kwābīrwa (-ābīriwe)   v    to get married (passive)
 kwabirwa : passive of...
kwābīra (-ābīriye)   v    1. to wed, to marry, 2. to receive, 3. to reach out for
married    (to be, of woman) kwābīrwa, kurongorwa
En-En dictionary 
marry    (each other) kwābīrana, kuragana
(each other, rude) kurongorana
(of bride) kwābīrwa, kurongorwa
(of groom) kwābīra, kwēnda (rude), kurongora
(a widow and go to her kraal) gucūra
(to refuse, esp. girl to refuse to marry a certain man) kubēnga
(to take wife without marrying her properly) gucīkiza
(to go to husband without being married) gucīkira
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