kuvīra (-vīriye)   v    1. to flow out, 2. to be spilled, 3. to shed, to pour, 4. to leave from
flow    kwiburuka, gutēmba
(into) gutēmbera
(out) kuvīra
(softly, quietly, water) kuyōmbekēra
(let ~ from) kuva
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pour    (to ~ into) gusuka
(to shed) kuvīra
(to ~ out) gusēsa
(~ forth water, as spring) kududubiza
(~ milk down another's throat) kuramiza
(~ water on another's hands) kwūhīra
(~ water on hair before cutting it) kuvuba
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shed    (to) kuva, kuvīra
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spilled    (to be) kuvīra
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