kuremera (-remeye)     v    to lie, create at, for
kuremēra (-remēreye)     v    to be heavy, to weigh down
 kuremera : Simple Present 9.class sing. of:
kwemera (-emeye)     v    1. to be willing, to agree to, 3. to admit, to acknowledge, to confess, concur, 4. to accept, 5. to approve, 6. to believe, to believe in
heavy    (to be) kuremēra, kuriba
(to make) kuremereza
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weigh    (to) gupīma, kuriba
(down) kuremēra
(to ~ pros and cons) kwīrimbūra
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 kuremera found in: Kirundi I (Study lessons)
lesson 84   Past of Passives