kubwagura (-bwaguye)     v    to give birth to, to litter (as dog, etc.)
 kubwagura : Prefixless Present 9.class sing. with 8.class sg. object of:
kwāgura (-āguye)   v    1. to stretch, 2. to widen, make wider, 3. to enlarge, to extend
birth    ivuka
(to give ~) kuvyāra
(to be about to give ~) gukurirwa
(to be about to give ~, of cow) kudigiriza
(to give ~, to litter, esp. dog) kubwāgura
(to come to day to give ~) kuramukwa
(to give ~, to child who dies at once) kuruhira ubusa
(to aid woman in childbirth) kuvyāza
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