kwengēnga (-engēnze)     v    1. to rule kindly, 2. deal kindly with, 3. to carry very carefully lest it break or spill, 4. to be gentle
carry    guterura, gutwāra
(away, as water does) gukubebera
(carefully, lest it break or spill) kwengēnga
(for) gutwāza
(in basket, person not sick) kurerura
(on back) guheka
(on head) kwīkorera, kwīremeka
(on head, without using hands) kwirēngera
(and put down frequently) gusengenyeza
(water) kuvōma
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deal    (kindly with) kwēngēnga
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gentle    (to be) kwengēnga
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rule    (to) kugera, kugaba, kugānza, guhahaza
(kindly) kwengēnga
(try to in another's place) kurēngera
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