kurokoza (-rokoje)     v    to get well when others around are dying, to save by means of
 kurokoza : Simple Present 9.class sing. of:
kwōkōza (-ōkōje)     v    1. to cause to take from fire, 2. ask cow from one who has received one
 kurokoza : -ro- Future 9.class sing. of:
gukoza (-kojeje)     v    1. to dip in sauce, to dunk, 2. to eat two kinds of food together
 kurokoza : -ro- Future 9.class sing. of:
gukōza (-kōjeje)   v    to continually beg
 kurokoza : -ro- Future 9.class sing. with 7.class sg. object of:
kwōza (-ōgeje)     v    to wash (not body), to clean (vt)
recover    (get well) gukira, kurokoka
(from fear or anger) guhūmura
(sight) guhumūka
(when others around are dying) kurokoza
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save    gukiza, kurokora
(by means of) kurokoza
(beans for a year) guhitiza
(to redeem) gucūngura
(to store) kubīka
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survive    (get well, be saved) kurokoka, kurokoza
(left alive after plague) kwōkōka
En-En dictionary 
well    nēza
(to be) kuguma, gukomera
(to be, esp. of old people) kudūndēga
(to not be) kuyōka
(to get) gukira, kurokoka
(to get after serious illness) kurēmba
(to get when others around are dying) kurokoza
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