kudoma (-domye)     v    to mark, print, stamp, put spots on something
kudomagiza (-domagije)     v    to put dots on
kudomagura (-domaguye)     v    to put many dots on
kudomagurwa (-domaguwe)     v    to be marked, dotted
dot    indome
(to put ~ on) kudomagiza
(to put many ~ on) kudomagura
En-En dictionary 
mark    (made by hoe or axe) ibāngo
(of a blow) umuramu
(to ~) kudoma
(to have marks, scratches, as pot) gusaragurika
('get on the mark') gutuna
En-En dictionary 
print    (to ~) kudoma
En-En dictionary 
spots    (girls put on clothing to help them get a husband) indome
(to put spots on something) kudoma
En-En dictionary 
stamp    (article used to ~ spot) ikidomēsho
(to ~) kudoma
(on) guhonyanga, guhonyagura, gusiribānga
(to ~ one's feet, trample) gukāndagira
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