kwīgaragura (-ye)     v     1. to toss and thresh about, 2. to kill oneself
 kwigaragura : possible conjugation of:
kugaragura (-ye)     v     1. to look things over in prospect of buying, 2. to turn over and over (vt), 3. to palpate, to examine
commit    (adultery) gusāmbana
(a crime) gucumura
(be unwilling to ~ oneself) kwīyumānganya
(oneself) kuragana
(suicide) kwīgaragura, kwīyahura, kwīyica
kill    kwīca, kwongeranya
(because of revenge) kuziza
(oneself) kwīyīca, kwīgaragura, kwīyahura
suicide    (to commit) kwīgaragura, kwīyahura, kwīyica
toss    (about on ground) kugaragurika
(garment over shoulder) gukūba
(and thresh about) kwīgaragura
(to be tossed about) kuzungagizwa