplane, as pilot) gutwara indege
En-En dictionary 
appointment    ihūriro, irendevu
En-En dictionary 
fight    (to ~) kurwāna, kunigana, kurandagura, gusugurirwa,
(vt) kurwānya
(~ and defete completely) kunūtsa
(aggrevate a ~) kubūnga
(for) kumaranira
(for independance) kumēnja
(in fun) gukubagura
(one bigger than oneself) guhaga
(to pick a ~) gusōtōra
(to provoke a ~) gusōmborotsa
(to stop fighting) gutātūka
(with equal force) kurindana
En-En dictionary 
hunt    (~ for) guhirīmba, kurondera
(for game) guhīga
En-En dictionary 
person    umuntu
(bad) umubi
(Black or African) umwirabura
(cross) ibāmba
(courageous) intwāri
(dedicated to Kiranga) igihwēba, igishegu
(dishonest) igihūmbu
(elderly) umusāza
(fearful) igihumura
(from far away) umunyankīko
(good, kind, just, holy, righteous) umwerānda
(grammar, ~ of verb) umuvugwa
(handsome) umuhizi
(hard to get along with) ikigoryi
(harsh) umuhāmbāzi
(honest, speaking truth) imvugakuri, umunyakuri
(honorable) umupfāsoni, umwūbahwa, nyakubahwa
(intelligent, skilled, eloquent) umuhānga
(kind and charitable) umukūndanyi
(lovable) umunyagikūndiro
(malformed) ikirema
(mean and quarrelsome) ikijōra
(meek) umugwanēza
(merciful) umunyembabazi
(miserable) umugōrwa
(of high rank, noble character) umupfāsoni
(of nice disposition) ikirende
(one by himself) inyakamwe
(sharp) inkazi
(skillful) umuntu w'inkuba, umugesera
(strong) umunyenkomezi
(stubborn) intakonywa, intābwīrwa
(tall, fat) ikigwīnyīra
(weak) umugoyigoyi, urudēndevu
(white) umuzungu, umwera
(who is great, severe, wise) akaranda
(with many children) umurēngera
(worthy of praise or love) umunyagikūndiro
En-En dictionary 
plane    (airplane) indēge
En-En dictionary 
rendezvous    irendevu, ihūriro
En-En dictionary 
following    (the ~) ibikwirikira
(beside) iruhānde, hambavu
(~ day) bukēye
(~ week) indwi iza
En-En dictionary 
worship    amasengēsho
(catholic) imisa
(gourd used as object of) indendēri
(objects used in ~ of Kiranga) ubuzimuzimu
(object of) ikigirwamāna
En-En dictionary 
let's go   hoji, hogi, tugende
En-En dictionary 
spoils    (sense of plunder) isahu, iminyago, urunyago
En-En dictionary 
stick    (to ~ out, as garment with something under it) kudundūra
(to stick) guhoma, guhomesha uburembo
(~ together, vi) gufatana, kumata, kwōmeka, kumatana
(vt) gufatanya, guhoma, kumatanya
(~ up for another) gukīmbūka
(put ~ in ground) gushīnga
En-En dictionary 
what's your name   wītwa nde?
En-En dictionary 
discipline    indero
(to ~ oneself) kwīhana
En-En dictionary 
browse    (to ~ the internet) kurondera, gushakisha (Rw.)
En-En dictionary 
wrong    (to be ~) kwīhēnda, kwībesha
(to be ~ end to) gucurika
(to be placed ~ end to) gucurama
(to drop out of something because you know you're in the ~) kwōnjorora
(to try to hinder from doing ~) guhōyahōya
En-En dictionary