kuyoberwa (-yobewe)   v    to be mistaken, to not know
 kuyoberwa : passive of...
kuyobera (-yobeye)   v    1. to not know, 2. to be unknown
know    kumenya, -zi, kuzirikana
(another's thoughts completely) kuvōgera
(facts of a case) guhinyura
(for certain) kujījūka
(to not ~) kuyobera, kuyoberwa
(to not ~ what to do) mwījījānya, kurīgānirwa
(to try to ~ something) kugenzūra
(one who knows more than is expected of him) akagūgu
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mistaken    (to be) guhuba, kuyoberwa, gukosha (Sw.)
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 kuyoberwa found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 114   Quotations, Direct and Indirect