kurabukwa (-rabutswe)     v    to see with comprehension, to behold, to notice
 kurabukwa : Simple Present 9.class sing. with 8.class sg. object of:
gukwa (-koye)     v    to pay dowry
 kurabukwa : passive of...
kurabuka (-rabutse)     v    1. to be cooked after stirring up the fire a second time, 2. to perceive, to understand, 3. to come when called, to flash by
kurabūka (-rabūtse)     v    1. to regain consciousness, 2. to revive after being wilted, (vi) fainted
behold    (to) kurabukwa
(imperative) ehe!
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comprehend    gutahura
(involves act of seeing) kurabukwa
(after thinking over) gutegereza
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perceive    kurabuka, kurabukwa
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see    kubona
(after being blind) guhumūka
(see here!) erega
(that someone wishes to see you alone) gukebuka
(through deceit) guhinyura
(with comprehension) kurabukwa
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notice    (to) kurabukwa
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